A Lesson in Seduction

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Hannah’s grey eyes peered down through her spectacles at the schedule in her hands. Room 4430…where the heck was it? “It’s got to be down this hallway,” she thought. She let out a huff and ran her fingers through her incredibly curly brown hair. “Nothing is ever easy”. Not since she had decided to go back and finish her college degree, anyway. She was only 23, but Hannah felt much older. She was a fiercely smart, but slightly naïve girl, and she still had a lot to learn about the world. She had gotten married only the year before to a wonderful man named Brian, who was a good several years older than she. When he decided to take a job that required frequent travel, she decided that now was the time to go back to school at the local community college.

But this first day was already getting frustrating. Hannah trotted down the hall, her shoulder length curls falling in front of her face. She was definitely not a slender girl; she had a very round ass and thick thighs atop long legs. She was almost 5, 10″ tall with heels on, which put her large breasts directly into anyone’s line of sight. If she had been thinner, she might have attracted more attention, but older men tended to look twice at her anyway. Hannah’s rosy face was sweet and pretty, with round grey eyes and a small straight nose. Her two most beautiful features were her riot of curly brown hair, and her huge smile. She had pouting lips that revealed two rows of large, perfectly straight, white teeth.

But right now, she wasn’t thinking about how she looked; she had to find her History class. Hannah stuffed her schedule into the pocket of her jeans, straightened her pink v-neck tee, and walked down the hall. “At last!” she sighed, walking into the room marked 4430. It was half empty; only 9 or so students dotted the plastic desks in the dimly lit room. She slung her book bag off onto the floor next to a desk in the back of the room, and sank into a rather small desk. It was only a minute until 9 o’clock; she had made it just in time. “Wonder where the professor is?” she thought, taking out a pen and brand new notebook from her bag.

No sooner had this thought crossed her mind than the professor strolled into the classroom. Even though there was little light from the windows, Hannah felt her stomach try to jump out of her throat when she saw him. He was an incredibly attractive man, at least to Hannah. She had always found older men attractive, and he was exactly her cup of tea. The professor was a tall and handsome man in his middle thirties; clean cut in his Dockers and button down shirt. He had a chiseled, good-natured face with blue eyes and full lips, and his straight sandy brown hair was freshly cut. He set his briefcase on the desk, turned around and smiled at the class. “Good morning, everyone. My name is Mr. Truman and I’ll be your World History teacher!” Hannah felt as if she were going everyway all at once, and her face was on fire. She gazed at him with her mouth slightly open, and then quickly shut it and looked down at her hands. “I am never going to learn anything in this class if I have to look at him all day!” she laughed to herself.

During the first week of classes, Hannah looked forward to seeing Mr. Truman every morning. Getting up at 8 am didn’t seem so hard when she remembered looking into his blue eyes and cheery grin. She took extra care of her appearance now, adding a little lipstick or wearing a bright colored shirt. Hannah didn’t want to stroll in looking like a hoochie, but she did want to catch Mr. Truman’s eye, if only a little. While taking notes from the projector, she made a point to make eye contact with him in the dark classroom. Whenever he glanced in her direction, she tried to remember to look right back and smile slightly at him. Somewhere she had read that doing that made people subconsciously interested in you.

Her schoolteacher fantasies were starting to grow wilder during the next two weeks of class. Hannah woke up one morning and decided that today she would be a total seductress. (If only on the outside.) She showered and shaved carefully. She let her curly tresses do their thing, and put on her normal makeup except for adding deep red lipstick. It made her lips stand out, and looked sexy against her gleaming white teeth when she smiled. She chose a black long sleeve top with a deep v-neck, and wore a push up bra under it for obvious reasons. She put on a pair of simple khaki pants, but then pulled on her high-heeled black boots that made her legs look even longer. She put on her diamond solitaire necklace and smiled at herself in the mirror. “I look damn good,” she said out loud.

As she walked into History class, Mr. Truman was sitting at his desk checking his email. A tiny whiff of an exotic, sensuous scent wafted past his nose and Hannah came into the room. He watched her walk to her desk, breathing in her sweet smell. She could feel his eyes on her plump bottom as she took her seat, and settled into the desk grinning just a little. William Truman was not a man to be thrown off guard by a girl. He was not bakırköy escort only at least 10 years older than every female in the room, but he was also married. Nevertheless, the sultry smell had made something in his stomach flip over. He cleared his throat and stood up to turn on the projector.

