A Lost Daughter Ch. 11

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Kevin stepped forward with his offering, holding it with both hands and smiling broadly as if he carried a priceless relic or timeless heirloom of great personal value. Sienna, for her part, regarded it much the same. Her mouth hung agape in awed wonderment, accompanying wide eyes that sparkled with anticipation and appreciation of such a gift. The fact that it was a large glass bong sporting a pookie in place of a bowl would’ve made the scene appear strange to anyone other than those in the room.

“It’s beautiful…,” Sienna marveled, extending her hand to first caress the thick tube of glass before accepting it into her own possession.

“I thought you’d like it,” Kevin replied after a few moments, allowing Sienna to continue appraising its craftsmanship with a curious hand.

“Did they have these back in my day?” Amber mused from the corner of the room, nursing a dwindling Newport between her fingers and looking nearly as entranced as her young daughter.

“Not sure, started seeing them around about ten years ago myself. The hits you can get off these things are massive though,” Kevin answered, prompting Sienna to finally reach her other hand out and hold it herself.

“I don’t doubt that, it’s fucking massive,” Amber agreed, stamping out her cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

“Well, I figured it was about time for her to move up to the big leagues, she’s been melting puddles like a fucking fiend. You guys are probably my best customers these past few weeks, which ain’t great since you pay with ‘other’ things,” Kevin admitted, smirking and nodding toward Sienna.

“I haven’t heard you complain,” I remarked from my vantage at the kitchen table.

Kevin had been supplying Amber and Sienna with a steady supply of shard and was collecting his payment at a highly regular and exuberant rate. He had probably fucked Sienna between 30-40 times in the past 3 weeks since Sienna’s parents had visited—dropping by unannounced more than half the time. With the amount of shit he had been supplying I had allowed it, but I was not about to accept him whining about getting a raw deal.

“I’m not, but I also gotta probably talk to you about it,” Kevin replied, his tone sounding a bit strained.

I flashed him a sidelong glare, feeling less than pleased about a change in our arrangement after he’d been enjoying my daughter enthusiastically for 3 weeks.

“I’m all ears,” I welcomed, although in a tone that was anything but welcoming.

“Maybe just you and me,” Kevin offered through a half smirk, nodding his head once in the direction of the two women in the room.

“You can say it in front of them or you can keep it to yourself,” I challenged.

I noticed my own tone—stern and confident—another indication of a change I’d undertaken since meeting Sienna that I was only lately becoming more aware of. Perhaps the result of paternal concern, as misplaced as that might appear given the circumstances, I had become increasingly intolerable of anything encroaching on my role as protector and overseer of the pursuits of my beloved women. While never viewing myself as an intimidating or menacing man, I was also not unaware of being a larger than average adult male in above average physical condition. Kevin’s darting eyes and tense demeanor indicated that he too was aware.

“Yeah, I get it,” he nodded, making his way over to the table and taking a seat adjacent to me.

Sienna and Amber followed, striding confidently to the table and sitting purposefully before turning their attention to Kevin.

“So, look, this whole thing has been great. I don’t mean any disrespect here, but I gotta pay my bills and I gotta do my thing, right? I deal, that’s what I do. And if I don’t have the cash to buy the shit, I don’t have the shit to sell you and the whole thing don’t work, so you see my problem, right?” Kevin explained, ending with his hands out in exasperation.

“So, what are you proposing?” I sighed in kind.

“I get that you never would have developed this raging ice habit if you were paying cash like everyone else, and that it would be fucked up to suddenly switch it on you like that after everything, so I was thinking of a compromise,” he added, looking between us for a moment before continuing.

“So, I kind of have a side gig, girls that came to me for shit and then couldn’t pay so I hook them up with work and—”

“You’re a pimp,” I interrupt.

“It’s not that organized, but basically, yeah. These girls turn tricks, the john pays me, and I give the girls shit,” Kevin described.

“So, you want Sienna to be one of these girls?” I asked, trying my best to conceal a confusing series of emotions the idea was eliciting within me.

In response Kevin shrugged and smiled weakly, once again revealing the palms of his hands in an apparent reaffirmation of his financial predicament conflicting with his previous arrangement with us.

I sighed, trying to think honestly about it for a moment.

“I’d be a prostitute?” Sienna pondered aloud.

