A Late Night Visit Ch. 03

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“Darn it, Katie, no, I’m not going to do that!” Carl stated emphatically, sitting up in bed.

“What’s wrong with it? You won’t even try it?” she asked, exasperated by his unadventurous spirit in bed.

“Hitting my girlfriend isn’t sexy,” he almost shouted.

“I didn’t ask you to ‘hit’ me, I asked you to spank me. There’s a difference,” she explained, losing patience with him.

“What’s gotten into you lately? You want anal sex, you want me to tie you up, blindfold you, spank you and you even shaved…down there! I don’t understand you!” he exclaimed.

“Shaved…down there?” she mimicked. “It’s called my pussy, Carl. You can’t even say it, can you?” she jeered.

“I prefer not to. That’s another thing. All of sudden all this dirty talk when we’re making love. Normal people don’t say those things!”

“Yes, they do, Carl. Normal people do all the things I’ve asked you to do. It’s called experimenting, it’s called spicing things up,” she told him.

“We don’t need any spicing up. We’re fine,” he stated, getting defensive.

“No, we’re not. We’re boring. Missionary position every Wednesday and Saturday and…oooh…if we’re feeling kinky, we might even do it on Friday too, is boring!” she said with a sigh.

Carl got out of bed and began to dress. “Well, I don’t think it’s boring. I think it’s just fine. The things you want to do are weird and kinky and I don’t feel comfortable doing them or even talking about them for that matter,” he stated, pulling on a pair of pants.

“Where are you going?” she asked. “It’s almost midnight.”

“Out,” he said, pulling a sweater over his head. “Just out.”

She flopped back against the bed as she heard the front door close. Ten minutes later she was kneeling on the bed, her thighs spread wide, thrusting a large anal dildo in and out of her ass with one hand and holding a buzzing vibrator against her clit with the other. Her thighs trembled and shook as the orgasms flowed through her. A thorough spanking would make this just perfect, she thought hazily, her mind drifting back to a week ago, when her mysterious stranger had last fucked her ass, spanking her hard.

Carl’s question about what had gotten into her made her smile. A stranger’s cock had gotten into her, is what. As she thought about him roughly fucking her, calling her a dirty slut and spanking her ass, another orgasm roared through her, causing her to cry out.

Why couldn’t Carl be like that? If only he was willing to experiment, try something adventurous, something different. But he wasn’t and it wasn’t just sex. She wanted to travel to exotic places and eat out at ethnic restaurants but ordering the asian rice bowl at the local family restaurant was as far as he was willing to go.

As her sexuality began to blossom, her confidence grew and he also didn’t like the new, sexy clothes she was wearing.

A week later, he moved out. It was obvious to them both that they were drifting apart and were no longer compatible. Katie cried into her pillow every night for a week before desire drove her back to her computer, to leave a message for her stranger, inviting him back again.

She told him that Carl was gone for good and that he was welcome to come over any time he liked. She would wait for him every night, with the large plug up her ass and wearing a blindfold.

She was surprised to receive a response stating that he wanted to visit her during the day. Excitement bubbled within her. The night time visits were exciting, but during the middle of the day could be even more so. There seemed something so much more decadent about a naughty tryst in the middle of the afternoon. He had suggested the next day at 2:00pm and she eagerly agreed.

The following afternoon, at 1:00pm she slid the large butt plug into her ass with a loud groan. As usual, her pussy responded immediately with a gush of wetness. And as usual she could think of nothing but the impending fucking she was about to receive.

The time passed maddeningly slow, but finally it was 1:50pm and she made her final preparations. She slid her feet into the dark red four inch heels he had requested she wear and she wrapped the scarf around her eyes. Laying on the bed, her thighs spread wide, she could feel how wet she was, how excited she was.

Several minutes later she heard the front door open and close, and soft footsteps approaching the bedroom. She held her breath, waiting for his first touch.

Hands wrapped around her spread ankles and slowly slid upwards. “Good afternoon, Katie,” he greeted her, his British accent elegantly curving the words, sending a chill down her spine.

She released her breath with a sigh and returned his greeting. “Good afternoon.”

