A Lost Daughter Ch. 08

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The weekend had finally arrived. What had been the longest work week of my life had concluded and I was now on my way home to what I anticipated would be an amazing weekend. Last night’s wrinkle had introduced Kevin, Adderall and the future of increasingly taboo elements into our adventure. I wasn’t sure exactly where Amber was planning to go from here, but I hadn’t been disappointed yet and had decided to just enjoy the ride. Kevin had run out after our wild night, late for something, and promised that he’d be back the next day. With what had happened, Amber fucking his brains out, I had no doubt that he had meant it.

I pulled into the driveway and made note of Kevin’s Acura parked across the street again. I fought the wave of unease that having him parked outside my house presented and tried focusing on the excitement that no doubt awaited me inside. My legs felt like jelly as I approached the front door, so much built up anticipation making my heart race and hands tremble. I twisted the knob and pressed the door open, this time greeted by a brightly lit living room and the sounds of laughing coming from the kitchen. As I walked into view Sienna, Amber, and Kevin greeted me from the table where they were seated.

“Hey, hon. We almost started without you,” Amber teased.

I gave her a stern look, but only in jest.

“Juuuust kiddinggg,” Amber laughed, stretching out the words for comedic effect.

I smiled and walked over, interested in what was in store.

“Alright, so I brought more pills, but I also brought the real deal in case you wanted to just get to it. What you think?” Kevin explained, brandishing a clear plastic bag of meth shards.

I looked at Amber who was eyeing me with a grin.

“What is that?” Sienna asked, pointing at the bag.

“That’s meth, honey,” Amber replied warmly.

Sienna’s eyes went wide for a moment as she was likely a bit shocked at such an infamous substance being in her presence.

“Is that going to rot my teeth out?” Sienna asked, sounding hesitant for the first time that I could remember.

“No, no, you just need to remember to drink fluids,” Amber replied, trying to assuage Sienna’s fears.

“Can I?” Sienna asked Kevin, reaching her hand toward the bag.

“Go ahead,” Kevin replied.

Sienna grabbed the bag of shards and held them up to her face, peering into the bag while rolling its contents around in her hand.

“They’re beautiful,” Sienna remarked in a trance.

“Do you want to try it?” Amber beckoned.

Sienna nodded firmly, not breaking her gaze from the contents of the bag.

With that Kevin dug into his backpack and produced a meth pipe, looking freshly blown and unblemished by any semblance of black spots or burns. He held it out to Sienna as if he were bestowing a great artifact.

“This is your first pookie, treat her right,” Kevin said as Sienna accepted the small glass pipe from his hand.

“I will, thank you,” Sienna responded politely.

Sienna rolled the pipe in her hands a few times and took stock of its construction, trying to mentally make sense of exactly how it worked. Her next question was entirely predictable.

“So, how does it work?” Sienna asked.

“Well, you put the rock in that little hole on the top of the bowl and then hold a flame to the rock until it becomes liquid and then vapor, then you inhale the vapor,” Amber described simply.

Sienna looked up from the pipe to her mother with an excited look on her face.

“Can I try it?” Sienna asked.

Amber looked to me, clearly wanting to make sure we were all on board.

“Do you want your daughter to smoke meth?” Amber asked, wanting to put words to the depravity of our situation.

“You want me to get fucked up, right daddy?” Sienna added, piggybacking off her mother’s statement as if they shared a hive-mind.

I fought back a smile, but it pushed its way onto my face regardless, my true wishes impossible to hide.

“Of course, I do baby,” I relented.

Sienna made a little ‘yip’ sound and practically bounced up and down, returning her gaze to her mother who was smiling proudly at me.

“Do you want me to show you how to do it, or do you want to try it yourself first?” Amber asked, including Sienna in the particulars like any good mother would.

“Um, I think I want you to show me how,” Sienna replied, holding the pipe out to Amber.

Amber accepted the pipe and a small shard that Kevin had offered. Amber carefully dropped the shard of ice into the small hole and grabbed a torch lighter off the table. My heartbeat was now so powerful and fast that I could hear it reverberate in my eardrums and my stomach was filled with uneasy excitement. Amber lifted the pipe to her lips and clicked the torch to life, moving it into position at the base of the bowl. After a few moments the shard melted into a puddle and Amber began twirling the pipe expertly between her fingers, facilitating the transfer of liquid into gas without burning it.

