A journey of discovery

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A journey of discovery
Colin and I travelled home together most days. We went by a bus for about eight miles then got off to catch a train that took us a couple of stops to our local station. Waiting for the train was usually just spent messing around.

One day when we were waiting at the platform a man wandered up, big build, stubbly beard, had on a black leather jacket I thought looked pretty cool. He asked to speak to my mate so they moved up the platform a bit before chatting quietly.

After a few minutes, he walked off and Colin came back to tell me he was offering us money if we went back to his flat and did a strip for him ! I was giving it like ‘no way’ and ‘I take you told him to get stuffed’ but Colin said ‘well, no, I said we’d think about it…’.

I began laying into him but he kept going back to the fact the guy was offering us a tenner each just to take our clothes off, we’d be together, an in an out job, think of what we could spend the money on. And to be fair, back then this was a good amount of money to us !

Pointing to a nearby tenement, ‘come on’ he said, picking up our bags ‘he seemed like an okay guy to talk to, just a bit lonely I guess. Let’s give him a wee bit of fun and grab the money’.

Reluctantly I got up and we headed towards the flats but we had some good banter on the way about who had the bigger cock and so on, so we were both in good spirits by the time the man met us at his door.

The flat was a bit dark and dingy which got me nervy again but Colin went ahead and the man was cheerful enough telling us how great it was we had come over. He led us into a bedroom, drew the curtains, turned the overhead light on a sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled out some money and finally said ‘So lads, here’s a tenner for each of you’ before adding in a more serious tone, ‘but I want a good show, mind’.

We stuffed the notes in our pockets and Colin started to take off his shoes and socks so I followed suit. We playfully unbuttoned our shirts, getting into the swing of things and Colin made a big show as he took his off. I was a lot more sheepish, aware that my skinny arms and chest were no match for his yet but I took mine off mine too and we began to unbutton canlı kaçak iddaa our trousers.

The man was clearly rubbing his cock through his trousers now and he stared hard as we pulled our’s down to leave us in matching white Y fronts. Colin seemed a lot more relaxed than me and I could see the outline of his hard cock. I was asked to turn round then slowly lower my underpants. I had got them to my ankles when I could feel a rough hand touch my ass which got me jumping !

The man mocked about me being a virgin which I indignantly denied but even Colin started laughing at that ! He now pulled his pants down and his cock bounced out like it was on a spring. It was thicker and a bit longer than mine damn it ! Thing is, I was fascinated to see him, couldn’t tear my eyes away and he was clearly turning me on as my erection quickly grew.

‘I bet you fool around naked together all the time, eh lads’ the man said, still leering at our naked bodies. When we said no, he laughed that we were missing out on the fun. And with that he sat forward and pushed Colin and I together quite close saying ‘let’s see how those cocks measure up eh’. He grabbed both our cocks and pulled them against each other. The feel of his rough hand on my cock on one side and Colin’s cock on the other helped me get a proper hard on so I wasn’t far short of touching Colin with my tip before his hit me.

‘Not bad’ he said, ‘now let’s see who’s got the biggest’. He stood up and undid his trousers and fished his cock out. Surprisingly it wasn’t as big as I thought it’d be given how much bigger than us he was, about six inches but fatter than ours.

‘Me!’ Colin declared, waving his about which got us laughing again. ‘Aye, okay’, the man said, you win and with that he sat back down then leaned forward and kissed Colin’s cock !!!

I was mesmerised and when I looked at Colin, he had the biggest grin on his face I’d ever seen. The man looked up and asked Colin if he liked that, and when Colin simply replied with a yes, he dipped his head back down and took the head of Colin’s cock in his mouth ! I couldn’t believe my eyes !!!

Colin moaned deeply and the guy now dropped to his knees and starting to suck on canlı kaçak bahis his cock. Suddenly he grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to him. I was transfixed seeing him blow Colin just inches in front of my face. ‘Here, your turn’ he said, pulling Colin’s cock towards my face. I recoiled instinctively but he encouraged me on saying I’d like it and when I looked up at Colin he said it was just a bit of fun. When I looked back down, his cock was practically touching my face already and as the man rubbed it I opened my mouth and let the head slide in a bit. It felt good ! so I let it slide past my lips into my mouth.

Colin quietly said ‘oh yesssss’ which I thought was cool, I was doing it right ! I began to suck him and will never forget the feeling of his cock as it pressed inside my mouth and tongue. I could feel the man’s hand stroking my ass again and my cock reared up as his fingers worked their way into my crack, then touch my hole.

The man stood up now and as I pulled away I saw him kiss Colin fully on the lips. Colin’s eyes were closed and he stroked his glistening cock in obvious pleasure so I guess it was good. The man began to take off his clothes and told me to take off his shoes then pull down his trousers and pants.

Naked now, he asked Colin ‘want a suck of my cock ?’. Colin nodded and sunk to his knees beside me and immediately took it into his mouth as the man stroked his hair. He enthusiastically carried on sucking before suddenly turning to me and saying ‘here, join in’ nodding towards the mans bouncing cock. I leaned in and licked the shaft as Colin did the same on the other side, our tongues often touching as we worked our way up and down. I liked the feel of his pubes as they brushed my cheek so rubbed my face closer into his hairy balls.

The man encouraged us on as I kissed and sucked on his balls and Colin sucked his cock, but then pushed us off and began wanking hard. He told us to kiss and as we did, suddenly streams of cum shot out of his cock onto our faces. It was warm and we just sat there as it dripped down our faces and chests.

Curiosity got the better of me again and I licked some off my upper lip. It was nothing like I’d tasted bahis siteleri canlı before but seemed okay. Colin was watching my reaction and then leaned in and sucked some off my cheek. He just said ‘mmmm’ then kissed me on the lips ! The taste of each other mixed with the mans cum got us both hot and we kissed our face and bodies more, licking and sucking the cum off.

I worked down to Colin’s cock and start sucking him. As I did I could feel the man touch my ass again and was moved around by him until I was on my hand and knees still sucking on Colin. I could feel the man touching my hole a bit then felt something wet work its way round then push into me !

It felt hot as I carried on sucking as he gradually worked two fingers gently in and out. After a bit I could feel something bigger pushing against my hole. He told me to relax as he continued to push his cock in which was now fully erect again.

‘Wow, he’s fucking your ass !’ Colin said simply. It was stretching me like hell but as I tried to pull away I could feel his weight against me as his hands gripped my waist. Colin’s cock continued to fill my mouth so I just did my best to stay steady as they fucked me at both ends. Colin suddenly cried out and I felt his cum blast inside my mouth. I pulled away coughing a bit and took the rest of his cum on my face . There wasn’t as much as the man’s and it tasted slightly different. I swallowed it down as best I could as the man continued to fuck my ass. Colin mumbled sorry for cumming in my mouth but I told him it was okay, I guess he couldn’t help it.

After about minute or so the man pulled out and I could feel more warm wetness hit my back as he shot another load over me. He then felt under me and got hold of my cock and began to jerk it. All too soon I felt an enormous tingling in and even whimpered a bit when I felt my cum work its way up and out. As he carried on stroking me with my erection finally subsiding, Colin was smiling widely and offered me his cock again which I happily took back in my mouth and cleaned the rest of his cum off.

The man stood up and started pulling his clothes back on telling us what good lads we’d been. He fished a fiver from his pocket and handed it to Colin saying he hoped we’d come back again soon.

We thanked him as we left and made our way home. I felt sore and exhausted but excited at all the things that had happened. We never saw him again but I got to see Colin naked plenty times after that !

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