A Lady of Leisure , Pleasure Ch. 04

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After she helped me on with my short white bathrobe I left Kitty to clean the bathing room and returned to my bedchamber. I rang to the kitchens for a scullery maid and ordered a light dinner for eight o’clock. Papa was at an overseas political function and would not be back for several days; he seems to be particularly busy of late, I thought, and I don’t see nearly enough of him. At least the knowledge of his absence would keep John at his ease. I strolled out onto the balcony to take in the evening air.

Untying my bathrobe I shrugged it from my shoulders and let it slip to the floor. It was the height of summer yet the evening air was refreshingly cool and upon my powdered and pampered skin felt most invigorating. I stretched then leant on the parapet, looking out into the garden. Below, the scurrying of gardeners’ apprentices caught my eye. One shirtless young in particular man held my gaze as I watched him sweeping the wooden oval of the musicians’ platform.

“Mistress!” A sharp whispered gasp sounded behind me. I ignored it. The click-clack of quick little steps sounded; heels on stone.

“You couldn’t wait then?” I casually asked, eyeing a particularly strong looking lad as he carried a large, cut log on each shoulder. The click-clacks momentarily paused, before a quickened clattering announced the arrival of my handmaid. “Wait for what, Miss?” she asked, dropping down behind me.

“Do not fuss, Kitty!” I said as I felt my robe upon my shoulders.

“But Miss,” she whined as I turned to her. “What if the gardeners were to see you?” I felt like casting the robe over the parapet and awaiting their upward eyes with hands lifted into my hair. Instead I merely smiled.

“Then I think they would have much to look at, and to later discuss,” I said with a wink. Kitty blushed. I looked her up and down, my robe in one hand and nail basket in the other. “To wear your new special pink dress,” I said and took the bathrobe from her. She stood, looking blankly. “You don’t usually perform these rituals in your uniform,” I clarified.

“Oh, I know, Miss, yes, but, I just couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s so pretty! I’m just so excited about tonight.” She rocked her hips this way and that, half-twirling like a child.

“Indeed.” I sat on a chaise longue, safely hidden once more in my fluffy white bathrobe. Kitty was correct; the dress was pretty, and in it she looked especially sweet and desirable. Its outer layer was very light pink; almost white, and beneath that white lace frills spilled out from every hem. An erotic version of her usual French maids uniform, much smaller and shorter, the skirt more flared and so high upon her thighs it would take only the merest lean forward to display her skimpy knickers to all who watched her. All manner of ribbons, bows and frills added to its effect, and unlike the usual representations its laces were only for show as it had a secret row of little quick-release buttons ensconced beneath the fold on one side.

Pink high heels and hold-up stockings with pretty ribbon bows at the back matched the outfit, as well as frilly cuffs on her wrists and garter straps around her upper arms, and just below the dark band of her stocking top she wore a frilly pink and white garter around her left thigh. A special pink choker had been made resembling a cats collar, and along with the frilly maids hat I had also purchased an adorable little pair of fluffy pointed cats ears in matching pink. Her long black hair spilled over her shoulders and part way down her back. She looked both daringly erotic and delightfully cute at once, and I knew John would have trouble controlling his cock later that night.

Kitty manicured and painted my nails, and pedicured and painted my toes. I had cautioned her not to leave my chambers tonight so as not to spoil John’s surprise. She was beside herself with excitement. I had a scullion bring dinner to my rooms and ate on the balcony, allowing Kitty to join me. We ate and drank and together spoke of the fun we were to have that night.

Despite all her light-headed clumsiness Kitty could be at times very shrewd, especially when it came to reading my moods and desires, and I could not successfully deny to her my wish to become a woman by the cock of a man I trusted so implicitly as John. She had, apparently, sensed the need in me, and thought it particularly prudent to choose one over whom I exerted such control.

Talk of General Stanton’s visit had, I assumed, suffered some exaggeration in its retelling, and perhaps had I not let the dastardly rogue wash me with his sperm I might not have escaped with my virginity intact. It bothered me not, for I had long since learned to ignore the incessant gossiping of the lower orders.

