A Lost Daughter Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

Author’s Note — This story is a continuation (18 years later) of a series I wrote called ‘Corrupting Amber.’ It is not mandatory that you read that series to understand this one, but I would recommend starting there if you’re interested in getting the most out of this tale. There will be references to the events of that series, but they will not be so intrusive as to ruin the experience of those of you who choose not to read it. Lastly, this series, like my previous one, is not intended to be a ‘quick read.’ It will be paced in a manner that makes sense in the context of the entire story. I ask that you keep that in mind when you assess the pacing of the events. Lastly, this story is heavily centered around the smoking fetish and drug use. If these subjects are not palatable to you, feel free to look elsewhere. Thanks, and enjoy.


What a day. A shoplifter, multiple product spills, a few particularly bad timed sick days and the 4th of July weekend fast approaching made the day at the grocery store hell. This time of year was always busier than usual with every weekend bringing in people looking to outfit themselves with the necessities to have a barbecue, a camping trip or a dinner date. Summer also meant people were more prone to calling in ‘sick,’ which usually just meant they had plans and needed an excuse to call into work. Luckily, it was Friday, and I didn’t work on the weekends—one of the perks of being the manager.

I pulled into the driveway feeling every one of the 50+ hours I’d worked that week and ready to do as little as possible for the next 2 days. Amber hadn’t gotten home yet, as her car was noticeably absent from the garage, but probably wasn’t too far behind me on her way home from the hospital. Amber didn’t work as much as I did, but being an RN meant that she sometimes had odd hours that required her to constantly adjust her schedule. It was partially that reason that had kept me from seeing her as often as I’d like the past few months. It would be excellent to be home with her for a couple of days, as long as she didn’t get called in.

Stepping into the house sometimes made me feel like a stranger, as I worked so much that it often felt like I only saw glimpses of the home I’d made with Amber almost a decade ago. It was a simple, single-story 2-bedroom 2-bathroom Cape Cod painted pale yellow with white trim. Over the years I’d done some things to liven it up such as adding a paint matched hanging bench on the porch, new stainless steel kitchen appliances, and marble countertops and even a small man-made pond in the backyard. It really wasn’t anything that would impress anybody, but it was in a nice neighborhood close to both Amber and my parents and a relatively short drive to work.

I kicked my shoes off and headed directly to the bedroom to change. There were many things I enjoyed about being ‘the boss’ but the clothes were not one of them. I had never really been a ‘slacks and tie guy’ but that was exactly what I was required to wear every day of the week, which was tragically ironic. I yanked the tie off and threw it into the hamper and my white button-up and brown slacks soon followed. Next came my black dress socks and finally my plain white undershirt until I was in nothing aside from my boxer shorts. I stopped a moment to stare at myself in the mirror hanging on the back of the door to the walk-in closet.

Did I look 36? I wasn’t sure. I still wore the same sizes that I wore in high school and had never been overweight a day in my life. Still, it was clear that I wasn’t a kid anymore, as much as I still felt like one. I wasn’t sagging anywhere or graying but something was certainly ‘mature’ about my physique. Regardless, I knew the rumors at work and overheard conversations that weren’t intended for me—I caught the eyes of many of the younger women who worked for me. I hadn’t pursued any of them, although I had a bit of fun when their flirting became apparent, that wasn’t intended to progress anywhere for many reasons. One would be I could lose my job and the other would be the love and devotion I still felt for Amber.

The door creaking open audibly from behind me brought my mind back to the present and I turned around to see the very woman I’d just been thinking about—the love of my life, Amber. She took one look at me posing in front of the mirror and smiled, her eyebrows arching in a playful way.

“Is this what you do when I’m güvenilir bahis not around?” She asked in mock amusement.

“I can’t help it, I take my breath away,” I joked in kind, eliciting a small chuckle from her.

In all honesty, it was Amber who continued to send jolts of lightning through me every time I saw her. She too was no longer a teenager, but she was still as sexy as ever to me. Her long dark brown hair hung down to her collarbones and framed her face perfectly. Her lips, always a point of focus for me, were still as thick and full as they’d always been. Now though, there were small but noticeable wrinkles at the corners and above her upper lip which had developed from smoking. Her eyes were still a deep, reddish-brown that seemed endlessly deep and emotive and could always look right to my soul.

As she’d gotten older her once flawless pale skin had picked up a smattering of freckles on her cheeks and nose, most prominent during summer. In terms of her body, she had lost a bit of size in her breasts, ass, and thighs and slimmed down. She wasn’t without curves, but she’d certainly taken after her waifish mother more as she’d aged. Regardless of any of that though, she’d still turn heads anywhere she went and never failed to turn me on.

“Got something on your mind?” She asked, again bringing me back to reality.

It took me a moment to realize what she was referring to but one glance down at my boxers gave it away; I was hard. I hadn’t made love to Amber for at least a couple of weeks, our schedules had just not allowed it. Apparently, all that time had really built up and even being in the same room with her at that moment had made me excited enough to realize it.

