A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 05

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Please read A Crossdressers Dream parts 1-2-3& 4 before moving on to this story.


The party was certainly in full swing as we had all seen some sort of action. The room smelled entirely of sex and latex, I was very happy with this as the aroma of rubber turned me on. Every time I opened the bag where I kept my latex collection the smell coming from it was intoxicating, like instant Viagra gas to my cock. Both my wife and I and Karen were now having a little breather in the proceedings and my wife noticed I couldn’t take my eyes off Su.

To be honest she was so attractive and proportioned that I thought of her as a sexy lady with a cock and not a man with tits if that makes any sense. Su was now on her knees in front of Aron, attempting to take his full foot long cock into her mouth, she struggled but she was certainly tenacious as she forced her head down onto his shaft. Her gagging and salivating all over Aron’s cock was making us all a bit horny.

Ky was still balls deep in Jane but had now turned his attention slightly. As I watched closely he withdrew his long black shaft from her pussy and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. Jane smiled and re jiggled her hips slightly to give him a better angle of attack and then she pushed back slowly. I watched as the head of his cock parted her ass and slid in slowly, only an inch or two but this was enough to get Jane panting. He pulled his cock back out and then repeated this, but went in an inch further each time.

After a couple of minutes of this Ky was up to the hilt, burying his huge black cock in Jane’s well lubed ass. Jane was enjoying the filled up feeling and once again demanded that Ky slap her ass and also asked him to put his hands around her throat to mock choke her. I had done this to my wife in the past and when done correctly was amazing as the sense of strangulation yet control was very erotic. Just enough pressure to feel restricted but not enough to stop breathing. It made the heart beat faster and the juices run quickly.

“Yes Ky fill my ass with that black cock honey, fuck your special girl with that monster. Choke me baby choke your naughty girl hard. I’ve been a very naughty slut and need to be punished.”

It was apparent that Jane liked a bit of the extreme stuff too, but only with her long term partner Ky, who was deep in her ass and doing to her what she craved.

My wife and Karen were watching Ky intently as they saw his cocks size withdraw completely from Jane’s ass and then plunge back in to gasps from Jane, and squeals of delight as it drove home.

“MM I bet you wish that was your ass?” said Karen to my wife.

“It will be later don’t you worry, I’m going to let John see me with all my holes filled at once, “she said loudly enough so I could hear. I turned and looked at her and nodded my appreciation of what she had said. I tried the knowing look and am assuming it worked because she grinned almost in anticipation of being filled up by three cocks at once.

“Well don’t leave me out babe.” Karen nudged my wife.

“Never babe, you’ve taught me how to enjoy all of this and I’m sure my sexy rubber slut husband is appreciative as well,” replied my wife, in an obvious attempt to get me to show some appreciation to Karen.

Both Karen and my wife were sat on kitchen type bar stools so their beautiful latex asses were perched on nice flat seats. This made them spread slightly but stretched the rubber every sexily across ass cheeks and thighs. I stood up and walked around the back of Karen. She felt me press my semi hard cock into her latex cheeks and immediately moaned softly.

“Oh yes John I’ve been waiting for my reward for getting you ready,” and with that she pressed the remote that I forgot she had. This had her desired outcome which was to make my cock immediately much harder and this resulted in her feeling much more of it pressing into her as I rubbed latex against latex. The sound of this also heightened my senses as it snapped and creaked across the surface of itself.

“Mmmm that’s better you naughty rubber man, “moaned Karen as I slid my latex gloved hands around her waist and moved my fingers up to her nipples.

Knowing how much Karen liked her tits played with and how hard she liked it I didn’t start off gently, I pinched her nipples hard between my thumb and fingers and began to pull them forward, the latex stretching as she writhed and squirmed on the chair. Rolling her nipples between my rubber clad fingers and the squeaking of the latex was turning us both on. I pulled them as hard as I dare and as I did my wife manouvred hers stool to be directly facing Karen.

She leaned forward and hungrily took one of the outstretched nipples into her mouth, sucking it all into her mouth as he began nibbling and biting on her friend. With both her hands free my wife reached down and parted the knees of her lover and began to creep her fingers along the latex thigh towards Karen’s canlı bahis pussy. It was obvious when she got there as Karen let out a long deep moan as my wife’s fingers found her wet smooth hole.