“Well—” canlı bahis şirketleri Kevin started.

“Yes, honey. You’d fuck strangers for money, or in this case drugs,” Amber interjected plainly.

“But I already do that, I’d just be doing it with people other than him,” Sienna reasoned, motioning towards the now-silent Kevin sitting across from her.

“Yes, but that’s a very big difference,” I cautioned.

“I guess, but it doesn’t really seem like that big of a difference to me,” Sienna countered.

“So, you’d actually be interested in that?” I pressed.

“Well,” Sienna’s eyes squinted in thought as she looked up to the ceiling for a moment, “I guess I really don’t see a problem with it,” she finished, bringing her focus back on me.

I contemplated the ramifications of this venture, certainly not overlooking the increasing opportunities for the authorities to get involved.

“How exactly do you see this working?” I queried.

“With my other girls, the guys come to my place and basically get set up in the back room with whoever answers their phone first. But with you, there’s no way anything like that can happen in this neighborhood without some serious attention, not to mention you probably don’t want these dudes showing up to your home and shit,” Kevin paused, noting the nodding heads before going on.

“So, my proposal is you bring her over to my place when you need to re-up. With one picture of her I can have dudes lining up around the block waiting, as many as you want. You fuck until you’re done, then you cop your shit and you come back when you need to cop again,” Kevin outlined, clearly having given thought to this proposal.

I had to admit, his skills as a hustler were impressive. Amber must have noticed my arched eyebrows because she seemed to move on to the other details.

“Who are these men? How do you find them? Are any of them violent?” Amber peppered questioningly.

“Some are current or past clients; some are friends or friends of clients. I’ve never heard of any violent stuff, if they do the girls have never mentioned it. It’s all word-of-mouth, I don’t got no girls standing in front my place on the curb. Like I said, it’s a side-gig, I never even planned it. Shit just happened and it seemed like it was there to do, so I do it,” he reiterated in detail.

“Well, whaddaya think?” I asked, turning toward Sienna.

Sienna’s lips pursed quizzically, her nose scrunching adorably as she mulled it over.

“Yeah, I’m down,” came her reply.

Again, my brows arched reflexively, betraying my own ability to conceal my surprise.

“Is that okay, daddy?” she added, her expression softening as she tried to read my face.

Was it? Fucking Kevin for drugs or a tattoo artist for work was once thing but condoning a parade of complete strangers of dubious character to bed my daughter was another. It represented great risk, to me and especially to Sienna. The possibility of violence, disease, incarceration—these were not insignificant considerations, despite how readily Sienna seemed to accept them.

But there was also the arousal that I felt thinking about all of it. I wanted Sienna to be used and defiled. I wanted every remnant of her innocence and purity, such that it remained, to be completely and utterly extinguished. I fantasized about how the effects of being a junkie prostitute would leave their marks on her, how expediently her youthful appearance would decay. I longed to live that fantasy.

Even now, already a month into her use of meth and pills the results were barely discernable. She’d lost some weight, that was clear, but her toned athleticism was still evident from every inch of her body. Her teeth still glimmered white; in defiance of the hundreds of cigarettes she’d smoked over the course of the last 5 weeks. Her skin and hair remained almost impervious to the lack of sleep and abuse of amphetamines, save for an occasional blemish that would appear after 3-4 days of no sleep and the frayed appearance her hair would take on.

It was still early, but she had thus far proved exceptionally resilient to any obvious effects of her behavior. It was still the heavy make-up, slutty clothes, wild hair and array of piercings and tattoos that represented the greatest visual indication that no—this was not the same naïve young woman who showed up on my doorstep nearly a month and a half ago. I eagerly awaited the rest of the dominos to topple and perhaps, this was exactly the push they needed.

“If it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me. But I will be there, you do not go alone. So, we’ll have to work around my schedule, no exceptions,” I conceded.

“Not a problem,” Kevin accepted immediately.

I resisted the urge to shake hands and instead stood up, indicating that I intended this to be the conclusion of Kevin’s visit.

“Right, got my number. Just one more thing, let me snap a picture to use as advertisement,” he said while standing and fidgeting with his phone.

