A Kind of Loving Ch. 02

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Aches and pains, that she had those were to be expected: one hundred and sixty pounds pushing her into the mattress, a vulva that felt as if it had been stretched and polished. There was a desire to pee almost immediately after she had, and when she’d finished she looked into the bowl expecting to see a change in the colour. She touched herself tentatively, closing her eyes on a catalogue of intruding images while she soaped herself luxuriously, reviewing the intimate mechanics and chemistry of a body about to undergo a dramatic change. She shaped circles round her breasts with the suds, deciding they were more tender, their shape and size improved, the nipples more prominent. She gave them a tentative squeeze, disappointed there was no immediate result while the sponge, working between her legs, produced creamy evidence.

Only when Kate warned her through the curtain cleanliness must be getting uncomfortably close to godliness did she step out of the shower and into her towelling robe. At the fridge she drank almost a full bottle of spa water to alleviate the dehydrating effects of the violent activity in the bedroom.

She was relieved he had gone back to the laboratory, she needed to be alone with Kate, speculating on the outcome. Had he stayed an analysis of her emotions would have conflicted with his and they might have argued. She would have listened and there would have been tears, the last thing she wanted.

He had responded to her call with a sigh of exasperation. It was the worst of days, a dozen things to be done, a list of deadlines. The only possibility was during his lunch break as there would be no time to find and book a hotel.

Kate took the mobile from her, “I’ll have her ready.”

She had been so tense she had chipped a nail punching the tablet out of the foil wrap; so nervous two tumblers of ice water were needed to get the capsule down without gagging and the immediate need to go for a pee had given her the excuse to undress. She had stepped out of the skirt, out of the pants then sat on the loo instructed by Kate to squeeze out the last drop. Blouse and bra went next, enjoying a frisson of shame, stomach churning tingles of anticipation remembering the first time in the hide on the island and now heightened by Kate’s willingness to help and support her.

A result bahis firmaları – the word seemed to burn like a flame. Naked, perched on a stool having her hair combed and tided into a bun, a trembling hand rearranging the bottles and sprays on the glass-topped table: a result, there seemed no certainty even if you followed all the advice and had read calmly the chapter in the book he had loaned her, studied the diagrams resembling, she thought, a map of a river estuary rather her internal mechanics.

It had, she admitted, been exciting. The passion, the sudden flood, yes, that had introduced her to a new set of emotions; emotions that had both frightened and thrilled and were unlike of those comforting feelings that Kate inspired. There had, with his first invasion, been rhythms of extraordinary pleasure which Kate had dismissed as the compensations of nature.

Waiting, impatient, she stared at the sky through the window, closing herself from the room around her, deaf to the smooth tones of Kate’s voice, concerned only that she could revive the dream from the well of disappointment.

“He’s handsome and intelligent.” Kate, applying lipstick to Myra’s mouth, agreed he was. ” I made a good choice.” Kate agreed she had. “A bird scientist – it sounds weird – but he’s good at everything.” There was a pause for thought. “The best is when he does these short pushes and then a long deep one which gives you a lovely shuddery feeling as you know what’s coming.”

Kate placed her into the robe and there were hugs. “Deep breathes and then fingers like I told you.”

He wasted no time but dropped his trousers and underpants and stepped out of them. Kate stared admiringly, “That’s quite fuck tool.” A grunt. “It’s not primed yet.” Kate nodded, “But it soon will be so you can demonstrate the one useful task the male can perform.” His hand busy he chose to ignore her. “The Clomiphene – did she take the tablets?” Kate placed pillows in the centre of the bed and nodded. “Took one just now.” “But did she start on them last week? They need time to activate.” “She’s had three.” His hand movement became more vigorous. “That might do it then.” The voice from behind them said “I’m here remember.”

Kate moved from behind the bed. “Of course you are.” She helped her out of the robe. “And all prepared.”

He unbuttoned kaçak iddaa his shirt. “You’re staying for this?”

“I’m the supervisor.”