Karen seemed to surrender herself to us and I as I continued to push my hard cock against her with my spare hand I reached down and pulled apart the latex material covering her ass. The stool was small enough to allow her ass to overhang the back and I could just about reach her ass hole. As my fingers approached I felt the obligatory butt plug and knew this wouldn’t be a small one for this dirty bitch. I tugged gently at first and Karen wriggled her ass to allow me easier access, but carefully enough that my wife could still enter her pussy at the front. I pulled the plug with a bit more force and allowed it to push out gently, all the while Karen was pushing the remote stimulating my g-spot and making my cock twitch uncontrollably. I kept looking at how much butt plug I was removing and when it came out it wasn’t the thickest one id seen but it was certainly the longest, a good Ten inches long with a curved tip like my own.

“My oh my Karen you do like a good length in there don’t you? I whispered in her ear.

“Oh John yes babe I love my ass filled and now I think it’s your turn to stop pressing my reward into my back and get it in my wet ass,”she nearly demanded. “It’s the stuff of dreams and fantasies John, your wife wrist deep in my latex cunt while you fuck my rubber ass.”

I didn’t need asking twice and I kneeled slightly so the head of my cock pressed against her ass, her ass was open as I had just removed Ten inches of rubber from it so I had no trouble easing my cock to the hilt with the first push. Her ass still felt tight but that was probably because my cock was at least twice as thick as the dildo I had removed. Still Karen wasn’t moaning, or rather she was but not at the discomfort of being ass stretched but at the pleasure it gave her. As my cock entered her |I could feel my wife’s fingers fluttering around in her cunt and my wife deliberately rubbed against my cock through the smooth pussy membrane separating Karen’s ass from her cunt.

“Ohh Fuck yes my rubber lovers fill your dirty bitch up, stretch my holes you sweet perverts, oh yes John fuck that sweet ass, feel your wife’s hand in my dirty cunt you horny naughty rubber boy.” Karen was very vocal and I peered over the shoulder at my wife. We smiled sexily and mischievously at each other grinning her wicked smile she ordered me to Fuck Karen as hard as I could.

I obliged and even though I was in a difficult position with knees slightly bent and pushing upwards into Karen’s ass I rammed hoe as hard as I could repeatedly, My wife started to time her strokes with her fist into Karen’s pussy so that we filled her all at once together. Each stroke filled her ass and her pussy at the same time and this seemed to do the trick as Karen’s infamous gushing began, squirting all over my wife’s fist and spraying underneath the tight latex to lubricate the passage of my cock as it invaded her delicious latex covered ass. There was now very little resistance to my cock pumping in and out of Karen’s very slippy ass and she shuddered as she reached orgasm. I could feel her internal muscles clamping down to squeeze on my cock and also on my wife’s fist which was still matching me stroke for stroke in her pussy. As Karen began to come she moaned deeply and cried out.

“Ohhhhh Fuuuuuckkk Yeeess you horny fuckers I’m coming hard lovers, I’m coming hard, “she cried. “as she bounced hard on to my cock and the latex fist in her cunt.

Karen trembled as the orgasm washed over her body and she leaned forward and kissed hard on my wife’s mouth, moaning into her mouth at the same time.

As Karen’s trembling and bucking slowed I knew she was finishing her first come of the night. I took out my cock and she looked over her shoulder and thanked me for filling her ass. She then looked at my wife and told her.

“Babe that was the best fisting you ever gave me, and with the addition of your very able husband pumping my ass full of hard rubber cock it was an amazing orgasm.

It was time to look around to see where my next orgasm would come from. I was so into the swing of things that I didn’t really care who made me come next.

I spotted Denise who was taking a breather as she sipped from a wine glass sat in a lounge chair. Her legs were crossed in her tight nurse’s uniform and she looked amazing. The latex uniform hem just above the stocking tops in all that delicious rubber.

My wife saw me looking at Denise and said.

“Get on over there John, Denise absolutely adores her pussy being eaten well, and both I and Karen agree you are certainly the best in here with that tongue of yours.”

I gave Karen a sexy playful slap on her latex buttocks as I wandered over to Denise. I stood in front of her in a kind of look at me pose. Denise put down her wine glass bahis siteleri then looked me up and down and licked her lips. She parted her legs ever so slowly to show me the full length of her stockings and her sexy latex clad pussy at the top. She hitched up the uniform even more to allow her legs to fall apart.

