A gay summer Holiday – Part 6

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A gay summer Holiday – Part 6

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Chapter 6
A boys night out.

The guys drove the large van to the late afternoon ferry. Jelmer and Sipke drove as Chris and JT sat on the bed of the sleeping cabin. Jelmer told the guys they would take a detour. He wanted to go dancing in Amsterdam and do some leather shopping while they were there. Chris got excited in anticipation. He did not know about this change of plan. Jelmer drove the guys to Amsterdam and parked in a secure location. They used public transport to the center of town and checked into the hotel that Sipke had booked for them.

After a quick dinner, they went to a Leather shop that Chris had heard off. The boys were amazed at what was on offer there. They bought their own leather gear. Jelmer went for a pair of chaps, jeans, and a modern biker jacket. Chris also bought chaps and jeans. But he went for a more traditional leather biker jacket and a leather vest. They also bought some other SM gear. Sipke bought some punk boots and a double zippered pair of pants. And Jan-Thijs bought a leather biker jacket and a leather jock strap. Fully packed the guys asked the shopkeepers if they knew a nice gay club where they could dance the night away. They got a few addresses to pick from. One was near the hotel they were staying at. So they decided to go there.

They stopped off at their hotel first to get dressed appropriately. The shopkeeper had told them it was a leather and denim gear night at that club. And he had warned them to be careful. A lot of guys would love to ‘play’ with twinks like our 4 men. The guys quickly got dressed and decided they would stick together closely and not drink too much. The main mission was to get building supplies. Not to get pissed. At the club, they drank and danced a little before checking the place out.

The club was full of reasonably fit young men. All dancing wildly. Wearing their leather gear, or what was left over from it. Some of the dudes only wore their leather underwear and a leather collar. Jelmer sat with Chris at the bar watching a pair of guys who were in a world of their own. The older of the 2 had a full leather outfit on. Under his biker jacket, he wore a harness. And under his assless chaps, he wore leather shorts with a red colored zipper from front to back. He gave his boy tasks. And when the boy did not do what the guy wanted he got punished with a whip.

The sub was dressed in chaps. But unlike his master, he wore nothing to hide his manhood or his hairy ass. He had a butt plug up his hole, noticed Chris. And Chris pointed it out to Jelmer. “I bet the boy is being stretched for a good rough fucking tonight!”, he whispered to Jelmer. “Why don’t you go introduce yourself to them…”, joked Chris. “No fucking way!… Have you seen how the boy gets a beating whenever he does something wrong… I will stay away from that whip!”, told Jelmer. “You mean a whip like this boy?”, said Chris with a mean dirty grin as he pulled a similar whip from his cowboy boots.

Chris playfully tapped Jelmer on his upper legs. “Ouch… oh fuck…”, exclaimed Jelmer loudly. So loud in fact that the master heard him and looked over to our guys at the bar. Jelmer wore the chaps he had gotten over a pair of torn jeans. And the snap of the whip on the leathers was clearly heard throughout the gay club. Jelmer got a bit embarrassed when he noticed more people were watching Chris and him. Christopher grabbed Jelmer behind his head and pulled him close to tenderly nibble at his lips and kiss him, whispering; “Don’t be shy… Take a closer look at the guys in the club. Most have their dicks swinging out on the rhythm of the music… And some of the guys dominate their partners… So just play along… The rest won’t mind here… No, they won’t mind at all…”. Chris gave Jelmer a wink and Jel relaxed realizing that Chris was right. They were among ‘friends’ here.

The submissive guy, aged around 25 or 26, was ordered by his master to get some beers. Chris was sitting with his back to the bar. The bahis siteleri sub walked over and stood with his dick half hard at one side of Chris, resting his cock head on his leather jeans. Making a small wet spot, because the guy was clearly excited by this task. He ordered 6 beers. 2 for his master and 4 more for the guys. He introduced himself to Chris. “Hello, sir. My name is Mark. Master Cody would love to invite you to sit with us…”, said Mark looking happy at the 4 boys. Chris softly took the sub’s cock and balls in his hand and looked the sub deep in his eye’s. “We would love to meet your master… But you left a bit of a mess down there… now, what do you plan to do about that.”, said Chris looking at Jelmer then back at the sub Mark.

Mark ordered Jelmer to his knees and he pressed Jel’s head toward the pre-cum stain he left on Chris’s knee. Jelmer obeyed and quickly licked the stain away. Proceeding to Chris’s crotch. Chris let his leathers be licked for a short while. But Jelmer got a firm slap on his ass with the whip. “You need to learn to do what you’re asked to do, boy!”, said Chris in a firm tone. “You were only asked to clean the pre-cum off my knee… Weren’t you!”. Jelmer looked up in surprise at Chris. Thought for a moment, and replied: “Yes, Sorry Chris!”.

