A Good Friend Ch. 1

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My name is Fran, I’m 38 and have been divorced for 6 months. I have two kids and live in a small house in a nice area of New York. I’m 5’6″ 120lbs with brown hair and eyes and my measurements are 34B-26-36. I try to keep in shape with exercise and I guess you could say I’m pretty but not in a models sense. I work in a doctors office and its one of my coworkers there that recently changed my life which has been miserable for several years.

My ex-husband and I stopped having any kind of sex about a year and a half before the divorce but even before that it stopped being good after the birth of my second child 8 years ago. I’m one of those women who can’t have vaginal orgasms, only clitoral ones. My ex lost interest in oral sex years ago and I lost the ability to cum.

Jennifer, Jen is a nurse where I work. She’s 25 and single and every mans fantasy. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and a perfect tan on her perfect aerobics instructor-like body. She also happens to be a sweet person. The male patients adore her and the women can’t help liking her because of her personality.

There are 2 nurses and 4 other women including myself that work in the office. I work 4 days a week and the doctor has given the early hours so I can be home by 3:15 PM when the kids get home from school. The doctor is married, a year younger then me and very good looking. All the girls in the office range in ages from 24 to 31 and then there’s me, the old lady of the group.

We’ve all gone out to dinner and for drinks on several occasions, usually around the Christmas holidays. One topic we always gossip about is the good doctor and the bulge that he carries in his expensive slacks. I hadn’t really noticed but then, I made it a point not to stare at my boss’ crotch. I blushed when Karen said she was in the office on Sunday one day when they were putting down new carpet and the doctor was wearing jeans and she said you could see it “hanging halfway down his thigh”, we were all a bit tipsy and we all laughed hysterically.

It was the Friday after Christmas and it was our last day of work until after the New Year because the doctor always went on holiday this time of year. We all said our goodbye’s in the parking lot and Jen was walking towards my car because she was parked right behind it. She asked me if I had plans with the kids and I told her they left that morning to spend a week with their father. She said her boyfriend had gone to Florida for a few days to visit his family. Then she asked me if I wanted to have a slumber party.

I laughed, we weren’t drunk by any means but we did have several glasses of wine. I didn’t feel like going home to an empty, depressing house so I agreed. She said she would stop by her apartment and get a few things and then come to my house. I was suddenly in a such a good mood. Jen was a great person and it would be nice to hang out with a girlfriend and not hear about their miserable marriage and problems with the kids etc. It would be like being carefree and single for me. I fixed up the living room quickly, the house was always neat, and I filled an ice bucket and started to chill a bottle of wine. I planned on getting a little drunk tonight, it had been years since I was drunk. It was late and I was tired, I looked at my watch and decided to jump in the shower quickly to perk up before Jen arrived. I had 15 or 20 minutes by the time she drove home and then to my house.

I stripped naked and before I went into the bathroom I stood in front of the full length mirror casino şirketleri in my bedroom. My breasts were small (B-cups) so they didn’t really sag. My nipples were the size of quarters, dark pink and the tips stood out about a half an inch when I was cold or aroused. They were standing out right now and I wondered why. My tummy was still pretty flat (I rode the exercise bike everyday and did sit ups). My eyes wandered a little lower to my full brown bush. Boy, I needed to groom it. It being winter and the fact that no one ever sees me naked made me lazy I guess. I smiled as I remembered how I had shaved myself completely for my ex about 12 years ago and how he gave me oral every day, sometimes two and three times a day when I was hairless. I kept it like that until I got pregnant. Tomorrow I would take a relaxing bath and make sure to give myself a sexy trim.

I was feeling very aroused suddenly and after a quick look at my ass, a little wider then years ago but still not too bad, I looked at the clock and realized I had delayed so much that I only had time for a 5 minute shower. I was toweling off when I heard the bell ring. I wrapped myself off and ran downstairs to let her in because it was freezing out. She laughed when I opened the door because she said she too had taken a quick shower when she got home. I took her coat and was surprised to see the top of a sexy nightie, underneath she was wearing jeans. “Its a slumber party, we’re suppose to wear sexy pajamas and talk about boys” she said laughing. I told her to relax in the living room and I would be down in a minute.

