A Late Shift Ch. 02

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Sue was glad to hear the door slam, her son Mark arriving home from college well before the evening meal. Mark’s mother Sue was enjoying her new home, and was particularly pleased that Mark and Kelly, her daughter, had their own rooms, and particularly pleased to have a garden. The house had been a gift from some people Mark had worked for, and while she sometimes wondered exactly what Mark had done for them to make them so generous — Mark wouldn’t say anything about it – she had settled well into the new home, and so much of the pressure of finding rent-money, and being secure in a tough area, had been taken off her shoulders.

“Hi Honey,” she said as Mark took a bottle of coke from the fridge. “I’ve got some news for you.”

“News?” Mark wasn’t particularly interested — probably something from his mother’s work, or about the neighbours, or her sister.

“Had a phone call today from Chris. You know that guy who let us have this house?” Sue wasn’t quite aware of the impact the ‘news’ had on Mark, but he was suddenly listening.

“He asked if you could work a late shift for him on Saturday.” Mark’s heart lept. “Said it was at a private lodge he and his partner Tony had hired for the weekend. They have a conference with twenty or so guys there on Saturday evening, and a few of them were going to stay over to Sunday. Said to work the shift, then perhaps to stay over until Sunday to help, or perhaps ’til Monday if you wanted. I said you would be delighted to do it.”

Sue wondered why Mark started stammering, but it came out as “Okay mum” in the end. A whole weekend of being taken………………….

Suddenly Mark was tuning in to his mother again. “The thing is,” said Sue, “He said he was wondering if I knew a female who would work as well, as they needed a couple of people to look after twenty of them. I hope you don’t mind, but I said I was free over the weekend as long as we got back by Sunday evening for Kelly, and would be happy to do a late shift, as it would be a good way of repaying their generosity a bit, and even better if they pay a bit as well………………..”

As Sue chattered Mark had slumped into a chair in shock, not that his mother had noticed — she continued chattering. “Thing is, he said I would be ideal to work the late shift with you, he had been hoping I would offer, said I was perfect for the shift.”

“Mum, you can’t……………….” For the first time Mark was looking at his mother. She had changed since moving to the new house. Until the move she had carried the cares of the world, and dressed to match in rather baggy frumpy sort of clothes. Through the summer, after the move, she had dressed better, wearing closer fitting clothes. She had been emphasising her shape, which was shapely. Her hair was nicer. Mark looked at her in shock at what she said, but his mind was distracted. She was an attractive woman. He could suddenly see why Chris liked the thought of her doing the late shift.

“Mark, what is it? I thought you’d be pleased that we could work together for once on a shift — just you and me. Don’t worry — I won’t try to boss you around or anything…………………”

“Mum,” Mark pulled his mind together. “Do you know what a late shift is?”

“Well,” Sue replied lightly, “I can guess by what you have said. Serve a few drinks. Mop up if the men are being a bit sick or drunk. Maybe wash up glasses, and serve food. What is it honey?”

Sue had been taken aback by her son staring at her, shaking his head in disbelief. Suddenly he leapt to his feet and rushed to his bedroom. He cast a look over his should and cried “You can’t do it.”

From the Tuesday when they had the conversation, it was obvious to Sue that something was wrong, but she found herself tip-toeing around her son, conversation being superficial. She had done nothing about cancelling the shift, and it was obvious that over the next couple of days Mark’s level of anxiety was increasing. Two or three times he had said “Mum, Cancel the shift, please,” but had then changed the subject immediately. He had phoned Chris, but then chickened out of cancelling, and had arranged where and when they were to go. At last on the Thursday, Sue knew she had to confront her son.

It was after their evening meal she sat him on a chair at the dining table. “Okay, Mark. There is something dodgy going on. There is something funny here — the way you say “a late Shift”, and the looks you give me when I say it. What’s going on? You’re not moving until you tell me.”

Over and over Mark said “I can’t tell you.” Over and over Sue kept asking.

At last Mark screamed at her. “Okay, I’ll tell you. Promise you won’t go ballistic.” Sue promised.

“Do you know why they gave us this house?” Mark stared hard at his mother.

“Yes,” Sue replied, “because you did a long shift for them and did a great job for them. That’s what they told me. And you told me.”

