A Little Bit of Fun

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We return to my dorm after a night of just driving around aimlessly chatting. You’re comfortably sitting in your seat as I run my fingers through the hair on the back of your neck. You tried so hard to be good today. Not once have you mentioned sex for fear that you’d upset a perfectly good moment. But you know me better…if you don’t start it I will. I look over at you. A grin starts to come over your face. “Oh, don’t do that to me baby. You’re giving me that look again.” I grin. You know exactly what I’m thinking. Now the only question is how long until you find out what’s really on my mind. We continue driving back. You speed a little bit as your excitement grows. “Baby, why can’t you keep eye contact with me?” You ask me this silly question although you already know the answer. I have a hard time sitting in my seat. You take your hand and slowly start to slide it over my shirt, down my stomach, and between my legs. “You’re so hot down there baby…what are you thinking about?” you smirk at me.

“Get me back to my dorm.” I say impatiently.

“As you wish.”

Finally you pull into the parking lot and slip the yellow tag around your rearview mirror. I wait for you to come over to my side of the car and open the door. I slip one leg out and then the other, making sure they are wide enough apart for you to get the view under my skirt. I grab a hold of your belt and pull myself out of your seat. You lock the doors as I wait impatiently. You give me a quick slap on the ass as I wrap my arm around yours and we head for the door. I fumble with my keys for a few moments. You know how excited I am. All evening we both have been waiting for this. We enter my room and as the door shuts your arms are wrapped around me, feeling me as our lips touch. I lift your shirt up a little bit. I try to pull you over to my tv/dvd system. You keep grabbing at my shirt, trying to pull me back in. “Patience baby, patience” I say as I put in a cd and push the play button. I turn up the volume and a smile comes across your face. I want you, but I also want to make sure my screams and moans will be muffled from the others in the dorm. We kiss. Your hands start to move over my body sending shivers up my spine. I grab at your shirt again, but this time I lift it over your head. I leave it on the floor as I let my hands travel from your neck down to the rim of your jeans. “I have a surprise for you,” I whisper. “Turn around.” You canlı bahis do as I request. You can hear me unzip my skirt and the rustle of my shirt lifting over my head. My closet doors open and you hear me opening a shelf. I sit in my chair, staring at your gorgeous back as I slide on of my stockings up my leg. Soon the other one is put on. Next I step into my top and lift it into place. “You can turn around now.” Slowly you turn and stare at me. You start with my toes and look up as you follow my stockings. Finally, you reach my waist and see where they are connected.

“A corset,” you reply.

“Yes it is. But I need your help,” I look at you with a distressed face. I turn around as you see the black ribbon that laces up the back of my white corset.

“Lay down,” you instruct.

“Yes, master,” I reply softly.

You straddle me and touch the small of my back, tracing the outline of my tattoo. Then you gather up the ribbon into your hand. You pull tight. A gasp escapes from my lips. You smile. You take the next section and pull it tight again. This time I don’t gasp. “Good girl,” you say. You continue to pull each section of it tight feeling me breath heavy underneath you. You finish it off with a knot. “Stand up my little slut.” Again I do as you instruct. You unzip your pants and take them off. I look down and can see the bulge in your boxers.

“Mmmmmmm,” I moan.

“Do you want this, slut?”

“Yes master, please….please let me suck your cock.” I beg.

You press your hands down on my shoulders pushing me into a kneeling position. I look up at you and smile. Then I look at your boxers. I take my hands on either side of your shorts and start to slowly pull them down. Once they’ve fallen to your ankles I take each of your feet out of them and toss them to the side with your shirt and your jeans. Your cock is standing straight out ahead of me. “Oh, master,” I gasp. I bring the tip of my tongue to the tip of your cock, catching the bit of precum that has formed. I bring the rest of your head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it, pausing when I reach the groove I love so much. I like back and forth in the groove and then continue to swirl my tongue around you. I continue licking and sucking getting the tip of your cock soaking wet. After I accomplished that I start to move down your shaft. I inch down a little then move back. I continue this, making a wet path for my tongue bahis siteleri to follow. I keep going until I get as much of your cock in my mouth as possible. You take your hands on my head and start to pull me into you further. You grab my hair and start to slowly pump your cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue flutters around your shaft and at the very tip of your cock. You take your cock out of my mouth and place it about an inch away from my awaiting lips. I start to lean forward as you laugh to yourself.