I rummaged through my drawer for something nice to sleep in. I hadn’t worn a nightie in ages and wondered how they would fit. Jen was wearing pink and even though I only got a quick glimpse, it seemed very sheer. I decided on a hunter green nightie I had bought but never wore before. It was sexy but it wasn’t to revealing. I put it on and went downstairs to join my slumber-mate. Jen had turned the TV on and was watching something on cable, that former Playboy Model, the big blonde who married the 80 year-old millionaire apparently made a movie.

Jen had taken her jeans off and was sitting there in that sexy outfit and I couldn’t help but be jealous of her perfect body… God, to be twelve years younger and to not have gone through two child births. She was absolutely gorgeous. She followed me into the kitchen to get the wine and she commented on how beautiful I looked in that outfit. I told her what I was thinking, that she was so perfect and she blushed and said no one was perfect. I said if you’re not, I would’ve liked to have met a woman who was.

We went back into the living room and the movie was still on. We started talking about life and things, nothing heavy, just fun. Then the large blonde was getting ready for a shower and I saw Jen’s attention shift to the TV. The woman certainly was beautiful and very sexy. I blamed the fact that I was feeling so sexy on the wine, besides the two glasses I had at the restaurant with all the girls, Jen and I were more then halfway through with the bottle we opened 20 minutes ago. “Those tits are beautiful” Jen said referring to the playmate taking the shower on screen. I was surprised she said “tits” but I nodded in agreement.

We kept chatting and didn’t pay attention to the TV again until the blonde was getting fucked. Her big tits were moving all over and I could feel a wet spot in my nightie. I needed to get laid or else I would lose my mind. The movie casino firmalari ended and we went for another bottle of wine. Jen went to the kitchen and I decided to start a fire in the small fireplace. Now we sat on the thick throw rug and had our wine and the conversation turned to sex.

Now by no means and I a prude when it comes to discussing sex, but I was always a little shy using certain words. “Dirty talk” during sex was a turn on for me but it was usually my husband using words like cock and pussy etc. Cock was my personal favorite and saying it and hearing it was always a turn on. It seemed Jen liked that work too.

We started talking about former lovers and I was surprised to learn that Jen had been with 4 times as many men as me. I’d only had 3 lovers while she listed a dozen men she’d fucked and a few more that she just gave blowjobs to. I had a long list of guys who just had my mouth, I learned I loved giving blowjobs during my junior year in high school. Jen seemed to really get turned on when I told her that on a dare I sucked off 5 guys in a line in the back of a diner parking lot and went home covered in cum.

I mentioned to her that I had a threesome in college with my boyfriend and a well hung black stud from the basketball team. I told her how excited I got while my boyfriend was fucking me and I was sucking the black studs big cock, my boyfriend leaned over and started sucking it with me. She was very excited by that and said she wished her boyfriend had bisexual tendencies.

She then asked me if I had ever been with another woman and I told her of my brief encounter in college but that it was just kissing and petting. She shocked the hell out of me when she confessed that she had her first bisexual experience in nursing school and she considered herself totally bi now and I nearly dropped when she told me she and Stacy were lovers. Stacy was another girl we worked with at the doctors office. I asked her how long that was going on but instead of answering, she asked me a question.

“So you never noticed Dr. Steve’s package?” referring to our boss. I told her I never did and asked her if it really was an impressive package? She reached passed me for the bottle of wine and her naked arm brushed my chest, my nipples were already standing straight out. My pussy was already soaking wet and I was crazy horny.

She poured herself and me another glass. “I’m going to tell you something in total confidence” I just nodded, my head still reeling thinking of her and red headed Stacy together.