After a few moments the pipe began filling with smoke that was istanbul escort being continually sucked into Amber’s lungs. Amber removed the torch and twirled for a few more moments, ensuring that she had filled her lungs to their absolute capacity. She finally removed the pipe from her lips and seemed to swallow, clearly trying to manage the lungful of smoke she had trapped inside her. After only a moment or two Amber pursed her thick lips and let loose a billowing exhale that filled the space between us all in impressive fashion. For her first hit in nearly two decades, it was a monstrous cloud.

“Damn, that was fuckin huge,” Kevin exclaimed, clearly impressed.

“Like riding a bike,” Amber replied playfully.

I was rock hard already. I had been fantasizing about the days that Amber was blowing clouds for a long time and now that it was right in front of me, I was having a hard time staying composed. It was made even more difficult as both Amber and Sienna lit up a Newport, snapping balls of smoke down their throats and exhaling seductively in my direction.

“My turn,” Sienna chirped, clearly energized by seeing her mother blow a giant cloud.

“Okay, now all you have to do is follow my directions and I’ll teach you what to do. The first hit I’ll do all the work, then after that I’ll give you more and more control. Ready?” Amber confirmed.

“Ready,” Sienna replied, with a lungful of smoke from her Newport.

Sienna tilted her beautiful face up and exhaled a long, thick stream of smoke towards the ceiling before leaning into the pipe that Amber was offering and placing her lips on the opening.

“Okay, now you don’t want to wrap your lips around the pipe like a cigarette because I’m going to twist it, instead just lightly touch your lips to the opening,” Amber commanded.

Sienna did as she was told and pursed her thick, full lips lusciously in an “O” to meet the opening of the pipe.

“Alright, I’m going to heat the puddle so just watch the pipe. When you see smoke, breath in evenly and keep going until your lungs are completely full. When they are just lean back and exhale,” Amber instructed.

“Got it,” Sienna said with a nod.

Amber fired up the torch with a click and brought the flame to the base of the bowl, melting the puddle. As the pipe began to fill with smoke I watched as Sienna sucked it into her lungs and Amber began twirling the pipe between her fingers. After several seconds Sienna pulled away and pursed her delicious lips and blew out a thick white cloud that hung in the air for several seconds before dissipating. We all waited with bated breath for Sienna’s response.

“Whoa, my head is buzzing. It’s like super Adderall!” Sienna exclaimed, clearly enjoying the feeling.

“You like it honey?” Amber asked.

“I love it. I want more,” Sienna replied enthusiastically.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, this is going to become a part of you now,” Amber replied deviously.

“Good, I want to be a meth head junkie whore,” Sienna responded, seeming to know exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Good. Now, let’s try again and I’ll let you take control,” Amber explained.

Sienna nodded and Amber extended the pipe so that Sienna could take hold of it, Amber kept the lighter and clicked it to life, focusing the flame on the base of the bowl.

“Okay, now pay attention, when it starts evaporating that’s when you twirl the bowl to keep it from burning,” Amber instructed softly.

Sienna did as she was told, and as the puddle began converting into smoke Sienna carefully twirled the pookie between her fingers and sucked the smoke into her lungs. It was an incredible sight to see that sent lightning bolts to my nether regions, watching the family torch getting passed from mother to daughter in the most perverse fashion. After getting her chest sufficiently filled with the noxious vapors Sienna removed the still smoking end of the pipe from her full lips and tilted her head. I marveled at the monstrous cloud that she released from her lips, thick and opaque and cascading from her mouth like it was endless. After a few moments it thinned out and her chest was empty again.

“That’s my baby,” Amber cooed, a look of pride washing over her smiling face.

“Oh my God, I never want to stop doing this. I love it!” Sienna practically yelled in glee.

“You’re going to need a way to pay for all that dope, girl,” Kevin remarked, eyeing Amber and I suggestively.

My heart skipped a beat as I worked out the meaning of his statement. He was suggesting that she whore herself out for drugs, much in the same way that Amber had done once-upon-a-time. I had conflicting thoughts fill my mind in that moment—on one hand watching my little girl get used by drug dealers tickled that darkest corner of my fantasies while on the other hand I felt compelled to keep her to myself. As it stood, my cock was the only one she’d ever had inside of her and it felt amazing to have that special connection with my daughter in that way. Was avcılar escort I capable of opening her up the sexual whims of Kevin or anyone for that matter?

“I paid for my drugs with my cunt when I was your age,” Amber blurted nastily, while visibly touching herself through her stretchy black yoga pants.