“You look so lovely in the daylight,” he purred, caressing and squeezing her ass. She slowly raised her hips, exposing herself to him, inviting him to touch her. “You’re impatient today,” he chuckled, sliding a finger between the soaked folds of her pussy. He moved to the pendik escort side of the bed and gripped her wrists, gently pulling them above her head where he bound them together and then attached them with another length of rope to her headboard. “So pretty when you’re all tied up,” he murmured, watching her writhing on the bed.

“I want to enjoy both sides of you today,” he told her as he gently rolled her over onto her back. He pushed her thighs wide open, up and back, spreading her pussy wide open before him. He trailed wet kisses and gentle bites along her inner thighs before burying his face in her pussy.

“Oh God, yes,” she panted as he suckled her clit. He sucked and nibbled on her pussy lips, sometimes biting down, causing her to cry out. He brought her to orgasm several times before finally rising and kneeling between her legs. Pulling her ankles up to his shoulders, he slowly slid his cock into her sopping wet snatch.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Katie cried out and he filled her. “Oh yeah baby, fuck me! Fuck me!”

He happily complied, pumping in and out of her, ramming his cock deeply into her eager pussy.

“How’s this? You like this?” he grunted, slamming into her. “You’ve got a greedy little cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes, yes, greedy for your cock!” she answered, raising her hips to meet his thrusts.

He sat up and still pumping into her, his hands reached for her full breasts. They were bouncing on her chest as his large hands softly gripped the lush flesh. He pinched and squeezed her nipples, twisting them until she cried out. She gasped as he slapped them back and forth a few times, before again assaulting her nipples.

“Oh yes, baby. Abuse my tits, I love it!” she cried.

Suddenly, he thrust deeply into her quivering pussy, grunting loudly, “Oh yeah, baby, I’m cumming!” as he shot his cum deep into her cunt. He stayed pushed in until he went limp and then slowly pulled out. Pulling her thighs apart, he watched as cum dribbled out from between her pussy lips.

Without warning, his hand connected forcefully with the soft, wet flesh between her thighs. He slapped her pussy several times, before roughly pinching and twisting the lips, again causing Katie to cry out.

Before she could fully recover, he gripped both her ankles with one hand and pushed them up and back, almost over her face, revealing her ass to him. He jiggled the plug in her before gently pulling on it, removing it from her ass hole. A long breath hissed between her lips as the largest part spread her hole wide.

She felt lube being applied to her ass and was surprised to feel his cock head pushing at her anal entrance in this position. Suddenly, he was laying on top of her, his shoulders pressing her thighs against her breasts and his cock plunging into her ass. “Ooooh, yes. So good,” he groaned as his balls slapped against her ass. “Katie, you have a most delicious ass. Fucking you is so damn good!” he sighed before he began pumping his cock inside her.

Katie pushed her hips against him, almost delirious with this new position. “Oh, this feels so good!” she moaned. “Give it to me baby. Give me that big hard cock!”

Without warning, his lips descended to hers in an openmouthed kiss. Katie froze as his tongue, still tasting of her cunt, slid into her mouth. She hadn’t been expecting this. She quickly recovered and responded to him, her tongue eagerly greeting his. The kiss was deep and passionate, full of lust and desire, exactly emulating their encounter.

He suddenly pulled his mouth away and with a groan slid his cock out of her ass. “You feel just too damn good,” he breathed, flipping her back over onto her stomach. Tugging on her hips, he pulled her ass into the air, spreading her thighs wide.

Katie loved this position and trembled in anticipation of how he would abuse her. She cried out in surprised delight as the first blow hit her cheeks. That wasn’t his hand, she thought.

“Do you like being whipped by my belt?” he asked softly, rubbing the red spot on her ass.

“Oh yes,” she breathed. “More, please,” she pleaded.

“Of course,” he replied, laughter in his voice.

She could hear the belt whistle through the air and braced herself for the contact. A burst of exquisite pain blossomed across her ass as he whipped her good and hard. He even managed to hit her tender ass hole a few times and bent and slapped the leather against her pussy as well.

She climaxed several times during the abuse, before begging him to fuck her again. “Please, fuck me, please give it to me. I need your cock in my ass,” she pleaded.

“Your red ass looks so nice in the daylight. I can really see the lovely color now,” he said softly as he softly ran his hand over her burning cheeks, gently pinching her as the other hand squeezed some lube onto her ass hole. He dipped a finger in, briefly fucking her with it, before adding a second and then a third.

