A Good Week Ch. 1

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There was a knock at the door. Jason hopped off the couch and made his way to the front door. It was his neighbour Julie.

“Hi Julie, how are you?” he answered. Julie was a demure housewife who lived across the street. She had a loving husband but Jason always suspected she wanted something more. Since he was 16, he’d gone to gym with her. And since then he knew she’d had her eye on him. He’d seen her at a few court parties, drunk out of her mind. He’d caught her checking him out from time to time. He’d seen that lustful look in those deep brown eyes. Jason exercised a lot and he knew when he was getting the eye of a woman. He’d also been checking her out. At thirty five, time was starting to catch up. She was starting to get a little plump on the edges but to Jason that just made her curves more pronounced. Her breasts were her greatest asset. A size D and they weren’t even sagging. They were a marvel to behold.

She’d smiled as he answered the door. The busty brunette was wearing a long white, see-through summer dress. He could see her white bra and g-string on underneath. She was a sight for sore eyes.

“Is your mother home?” she asked. Julie and his mother were good friends.

“No, I can’t say she is. Her and Dad have gone shopping for a bit.”

“Oh, ok.” she said, a slight glance of disappointment in her eye. “I’ll come back later.”

Not wanting to let the moment end, Jason replied “You can come in for awhile, they should be back soon.”

Jason knew full well they left only a few minutes ago and wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. But Julie didn’t need to know that. She came in and sat down on a nearby stool.

“I was just about to get a coffee, care for one?” he asked. She nodded.

“You’re getting bigger every time I see you, Jason. What’s your secret, you’re not on steroids are you?” she asked inquisitively.

He got this a lot. He just laughed it off. “No way! I just eat right and sleep right.”

He whipped up the coffee in no time and handed her cup to her. He knew how she liked it.

She even commented him on it “You’re know you’re onto something when a man knows how a make a woman’s coffee.” she smiled as she took a sip. She seemed rather daring. She’s normally not so outspoken. Let’s have some fun with this, Jason thought.

“So how come you don’t go to gym that much anymore?” She sighed “Oh Jason, I don’t have the time with work and all…” “I could do with the company. It’d be nice to go with someone again.” “What about your girlfriend?” she asked. Jason remembered his girlfriend. The woman he loved. Although as of late they seemed to be having more and more arguments with her lately. It was a sensitive issue. “Ahh… um, my girlfriend doesn’t like gyms. She thinks it’s full of macho guys posing everyone down.” “Well she doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.” she smiled, taking another sip. As she did so, he canlı bahis noticed a slight smile as she looked him up and down.

Jason thought – time to get a little bolder. “I used to watch you work out when we trained together.” She looked up -that got her attention. “Infact, I used to have a huge crush on you.” She was blushing now. “I was in good shape then. Bit out of it now…” Julie let it trail off. “I think you’re hotter than ever!” he retorted. “Mark doesn’t know how lucky he is.” “Well, between you and me, things haven’t been great between Mark and I lately.”

Mark was away a lot and did a lot of shift work. So he was never really home long enough to fully appreciate his wife.

“Well he doesn’t know what he’s missing. I think you’re gorgeous.” Julie blushed more and just smiled. “Jason, I know your parents just left for shopping. I don’t know how to say this but… I came across for one thing and it wasn’t for coffee.” His heart literally skipped a beat. “And.. err… what’s that?” he stammered. She leaned over the bench, pushing her breasts together, making sure she had his attention. “I need your cock.”

He drew in a deep breath.

“I need a good, long, hard fuck.”

Jason nodded and a big grin came across his face. He wanted to ask for more details, like why. But he didn’t care. The blood rushed from his head to his groin. He totally forgot his girlfriend. Ever since puberty he had lusted after this woman. When he went to circuit class with her and got to watch that hot body working out, dripping sweat, he would come home and spend the next few days wacking off to images of her naked body riding him. Now she wanted him. Putting the coffee in the sink, Jason moved across to Julie.

They wrapped their arms around each other, their mouths parted slowly and their tongues danced gently, and senously together. His hands ran all over her – face, back, breasts, legs. Hers made a beeline for his tense ass and she squeezed hard. His hands slid under her skirt. Massaging her thighs moving his hand closer, he slid his fingers beneath her g-string and began to rub her already moist clitoris. She moaned ever so slightly,shifting on the stool.

Meanwhile she fumbled for his zipper., reaching down his underwear to grab his already stiff member. Squeezing it hard she began to rub it. She could feel pre-cum on the end. She pushed him back to stop. She then undid the belt and buckle of his jeans and pulled out his cock. Seven inches long, a respectable effort. She took it into her mouth and slowly began to suck it, as she squeezed the shaft at the base. She bobbed her head on it back and forth back and forth. She then blew him away taking it all the way down her throat!

Jason’s eyes were rolling in the back of his head. His girlfriend had never given head like this before. She couldn’t even attempt the deepthroat. Here was the object of his teenage lust, bahis siteleri giving him the best goddamn blowjob he’s ever had. Those were the most perfectly purse lips wrapped around his hardened prick.