“You babe, it’s always you,” I replied honestly, smiling at her warmly.

She smiled back and set her purse down on the small table next to the door. I waited anxiously as she reached into the purse and extracted her pack of Newport 100’s, the same cigarettes she’d been smoking for nearly 20 years at over a pack a day, and shook one loose. She placed it between her lips and pouted at me, making her already deliciously thick lips look even more delectable. I felt my cock jump a little, begging to be freed, but ignored my physical demands and continued watching the show.

Amber let the cigarette dangle suggestively from her lips for a few more moments, clearly intending to tease me, before finally reaching back into her purse and removing a small yellow lighter—something she called her ‘lucky charm.’ I could feel and hear my own heartbeat begin to race as Amber raised the lighter up and finally flick it to life. It took only the slightest moment for the flame to touch the end of the cork-tipped Newport for Amber’s incredible suction to light it. Her cheeks hollowed out impressively as she triple pumped the cigarette, swallowing three successive mouthfuls of smoke before removing the cigarette from her lips and performing a giant ball snap-inhale.

She began walking over to me as I stood frozen, admiring the juxtaposition of a registered nurse dressed in aqua scrubs smoking a cigarette. Amber stopped in front of me, looking up with her best attempt at doe eyes and began exhaling a thick stream of smoke into my face. I didn’t let her finish though, and instead grabbed her in my arms and kissed her right in the middle of it. I relished the potent taste of ash on her tongue, as she’d probably smoked 20 or more cigarettes already that day, and did my best to drink in her flavor. Cradling her head in my hands I continued kissing her deeply, unable to break free from her delicious mouth and felt Amber’s hands begin to caress my erection through my boxer shorts.

I instinctively thrust myself into her hands and she took the hint, pulling down the waistband of my boxers and allowing my prick to finally escape. I managed to break free from our kiss and she immediately replaced the cigarette to her lips, again taking three successive drags on her Newport. Each time she dragged hard enough to illuminate the cherry, which glowed in the sunlit room. As she snapped another giant ball of smoke into her lungs she began stroking my length with her other hand, keeping her eyes locked with mine in a way that rendered me motionless in awe of her beauty.

She continued stroking me and picking up the pace as she leaned in with her face just inches from mine and our lips nearly touching. I found myself falling into the loving depth of her gorgeous eyes as she softly started exhaling türkçe bahis her smoke into my face again, this time not pursing her lips or making any attempt at forcefully blowing it, but instead just breathing it out and allowing it to softly embrace me. Again I couldn’t resist interrupting her, locking my mouth over her luscious lips and taking her tongue into my mouth, sucking it as if it had the secrets to eternal life. I could feel and taste and smell her and the smokey breath that she breathed into me as we continued kissing, each plunging our tongues into each other’s mouths like teenagers.

The taste, smell, and sensations of the moment had built up to an unbearably arousing degree that overwhelmed my ability to allow it to unfold at whatever rate Amber had been planning. I broke our kiss and spun her around, evoking a light moan from Amber who had almost lost her balance. She reached to steady herself against the closet door and placed her hands on the mirror that had started this encounter. I hastily yanked her scrubs down to her lower thigh and admired Amber’s sexy little ass clad in a cute pair of pink undies. My libido demanded I cut my visual appreciation short and focus on a more physical approach.

At this point, Amber had her cigarette dangling from her lips while she leaned forward against the mirror with one hand and had begun manipulating herself with the other. The sight was enough to make this a short experience, but I steeled my resolve and pulled her panties down next to her scrub pants and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. If I wasn’t so incredibly horny at that moment I would have loved to kneel down and taste her as the sight of her meaty cunt squeezed in between her ass cheeks in this position had my stomach growling, but I had reached a critical point of blood flow that rendered any resistance futile.

I relented to my physical weakness and slid my member inside the warm, wet canal that had been beckoning my entry for several minutes and immediately enjoyed the incredible sensations envelop me. I planted the head of my dick as deep in the hilt of her slit as I could, grabbing her hips with both my hands and grinding myself against Amber, allowing my prick to dance around inside of her in a manner that seemed to please us both. I watched in the mirror as Amber’s eyes fluttered and her skin flushed with red, clearly overcome with her own physical repercussions of our limited physical contact. She moaned uninhibitedly, her breath accentuated by a lungful of smoke that she had previously inhaled. That was a sight that urged me to begin thrusting in and out of her with more purpose.

I fought against the prematurely approaching orgasm that threatened to cut our escapade short and focused on smooth, deep strokes, trying to lose myself in the ecstasy of the moment. It was made harder by the fact that Amber had stopped rubbing her clit to smoke with her free hand instead. She was making a concerted effort to catch my gaze in the mirror as she dragged long and hard on her cigarette, doing giant ball snaps and thick French inhales, seemingly unaware of the fact that I was already very overstimulated. Unfortunately for us both, I was far too weak to ignore her attempts at needless seduction and instead had become completely glued to the literal smoke show that was happening in the mirror in front of me, making the orgasm that was building in my toes all but inevitable.