Kitty, though, not only thought it a perfect solution, but thought it also a plan entirely of her own devising that she and I together sacrifice our girlhood to my dashing butler. I nodded, and congratulated her on her insight whilst retaining an air of reticence. She cheerfully assured me everything would be perfect, and sat smiling canlı bahis like the Cheshire Cat, swinging her feet beneath her chair as she munched a slice of buttered bread.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The evening drew in, lamps and candles were lit and dozens of white and pink roses clustered in vases around my main bedchamber. Petals were scattered upon the bed and rug, and their wonderful summer fragrance pervaded the room. Kitty applied moisturisers and creams, perfected my flowing black hair, powdered and scented us both, then helped me dress. I wore exactly the same as she, only my dress and all of my little ribbons and bows, my diamond jewelled choker and my frills, garters, heels and straps were of pure white. We offered quite a treat for each of the senses.

I sent for a servant and minutes later Kitty opened the door after came the little knock. “Come in then,” she said with amusement as the little page boy stood transfixed by the sight of her. He stepped inside, only able to draw his gaze from her shining smooth legs and mouth-watering curves when his eye caught movement across the room.

“Boy,” I said. He stood agog, eyes wide and jaw slack, staring somewhat impertinently at me as I dropped a rose stem into a vase. “Instruct the butler to bring absinth and wine for three. Speak of nothing else. And be quick about it.” He remained rooted to the spot, his eyes traversing my every curve and fluttery ribbon and frill. I turned from him to bend and breathe the petal scent of each rose.

“You heard the mistress, quickly, quickly! Chop chop!” Kitty shooed him with swishes of her arms. Reluctantly he backed away, turned and scampered off down the hallway to the stairs, his shoes softly thudding in rapid succession on the thick moquette carpeting. I smiled. there would no doubt be much gossiping below stairs tonight, and potent jealousy rife from the lower echelons of servants towards those few above them.

“Everything is ready, Miss,” Kitty tentatively announced. Her apprehension was as evident as her eagerness. I smiled knowingly and nodded to the balcony, and she flitted across the large circular fur rug in quick little tiptoed steps that turned to rapid click-clacks on the flagstones outside. Leaning on the parapet she looked down and signalled to the quartet. A moment later soft string music filtered up into the room. Kitty returned to my side. All was set.

“My Lady?” John spoke from behind the ornate oak door and knocked twice.

“Enter,” said I. Kitty squeezed my hand. The door slowly opened and a moment later, after picking his tray up from the hall table outside, John walked in. His face was a picture! And it was all I could do not to burst out laughing. A range of expressions alighted upon his features. One first of surprise as his eyes beheld me in wondrous astonishment. Open-mouthed his gaze flicked to Kitty, and up and down his fervid pupils roved as he took in the sights before him. “Do put the tray down, John,” I said with a chuckle. “I should not want you to drop it and spoil my beautiful rug.”

He stood a moment as though no longer able to command his feet, not unlike the page boy I thought, and it was only when the glasses and bottles began to clink together from the shaking of his hands that the spell was broken. He flushed and flustered and looked first one way then the other, until noticing the low table near the open balcony doors. I thought for a moment he might trip over himself before he safely reached it, but with some relief he lowered the tray to it without incident. He stood and bowed and eyed us both once more with astounded looks that barely concealed the desirous lust welling up within his eyes.

“My dear John, Kitty and I have talked much of you recently, and as you know you and I have had our own conclaves to discuss her. All has been leading to this night, and let us not pretend each are shy to experience what the other has to offer. But first I think a drink is in order. Prepare the absinth and pour the wine John, while Kitty and I get comfortable.”

Her hand was a little hot, as I assumed mine must also have felt to her. I squeezed it to assure her all was as it should be. She squeezed tightly back, conveying her excitement to me. We sat side by side on the bed and watched him work. I let her hold my hand in her lap with both of hers. Her legs kicked a little. First he placed a little white cube onto a draining spoon which he proceeded to set light to. It fizzled and dripped into the glass of liquid below. I am loathe to admit I never have had need to learn of the process from which the drink is fashioned and instead turned my attentions to Kitty. She turned to me. Moving close I brushed my cheek to hers and whispered what fun it might be to strip him of his garments. Kitty giggled and nodded her head. As we looked back John was pouring wine into tall stemmed glasses.

He rose to bring them to us on the bed, but instead I held up my hand to stop him. We stood together and moved to each side of him, taking a glass each bahis siteleri and sipping from them.

“You must have a drink also, John,” I told him. He hastily filled another glass and gulped heartily from it.