Myra sat on the edge of the bed and, leaning against Kate, parted her legs. “It’s nice you’re here to see me do it.” She looked at him. “You don’t mind do you?”

He shook his head and holding his erection with one hand moved forward. Kate placed her mouth against her cheek, gave her a brief kiss, murmured, “Think beautiful thoughts and it will be done. Now fingers.”

Myra put one hand between her legs, closed her eyes and briefly worked two fingers.

He watched, standing, placed himself between her legs and eased his erection in slowly. Myra, eyes still closed, licked her red lips and gasped. Kate watched as he made a series of short thrusts provoking small cries. She turned her head, opened her eyes, looking at Kate wordlessly seeking reassurance.

It would be more comfortable on the bed. He nodded and withdrew trailing the moist evidence of his entry. Kate pulled her back, shuffling pillows, and positioned her, taking a firm hold of her shoulders. He followed and sited himself on her, parting her legs, looking down. “You’ve a lovely body. You’re a lovely young woman.”

“Not wearing a great big tummy I won’t be. And Kate says there’ll be stretch marks after.”

“You won’t care about those when you’ve got your wish.”

There were small tears. “Oh, Harold, make my wish come true.”

Sex has its own odours, pungent and sugary, and with them the room filled with the sound of rhythmic movement, gasping. Kate fixed her gaze at the ceiling, holding the writhing figure.

“Oh Kate, this is…this is so nice.”

A strained voice. “Nice for me too. Are you ready?”

“Oh Harold, oh yes, oh please.”

Kate pressed her more firmly into the pillow. “It’s coming.”

He raised himself, arms extended up from the bed, a long stroke forward, a grunt, a drawn intake of breath and he held himself rigid.

A shriek. “It’s …it’s so hot. Oh Kate.”

Silence except for the movement of sheets. “I’m sweating and tingling,” said the low voice. “I took such a big spurt, felt it splashing inside.”

Kate smiled at him. “Thank you.”

The voice, pressed against a pillow, small hands stroking the duvet Kate had kaçak bahis piled onto her, said “All that lovely sperm so I have to stay here like this while it does it.”

They agreed she should. “The voice said she was so happy.

Standing at the bedroom door Kate repeated her thanks. “I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t disgust me – the whole business – but if I were to conform to the human requirement for procreation then I’d pick you as you eschew all the emotional crap and just perform – a stallion covering the mare.”

He restored his trousers and smiled. “I think you’ve missed out motivation. I can do it only because I find myself in the unlikely and impossible situation of being in love with her. Well, not love perhaps, as I don’t know what that is, but something akin to it that I can’t analyse.”

A silence filled the room as he looked at the small figure curled under the duvet. His voice was quiet. “I find it difficult to believe she claims to be a lesbian. And, surprise, surprise, she loved being fucked. She has the body designed for it. Confession Kate, just a sight of her beautifully sculptured mammary glands, her trim waist and pelvis and I start an erection. I don’t even need hand help but today was a rush job.” Laugh. “Given the chance my penis would probably enjoy her every night which is why I dropped everything to accept her urgent invitation.” Another laugh. “And I want to see what kind of child we will have.”

Kate went with him to the door. “Best you see it as a science experiment, best not to get your emotions tangled up with it.”

“Damn it they are and I want her to call me, the moment she does the test.”

Kate dismissed him with a wave.. “Better pencil a space in your diary for four weeks ahead just in case. Bird sanctuary in the wet wearing waders, now the bedroom at lunchtime with a referee, so where will it be next time? A yacht at sea in a gale, an aircraft over the mountains? All so romantic like in a novel.”

He turned at the car door. “I don’t mind you being cynical but I predict a character change when it begins to show and the foetal movements start.” He grinned. “If I were to persuade her to renounce her beliefs, would you come to the wedding?”

Kate glared. “Some chance. You’ve done your part now just bugger off.”

He revved the engine. “Cleaning up after morning sickness, that’ll be your moment of truth. Hand holding in the delivery room – don’t think that’s in the lesbian handbook. You’ll want me then.” The window slid up so she didn’t hear his laughter.

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