“A good boy answers with Sir at the beginning and end of each sentence!”, explained Mark to Jelmer, then looking back at Chris. Sipke and Jan-Thijs started laughing. Jelmer quickly answered “Sir, yes I was told to only clean your knee, Sir. Sorry, Sir. And thank you, Mark, for the lesson!”. Chris and Mark laughed too, and Chris asked if Mark’s pre-cum tasted nice. “I’d love it! May I have some more?”, nodded Jelmer at Chris. Chris gave him a couple of hits with the whip again. “What did he do wrong?”, Christopher asked Sipke and Jan-Thijs. “Sir Chris. He did not answer with Sir!”, answered JT while giving Jelmer a playful slap around the head. The guys laughed.

“Let us not keep Mark’s master waiting!… “, said Chris, as he grabbed two beers and handed them to Jelmer. He pulled his friend up from the floor and kissed him horny. “The first lesson is done…”, he winked at Jelmer. Who was happy, excited and anxious at the same time. Jelmer had loved being dominated by his man so far. He found Chris to be firm but kind. Rough but just. Exactly what he had hoped for. And the wet spot in his jeans showed how much he really enjoyed the treatment.

The 5 of them walked over to master Cody and Chris introduced himself, Sipke and JT. He told Jelmer to hand master Cody his beer. “This is Jel. He is my boyfriend and he loves to learn how to be a good sub…”, told Chris.
Cody invited Sipke and JT to sit down in the booth with him and he asked Chris to sit next to him. Mark sat on his knees on the floor beside Christopher. And Chris told Jelmer to sit across from him on the edge of the benches with his legs facing the club. Jelmer complied as he thanked Chris. “Sir, thank you, Sir. Thank you master Cody!”, he said happily.

Chris noticed that Mark was looking horny at Jelmer. “If your master allows it, you may go warm up my boy, Mark. But make sure he doesn’t blow his load!”, said Chris with a grin on his face.
Cody introduced himself. He was the owner of the club and Mark was one of his favorite boy toys. The 4 guys talked about the club and where they were from. Cody was pleasantly surprised that the islanders had found their way to his gay club. And complimented them on their leather outfits. He had put an arm around Chris’s back. All the while Mark was trying his hardest to get his masters attention.

“What the fuck do you want boy?”, asked Cody angry at Mark. “Sir, may I please play with Jel’s cock? Sir Chris has told me it was okay… Please, Sir.”, Mark asked horny as hell. His stiff cock oozing pre-cum on Chris’s cowboy boot. Chris rubbed the boot against Marks balls as he told Cody that it was okay as long as he approved of it. Master Cody gave in. “Sure… Let’s see if we can’t make our special guests right at home tonight. perabet güvenilir mi Go slow on his cock… It does look like he needs to learn a thing or two before he is at your level!”, commanded Cody to his boy.

Mark sat in front of Jelmer as his lips sucked on the pre-cum stain in his jeans. He used his tongue and lips to unzip Jelmer’s pants. Chris ordered Jelmer to free his dick and show it off to Mark. Jel moved Mark’s head back as he pulled his 20 x 5 cm thick man toy out his pants slapping it in Mark’s face. Mark and Cody were pleasantly surprised by the size of his tool. Master Cody ordered Mark to take him as deep as he could right away. Mark looked anxiously at Cody. And master Cody told Chris to whip Marks naked ass hard if he did not deep throat his boy within the next 4 seconds. Sipke and JT started to count; “4,… 3,… 2,… 1!”

Mark took Jel’s dick as deep as he could, but he did not manage to go all the way down on him. Jelmer enjoyed it never the less. Chris pulled Mark by the hair of his boy’s cock and bent forward. Showing he could take him deeper. Chris slowly swallowed Jelmer deep down his throat until he had all of Jelmer in him. He stayed down there for a few seconds and when he came back up he spat on Jelmer’s cock. “You get one more try boy!… See… it’s not that big of a deal… Just swallow him, but you fucking well make sure that you don’t make him cum, or I will beat the crap out of you!”, ordered Chris. Mark did immediately as he was ordered to. But again he failed. Chris had no other choice but to whip Mark well.

Mark got annoyed at Chris and stopped sucking off Jelmer. Jelmer got annoyed at Mark for stopping the great blowjob. And master Cody got annoyed at Chris for not beating his boy hard enough. “No one told you to stop sucking Jel off!”, said Cody and Chris in unison, to the none compliant Mark. The group laughed hard as Mark quickly resumed his job. Chris was ordered to whip Mark twice as hard. “He can take it…”, said Cody. As he jerked himself off at the hot spectacle. Master Cody asked Sipke and JT if they were into this kind of shit too. They answered that they were only along for the ride. Seeing as they only recently discovered the joys of gay sex and leather. But that they very much enjoyed their time in the club so far.

Chris looked in amazement at the fat cock of master Cody. “Now I understand why your boy is wearing a butt plug. Man, you have a nice fat cock!”, said Chris in surprise. The 19 x 6 cm thickly veined cock was throbbing wildly while Cody played with it. “May I?”, asked Christopher boldly. “Sure… Go for it…”, laughed Cody. “Well don’t expect me to deep throat it… I bet it would take all three of us to get a reaction out of that monster!”, gasped Chris, quickly looking over at Sipke and Jan-Thijs. Chris licked the cock head and tasted the pre-cum dripping from master Cody’s thick dick head. Sipke went down on him too. And JT scoots under the table to give the boys a hand licking master Cody’s hairy balls. Cody slit down the bench a bit more giving the 3 twinks full access. And rested his head on the back of the bench breathing hard and moaning loudly.