“Miss Laura,” Kitty purred. “Do you think he’d look better without his uniform on tonight?”

“I do, Kitten. I think in his finery he looks most handsome, but I think tonight the uniform Nature afforded him would look all the more evocative. Let us help you, John.”

We put down our glasses. John noticeably gulped. I began with his neck tie as Kitty, ever the impatient little strumpet, went straight for his belt buckle.

“Girls, are you sure…?” he stuttered, clutching his hands to Kitty’s.

“John, I wish it,” I said.

His hands dropped to his sides as his back straightened and his chest puffed out. “Yes, Miss,” he said, failing to disguise the delight and pride in his voice. Perhaps he sensed I was to be finally conquered, our weeks of game-playing now to be settled. Both girls to throw ourselves at the mercy of his lust. He would be my champion and Kitty’s hero. He was right of course, but it was in his sudden realization which I now took pleasure. Kitty was oblivious to the subtleties around her; already she had unbuttoned him and was now upon her knees untying and removing his shoes. I myself had his shirt open. His jacket lay in a heap behind him.

“Oh girls!” he gasped. I smiled, running a hand over his chest. It was a long time since I had seen it, and it was every bit as divine as I remembered! I flicked open his cuffs and pushed off his shirt. Ever accommodating, John lifted each foot as Kitty divested him of shoes and socks. I swirled my fingertips over the pronunciations of his muscles. Whilst not bulging in that way that fellows from the fields often are, John had perfectly wonderful musculature. Well defined and toned, his bumps and dips offered promises of endless hours of exploration and pleasure. His back flexed beneath the sweep of my hand and his gorgeous arse tensed to the squeeze of my palm. I looked down to see Kitty kneeling before him removing his britches.

John was naked. Kitty and I stood back together, holding hands once more. We girls were unable to take our eyes from the monstrous weapon he threatened us with. Like a great curved scimitar of flesh it held our fascination and moistened our pussies. He stood proudly, aware of both our desires for it and, smiling now, knew he would pierce at least one excited slit with it this night.

Kitty and I stepped to him, both eager to touch every part of him. John was in his prime; a man of some thirty years, beautiful to behold, and as close to perfect as a girl could hope for. We tickled and caressed, swished and swept our hands over him. He took kisses from each, and was not shy to slip his arms round us and feel beneath our dresses. His thighs and arms were powerful, his stomach rippled, his chest taut, shoulders broad and bottom round. And then there was that most masterful object; that which quivered our pussies and firmed our breasts and nipples. The thing that had Lady and servant alike well within his spell. Standing each side of him we both set a hand upon it, stroking gently at first its length. Our little fingers would fit but half way round. The great head bobbed as we worked. We both soon began to pant a little.

Had I not drawn her away Kitty would, I am quite sure, have masturbated the poor fellow to complete surrender then and there. I was forced to wrap my arms around her middle and draw her back, giggling and laughing and telling her to slow down. John seemed somewhat relieved; from experience I knew he would rather cum in the girl’s mouth than onto my rug. I bounced Kitty onto the bed and ordered absinth for all.

We sat together, sipping the bright green drink and giggling much. John sat between us, laying back on his elbows with his legs spread rudely apart and his mighty appendage standing proudly as though he were the Lord and I and Kitty were his maids. We shared many kisses, in as many combinations as there were, the most delicious being those where none was left out; where three tongues worked together in licking flicking swirls as three sets of lips pressed and kissed.

We took turns kissing and licking his darling cock, and while the pink maid enjoyed his lips upon hers the white one delighted his hot hard prick. Recreating the erotic scene she had drawn on my bathroom mirror Kitty and I sucked him together, kissing each other as we licked all over his glistening crown. His gentle hands held our cheeks and guided us up and down his shaft, sucking on one side each and licking our tongues together at the top. The absinth made us giddy, and we giggled and squirmed much. Kitty was, I could tell, especially eager to have him finally inside her. I finished my drink and tossed the glass over my shoulder and eyed Kitty as it met the floor with a dull thud.

“Let’s strip for him,” I suggested. “Then he may choose who first to touch with his tongue.” My head was dipped as I crawled on all bahis şirketleri fours, my straight black hair spilling over my shoulders. Kitty fell back and kicked her legs in the air as she giggled. John laughed and began to tickle us both, making us squirm and squeal until we surrendered. His magnificent cock all the while kept she and I in heightened states of dizzy arousal.