Julie built up pace until the precum oozed a little more, and Jason’s moaning built up further and further. She rubbed his cock and squeezed a little harder. She had sucked enough cock to know when a man was about to blow. And blow he did. Jason couldn’t believe how intense his orgasm was. Grabbing her by her hair, he slammed his raging cock in deep into her mouth. Pulsing madly, he just shot load after load after load down Julie’s waiting throat. She wasn’t even choking!

Man, she is good he admitted as the last of his cum was squeezed out by Julie’s clenched fist. Her tongue licked the last of him clean. He felt like a new man.

“My turn now.” she smiled.

He lifted her up. Glently raising her skirt, he slid her panties off slowly. His hands ran the full length of her legs and buttocks. He wanted to take this all in, the softness of her skin, the smell of her pussy. The taste of her cum. He lifted her up onto the bench.

Placing her legs onto his shoulders, he buried his head deep into her crotch. He admired how she had shaved enough to have a perfect bikini line. Mark was a fool for not fully appreciating his wife.

He licked his fingers and let them slowly rub her clitoris. He could easily gauge Julie’s reaction and his tongue pushed it’s way deep inside her. He began to increase his tempo, sucking a little harder, licking a little harder and rubbing her a little faster. He could see her squirm and moan beneath his touch.

As he licked her clitoris, he moved his fingers further south. He then slowly slid them deep inside her, and proceeded to give her the best goddamn finger fucking of her lifetime.

It wasn’t long before he could taste her cum gushing all over his tongue, fingers and mouth. He felt her warm cum dribble down his chin. He eagerly licked his lips, fingers and mouth clean. She was panting heavily, her breathing very ragged.

He slid his pants and underwear onto the floor. Raising her up, she braced herself as he slowly entered her. She quivered, still sensitive to her earlier climax. She could feel the full length of his shaft penetrate her. She wrapped her firm tanned legs around his hips and proceed to rock back and forth. He held her round ass in one hand and squeezed tight as he proceeded to fuck her hard.

His one free hand undid her blouse. His hand moved around the back and undid her bra. Those glorious breasts popped free, and stood out proud and firm. He could not believe how large her nipples were. His mouth closed around one and he proceed to suck it, gently flicking his tongue over it and around it. She smiled and groaned weakly beneath his caress. Both hands held her ass as he bucked back and forth. The two entwined, bahis şirketleri moaned loudly. Julie began to moan out coherent words:

“Ohhh Jason, fuck me. Fuck me!! Ohhh god fuck me, you fuck sooo good!”

He rocked her back and forth, pulling out his rod and driving it back in, in quick succession. Unmercifully, as if for eternity, he could feel her shuddering. She shuddered heavily as she came to another climax groaning even more loudly this time as she squeezed his ass pulling him deep inside.

He learned her onto her back. He pulled out of her sopping wet pussy. He wanted to see the woman of his deepest lust in all her glory. He helped to slide off her remaining clothing. Jason could not believe what was taking place. Placing her legs onto his shoulders he hopped onto the bench, squatting over her. Her ass rounded up into the air, as if taunting him to penetrate her.

“Fuck me up the ass Jason! Fuck me please!”

Jason’s prick was already moist by his own precum and soaked by her juices. Surprisingly enough, had little resistance slighting into Julie’s tight ass hole. She rocked slowly as he slowly sank in and, despite the moisture, her ass took a moment to accommodate such a large prick. One he was buried inside her deep to the hilt, he proceeded to fuck her like he had never fucked a woman before.

He could feel her tight ass clenching tenaciously as he pounded that cute ass for all it was worth. Sweat was breaking out all over him. He could see she loved it. She watched his arms and chest tensing as all his bodyweight was upon them so he could do her. The sweat dripping down those arms and brow, merely served to highlight the contours of his body. He could tell she loved to watch his muscles flex as he proceeded to screw her six ways to Sunday.

She was rubbing her clitoris again as he fucked her ass. He couldn’t believe how good this felt. In all his life had he never fucked anyone with such wanton lust. Not any of his girlfriends – never. No sex compared to that which he was feeling right now. Judging by Julie’s rising pitched moans he could only presume she felt the same. The intense pressure was building. He could feel his balls bouncing against her perfect cheeks as he slammed her again and again. He could not hold out for long.

“Jason … ” her breathing was labored “Cum in me… please cum in my ass….”

That was all the incentive he needed. Jason’s dick exploded. He could feel it pump gallons of hot cum deep inside that perfect ass. Leaning forward as he came, he squeezed Julie’s nipples as hard as he could. She screamed in delight. Was she cumming again? Jason could not hold back his cries. Yelling out at the top of his lungs as he emptied every last drop into her. Time froze. As did his climax. He was just rocking back and forth and his raging cock was spurting out it’s last.

Julie smiled in delight. She too was covered in sweat. After looking at each other for a moment, caught up in the fulfillment of their lusts, Julie was the first to speak.

“Ohhh…. that was good.”

The two laughed, as though they shared a private joke.

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