Still stood proudly in front of her I looked her straight in the face. She took her rubber clad finger and traced along her stocking eventually arriving at her pussy. She inserted one finger into her sopping cunt then took it out, pointed at me with it and curled her finger then pointed back at her pussy. Wow what an invitation to go down on her, I didn’t waste any time and dropped to my knees. My hands rested on her latex knees as I began to trace the same place as her finger went but with my tongue. I followed my eyes with my tongue as I wandered up her stocking leg, the taste of rubber exciting my senses and my cock. As my latex hooded face got closer to her pussy the aroma was intoxicating, a mixture of latex, pussy juice and come all mingled together. This to me was the smell of pure sex.

My tongue arrived at its destination and I began to trace the outline of her pussy lips with my tongue, I wanted to savour every moment.

My mouth was now drooling as though I was about to eat a great steak, but I was about to eat something much nicer. I continued to gently lick her lips and occasionally darted with the tip of my tongue at her clitoris, each time I did she shuddered in anticipation. Licking her in slow long strokes don the length of her slit and parting he lips to delve inside and taste her juice. My pace began to quicken and I started to adopt my usual technique like I was licking a large lollipop, but with much harder pressure. My slippy tongue pushing her lips apart, and starting from the bottom of her cunt all the way up to her clit. Denise was very vocal and appreciative and this just served to make me lick and eat her harder and faster.

“Mmmm John your sexy wife was right you do have an amazing tongue babe, don’t stop John, eat my hot wet cunt John, do whatever you want baby.”

Denise’s juices were seeping from her pussy and pooling in the latex panties, I dipped my tongue in for a taste and it was heaven, I noticed that unlike the others and myself Denise did not have a butt plug, yet there was a small ring hanging from her ass hole. Fuck it I thought let’s just see what this is. I began to pull and knew straight away that these were anal beads that got bigger and smaller the more you pulled them out or pushed them in. I Looked up at Denise’s face as I began to pull on the ring, she gave a sharp intake of breath and looked down at me and smiled and then nodded and mouthed yes to me.

I carried on with my tongue but his time took it further down to meet the beads that I was now easing in and out of her ass. Oh wow I just realised I was actually rimming my wife’s friend. I carried on and used the same tongue action around her ass as I had done on her pussy. I decided to pull all the beads out and as I did Denise lifted her ass slightly to allow me easier access. I pulled her ass further to the edge of the seat and began licking all around her ass and pussy. I was like a crazed licking machine with my tongue probing her well lubed ass then back to her clit. Denise was enjoying this and she bucked her hips trying to meet my face buried in between her legs.

“Ohhh John you are a naughty rubber fucker aren’t you? “moaned Denise, “eating my pussy AND tonguing my sweet ass, you just carry on babe.”

Really there was no encouragement needed but yet I still got some. A sudden buzz in my ass told me that someone was keeping an eye on me and I glance over my shoulder at Denise and Karen who were now playfully swapping the remote with each other, aiming at my latex clad ass and taking turns to give me the sensation I loves. It was as though they were turning the TV up; when in actual fact they were turning me on. I spotted Su lurking at the side of me watching as I slid my tongue, and now my fingers into Denise’s ass.

“You are doing a great job on Denise’s ass John, I think it’s time I had a look at yours, what do you think girls?” as she directed her voice over at my wife and Karen.

“John I think Su wants a piece of you and I want to see her Fuck you babe, I can see you’re busy,” she laughed, “a simple nod will do.

To be honest I was more than ready for this and it had been on my mind all night. I nodded very excitedly towards my wife.

She jumped down from the stool and swayed over, watching me devour Denise’s pussy as Su knelt behind me.

“I’ve got to see this close up babe,” as she stood over the shoulder of Su with SLR camera in hand.

She watched as Su lifted her latex skirt and began to rub her oozing cock all over my latex ass. Su reached down and zipped my cat suit down towards my balls revealing the butt plug in my ass.

“Oh yes John,” she exclaimed,” I’ll have bahis şirketleri no trouble getting my nice fat she-cock in there,” as she slowly eased out the well lubed butt plug.

My wife was happily snapping away and voicing her encouragement to both of us.

