A Marriage Function

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A Marriage Function

real story which happened to me with my friend’s virgin wife. You must be wondering as to married and virgin. So please read the complete story to know. How did I took virginity of my friend’s wife.

Her name is Neeta(name changed). She is in early 30s, with fair complexion and figure to die for This happened on the day of my friend’s marriage. I reached marraige venue with my friend at around 10.00 am. As per schedule the marraige rituals was about to start by 11.00 am.

The bride arrived and the prayers and all started. It was around 1.30 pm. When all the rituals got over and my friend was officially married. Followed was a reception for which my friend went to the dressing room to get changed and so did his wife. I asked my friend to get ready and will be back in sometime.

While I was leaving from my friend’s dressing room I saw the bride along with her friends entering her room. Neeta was looking damn gorgeous in traditional saree with bangles, ornaments and all. I was waiting in the lobby. And after five minutes all her friends left the room.

She was alone in her dressing room. I had a lust for her since the time I saw her in the morning. I took chance and went to her room. The room was not locked. I acted as if I am entering my friend’s room by calling his name and entered the room. Neeta had already removed all her ornaments and saree and had unhooked her blouse.

She was taking the blouse off her shoulder when I entered. Listening to my voice she wore the blouse back and was shocked. I apologized her for the misunderstanding and turned around to leave. She called my name and asked me to stop. (She knew me as I was his husband’s friend).

I was shocked and scared as well. She asked me to lock the door and stay there.

Me: I am sorry Neeta.

Neeta: It’s okay. I understand u did not do it purposely.

Me: Thanks.

Neeta: Please stay and company me while I get changed.

Me: What if someone comes?

Neeta: Nobody would come as I have instructed not to disturb while I am changing. (she laughed)

Me: Ok. (smiled back)

Neeta: As you are here now. Help me get changed.

Me: How can I help. I don’t know bet siteleri girly stuff.

Neeta: I will guide you and you can help. However with one condition.

Me: What?

Neeta: I don’t want you to see me without dress and so I will tie your eyes with a cloth.

Me: Ok.

She took one cloth and tied around my eyes and guided my hand to take her blouse off. It was tight and so she was struggling to take it off. Then to my surprise, she asked me to unhook her bra. Neeta said that as its new bra the hook is tight. She did not guide my hand this time.

Just turned her back towards me and came very close to me and touched my body with her back. I ran my hand on her back and found her bra hook. While exploring her back she was shivering and letting out soft moans. I unhooked her bra and while taking it off I tried to touch her side boobs.

However, she resisted and ran away. I asked if I can open my eyes. She said no with loud noise and started laughing. I could just hear some noise of bags, bangles and all. After about 20-30 minutes she said that I can open my eyes now. I opened my eyes and she was standing facing towards dressing table.

She was wearing pink blouse and petticoat. Her blouse hook was open from back. Neeta asked me to help her to hook her blouse. I did so however even I was struggling as it was very tight. While doing that I touched her back multiple time and finally hooked her blouse

Neeta thanked me and turned around and started wearing her saree. She already had light makeup and bangles in hand with some ornaments. She was looking damn beautiful. I was just staring at her and she smiled looking at me. I said that you look beautiful. She thanked me and said that she liked my touch on her back.

I was surprise and shock by listening to that. She came near to me and we were just staring in each other eyes. I could not control and held her waist and pulled her closer. She turned her face around. I held her face and gave a kiss on her lips. Looked at me again and paused.

Before I could say anything she kissed me and we were smooching passionately. I was running my hands all over her exposed body and she was enjoying it. There was a bed in that room. So pinbahis giriş I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her and started kissing her all over. I kissed her lips, cheeks.

I bit her earlobes and neck. She was enjoying every bit of it and was letting out soft moans. Soon I took my clothes off and was wearing only my boxers. I undid her petticoat and unhooked her blouse. Neeta was lying there only in her pink lacy bra and panty. I started kissing her from the top.

I reached her boobs and started sucking her boobs from the top of her bra. As her bra was bit netted. I managed to get her nipples out and started licking and biting it. She was shivering and was moaning. While sucking her boobs I was rubbing her pussy over her panty.

She liked the touch on her pussy and was getting wet. I took her bra off and started sucking and biting her boobs hard. Her moans increased and were moving in rhythm. She was enjoying a lot and was pressing my head on her boobs. I went down and reached her navel.

I licked it hard and made it wet with my saliva. I then reached her panty line. Pulled her panty down with my teeth. As I reached her pussy opening she started shivering a lot. We did not have much time and so without wasting time I took her panty off. She had a clean shaved pussy.

I spread her legs and went between the legs. Kissed her pussy lips and she jumped. I hold her waist with my hand and forced my lips on her pussy and started licking it hard. I spread her pussy lips with my finger and started tongue fucking her. She was enjoying that a lot and was shivering.

I put my middle finger inside her pussy while licking it. She screamed in pain. I asked if she is ok. She said its paining. She asked me to be gentle as she was a virgin. I was surprised to know that and was happy as well. I asked if it is okay to go ahead as her virginity was supposed to be taken off by my friend.

She said that he cannot do much. (Later she told me that they tried to have sex once before marriage. However my friend was not able to get an erection.) She asked me to proceed and to be gentle. I took off my boxer and went between her legs. Placed my penis on her pussy online bahis opening and gave a small push.

It was very tight. I lubricated her pussy and my penis with my saliva. Gave another push and my penis head was in. She screamed but controlled her voice by biting her lips. I asked if she is ok. She said that she is fine. I said that it would be painful however would enjoy later.

I gave another push and complete penis was inside in one go. She screamed and was holding the bedsheet tight. I inquired if she is ok. She nodded as yes and I started stroking her in and out. Starting with slow I increased my pace and was fucking her in the missionary position.

I wrapped her legs around my waist and started fucking her deep. She was scratching my back and was moaning loud. I fucked her in the same position for about 15-20 minutes and then made her stand facing the dressing table. I placed her left leg on the table and started fucking her from back in standing position.

She liked that a lot and was enjoying it. I then asked her to bend a bit and penetrated deep inside her from the back. She again screamed and started moaning heavily. Her boobs were bouncing with every push. I fucked her in the same position for the next 15 minutes.

And then pushed her on the bed and placed her legs on my shoulder and went on top of her and started drilling from the top. I gave deep penetration and she was screaming with every stroke. We continued in the same position for almost 20 minutes and I was about to cum.

Neeta asked me to cum inside her as she wanted to feel the warmth of the cum. I agreed and loaded all my cum inside her pussy. She let out a sigh of relief. It was almost 90 minutes that we had this session for and she was getting late to go back for the reception

She went to washroom took a quick shower and came back wrapped in a towel. Trust me guys. She was looking damn hot n sexy just in a towel. She started to get ready and so did I help her get it done. Soon she was ready and I also got dressed up and ready to leave.

She thanked me for this wonderful session and considered that as her marriage gift. Before leaving the room she gave me a kiss on my lips and said goodbye. She also promised to meet again and enjoy the same way. As promised we met after a month once she was back from her honeymoon.

We had a nice fuck which I will narrate in another story as to how and when did I made love to Neeta again

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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