Katie’s breathing was coming fast as she pushed her hips back, bucking maltepe escort against his fingers. “Your cock, please, your cock,” she begged.

Ignoring her plea and using his other hand, he slid another finger into her ass, making it four and then five. He wiggled the fingers causing yet another orgasm to tear through her, the walls of her rectum squeezing around him.

Withdrawing his fingers, he gripped her hips and slowly slid the full length of his cock deep inside her ass. He watched it sliding in, delighting in her moans of pleasure beneath him. She really did have the most incredible ass, so willing and hungry for his cock. He began fucking her slowly, knowing she liked it hard, wanting to hear her begging for it.

“Stop teasing me, you know what I want,” she protested, pushing back against him, frustration filling her voice.

“But I like hearing you ask for it,” he explained, continuing with the maddeningly slow pace. “I love it when you beg,” he whispered.

“Fuck me hard, give it to me baby, make me beg for mercy. Ram your cock deep inside me, ream my ass!” she cried, sending a thrill through him.

He immediately complied, plunging in deep, pushing her up the bed with the force of his thrust. He pulled her hips back and continued to pummel his cock into her, leaving her breathless.

Katie couldn’t talk, she could barely breathe with his sudden assault on her ass. She feared she would pass out as an orgasm roared through her. “Oh yes,” she managed to gasp, finally finding his rhythm and falling into it.

The incredible sensations radiating from deep inside her ass caused her senses to overload and her head began to spin. She lost all control, crying out loudly, bucking against his cock.

Carl exited the elevator and walked down the hallway to Katie’s apartment. “Please don’t let her be home, please don’t let her be home,” he whispered to himself. He had planned to phone first to make arrangements with her about when he could pick up the last of his stuff, but had found himself in the neighborhood and decided to take a chance.

Standing before the door he took a deep breath before inserting his key. He froze as he heard a loud cry from inside the apartment. Was that Katie, he thought, suddenly alarmed. Slowly he opened the door and heard her cry out again. What was going on, he wondered, fear trickling down his spine.

As he moved towards the bedroom, he heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh and Katie moaning softly. He approached the door of the bedroom and peered inside, his eyes growing wide. His view of the bed was from the side and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Katie on the bed, tied up, blindfolded and a strange man behind her, fucking her and spanking her ass. Convinced that she was being raped he was about to grab a weapon when she cried out again.

“Oh God, yes, your cock feels so damn good! Give it to me baby, give it to me! Fuck my ass!”

It took Carl a moment to realize that his former girlfriend was enjoying what this man was doing to her. Dumbfounded he stared at the two of them. Even more shocking to him was that as he watched this man fuck and spank his ex-girlfriend his cock began to twitch and harden. He was getting excited watching Katie being taken so roughly!

Suddenly he realized that the man on the bed had turned and was looking at him. A wicked smile curled his lips as he ground into her. “You love this don’t you?” he asked her, keeping his eyes on Carl. “You like being treated like a dirty slut, getting fucked up the ass like a cheap whore, don’t you?” he grunted as he slammed into her again.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped in response. “I’m your dirty slut, your filthy whore.”

Carl couldn’t believe what he was hearing, couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth.

“And this ass is all mine, isn’t it?” he asked her. “Now that Carl is gone, it’s all mine,” he growled, pumping deeply in and out of her ass, spreading her cheeks, watching his cock working her stretched hole.

“It’s always been yours. Even before Carl left it was yours. He never wanted it,” she groaned. “Spank me again, please spank me more,” she pleaded.

Carl’s head was spinning. She had been fucking this man before they broke up? With glazed eyes, he watched as the man pulled his large cock from her ass, gave her a good thorough spanking and then, with a loud satisfied groan, plunged back into her ass.

With a smug look he stared back at Carl, fucking Katie even harder than before. Again, her wordless moans and cries filled the air. A smirk curled his lips as he noticed the large bulge in Carl’s pants.

“Are you sure Carl was never interested in your ass?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she gasped.

“Does he like porn?” he asked her.

“What?” she asked, unable to comprehend why he was asking. “No,” she breathlessly replied. “Why are you asking?”

“Because he is standing here watching us with an enormous hard on,” he answered her.

Katie kartal escort froze at his words. “He’s what?” she whispered.

“He’s here, standing in the doorway. I recognize him from the picture on your nightstand,” he said, laughter in his voice. “Although, I must say, his expression is quite different.”