Mark shook his head. “Yes, it was late, and casino şirketleri a long shift and I did all that, but that isn’t why they gave us this house.” Mark paused. “Can’t you work it out? There was ten of them. I let them gangbang me. And I loved it.”

Sue was aghast. Stunned to silence. “Gangbang you?”

“Yes. I sucked them all off. And they all took me, you know, up me. And then Chris and Tony made me kiss them and took me again next morning. That’s what a late shift is.”

Sue’s mouth seemed to be moving. “But I don’t understand………………”

“Course you understand.” Having said it Mark was more certain of himself. “They are inviting you and me to do a late shift because there are twenty of them and some are gay and some are straight and they want to gangbang me again and I want them to, and they want to gangbang you.”

It was Sue’s turn to be struck dumb. Nothing like that had crossed her mind. She had never even had that fantasy. Mark left the room, went to his own room after his outburst. Sue was left in the sitting room, her feelings and her mind spinning. They had done that to him. He had enjoyed it. And then the horror that they wanted to do it to her as well. And it felt like a compliment. And she hadn’t had sex since her husband had abandoned her many years before. And she had enjoyed wearing a bikini on holiday with her sister. And that man had asked her to his room. And Mark was so innocent. And Mark wasn’t gay — she knew he had taken a couple of girls. And her sister. And she was tingling at the thought. And she knew it was all wrong. And suddenly her life was feeling exciting again. And she wondered what it would be like. And was terrified of the thought of an audience…………………

Sues’ mind whirled through the rest of the evening, and she slept badly. Again at Friday breakfast she and Mark were tip-toeing around each other, being totally superficial. Friday evening gave them no chance to chat again, with Mark’s younger sister Kelly around the house. By this stage Sue had already said to herself no, it wasn’t going to be practical — she had to look after Kelly. It was Kelly who changed things. “Mum, is it okay if I go with Jenny and her family to their lodge on Saturday? I’ll be back late Sunday evening for school on Monday.”

Kelly had often stayed with her friend and her family, and it was an early start on the Saturday morning. For Sue it was a real jolt. Her excuse had been taken away. She could work the shift. She would have to now — she had no excuse not to. Anyway, she told herself, they wouldn’t do anything with a mother and son, and she knew they were decent people who would respect her wishes. And she could leave when she wanted. She explained all this to Mark, saying with her there nothing would or could happen.

At last Mark was convinced, sort of, that it would be okay and nothing would happen. On the Saturday afternoon he helped his mother dress appropriately — black skirt, white blouse and one of his waistcoats and bow ties, as well as helping her pack an overnight bag. He also made her tie her long black hair back in a pony-tail. It was odd — as he looked at his mother for the first time he thought she was pretty, even sexy — you just don’t think of your mother that way. However the uniform really made her look a hottie, emphasising her slimness and shapeliness at the same time. At that moment he wasn’t surprised that they had asked her to work.

The Taxi picked them up about 4.30pm. They drove for about half an hour into the countryside, then up a drive to a lodge. As they approached Mark thought “lodge” didn’t do justice to the building — it was timber, in trees, but it was huge and handsome — easily accommodating 20 people for a conference and more……………….

The Taxi dropped them off, then disappeared, leaving Mark and Sue to ring the door bell.

The next few hours was very business-like. Chris welcomed them, explained the programme for the evening as any employer would on this sort of occasion, and explained what they needed to do for the evening. Sue noticed there was no mention of “gangbang.” He led them to kitchen and showed them the supplies that had been delivered.

For the next few hours it was “business.” They unpacked the food and prepared the buffet meal. They prepared drinks. They welcomed people — there were about twenty men from their late twenties through to their early sixties, dressed “smart casual,” as the dress code had suggested. They did eat. As Mark and Sue cleared up they caught a little of the business of the evening. It looked like the boards of two companies meeting to set up some contract. Chris’s company seemed to be providing complete insurance cover for a chain of hotels. Both sides of the contract seemed to be strong businessmen, and a lot of discussion was being held, as Chris sold his insurance package to the hotel chain.

