A Gentle Whisper Ch. 02

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*****Here is chapter two of the story. I had planned on submitting this much sooner, but had some unexpected things happen in the world outside of my computer. 🙂 As for a comment I had received privately about this story being about a husband disciplining his wife in anger…all I can say is read on…and continue to send feedback…I really really do appreciate it!


Jason took his time walking around the neighborhood. He would not go back to the house until his head was cleared and until he knew he would be able to effectively deal with the situation in a way that would not damage the relationship that he cherished with his wife of one year. Jason spotted the local park around the corner and headed in that direction, and placing himself on one of the benches overlooking the pond, rippling brilliantly under the sunlight. He watched the ducks swimming around, playing and splashing on such a beautiful summer day and smiled to himself as he looked on.

Jason shook his head, coming out of his brief reverie. In all the time that he had known Jenny, he had never been filled with such disappointment. He had caught her in little fibs before, over things like her going over her limit on what they had agreed upon before she headed out to the mall for a day of shopping. But Jenny, in those situations had a way of turning the tables on him. She would give him her best sexy, smoldering stare and put on a new piece of lingerie that she had bought that day just for him, dancing around and flirting with him. He would torbalı escort chase her around the house, until he caught her, shrieking and giggling, she would struggle as he turned her over his knee and gave her some playful, yet efficient and stinging swats. She would turn back and look at him with pleading eyes and he would hungrily pick her up and carry her into the bedroom. They would devour each other and lay there intertwined for hours, fingers, laced together, legs wrapped around each other and just talk.

But this time….this time was different. This was an outright lie, not a fib, and it could not be fixed with a playful spanking. In the time that they had been married he had been forced to punish her twice, and Jason dreaded these discipline sessions. They left him drained. He hated to see his wife’s tears and know that he had caused them by spanking her. But he also knew that they were effective and renewed the bond they had with each other when it was over. This time would be no exception, though he felt that her actions would make this the most difficult punishment to get through. There was no doubt that her pretty bottom would be on fire and she would be begging him to stop long before he was through.

He sighed to himself, dreading going home. He knew he was still too upset to deal with the situation now, so he sat and mulled over his thoughts. He thought back to the day he realized he wanted to marry Jenny….the first night he met her, he knew. She had come to escort torbalı his door at about 10 PM and knocked almost inaudibly. If he hadn’t been moving toward the door at that time to lock it before turning in for the night, he probably wouldn’t have heard it. It had been pouring down rain that evening and her car had broken down about a half mile down the road. He opened the door and she took his breath away. Her clothes clung to her, muddy and dirty, her hair was clinging to her face, and her body was shivering, but he felt he had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and asked to use his phone and he melted. Jason remembered immediately bringing her inside, getting her some warm clothes, and talking with her in his living room until her friend came by to pick her up. They had exchanged phone numbers that night and soon after, romance ensued.

His wife was not a perfect person, by any means, but she was perfect for him. They had both stumbled into spanking and domestic discipline by accident. About six months into their dating relationship, they had been sitting in his apartment where he had been watching his favorite college team play in the rose bowl. Jenny decided it would be cute to start cheering for the opposing team. At one point during the game, she stood up to walk to the kitchen to refill their drinks and he took a swat at her bottom. She yelped in surprise at the sting. It was definitely harder than Jason had intended. But torbalı escort bayan instead of getting upset, that familiar turned on look that he absolutely adored, leapt into her eyes and she bent over, wiggling her bottom at him flirtatiously. He grinned at her and pulled to him, positioning himself on the couch so that he was sitting directly on the center cushion, then pulled his wife so that she was lying comfortably on the couch, but so that her bottom was turned up over his lap. She giggled, wondering where this was going, but Jason just sat back and watched the game. For the remainder of the Rose Bowl, if Jenny made a comment about the opposing team, he would give her a stinging swat that would leave her shrieking, and breathless with excitement. At one point, after having given her more than a dozen swats, he pulled her pants down and was fascinated by how red her cute bottom was. And as soon as the game was over, he hauled her over his shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom where they made love over and over and over again.

They continued to experiment with spanking and began to research it online. After quite a few lengthy discussions with other couples they had met, they decided to put into practice a Domestic Discipline styled relationship and the couple had both been happier for it.

Jason smiled inwardly as he fondly remembered the memory. No matter how upset he was feeling right now with his wife, he knew that she had been placed on this Earth just for him. He stood up, a determined look on his face. Yes….it was time to head home and deal with the situation. It would not be enjoyable, but it was necessary…and he knew that in the coming days, their marriage would be stronger for it. With one last look at the ducklings playing on the pond, he turned and strode with purpose for home.

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