During class, Mr. Truman’s eyes kept wandering to a pair of full, red lips in the back of the class. Hannah leaned down to write in her notebook, unknowingly exposing a beautiful view of her cleavage to the professor. Mr. Truman swallowed hard. He decided to let everyone out of class a little early, and hopefully get his head back on straight. Hannah decided that if she was going to make a move, it was now or never. She slowly gathered her things up, and made sure that she was the last one to leave the room. She walked to his desk and put her hand on it.

“Did you have a question?” he asked looking up into her round grey eyes.

“Well, sort of,” she half whispered. She couldn’t believe that she was doing this. “I just wondered if you were free this afternoon, I wanted to talk to you about the paper you assigned.”

“Sure thing, I’ll be in my office on the 4th floor. Is 2:00 okay?” William had to force himself to look away from her gaze.

“Yeah. Thanks very much, I’ll see you later then.”

Hannah walked out of the room seeing explosions dance in front of her eyes. She had actually set up a private meeting with her incredibly sexy teacher! No sooner had this thought run through her head, than another one followed it. Brian. What about her husband? She felt a twinge of guilt as she walked to the cafeteria. He certainly wasn’t thinking about other women, why was Hannah thinking about another man? The truth was, that Hannah did indeed love Brian deeply. He was the only man who had ever treated her with respect and love, but she had never been intimate with anyone else. Sometimes, Hannah wished that she had been more sexually active before she had gotten married.

“As long as I don’t tell Brian about my desires, it will be okay” she decided.

Two o’ clock took forever to come, and when it did, Hannah was ready. She had reapplied her lipstick, fluffed her hair, and adjusted her top. Butterflies were playing basketball in her stomach, but she smiled into the mirror. This was going to be interesting. She grabbed her bag and climbed the stairs to the 4th floor. She found the door with Mr. Truman’s name on it and knocked, a little out of breath. William had been nervously grading papers, and had forgotten she was coming.

“Oh, come on in Hannah.” He mumbled getting up and opening the door wide.

She said hi, and stepped in, a little shyly. She began by taking a seat and discussing her paper, just as planned. It turned out that she and William had quite a similar sense of humor, and before long they were both laughing and feeling much more at ease. Hannah’s head was swimming as she looked into Mr. Truman’s smiling blue eyes and smelled his aftershave. Before she knew it, she heard herself saying, “Would you like to go somewhere and have a cup of coffee with me?”

Will smiled. He found Hannah not only charming and witty, but also innocently seductive. He hastily agreed, and the two walked out of the main building chuckling over anecdotes. Suddenly, she stopped. “Should we take your car, or mine?” Uh oh. Would someone see them and make assumptions? Even though Hannah was well past the legal age, William was still her teacher. This wouldn’t look good.

“I’ll drive, and bring you back to your car later. How about that?”

Hannah agreed, and soon found herself riding in an small but immaculate pickup truck. Mr. Truman was starting to feel bit strange. He was attracted to this girl, he knew. But being only a foot away from her, her scent filled the cab of the truck and he could hardly keep his mind on the road. They drove to a nearby coffee shop in total silence. Hannah was uncomfortable. This was not going well anymore. She had to say something…

“Can I tell you something, sir?”

“Shoot” he said, relieved that she had broken the silence.

A pause.

“Not only do I think you a very smart and funny teacher, but you are the most good looking guy in this truck right now.” Hannah giggled and glanced sideways at William.

Will was a little shocked, but pleased. He turned to her and smiled, “Thanks!” and laughed.

He parked the truck in the parking lot and the two shared another wonderful conversation over lattes and biscotti. Hannah was becoming bolder now, cracking jokes and leaning into him; she felt a deeper connection to Will than any other man she had ever met. (Except of course, Brian.) She wanted to take things a little further, so…

“Mr. Truman?”

“Please, call me Will. Its short for William. You only have to call me ‘Mr. Truman’ in class.”

“Okay, uh, Will. I think I need some fresh air, can we get going?”

They hadn’t realized that it was quickly darkening outside; they had been so involved in their beşiktaş escort conversation. Hannah brushed her hair out of her eyes and followed Will out to the parking lot. She was trembling, but she knew that the butterflies in her belly wouldn’t go away unless she did something now.