I crawled to the edge of the bed and stood, and had to kick off my high heels for fear of toppling over. Holding my hands out to Kitty I helped her to her feet and caught her as she stumbled sideways. We laughed together and kissed passionately, sometimes pressed tightly to one another and sometimes showing him the tongues which worked fervently within and between each others mouth.

We would keep on our stockings, our chokers and all our pretty thigh and arm straps, leaving just our skimpy little erotically fashioned panties for John to himself remove. Each dress dropped to the floor in a white and pink tangle like a fallen vase of mixed roses. We stepped sensuously back to the bed, placing a knee each upon the spread as we held hands, backs arched with arms just slightly behind us so as better to display our firm young figures for him.

“Come, John,” I purred softly, “choose a girl to taste and tongue and strip her of her knickers.” I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled out the little maids hat and dropped it to the floor. John growled and knelt up.

“Mistress, may I taste you?” he said, his hands already upon my hips. I smiled down at him.

“You may,” I said with half closed eyes. His big fingers gripped the little strings of my panties and as he pulled each bow loose I added, “And then dear Kitty will suffer the full force of your cock.” She shuddered beside me and jumped on the bed, pulling at the cover spread to free the pillows. My panties seemed to melt from my hips as soon as the bows were untied, floating down to the floor to reveal my little tufted mound to my butler. His eyes glowed furiously. He licked his lips. I almost feared what might happen next.

I placed my hands to his face, gently holding his jaw line in my fingers. He looked so handsome, kneeling upon my bed, his thighs wide and his big curved limb arcing up towards me. I smiled and bent to kiss him quickly upon the mouth and as I drew slowly back he leant towards me, trying to keep possession of my lips. “It’s now my turn,” I whispered and kept his momentum with the slightest pull of my hands. I straightened fully just as I drew him to my centre, his body dipped and I softly purred as his lips placed a sensuous offering upon the altar of Aphrodite.

My back arched as his wonderful tongue slid the up the curve of my slit. I steadied myself with a hand on my thigh as I pushed my knee a little further onto the bed. My other moved up his neck and my fingers smoothed into his ruffled hair. I breathed his name as I held him to me, closing my eyes as his clever tongue licked and lapped between my thighs.

My hips began to swirl in slow, undulating circles as John sucked and kissed my tingling clit. I held his hair tight and murmured little gasps and sighs. Opening my eyes again I looked to see Kitty, laying along side watching intently and giggling now and again, her eyes sparkling in the subdued light of the lamps and flickering candles.

“Miss Laura, you look so beautiful,” she said. I smiled at her and lifted my hand. She looked at it, then quickly bounced up onto her knees. A moment later she was on her feet at my side, her body pressing to mine as we held and hugged and kissed. As I petted her plump little bottom she caressed and squeezed my breasts as her own pressed hotly against me.

“Oh John!” I gasped between soft, swirling tongue kisses. He groaned and muttered and licked and sucked and kept me in an increasing state of joy. I tightly gripped his thick brown hair, pulling him to me as his tongue explored within.

His tongue was indeed magical, but to reach a loftier plateau I instructed John to turn onto his back. His head lay off the edge of the bed. Demurely I raised to my tiptoes and moved on to it. Had the hand of fate been at play in the designing of he, I and the bed I had owned since childhood? For all was proportioned perfectly to enhance my pleasure.

I bent forward and leant on his shoulders as his tongue once more discovered my honeyed slit. My eyes fixed on his erect staff, as did Kitty’s. She stood behind me and stroked and squeezed my firm breasts, and when I bent forward a little more I felt moments later her quick little tongue licking between the rosy cheeks of my perky bottom.

“Oh John! Kitty! You do all to please me! Oh, how wonderful!” I was transported like never before. Their twin tongues worked furiously upon my most sensitive places. Softly and slowly they worked, long and full swishing strokes quickly changing into harder, rapid little flicks. Their lips sucked and kissed, their tongues delved inside my openings. I dropped forward, panting and quivering, onto his chest. The darkly bulging head of his manhood pressed to my cheek. I gripped his muscled thighs. His stomach tensed and rippled beneath my ripened breasts. Each made moans and murmurs and gasps and mutterings as their duteous tongues worked to thrill me most utterly.

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