Through all the discussions Mark and Sue spent a lot of time in casino firmalari the kitchen washing up, although every fifteen minutes or so going to the conference room and replenishing water, or other drinks. By about 10.00 Sue was understanding how hard Mark worked on these shifts, her feet aching. She was glad of the half hour break they seemed to have, as most of the men went out to the lakeside for a walk, or to “clear their minds.”

After their break the evening was much more social, with everyone being relaxed, having clinched the deal. Mark and Sue were busy again. This time they were handing around “nibbles,” serving drinks, clearing the empty glasses, washing glasses when they had time. Sue was also watching Mark when she could, and at one stage noticed he was stood by Chris’s chair, and it was obvious Chris was rubbing his ass. Mark served others, then he was stood by Tony, who she knew as Chris’s partner, who also seemed to be groping her son. Sue was feeling nervous — if anything was going to happen, then it was getting close………………

Chris clapped his hands for attention. He stood as if to give a speech, and the room quietened. Mark and Sue were told to stand by the door to the kitchen. “Gentlemen, I would like to propose a toast. To the future, and a long prosperous relationship between our two companies.” The men gathered there echoed the toast, chinked glasses and drank.

Chris continued. “Gentlemen, I know it has been a long formal evening, but I’ve chatted to your chief executive and his assistant — to Brian and John here – about the best way to relax after the business.” Chris paused. “So I’ve laid on some special treats for all of you. I’m told we have a mixture of preferences here this evening. So I’ve laid on a nice juicy young lad for those who prefer things that way. And of course, a real hot mamma — his mother – for those who prefer that way.” As he spoke he pointed to Mark and Sue in turn. “We’ll take them through to the lounge, and you are welcome to take them as you want.” Chris raised his glass. Then in a loud voice cried “Let’s have a gangbang.”

The men all cheered and raised their glasses. “Come on mum,” Mark spoke urgently to his mother, who was shocked because until this moment she hadn’t really believed it. Hadn’t really believed it was going to happen to her. The announcement had put the reality at the front of her mind. It was going to happen to her. Now.

Mark grabbed his mother by the hand and led her through to a lounge, with soft carpet, and seats around the edge. The men shuffled into the lounge with them. Sue saw Mark pulled away from her, saw a man put his arms around him and kiss him hard on the lips. It was the last time for many minutes that Sue was aware of her son. She suddenly felt a man wrap his arms around her, and kiss her on the lips. She involuntarily responded before she knew what she was doing. She felt another pair of arms around her, cupping her breasts. She tried to struggle, but there were now several hands on her. Hands caressing her ass, lifting her skirt. She knew she should struggle, but couldn’t.

She felt her panties pulled down her legs, she felt hands moving between her legs, parting the cheeks of her ass, tickling her asshole. She felt her top pulled off, her bra removed. Someone was sucking on one of her nipples. She moaned as a finger pushed past the lips of her pussy, deep inside of her. She knew she was wet, sopping wet as the men overwhelmed her.

Sue felt herself being pulled gently to the floor, felt the hands continue to caress, the fingers continue to probe into her. Suddenly one of the men was on top of her: she felt his cock resting on her pussy. Sue panicked for a moment, then felt the man move, then felt his cock plunge deep into her pussy. It felt so good. Her body felt so good and responded to the invasion of her by gripping and squeezing the cock hard.

The cock was sliding in and out of her, her body loving it. Her pussy was pulsing on the cock as it sped up, faster and faster, pounding her pussy harder than she ever remembered. It felt so good. Her hips were thrusting up to receive it, she was moaning in pleasure. Just as the man plunged hard into her, she was coming, her body shaking, milking, convulsing in orgasm. The man was pumping deep into her as she wrapped herself around him, experiencing an orgasm like she had never had before.

At last she came down from her high, and felt the man roll off her. She thought that was it, but he was quickly replaced by another man, plunging his cock deep inside her. This time as she felt him slide his cock in and out of her some fingers wrapped in her hair and turned her head to the side. As she did she saw almost next to her a slim man, naked on hands and knees, moaning in pleasure with someone kneeling behind him, obviously pounding into him. It could only be Mark…………….

Her view was quickly blocked. She felt a cock pushed to her lips. She heard a voice güvenilir casino say to her — open your mouth, babe. Suck my cock. Without thinking she did, and tasted the pre-cum on her tongue. She began to suck, caressing the cock with her tongue. She hadn’t thought — she had never swallowed……..