“Don’t want to stop I see.” You continue to laugh. “My slut.” You take a hold of my arms and pull me to my feet. You kiss me while you let your hand wonder between my legs. You can feel how wet I am. You know how much I enjoy sucking and playing with your cock. Your cock is so hard but you aren’t going to fuck me yet. You pick me up and lay me down in my bed. Out of a bag that you’ve left the last time you visited you pull out a two ties. You come over to me and kiss me again, this time traveling down my neck and to my upper chest. You take one of my hands and bring it above my head. You bring it to the post of the bed and wrap your tie around my wrist to restrain me. You take my other wrist and do the same to the other bed post. You run your hand down the front of my body and then quickly shove it between my legs. Your thumb reaches my clit and you play with it for a few seconds. You stop and stand up. You hear me moan not to stop and laugh to yourself again. You come back with two more ties. You lift one of my legs up and kiss my ankle. You let your lips travel to as far as my calf until you start to wrap the tie around the bottom post and my ankle. You again do this to my other leg. I am now fully in your control. You sit on the bed between my legs. I stare down at you, my eye begging you to touch me. You bring my hips up and put your mouth so close to my body. I can feel your warm breath hit my throbbing clit. You give me a swift lick, making my body jump. You place your tongue on my clit again, but this time you gently massage it. A loud moan escapes from my lips.

“Yes master, please don’t stop, don’t stop.”

But you do. You can’t wait any longer. You start to crawl up my body, giving me kisses as you reach my face. You kiss me deeply as you shove your cock into me. You can feel me gasp for air as you do this. You pull your throbbing cock out again and shove it hard back into me. “Do you bahis şirketleri like that my little slut?”

“Yes master, oh god yes.” I reply.

You start to move slowly in and out of me, feeling every inch of me wrapped tightly around you. “God baby, you feel so good,” you say. You continue to shove yourself in and out of me. You pick up the pace, getting faster and faster. I pull against my restraints. “My little slave…I know how badly you want to touch your clit.” You bring your body up and continue to fuck me. You bring your fingers to my mouth and I suck on every last one of them. After I have gotten them sufficiently wet you bring your thumb down to my clit and start to massage it lightly back and forth.

“Oh master,” I coo. “Oh my God, yes.” I continue to moan. You can feel my muscles start to contract around your cock. You pause for a moment so I can feel you throbbing inside of me, the tip of your cock swelling. I arch my back as much as I can, directing your cock to my sweet spot. With each stroke you move against it causing me to moan loudly again. “Oh God, oh yes, please please yes don’t stop!” I scream. You run your finger around my clit in quick circles as you start to fuck me hard.

“Cum for me my little slut! Cum for me now!” you order.

My muscles grab your cock tight again and you thrust yourself into me, back and forth. “Yes, yes, yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Yes, yes, yes….uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I let out a huge moan. You continue to fuck me hard. You get faster and faster. I can tell by your face that you’re getting close to. “Yes master! Yes…I need you to cum, I want you to cum!” As you fuck me you start to undo my hand restraints. You feel so good inside me. My clit is still throbbing and my legs are starting to quiver. You keep drilling your cock hard into me, deep as you feel my muscles contract around you again. I’m so wet for you. You’ve made me so wet. I can hear you slapping against me, shoving your cock deep inside. Making me feel so good, I cum again. You can hear my moans getting weaker as I start to come back from my orgasm.

“Are you ready, slut?!” you scream.

“Yes master, yes. Please let me have it.”

You take your cock out of me quickly and I bring my head down to it. Wrapping my lips around your head and running my hand up and down your shaft. You cum hits the back of my throat. You start to moan as you continue to fill my mouth with your cum. I run my tongue along your head and into your groove as you continue to cum for me. When you’ve finished I swallow you. You lay down upon me. Your hot, sweaty body against mine. “Thank you, master.” I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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