“Oh baby it looks so fucking horny, I can’t believe I’m going to see my husband’s anal virginity taken by my latex friend. Oh yes baby Su’s gonna fuck you nice and hard just like she does to me and everyone else here, you see Su’s fucked and licked and sucked all of us apart from you babe. Now just enjoy it dear husband I know you will.”

My attention moving away from the delicious pussy of Denise as Su put her cock head at the entrance to my ass. I was quivering with anticipation as my audience looked on and it didn’t take much for Su to enter me as I was well lubed up. With a deep sigh and a push, her cock was in my ass. Just the tip teasing open my ass at first and then once she knew I was expecting the push she eased her full length into my waiting virgin ass.

Oh the ecstasy as I looked up and saw on our big screen TV the cameras had captured it all. Su began to thrust into me rhythmically, slowly fucking my latex hole. It was fucking delicious as she playfully reached around and began to massage my balls through the latex ball-sack I was wearing. Wow what a fucking amazing feeling and my cock felt harder than it ever had. I was desperate to come but wanted this sex to last longer. I concentrated on eating Denise but was really concentrating on pushing back against the latex thighs of my she-male Fucking partner.

Every time she slammed into my ass her balls slapped against mine. The feeling was better than any strap on as I felt real warm hard cock in my ass, easing in and out with long strokes, stimulating my gspot every time the head of her cock brushed past it.

“Oh baby I’m so excited for you I’m gushing, “said my wife as she stood watching. “I’m gonna need some cock soon baby but it looks like your busy,” as she looked at Aron who was busy watching Su Fuck me.

Aron responded to her glance and walked around to my wife. I couldn’t see what was going on properly so I asked Denise to rearrange the seating so I could see.

“Ok John I have a solution, “said Denise. A small interval in proceedings as we all stood up and allowed Denise to rearrange us all so we could all see each other. “Ok Su you sit here and John can ride your cock.” Su sat on the sofa at the far end; it was a very large L shaped corner unit that actually sat 6 people, 4 in a row and 2 round the corner. Su hoisted her skirt once more and held her cock still while I mounted her, my latex thighs either side of hers and my chest near her face. She guided her cock back into my ass and I loved the fact that I was in control of the thrusting so rather than being fucked I was now Fucking Su. I sank my ass down slowly and her cock seemed to fill me even more as I gasped in excitement.

“Oh Su,” I said to her as she looked slightly upwards into my masked face. “I love your cock inside me it feels amazing to be fucked by beautiful sexy latex she-male.”

“The feeling is mutual John, “she said, “I am loving every second of my cock pumping into your ass and by the looks of it so are you, and your sexy wife has gone super horny now babe, just look at her go.”

I looked to my left and sat next to me was Denise and then my wife next to her. They were taking turns to take Aron’s huge cock into their mouths and down their throats. This was amazing to see and only 3 feet away. In an act of bravado I reached over and forced my wife’s masked face down onto Aron’s cock and held it for a second while she gagged.

“Fucking hell John, no jealousy left in you ,you horny latex bastard,” shrieked my wife, but with the smile again.” Feel free to do that anytime you want lover boy,” she added.

I did a few more times and also to Denise. Aron smiled at me and gave me thumbs up, a sign that he was extremely happy with the attention he was receiving.

Here I was embroiled in a latex orgy, getting fucked by a gorgeous tranny all in rubber and my wife next to me sucking on a huge cock. Yet all I could think about was my own cock and I didn’t want to resort to wanking it yet. All of a sudden my chest felt tight and it was Su who when faced with my chest as she ploughed into my ass took the nipple clamps into her mouth and began pulling my nipples towards her. Stretching my nipples in their latex at least an inch from my chest. It was fucking glorious having my nipples played with hard while getting fucked.

My latex cock was rubbing up against the latex torso of Su and this was helping to stimulate my cock but I really wanted what Aron was getting but didn’t want to remove Su’s cock from my ass.

Jane and Ky seemed to have finished what they were doing and Ky went to sit at the stools and drink brandy, wiping sweat from his brow as he had been working Jane real hard. His now flaccid cock was till longer than my hard one and coated in Jane’s juice. For a fleeting moment I wondered what that would feel like in my ass. But it was only a fleeting moment, I don’t think I wanted to be fucked by a masculine man.

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