Sienna’s eyes bulged a moment as she first looked at Kevin and then me—trying to make out what was being implied with what was allowed.

I met her eyes and smiled, realizing in that moment that it was really going to come down to me.

“Do you want me to fuck for drugs, daddy?” Sienna squeaked in a tone that was totally at odds with what she was asking.

I thought about it again, rolling around the two options in my mind a moment before settling on an answer.

“I want you to remember that you are mine. You are my little girl and at the end of the day that’s my little pussy,” I said, nodding my head towards her crotch.

“Of course, daddy. I’ll always be your little whore, my pussy is yours forever,” Sienna stated emphatically without a hint of doubt.

“But I will allow others to use your holes because it turns me on and because I want you to become the dirtiest, nastiest little slut you can,” I added, painting a clear picture.

“Ooooo, yes daddy, I want to become a dirty slut for you,” Sienna replied.

“But I am always in control, and if I want you to myself, for any reason, that’s that,” I concluded sternly.

Sienna smiled and stood up, wrapping her arms around me and hugging me tight.

I didn’t really need a verbal consent at that point, the warm embrace was proof enough that Sienna understood and approved of my terms.

Kevin was already undressing, his shirt off and his shorts being drawn down. He was very clearly overcome with the desire to be inside of Sienna, and I honestly couldn’t blame him—she was insanely gorgeous.

Sienna released her arms from around my waist and took a step back, smiling up at me and inviting a kiss as she often did. I obliged her and kissed her softly, enjoying the interesting taste of mentholated smoke and meth that lingered on her breath. As we broke our kiss Kevin was kicking his boxer shorts from his foot to reveal his prick, which was already hard and standing at attention in anticipation.

“I want to get fucked, but I also want to keep getting high,” Sienna explained, looking from me to Kevin and then finally to Amber who was still manipulating herself through her sheer leggings.

“Don’t worry baby, you don’t have to choose. I’ll help you,” Amber replied softly.

Sienna smiled and began undressing herself. She stripped off her loose-fitting white tank top and unclasped her bra, allowing her perky breasts to hang freely. Sienna had large, dark areolas and thick nipples that extended out further from her breast than most I’d seen. I was overcome in that moment and grabbed them, kneading them in my hands and lowering my head. I sucked one of her areolas, nipple and all, into my mouth. I slurped as if I were trying to take as much of her breast into my mouth as possible before allowing it to slip out and my lips to settle around her nipple. I sucked her pencil eraser-sized nipple hard and continued squeezing and kneading her other breast with my other hand.

I felt her body jerk a bit as Sienna kicked off her panties, so I released my grip on her breasts and broke my suction from her nipple. Sienna responded by turning her back to me and bending over one of the kitchen chairs. Amber was already at the ready with the pipe and held it up to Sienna’s lips, lighting and twirling so all Sienna had to do was inhale. Kevin walked over next to me and positioned himself behind Sienna’s bare ass, jutting out erotically as she bent over the chair and sucked on the meth pipe. I repositioned myself as well, to where Amber was seated and feeding our daughter a hit off the pookie. I enjoyed the view of Sienna sucking meth smoke into her lungs as Kevin entered her from behind.

It was enough that my own erection demanded attention, and I let it spring free just as Sienna exhaled another monstrous cloud of smoke up toward the ceiling. Kevin was now pounding Sienna in earnest, his hands squeezing her hips tightly was he thrusted himself into her. Amber was already raising the pipe back to Sienna’s lips, but I intended on capitalizing on the interlude between hits the next time. As Amber removed the pipe from Sienna’s lips I stepped forward and made my intentions known, my erection pointed straight out and aimed at Sienna mouth. Sienna knew exactly what I was indicating and opened her mouth wide, allowing me to slide my prick into its warm embrace.

As I began face-fucking her in rhythm with Kevin’s thrusts the meth smoke from her most recent hit began funneling out of her nostrils in thick streams that mirrored her breathing. It took 3 or 4 exhalations before the smoke was expelled from her chest but the sight of my cock in her mouth while she nose-exhaled meth smoke was insanely hot and took time off my orgasm ETA şirinevler escort for sure. I placed my hands on either side of Sienna’s head and throat-fucked her with abandon, ignoring any caution I could’ve heeded about her choking or gagging. As Kevin and I continued spit-roasting my daughter Amber slid up next to me and began exhaling a gigantic cloud that she must have been generating from behind me. I instinctually interrupted her exhale, autonomically compelled to kiss her anytime her luscious lips were exhaling smoke near me.