I sat and listened to her tell me how she and Stacy performed regular oral sex on the doctor. She did it after work Tuesday nights, Stacy on Thursday nights and how they sometimes did it together. She and Stacy would 69 while Dr Steve jerked off and then after he came they would both suck him off for his second cum. He never ever touched them, it was strictly them sucking his cock. I was now conscious of the wetness between my legs. I was in need of an orgasm. She blew me away when she told me that Dr Steve had close to 10″ of thick cock and that he has “the sweetest man juice I ever tasted”.

I told her we had better change the subject because I was getting way too horny. She started right at my crotch and told me she could tell. Then she leaned back and opened her thighs and showed me she was every bit as wet as I was. “So I guess you don’t want to see the toys I brought for our sleep over.” she said in mock disappointment. “Toys?” I said.

Jen went güvenilir casino into the other room and came back with her overnight bag and sat on the couch above me. My eyes went to the wet spot on her crotch right away, I was having feelings for another woman that I hadn’t had in nearly 20 years. I had to fight the urge to reach out and touch her. She pulled out two vibrators. One traditional and very much like the one I owned. The other was very big, thick and very lifelike. The knob on the bottom had three speeds and Jen explained to me that this was her and Stacy’s favorite toy and it had brought them both hundreds of good climaxes. Hundreds? “I’d like to watch you use it” I couldn’t believe I had said it, it was like I was thinking out loud. “That would be so fuckin’ hot” she said.

Jen sat back on the couch, me by her feet. She spread her legs and began to rub the lifelike cock over her panty covered pussy. She was so wet but the wet spot got even bigger when she turned the knob at the base of the vibrator. I didn’t even realize I had moved closer and I had one hand on her thigh, stroking her smooth tanned leg as she pulled the crotch of her panty aside. I swallowed hard at her smooth hairless pussy. It was so pink and the lips were wet and swollen and I saw her clit peaking out already. I inhaled her scent, it was beautiful and so sexy my mouth watered.

I watched her for five minutes rubbing the dildo up and down her slit and holding it on her clit which had become very big. Then she slid the monster in her pussy and began fucking herself with it. It was making sensual wet noises and I had now placed a hand on each of her thighs and was rubbing her almost to her crotch and back down, my hands coming within inches of the fake dick she was fucking. It was glistening with her honey and looked so damn sexy. Then her body tensed and she started to cum. I was maybe 6 inches from her spasming pussy and the sight of her cumming was driving me mad. Still, something in me made me resist the urges to taste her that I was feeling.

When it was all over she took a few minutes to calm down. I was absently rubbing the wet spot on my nightie, my nipples were so hard they actually ached. “Now I get to watch you” she said and patted the couch next to her. She licked and sucked her juices from the vibrator and handed it to me.

I sat back and felt no shame spreading my legs. My pubic hairs stuck out from the sides of my soaked crotch as I began rubbing it along my slit. “Open those up” Jen said referring to the double snaps on the crotch of my nightie. I did, exposing my hairy pussy, the pubes wet and matted down because I was leaking so much honey. Jen was now in the same position I was in earlier, her hands on my thighs, her face inches away from my steamy flower.

I hadn’t been fucked in so long that my pussy was tight when I slid the first few inches of the vibrator in. I had planned on giving her a show but I was too close to cumming. I rubbed the vibrator over my clit and within seconds I was practically screaming, my entire body rocking with what may have been the most intense orgasm of my life. I sat back breathing heavy and feeling light headed. I had goose bumps covering my entire body. I wanted this feeling to last and then I felt Jen kiss me right on my pussy and then she sat next to me. I knew I wanted something more to happen between us.

She told me how beautiful I looked when I came and suggested maybe we go to bed. At first I thought she meant to sleep, but when she asked where we were both going to sleep I told her I had a king sized bed in my room and asked her if that would be okay. She smiled and said she was sure we wouldn’t need that much room. We cleaned up and headed up the stairs hand in hand.

To Be Continued…

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