A Friend In Need

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I was flying through on a business trip, and had arranged to meet a friend of mine for dinner at the hotel where I was staying. We had been friends for quite some time, and had several very frank and downright sexual discussions since we had known each other. But… she was married. Strictly hands off. Also, I didn’t want to complicate my life by having “an affair”. So although the setting was somewhat romantic, I was simply expecting a friendly catch up.

They’d seated me near the sheltered fireplace, which fortunately wasn’t lit, since it was rather hot, and I was wearing the remains of my business suit, and feeling quite dishevelled. The vision who approached my table, on the other hand, looked anything but… my gaze swept from her feet to her head: black open toed heels, black lace stockings, a short black dress, a healthy hint of bustline beneath her cream jacket and a pearl necklace.

“Hi!” she said, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek before I could rise from my chair.

After tearing my eyes from the view, I squeaked back “Hi”, leapt out of my chair, and ran around the table to pull out a chair for her. “Please, sit.”

“Thank you,” she replied, and seated herself. “So have you been waiting long?”

“No… besides, the wait was worth it!”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah… you look good enough to eat! I thought this was just supposed to be the two of us catching up, not some hot date! Not that I don’t appreciate the effect.”

“Well, I decided if I couldn’t dress up for a friend, then who for?”

We chatted over dinner, about inconsequentials, family, friends, the usual things that one chats to with a beautiful woman when one is trying not to be obvious about admiring the view. From dinner, we moved to a quiet corner of the lounge bar to continue chatting over drinks, and before I knew it, the bartender was informing us that the bar would be closing in fifteen minutes. I looked at my watch, and it was nearly 1 o’clock in the morning!

“Well, unfortunately I have to let you go home…”

“Oh, the night is still young, don’t you think? Don’t you have a couple of chairs and a mini-bar in your suite?”

“Well, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri yes… but inviting a happily-married woman to my hotel suite is a little… risky, don’t you think?”

“Why? Are you frightened I might ruin your reputation?”

“Ruin mine? Oh no… make it perhaps!”

“Well, I’m sure we can survive a little harmless scandal, don’t you?”

“In that case, my lovely friend, my room is this way…”

I took her up the elevator to my suite, while she leant against me, and I desperately refrained from wrapping my arms around her.

“This way, my lady.”

“Thank you kind sir,” she laughed.

I unlocked the suite, and escorted her inside. “Can I take your jacket?”

“Thanks.” She passed me her jacket, and suddenly I got a perfect view of the breasts that had been hinting at me all evening beneath the jacket. “Oh, sorry,” she laughed again and unashamedly adjusted the dress to hide her breast. I had suspected, but now it was confirmed… she wasn’t wearing a bra. Yum!

“Hey, was I complaining?”

“No… you haven’t complained at the view all night!”

“Oh, sorry. You noticed…”

“I don’t mind you looking dear.”


She sat down, and crossed those fabulous legs, while I raided the mini-bar for some more drinks. We continued to chat, and I continued to admire that wonderful body, until I noticed she was rolling her shoulders.

“Are you tired?”

“No, but my shoulders are all knotted up.”

“Here, let me help.” Being the good friend that I am, I leapt to my feet, and walked behind her to start rubbing her shoulders… working on the muscles in her neck, and around her shoulderblades.

“Mmmm, you do that so well….”

My hands were moving down her spine, in what was for me divine torture… her I was with this divine creature, in my room, alone with me, my hands on her naked shoulders… and she was married!


We continued to chat while I played with her shoulders, and that’s when things started to go wrong. Entirely innocently (I didn’t plan it, honest), I casually kissed her neck where it meets the collarbone… güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and she shivered. Her arms reached up, wrapped around my neck, and she told me “Do that again!”

Hell, I had no idea of what was happening… but this was too much for me. Following instructions, I kissed her again… and slowly my kisses worked across her bare shoulder, kissing the strap of her dress aside, watching as the strap fell from her shoulder, baring her breast again, but this time she didn’t cover it.

Her nipple was very hard, and my hand on her shoulder blade slid around under her arm across the bare flesh to cup her breast, and feel the nipple between my fingers. My kisses continued down from her shoulder in towards her spine, and down the exposed spine… she leaning forward in the seat to allow my lips access.

“Oh yes,” she sighed. “Kiss me like that, I love it.”

God, what an opportunity… I continued kissing over her spine, then across to the other shoulder, up her neck a little, then down the top of the shoulder, kissing the other strap ahead of me, until it too dropped, and the whole front of her dress fell away into her lap, bearing a sight I had often imagined, two gorgeous breasts, topped with very erect nipples.

I cotinued the kisses, light butterfly kisses, touching the skin with the tip of my tongue, down her shoulderblade, then kneeling, down her side, then around beneath her breast, then up the underside of her breast, until her nipple was between my lips, kissing it, gently nibbling then biting it, then sucking it into my mouth, hard.

“Oh, god, yes…” she groaned. Obviously this was meeting with her approval, so my kisses continued, down her breast-bone, down her belly to her belly button… and the pile of loose material at her waste.

At that point, she said “here, let me,” and lifted herself slightly from the chair, taking her hands from off the back of my next where they had remained until now, and letting the dress fall to the floor around her ankles, where she carefully stepped out of it, then pushed it to one side.

She wasn’t wearing panties. The whole night, she güvenilir bahis şirketleri hadn’t worn any underwear! No I knew that she had planned this to happen, and that if so, she must have agreed this with her husband… which was a relief, a turn on, and at the same time still made me feel guilty because I had been doing this without knowing…

She sat back down in the chair, and my lips returned to her belly, kissing down her hips (what my tongue could reach of them), then down the outside of her thighs to reach her knees, then her ankles, then her feet, then her shoes, all encased in lace or shoe. I kissed the tips of her toes through the open ends of her shoes, and smiled as she shivered and her feet twitched in my hands.

Kissing back up the other foot now, over the underside of her lace-clad knee, up to the bare flesh just above her stockings. As my head moved further up her thigh, her legs opened until she was resting them on the arms of the chair, and her pussy lay waiting in front of me.

I resisted the temptation, and carefully licked around her inner thighs, then right up to the edges of her neatly trimmed thatch, down the outside lips of her pussy, all the way down to where the slit of her pussy began. Then slowly separating the lips with my tongue (I wanted to savour the moment), tasting her juices for the first time, and sinking my tongue deep into her cunt.

She was gasping now, and her hands were back at my neck, pulling my head in towards her cunt. I slid my tongue back up out of her cunt, up inside the lips, and over her clit, lightly flicking it with the tip of my tongue, then pressing it hard with the flat of my tongue, then finally sucking it between my lips.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned, pulling me harder, and then wrapping her legs around my shoulders, and bucking her hips up towards my tongue. Then suddenly I couldn’t hear with the naked flesh of her thighs pressed hard to my ears, and her pussy pressing up hard against my mouth, and her juices flooding my chin.

When her legs unclenched, and I could breath again, I wiped my face against her breasts, and grinned at her. “You were planning this, weren’t you.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “For days I have been thinking of what I should wear… and of what would happen tonight. It has been very hard to concentrate on anything else. And now, we have the rest of the night to play… let me get rid of those clothes of yours!”

Needless to say, it was a very long night.

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