As Will walked around to unlock her door, she suddenly turned around to face him. Her face was only a few inches away from his, and he could see her eyes flash behind her little black-rimmed glasses. He was too surprised to move when Hannah put her hands on his neck and placed her lips on his.

Her lips were soft and full and they felt good on his. But it was only for a split second until Will realized what they were doing. He pulled back and caught his breath. But Hannah knew that there was no turning back now.

“I’m sorry, but I have been wanting to do that since the first day of school.” She whispered.

Will felt the little flip in his stomach sink down into his groin and become a growl. This lovely little woman had been fantasizing about him! He felt a little dizzy; her smell was driving him wild.

“I just don’t think that this is a good idea,” he mumbled slowly. “We could get in a lot of hot water.”

As he said this, Will looked at Hannah’s full red lips in the twilight and suddenly knew he didn’t care if he got in trouble. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her body into him and caught her lips in a full, deep kiss. She opened her mouth slightly and kissed him back, running her fingers through his soft hair. They kissed slowly, teasingly, for a few minutes while leaning against the truck. Hannah felt herself getting wet, and kissed him harder. Will slid his hands up her sides and gently stroked her hair, before letting his fingers fall to her ample bosom. She let out a very soft sigh as he cupped her breasts in his hands, feeling their warmth and heaviness.

Hannah pulled away, breathless. “Maybe we should go somewhere a little more private. Got any ideas?”

Will’s mind was racing, but he managed to get Hannah in the truck, and pull out of the parking lot. She stroked his knee as he drove, and slid over close to him. He was thinking furiously. The only place that they could be alone was…his office.

“No one will be at school at this hour, I think we should go back to my office.” He said huskily, feeling her breath on his neck.

“Okay, just hurry” she said, brushing her lips against his cheek.

They practically ran from the school parking lot all the way up four floors. Will flung his office door open and they tumbled inside. Hannah collapsed on a chair, completely out of breath. Will turned around and shut the door. He paused, and then slowly turned the lock on it.

For a moment, it was quiet as Hannah and William faced each other. Hannah stood up from the chair and caught Will in a deep and more passionate kiss than the one at the coffee house. She nibbled at his bottom lip, and flicked her tongue in and out of his mouth. Will kissed her back, feeling her warm body against his. He gently tilted her head back with his hand, and kissed down her neck very slowly. Hannah let out a soft moan, and suddenly took a step back.

Hannah was never the kind of girl to be overly sexy or flaunt her body. But now she felt like a supermodel pole-dancer. Never taking her steely-grey eyes off of William’s, she pulled her black top slowly over her head and let it drop to the floor. Will smiled and took a moment to pull the blinds shut before walking over to Hannah. He ran his hands up her bare arms and over her shoulders, before reaching around her to unhook her bra. She felt the cool air hit her nipples as he let it slip down to the ground.

She smiled up at him and straightened her back as if to say, ‘Go ahead and touch them.’ Will pulled Hannah to him, letting his hand cup her bare breast, kissing her hard this time. Now there was more urgency in his kiss, he wanted to see all of her, feel her naked body. Hannah’s nipples were as hard as pebbles, and ached for his touch, but she wanted to put her hands on his bare skin. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up over his head. Will wound his fingers around her curls as she undid his belt and trousers, letting both slip to the floor.

In the half-light, Hannah could see his obviously erect penis poking out of his boxer shorts.

She giggled. “Well I guess its only fair that I take my pants off too.”

She unzipped her khakis and stepped out of them and her black boots. She was now only in her little pair of black panties. Her hair tumbled around her face, and the skin on her full breasts shone in the dim light. Will put his head down and took her nipple in his mouth, and Hannah nearly fainted. He flicked it with his tongue, feeling it grow even harder. With his other hand, he played with the waistband of her panties, teasing her.

Hannah pulled away from him and stepped over to the desk in the corner. It was bare except for a few papers that she pushed off onto the floor. She sat on beylikdüzü escort the edge of the desk and pulled Will toward her. He stood inbetween her legs, and she pushed his boxers down over his hips so that his cock was bare and in full view.

“Mmmm, somebody’s excited.” She purred.

“That’s because you’re being so damn sexy.” He said, his voice low and husky.