Sienna canlı kaçak iddaa followed his suit, standing and striking a pose with her hands on her hips and grinning slyly. She did look magnificent, as always. She had adorned her face with a dramatic smokey eye and pointed eyeliner that looked absolutely striking. Her lips were painted a sultry red with some expensive matte lipstick that accentuated the texture of her deliciously plump mouth. Her foundation work had improved immensely, a product of Amber’s tutelage and Sienna’s tendency to give herself make-overs while tweaking. Her already flawless skin resisted any sheen or visible oil, instead a smooth canvas of foundation, concealer and blush.

Skin-tight black faux-leather leggings extended to her bare ankles where they gave way to black, open-toed heels secured by a thin strap. A sheer, black tube top barely reached the middle of her ribs and revealed the underside of her breasts through its transparency. Her toned abdomen unobstructed, flat and taut, begged to be traced downwards. When Kevin said there would be lines of men waiting to fuck Sienna once exposed to her photo, I had no doubts.

“That work?” Sienna confirmed, as Kevin looked down at his phone to consider the picture he’d just snapped.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied through a toothy smile.

With that he started toward the door, a bounce to his step indicative of a man whose financial woes are surely about to evaporate.

“Call me soon, yeah? It won’t take long to get you some customers, trust me,” he stressed.

“Oh, it won’t take me long to smoke my way through my stash, especially with that,” Sienna proclaimed with a nod toward the giant glass bong sitting conspicuously in the living room.

Kevin flashed a final toothy grin and offered a parting nod before stepping out through the doorway and toward his car.

“Wow! What a day!” Sienna exclaimed, tapping a Newport 100 from a nearly empty pack she’d opened just that morning.

“Indeed,” I mused.

Sienna flicked her lighter, bringing the resulting flame to the tip of her dangling cigarette momentarily while an extreme suction indicated by her dramatically collapsed cheeks did the rest. In a moment she’d expertly popped a ball of smoke down her throat that presented itself visibly for the briefest of moments before being vacuumed into her lungs. I marveled at the proficiency and ease with which she exhibited her mastery of the habit despite only having smoked for less than two months. She caught my gaze and exhaled a long stream of smoke out of the side her painted lips seductively, her eyes practically twinkling at me.

“You never get sick of this, do you?” Sienna teased, gesturing toward the smoldering cigarette between her red-painted nails.

“I can tell you for certain, that he does not,” Amber confirmed, stepping into the room with her own freshly lit cigarette perched at her side.

“So, as I continue to smoke more and more and my teeth turn yellow and my lungs turn black, you’ll still be turned on when I smoke?” Sienna continued, lazily exhaling a lungful of smoke in my direction.

“Oh, honey. It’ll only turn him on more,” Amber urged, pausing to take a powerful drag on her own cigarette before continuing, “and it’ll turn me on too,” she concluded.

“Really?” Sienna replied, a hint of genuine surprise in her tone.

“Yessss,” Amber hissed, smoke seeping from between her teeth and lips.

For a response, Sienna’s cheek-hollowing drag and audibly popping snap inhale sufficed for Amber to expound.

“I fantasize about you increasing your habit until you’re smoking one after another, utterly incapable of going for any amount of time without one. The day I met you I wanted to encourage you to start smoking, so young and healthy and sweet. My clit throbbed thinking how black and ruined your perfect pink lungs could be. I even imagined forcing you to breathe my smoke, feeding it to you until you relied on it. I might have even done it if you’d resisted my initial encouragement,” Amber revealed, to Sienna and to myself.

I wondered if this was true. Had she truly been so depraved right from the start? Knowing her and what she was capable of it would not surprise me, but hearing it so nakedly was still jarring, especially since it was so utterly unknown to me until this very moment.

Amber was now leaned against the far wall in the living room, lighting a new cigarette from the nearly spent butt still between her thumb and forefinger. With the other hand she was rubbing her pussy through the fabric of her grey yoga pants. Having gotten the fresh cigarette lit, Amber removed it from her lips following a powerful drag and replaced it with the smoldering butt of her previous cigarette. A few final pulls on it ensured that it was smoked down to the filter and she dropped it unceremoniously on the floor, a few embers flashing their last before going out entirely.

Smoke cascaded its way out of Amber’s open mouth and nostrils as she moaned canlı kaçak bahis in glee and increased the intensity of her self-manipulation.