“No, no, nononononono,” she moaned. Slowly she raised her head. “Carl?” she asked quietly.

“Yeah, I’m here,” he responded, his voice thick with lust.

“Would you like to join us?” the stranger asked. “I can rearrange the bonds to accommodate you,” he offered, smiling at Carl.

“Would you mind if we just traded spots for a few minutes?” Carl asked, a sudden desire to plunge deeply into Katie’s ass overtaking him.

He pulled out and got off the bed, holding out his hand, inviting Carl to take his place. Carl unzipped his pants and pulled them off, along with his shorts, his large erection springing out in front of him.

Katie held her breath as she felt him kneel behind her. Carl stared at her gaping hole, wishing that it had been he who had spread her so wide. With shaking hands he gripped her hips and aimed his cock at her still lubed up hole. Taking a deep breath he aimed his cock at her anal entrance and pushed in. His head slipped in easily and he continued sliding into her spread tunnel. With a loud groan of pure pleasure he pushed right to the hilt, until his balls were pressed against Katie’s soaked cunt.

“Oh God, that feels good!” he cried grinding in even deeper.

“C’mon baby, give it to me. Fuck my ass,” she encouraged with a playful voice.

He slowly pulled back and pushed in deep again, using long slow strokes, his face awash with pleasure.

“Harder,” she urged.

“She likes it hard and fast,” the stranger called to him as he walked into the bathroom.

Carl recalled how the man had been fucking her and began to speed up, getting bolder as he went. Soon he was pounding into his ex-girlfriend, plowing his cock deeply into her.

“Oh yes, baby! That’s it! Ram it in me!” she cried out as an orgasm tore through her, causing her juices to bathe Carl’s balls as they slapped against her quivering pussy. Suddenly she felt the bonds on her wrists being removed.

“Rise up,” her stranger was telling her. When she was up on her hands and knees, she felt his cock pushing at her lips. “All nice and clean for you to suck,” he whispered, gathering a handful of her hair in his fist.

With a smile, she licked her lips and then opened wide for him. Holding her head by the hair, he pumped his dick in and out of her mouth, fucking her face, forcing himself down her throat. She surprised him by taking him without gagging and sucked him hard.

Carl remained behind her, using every ounce of self control to keep from cumming. Her ass felt so damn good could he could hardly stand it. How could he have possibly not wanted this, he wondered with awe. Spreading her cheeks, he watched with wonder as his cock slid in and out of her ass. He could hardly wait until she was tight again and he could open her up, take her when she could really grip his cock. He hoped she would give him that chance.

He glanced up as he heard the other man talking to her. “Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock. Suck it like the slut you are. You like having two guys doing you at the same time? Of course you do!” With a loud groan, he pushed his cock deep into Katie’s mouth, shooting his cum straight down her throat. “Take it all bitch, swallow every drop!” he grunted.

As he pulled out of her mouth and stepped off the bed, Carl renewed his efforts and drove in deep. He really began fucking her roughly, even spanking her, watching her ass turn red beneath his hand.

Katie’s head began to spin from the way Carl was drilling her. She could hardly believe it was him behind her and not the stranger. She felt a finger on her clit and her orgasm came almost immediately, followed by several more, all of them roaring through her body leaving her senseless.

Her reaction to his treatment of her was more than Carl could take and with another deep thrust and a loud groan, he came violently, shooting large wads of cum deep into her ass. He slapped her ass hard as he filled her with his spunk.

Katie collapsed on the bed with him on top of her, his softening cock still in her ass. “My God, Katie, you are amazing,” he gasped, rolling off of her. Spreading her cheeks and gazed at her spread hole, the cum beginning to dribble out of it.

“I love watching cum ooze out of her gaping hole,” her stranger sighed, joining Carl to watch. She only giggled in response and wiggled her ass at them.

She heard the sound of clothing rustling as the stranger dressed. She resisted the urge to remove the blindfold. “I’ll leave you two alone now. I would guess you have some talking to do. Let me know what happens Katie.” And with that he was gone. Only when she heard the apartment door close did she remove the blindfold and blinking, she stared bashfully at Carl.

A week later, Katie was bound and blindfolded again, this time her stranger was beneath her, fucking her pussy while Carl was on his knees behind her fucking her ass. Neither man was showing her any mercy and she was loving it.

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