Mark heard his master being serviced properly. And he got a bit annoyed for being left out again. He stood up and pushed Jelmer’s back onto the bench. Without permission from his master, he removed the plug and let himself ride Jelmer’s wet cock after he had put a condom over it. Chris noticed his boy had gotten into a different position. He rose up and looked at Mark riding his boy hard. Christopher shook his head no. And Mark shrugged his shoulders gesturing that he could not help himself. “Jealous much Mark?”, Chris asked him naughty. Master Cody looked up and saw his boy toy wildly riding the bucking hips of Jelmer.

“What the fuck, Mark!”, yelled master Cody at his boy. And Chris added; “You better make sure he does not cum!”. The boys were ordered to sit on their knees on the floor. As master Cody pressed Chris’s warm mouth back over his huge cock tipobet head again. Sipke, JT, and Christopher licked and suck their best. And JT even pressed a few fingers up master Cody’s ass hole. That made master Cody cum in full ecstasy. Dumping 9 huge streams of cum in Chris’s mouth, over JT’s face and back, and onto Sipke’s outstretched tongue. The guys were amazed at the huge load and wiped most of it off. Only Chris swallowed some of it. Standing up kissing first Jelmer, then the pierced tongue of Mark. All 6 were completely satisfied.

Our 4 guys and Mark danced for an hour before they were invited by Cody to visit the club’s dungeon basement. They enjoyed the new experience and Chris even told Jelmer he wanted him to fuck his ass while the rest watched. After having his ass opened by Jelmer he asked Mark to plow him too. He told him to wear a rubber. Mark lubed up his cock and fucked him roughly, as Jelmer looked how Chris dominated Mark to make him please him better. Whipping him if he did not comply.

And after that, he looked at master Cody. “I’d love to try you too. But go slow on my ass… Please, Sir.”, he begged Cody. The master spat on Chris’s ass as he put his 6 cm thick rod against his throbbing hole. He did not take it slow. He rammed his big 32-year-old man meat deeply up Chris’s butt. Slamming it hard and fast. Without a condom. Chris yelled and his eyes watered. Mark stuffed his cock in Chris’s mouth warning; “not to bite, or else…”. Chris was fucked for a good half hour by Cody. Before he shot a load over Chris’s body and on to his face and hair. “You asked for it boy… And you got it.”, he laughed meanly, as Mark and his master walked away leaving the 4 guys in the dungeon. Chris grabbed his ass to check everything was still okay down there. As Jelmer, JT and Sipke caressed their roughly used friend.

The guys took Chris back up to the dance floor area. They sat down somewhere quiet and one of them had gotten some soda’s for them to drink. They sat there for a while enjoying each other and reminiscing the new experiences.
After they had time to get down from their testosterone high they decided it was time to head back to the hotel. The boys had a private get together and made out a little. They agreed they would leave around 9:30 am the next day and eat breakfast around 8:30 in the hotel dining room.
Jelmer noticed that Chris crawled especially close to him when they went to bed. “Are you okay, buddy?”, he whispered in Chris’s ear as he held him tight. “Yeah, honey. I was only glad that you and the guys were there too. Other ways this was a bit to wild for me. But it was fucking amazing being treated so roughly. I did like it in an odd way. But I like you more…”, said Chris as he fell into a deep sleep with his lover.

The next day they went to pick up the building supplies and spend a boatload of cash at IKEA. They bought 30 new kitchens and some furniture. As well as some other stuff to decorate all the cabins. The staff at IKEA were surprised at the amount of stuff they had ordered. But understanding why once the guys explained to them about the renovation of the 30-holiday lets on the island.
They managed to catch the late afternoon ferry back to the island. And they dropped off the supplies in an empty barn near the campgrounds. Chris and Jelmer thanked Sipke and Jan-Thijs for their help and said goodbye as Sipke drove the large van away to drop of JT at his place.

Jelmer took Chris to his home. They did not have the strength left to even go take a look at the cabins. At home, they ate a quick microwave dinner, dropped arm in arm in front of the TV and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the evening.
On Friday morning Christopher asked Jelmer to give him a ride on his motorbike back to the cabins. He wanted to pick up his uncles bicycle to take a long ride all over the island, to clear his mind. “Are you sure you are okay, Chris?”, asked Jelmer worried. “Ha… Well if you ask if my ass is okay then I can reassure you. It’s all fine down there!… But I do need to clear my head. Nothing better than to sniff in the salt air on a long bike ride… And who knows… Maybe I find some nice ass to fuck somewhere along the way…”, he taunted Jelmer. Jelmer laughed as he knew that his boyfriend was none the worse for wear.

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