A Lover’s Toll Ch. 01

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Edited by Mac. Here’s to our first co-op and… a new friendship.

Thank you, J


Jessa’s words to him were:

“I will swallow my pride
You’re the one that I love,
Say something now or
I’m giving up on you…”

The words burned in her soul, like a thousand tiny, little holes, even though they weren’t written for her. The tension made her turn to her best friend, for solace -for friendship- to mend a seemingly hopeless rift, torn long ago. Shocked – she was shocked at the thoughts about Kelsey, at the words. Kelsey was a spunky girl with silky silver toned purple hair. She had bubbly cheeks and bright green popping eyes. A little septum ring completed her young, sweet smile.

“Kelsey – I’ve been thinking. Would you, would you like to open our friendship? Sexually, I mean? I really do fantasize of having a close relationship with a girlfriend. Bottom line – I’m committed to Eric. Not going to change that. I don’t want to tease you, so if that would hurt you – please say no. Eric and I have been through a lot, you know, and we decided that it would be ok for me to have, mmm… relationships. With women. If I want.”

She sent black and white picture of her. Very pristine, her dark, long soft chestnut curls, grown long specifically for their güvenilir bahis relationship, symbolic of their commitment. Her eyes, arched with a somewhat sinister look, perfect, longing, mocking. Mocking her choice of Virginal-white lingerie.

Classy and pretty, especially for a housewife. An amateur housewife, at that.

“I did send him this photo a few weeks ago… and no response. But he did respond when I sexted him the other day. Sometimes he’s just checked out. I don’t get it!? I’m a good girl, committed. So, with us, it’s just wanting simple sexual companionship from you, on top of friendship.”

Kelsey looked back and nodded, “You know I’ve always been sexually attracted to you… I don’t expect you to leave your husband. Wish you and I were close, not just distance but us in general… Your picture is sexy, though!!”

Jessa nodded, “I agree. This has been my main reason to reserve, myself. I was thinking – we can talk more often. Not just sex. Simply me listening to you more often. It’s so easy to get distracted when we live and spend time apart. I need hands-on. I am hands-on. I would like to explore and deepen that. I want to feed my desire for women sexting, texting, email, all of it. I LOVE pics like that too… You think on it and let me know, honey.”

Kelsey türkçe bahis felt dampness, warm and expectant, between her legs. “I want to be with that. To feel your skin. To taste your lips. To make you feel good. To caress you. Kiss you, slowly, sweetly, all over your body. You’re a beautiful woman. And he’s a stupid, selfish man!”

“I’m sorry. Sometimes time changes things. It’s my own fault – I’ve focused too much on stupid boys. I’ve often wondered if I could make you quiver just loving your breasts. What it would be like to lie next to you and hold you. Especially when life seems shitty and you just need someone to hold you BACK!!” Jessa emphasized ‘back’

“I think how nice it would be to kiss you and make you come over and over again. With a woman, the fire lasts longer,” ..they both smiled where they sat.

There was a long pause. Then Kelsey’s answer blinked on the screen, “Are these just thoughts? Something you would want to try, to do? It all sounds so good coming from YOU…” Kelsey emphasized ‘YOU’

“Oh definitely try. Definitely. And it’s you. Because of YOU. I feel so free. Comfortable.” Jessa typed BACK…

“What I want to do to you is to slowly undress you, caressing your shoulders and kissing along them into your neck till you quiver. güvenilir bahis siteleri Push you on your back in my comfy chair… Put my head between your legs… Kiss your smooth legs that smell like velvet incense. Squeeze your hips with my hands, making sure to grab your thickest part, and rub my thumbs over the smooth ridges of your pelvis.

Feel your movements. Make you anticipate them travelling elsewhere. Then lightly mouth each dusky pink lip, and lick, just once or twice, up your slick slit. Run my soft fingers over your mound and through your bush… Lift your legs up on the chair to inhale the scent of honeydew beading your lips.

For a moment, I slowly intrude two gentle fingers into you, watching your wet lips glistening with excitement. Then pull out and, using your own wetness, trace your lips again and again. Your eyes close. Your head falls back… Ever so languidly, your legs scissor behind me, your toes touching. You guide me into you.

With one move, I slide my fingers inside you again, fully, deeply, flexing them inside, feeling up, feeling you contract around them. I lean forward, to kiss you right above my fingers, to taste your excitement. You taste of melons. You shake under the flutter of my lips, gasp. I suck your lips into my mouth, suck on your rosebud, lick it. Your face pains in anticipation, as I shower more licks and kisses on your lips.”

With that, Kelsey was in her car for the next three hours, just to meet with her lover. No matter it was 4am.

She wanted her.

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