Suddenly she felt the two men pounding into her, one in her pussy, one in her mouth. She felt the one in her mouth, sliding in and out quicker and quicker. She knew he wouldn’t release her, knew she had to swallow. Suddenly cum was spurting into her throat. She could taste it. She did swallow. She didn’t know if she liked it, but she felt weirdly proud that she did it.

The cock at last was removed from her mouth, while the man pounded harder and harder into her pussy. Suddenly he grunted — he was pumping into her, spurting his cum deep into her.

After the man had stopped cumming, he let his cock fall out of her pussy. She couldn’t make out what he was doing. He had his legs either side of her now, was crawling up her body. Suddenly he grasped his cock and pushed it to her mouth. She heard him order her. “Lick me clean, babe.”

Sue was aware of what he meant. The cock covered with cum and with her juices — he wanted her to lick it, suck it, suck the juices off it. Again Sue hesitated, then put out her tongue, tasted his cock. Began to lick it clean. It tasted funny, but not unpleasant.

Quickly for Sue two more men took her mouth and her pussy, this time giving her another orgasm. She could also make out next to her that the men were also enjoying the young man — Mark, although wasn’t aware that two of them had taken her, then taken him after, one taking his ass, the other making him suck his mother’s juices from the man’s cock.

After Sue had come down from her second orgasm, she felt another man on top of her. She felt another cock in her pussy. Somehow she was enjoying it, almost proud of what she was doing. Pleased they all wanted her. But this time the man put his arms tightly around her, felt him roll over, taking her with him, so that he was on his back, she on top of him. But once she was on top he didn’t let her go. She felt other hands resting on her ass, fingers tickling her asshole as the cock remained in her pussy. Suddenly she felt something cold put on her asshole — some sort of liquid or something. She heard a man giggle affectionately as she twitched her asshole against the cold. She heard the man’s voice: “look, it’s winking at me, inviting me in.”

Sue suddenly tensed — she had just come aware of what was going to happen. She felt the cock against her asshole. She felt the man push hard, until her ring gave way and he was inside her. It was so tight, it hurt so much. The man under her whispered softly to her. “Just relax, babe. Let him in.”

Sue did relax, slowly, and as she did she felt the cock invade her ass even more. It was so tight — one in her ass, one in her pussy, feeling the two squeezing the membrane in between. At last the cock seemed as far into her ass as it would go. She felt the two men slowly begin to slide in and out of her. It felt…………. She couldn’t find the word. It felt amazing. The edge between pain and arousal and stretched and abused — it all sent electric shocks through her body.

The two cocks began to slide more quickly, and it was just natural to open her mouth to the cock that was pushed to her lips. Suddenly there were three of them fucking each of her holes. Sue felt her body responding to them as they fucked her faster and faster, harder and harder, until at last they began to cum in turn — the one in her ass first, then the one in her pussy, then the one in her mouth. Sue didn’t know when her third orgasm started, it just seemed to embrace the three men.

Over perhaps the next hour Sue was taken again and again. Two other men came in her ass. She lost count of the number in her pussy and in her mouth. At last she lay on her back, exhausted, sore, satisfied, proud of what she had just done. She looked over to her side to see Mark also lying on the carpet, exhausted by the evening.

For Mark it had been very much what he had experienced before. Men had taken him at will. There were a couple of times when he had cocks in his mouth and they tasted different — in the end he guessed they had just been in his mother, and he was licking them clean. For Mark the one difference was — they had not allowed him to cum, his cock was rock hard.

Chris whispered in Mark’s ear. “Okay, honey, you can lick her pussy clean, then fuck her if you want.”

For Mark he felt he had gone much further than the kinky thing he had been asked to do now. At the same time all inhibition seemed to have been taken out of him. He rolled over towards his mother, pushed her legs apart, burying his face in her pussy and began to lick, and plunge his tongue into her cum-filled pussy. Sue in her mix of exhaustion of sensitivity wasn’t aware in was Mark. She was enjoying the caressing of the tongue in her pussy. At last Chris whispered to him: “Honey — fuck her. Talk crude to her.”

For Mark there was no hesitation. He rolled on top of his mother, slid his cock into her wet pussy and rested there for the moment.

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