Hannah let his underwear drop to the floor, and took his shaft in her warm hand. It was long and thick and hard. Will let out a groan as he felt her fingers wrap around his penis, “It feels so good when you touch me.”

Hannah smiled coyly and slid off the desk, “Then you’ll like what I’m about to do”.

She squatted in front of Will and took his cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head, and he let out a moan. Hannah licked it slowly, from the balls to the tip, several times before putting the whole thing in her mouth. She reached up and massaged his balls as she sucked his cock, deliberately licking slowly. The feel of his prick in her warm, wet mouth was incredible, until he finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Oh god, that’s so good.” Will gasped, “You’re gonna make me cum if you keep sucking me that way.”

“Oh no, you cant cum until you fuck me”, Hannah laughed. She scooted back up onto the desk and pulled her panties down, kicking them off into the corner. She put one foot up on the desk, exposing her wet pussy. She leaned back on one hand and played with one of her tits, letting her fingers slowly creep down to her neatly trimmed cunt. She stroked it lightly, looking Will directly in the eyes. Well, as much as she could anyway, considering he was only looking at her pretty, thick little pussy lips.

“If you want it, then come here and get it.” She said lying down on the desk.

Will knelt down in front of her open legs and kissed her round thigh before letting his tongue flick her clit. He wanted to taste her, to make her moan in ecstasy. She gasped, as he wasted no time in pushing her legs back and began hungrily sucking on her sopping wet slit. He ran his tongue down between her pussy lips and slipped it into her hole. Hannah groaned, “Oh yes baby, make my pussy feel so fucking good…” The taste of her juice was tangy and sweet, and Will licked her furiously, reaching up to pinch her nipples every so often. Hannah put her hand on the back of his head and pushed his mouth into her, grinding her cunt into his face. He responded by slipping a finger into the dripping hole, and sliding it in and out of her.

“Ohhhhh, my god…. oh please don’t stop eating my pussy…” she moaned.

Will flicked his tongue faster and faster over her throbbing clit until she cried out and shuddered. He knew she came when a rush of warm cream washed over his tongue; he pushed her cunt lips open and licked it out of her. Hannah lay on the desk, covered in a light sweat, and shaking all over from the intensity of her orgasm. Not wasting any time, she sat up and with a growl leaned forward and kissed Will, tasting her own juice on his lips. He could feel his cock throbbing, and a drop of pre-cum formed on the tip. Hannah roughly pushed him onto the desk and climbed on top of him.

Will grinned as she kissed down his chest, all the way to his penis. She straddled him on her knees, and slowly lowered herself onto it. He gasped as he felt his cock slide into her hot, wet hole.

“God you feel so damn good!”

He fucked her slowly at first, but she picked up the tempo quickly, sliding up and down on his prick. Her tits bounced around, and Will reached up to let her nipples brush against the palms of his hands as she fucked him. Hannah leaned her head back, letting herself go. She was thrusting hard now, her pussy made a sloppy, wet noise as she rode his cock. Gasping for air, Will grabbed Hannah by the waist and laid her on her side. He lifted her leg and thrust his penis into her, pounding her cunt until she was crying out.

“Holy shit…ohhh keep fucking me! Yes, oh yes that’s so good! Make me cum all over your cock…”

Hannah could feel another orgasm coming, but she fought it, not wanting this to end. Will grasped her tightly, burying his face in her hair, and hammered his rod into her. When he heard her cries grow louder, he knew she was cumming. His balls were slapping her clit over and over, and finally she screamed out in pleasure as she squirted warm pussy cream all over his pumping cock.

Will kept on going, and Hannah rode him even harder. She wanted to feel him cum inside her. He felt his balls tighten up, and the fire in his penis exploded. With a loud grunt, he shot his wad deep into her. She pushed back into him, smiling and letting the warm semen run down her slit.

“Jesus Christ girl, that was insane!” He gasped, shuddering.

“Mmmm, you came hard. Must have been a good fuck.” Hannah cooed in his ear, kissing his cheek.

“Wow, you were awesome” He huffed. He hadn’t had sex that intense for a long time.

Hannah lay next to him on the desk, which was now wet with sweat and body fluids. She rolled over, sighed, and snuggled into his warm chest. Will wrapped his arms around her soft body and closed his eyes. They slept briefly in the little office, and neither of them had any thoughts or dreams of their spouses, only of the wonderful sex that they had just shared.

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