Amber had recognized the look on my face that she’d seen probably a thousand times and picked it up a notch, sucking hard on the cigarette that had shrunk down to the filter. I took that as her endorsement of my impending finale and tightened my grip on her hips, thrusting faster and harder and sending the echoes of our bodies slapping together off the walls of our bedroom. I continued focusing on Amber in the mirror as the final moments before my orgasm ripped through me waned.

Her cigarette had been smoked to the filter so she held it up in the mirror for me to see and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue expressively. I watched in absolute astonishment as she slowly positioned the smoking end of the cigarette above her bared tongue and began lowering it. I heard a quick ‘singe’ as the embers of the dying butt were snuffed out in the middle of Amber’s tongue before she tapped it a few times for extra measure. She flicked the cigarette butt to the side but kept her tongue out, displaying the black smudges of burnt tobacco that stained her otherwise güvenilir bahis siteleri pink glistening tongue.

Unable to hold back a single second longer I uncurled my toes and let the load of semen that had refused to be denied blast out of me and into Amber’s cunt. I felt her push her soft, silky ass cheeks against my pelvis as she endeavored to have me shoot my cum as deep into her hungry slit as possible. Timed to perfection and relieving me of a bit of guilt I watched in the mirror as Amber furiously fingered her clit while being rocked by her own climax. I leaned forward, wanting as much of my body to be touching her as was humanly possible and enjoyed the last few shots of my load with my arms wrapped completely around her from behind and kissing the back of her neck, enjoying the smokey aroma of her hair.

We remained there for a minute after our orgasms had subsided, panting and dripping with sweat, while I held her tight and reveled in the afterglow of a much-needed lovemaking session. My penis finally deflated enough to slip from her hole and I listened as a few drops of my cum seeped out and onto the carpet. After a moment I remembered the last thing that Amber had done, put out her cigarette on her tongue. She was well aware that I liked when she tasted of cigarettes and alcohol. Something about her being ‘stained’ with the flavor and aroma of a ‘dirty’ habit was so sexy, especially considering how sweet and innocent she looked otherwise. She must have decided that putting literal ash on her tongue was the logical next step in achieving that effect on me and she was right, and I needed to taste it.

I stepped back and reached down, scooping Amber up under her knees with one arm and under the neck with the other. I walked over to the bed and laid her down like the princess I believed her to be.

“I wonder what your tongue tastes like after that little display you pulled back there?” I hinted playfully.

“Well, why don’t you find out baby?” She replied, equal bits playful and mischievous.

With that Amber opened her mouth and revealed her tongue, the black stains of burnt tobacco ash still clearly visible. I bent down and licked the stains a couple of times, trying to sample the goods. When I’d deduced that I approved of the quality of what was on offer I took her tongue into my mouth and swirled my own tongue around it in my version of a tongue washing. It took only a few seconds before I was sucking on her tobacco stained tongue like I wanted to take it with me, trying to extract every last trace of her ‘bad’ behavior that I could.

After I had gotten my fill I pulled back and surveyed my work. Amber’s tongue was perfectly pink and pristine as if her little mouth ashtray routine had never even happened. She retracted her tongue and closed her mouth, swirling it around a moment before smiling at me lovingly.

“All clean?” I queried.

Amber nodded her head effusively.

“Yep, but not for long,” She replied, again tempting my imagination with a newfound kink for us to play with.

Our collective attention was suddenly drawn to the front door where a knocking sound could be heard. I looked at Amber inquisitively, wordlessly asking her if she was expecting company to which she shook her head. Again though, there were knocks, four of them, that echoed down the hall and did, in fact, indicate an unscheduled visitor. I decided to let Amber rest for a moment and hopped to the closet to grab a pair of gym shorts suitable enough to tell what was probably some Jehovah’s Witnesses or cable salesmen to fuck off.

I slipped my feet into some flip-flops to go with the gym shorts and black t-shirt I had thrown over my body and headed for the door. I didn’t even bother to look through the peephole and instead just decided to get it over with and fling the door open. When I did I looked into the slightly surprised face of a very attractive teen girl. She took a moment to compose herself, as did I, replacing her surprise with a sweet smile.

“Hey, uh, sorry for just like, knocking on your door but I wasn’t sure what the best way to do this would be,” she stumbled.

While she spoke I took a moment to appreciate her striking features. She looked to be about 18 or 19 and had long brown hair, hazel eyes, and very lovely full lips. She seemed familiar but I didn’t think she was a previous or current employee and I couldn’t quite place her.

“The best way to do what, exactly?” I asked, utterly confused.

“Well, I guess I should make sure first, are you Matthew Foster?” She asked.

Again I looked at her familiar face and tried to place her, where did I know this girl?

“I am, and you are?”

“My name is Sienna, I’m your daughter.”

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