I detected an extremely light taste of sweetness on her breath that I figured must have been the meth. I tried to ignore the possibility of the second-hand smoke showing up on a UA for work and instead focused on how amazing it felt to be kissing my wife while throat-fucking my daughter. I felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm start to build at my toes and turned to see Kevin, who was rigidly and robotically twitching. It appeared that he was already there, and I slowed the pace of my cock in Sienna’s mouth and enjoyed the sight of another man filling my daughter with cum for the first time in her 18 years. I changed my mind and removed my cock from Sienna’s mouth, walking over to Kevin as he removed his quivering phallus from Sienna’s hole.

I looked at Sienna’s little pussy, still gaped every so slightly and bearded with a frothy film of white that was a combination of Kevin’s cum and Sienna’s grool. I stepped into place behind her hips and pressed the head of my cock against Sienna’s labia, dragging it across the length of her pussy lips and smearing the combined seminal fluids over them to create a glazed appearance. I plunged the head of my prick inside Sienna just an inch or two and pulled back out, eliciting a wet ‘plop’ noise each time I popped back out. Her hole was now quivering and a thick drop of cum was glistening from just inside, threatening to slip out. I stuffed my cock back into Sienna’s cum-filled hole and drew a moan from her that indicated she was still open to accepting another load of cum.

Amber had also gotten back into the action and was holding the freshly reloaded pipe up to Sienna’s lips once again. She had also disrobed and removed her yoga pants, her cunt glistening and hungry and leaking onto the kitchen chair she sat upon. I slid my length into Sienna just as Amber removed the pipe from her lips and as the extreme wetness of Sienna’s pussy enveloped me, I watched another giant cloud emit from her mouth. Amber wasted no time and returned the pipe to her lips, after scooting herself and the chair closer to Sienna’s face. I broke my gaze momentarily from the amazing sight of my wife ‘feeding’ my daughter meth while I fucked her and saw the thick glaze of Kevin’s cum covering the length of my shaft as I slid in and out of Sienna’s cunt. A tremor of pleasure moved through me as I enjoyed the incredible feeling of fucking my daughters freshly used pussy and I imagined all the loads of cum that would get blasted inside of her at my direction.

As my orgasm re-approached, I turned my attention back to the events in front of me as Amber was again removing the pipe from Sienna’s lips. This time, however, she quickly thrusted her crotch toward Sienna’s mouth and grabbed the back of her head, guiding her down to her leaking cunt. Sienna took the hint immediately and buried her face into her mother’s pussy, a thick cloud of smoke enshrouding Amber’s midsection as Sienna exhaled her most recent hit into and onto her while she lapped. My tolerance for sinfully erotic displays of indescribable sexiness had reached its limit and my own orgasm was now impending.

I grabbed Sienna’s arched shoulders and pounded her pussy furiously toward my release, imagining the combination of two giant loads overflowing inside of her young cunt. As I gave in the first series of powerful ejaculations I watched as Amber threw her head back and enjoyed her own mind-blowing orgasm, grinding her pussy on Sienna’s face and smothering her with maternal lust. My orgasm continued to drain me, and it felt like I was shooting the largest load of cum of my life into the already filled hole of my daughter. Finally, it relented, and I stood panting and covered in sweat, trying to catch my breath and steady my feet.

“I love being filled with cum,” Sienna panted, clearly having enjoyed an orgasm of her own at some point during the whole ordeal.

“That’s my good girl,” I sighed in pride and contentment.

“I’m so fucking high,” Sienna breathed.

Amber and I laughed softly, perhaps enjoying a moment of clarity that allowed us to appreciate how absurdly perverse our lives had become.

“So, you like being a tweaker?” Kevin asked from the couch.

“I love it, I never want to stop feeling like this,” Sienna replied without hesitation.

“Well, you just earned yourself a week’s supply,” Kevin responded.

I let my penis slip from Sienna’s pussy and watched as several thick globs of semen immediately oozed out of her. Her pussy was an absolute mess. It was gaped, leaking bright white cum and had a glaze of semen caked all over her labia that made it perfectly obvious she’d just been used a sperm-receptacle. If I’d still been 18, the sight would’ve likely spawned another erection—but being in my mid-thirties I simply felt the familiar ache of a body that couldn’t quite keep up with the amount of stimulation I was currently experiencing.

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