“That’s so fucking hot, mom. Forcing me to smoke, breathing your smoke into me while I try to resist, God that’s so fucking hot,” Sienna breathed, currently in a state of her own enhanced arousal.

“I wanted to fucking ruin you as soon as I met you. Your stupid fucking parents trying to make you like them, taking you away from me. You’re my daughter, and you’re a hedonistic fucking whore just like your mother. If you didn’t figure it out on your own, I would’ve made you with my bare, fucking hands,” Amber confessed, her posture compromised by her bucking, thrusting hips and now-shaking legs.

“I want to be ruined, but I want more. I want to do this to other girls, God it’s hot, it’s so fucking hot mom,” Sienna had now joined her mother in manipulating herself.

She was now hunched over the arm of the couch, propping herself up with one hand while vigorously rubbing her clit with the other. Both women were shrieking in delight as the professions of their darkest desires propelled them toward climax. I didn’t even know where I was to fit in, despite the painful erection that pressed angrily against my pants demanding that I figure it out.

Amber was the first to cum, a series of labored moans and frantic hip movements accompanying her orgasm before sliding down to the floor with the wall against her back. Sienna was not far behind, her legs trembling as the hand between her legs stuttered in its movement and a clipped whine rose from her throat.

I reacted by walking briskly to where Sienna was and standing behind her, yanking my slacks open and boxers down to reveal my prick. I tried yanking her leggings down similarly, but their tight fit and clingy material proved resistant. I wriggled a thumb under the waistband of her pants at the side of both hips and clasped my fingers over the fabric before kneeling down and peeling the material from her skin. Once it was pulled down over her thick ass and just below her knees, I peered up to see the glistening mound of flesh that resided between her legs.

Her meaty labia squeezed together deliciously, bulging tantalizingly from my vantage and beckoning my tongue. I happily obliged its siren song and buried my face brazenly in its moist warmth. I lapped feverishly at the engorged mass of flesh that painted my face with its sticky excretions and filled my senses with musky femininity. I enjoyed the saltiness of sweat and unmistakable sweetness of pussy as it danced on my tongue and trickled down my throat.

“Ohhhh, fuck daddy,” Sienna moaned, likely overwhelmed by the ferocity with which I was orally assaulting her cunt.

All at once I stood back up and bore down on her, my arms draping over her still-hunched frame as she attempted to withstand my advances on rubber legs. She collapsed in stages, eventually being entirely supported by the arm of the couch she had been propped up on. I used this collapse to further envelop her in my embrace, my arms pressed against hers and holding her hands in mine; my legs pressed against hers with our feet side by side; my body rested entirely upon hers as she remained pinned against the arm of the couch. The only thing left was the penetration of my cock into her helpless cunt, which I achieved simply by flexing my pelvis and easing into her opening.

I felt Sienna’s body shudder as I slid my way inside, a sharp breath punctuating my hilt being reached. I simply allowed the entirety of my length to rest inside of my daughter, the radiation of heat and compress of youthful anatomy severing my connection with all other sensations. I then proceeded to jostle my hips, grinding and gyrating as my cock danced inside the deepest regions of her canal. Sienna squealed at this unexpected maneuver, working in tandem with my movements to shuck and grind her impossibly soft ass against me in kind—introducing a new series of incredible sensations for us both.

“Are you still gonna wanna fuck me after I become a prostitute daddy? After all those other men fuck me and use me, are you still gonna want me then?” Sienna whined, knowing the answer but clearly wanting to hear me say it for both of our satisfaction.

“More than ever baby, the more of a ruined whore you become the more it will please me—and you want to please your daddy, don’t you sweetheart?” I teased back.

“Oh, I do, so bad daddy I want to make you happy. I want to make you proud of your slutty little girl,” she panted, trying in vain to buck herself against me—desperately seeking advancement to full-on thrusts.

I continued gyrating myself instead, still relishing the feeling of my prick sloshing around inside of her and the impossibly soft sensation of her skin pressed against my pelvis—and not quite ready to give her or myself the release we both yearned for.

“Tell me how you’re going to make me proud baby, tell me all the things you’re going to do to please me,” I urged raggedly.

Sienna moaned in response and I briefly wondered if she was too stimulated and lustful to even generate coherent speech. But she cleared her throat and seemed to compose herself, still breathless and impatient but ever the good pupil.

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