A fine well trained dog onto my marital bed

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A fine well trained dog onto my marital bed
On Saturday morning I woke up home alone.
My loving husband had gone with some friends to practice golf and he would not come back until late afternoon.

At ten o’clock I finally pulled back the warm covers and swiveled around, sitting on the edge of the bed. I was wearing just a short t-shirt that barely covered my freshly shaven mound.
Standing before the coffee maker, I smiled as the cool morning air chilled a thin stream of cum, deposited by Victor the night before, as it slowly dribbled down my thigh. Without thinking, I reached down and scooped up the slippery reminder of last night with my finger and slipped it into my mouth.

As I poured the black coffee into a cup, I became aware that I was going to masturbate soon. I was totally aroused and there was no way I could hold out until bedtime for my beloved husband to take care of my growing lust…
I sat at the back yard on my favorite chair, sipping the coffee and reading an erotic novel… Then I snaked a hand down my body, caressing my boobs and stroking my nipples to get them hard. I let my hand wander down past my navel, down to my freshly filled cum pussy.

I pushed a finger inside my pussy lips, finding my swollen clit. I began to rub circles around it. My arousal began to grow and my fingers found a spot that would bring me higher and higher. I finally could no longer concentrate on the reading and I got my head back, closing my eyes.

A sigh escaped my lips as my naughty fingers did their work. They teased my hungry cunt, pulling the pussy lips apart, slipping inside, then circling my clit again. They kept me on the verge, but never enough to reach my peak.
Soon I felt my own juices flooding freely from my tight opening, coating my long fingers and dripping down the crack of my ass. Just as I was about to reach bahis siteleri a lustful climax, a noise at the front door startled me from the trance.

I held my breath and strained to listen. The noise came again. It sounded like something scratching the wooden door.

I stood up and walked to the door, with my thighs slipping past one another with the ease of my now lubricated skin and my boobs swaying slightly.
Then I partially opened the door. In front of me, with his tail wagging frantically, stood a very nice and huge German Sheppard.

I assumed he would be lost, so I greeted him and made him enter…
I let the dog sniff my hand; but unknowingly it was the same that had been playing with my wet cunt just moments before.
The good Sheppard sniffed, then made a friendly lick at my fingers.

Then he just ran inside the house. It took him less than ten seconds to find the master bedroom. I went after him, finding this fine dog sitting on our marital bed, happy and with his long tail wagging. I laughed to myself…

I decided his name from now on would be Ulysses. As I was caressing her neck and ears, Ulysses pushed hard his cold nose against my boobs and I lost the balance.
Then I fell over backwards on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. With thighs wide spread; my still soaked pussy was now pulsing in plain view of the new visitor. Before I could recover, I sensed Ulysses’ tongue licking along the entire length of my pussy lips…

Stunned, I could only lay there through five more licks, before I finally came back to my senses. I lifted my head and found the Sheppard was starting to lick my pussy again.
My first thought was to push him away and close my legs, but I could not. Because it felt too good. The arousal started to grow again…

With each lick, my pussy was contracting and squeezing out more of my casino şirketleri lubricating juices. The nice dog seemed to be not interested in stopping.
As he worked his magical tongue along my entire slit, from my swollen clit to my puckered asshole, I trembled and moaned with pleasure.

Then I spread my thighs further to allow him better access. As I built toward my first orgasm of the day, all I could think was that the fine dog had a wonderful tongue.
The climax smashed over me. My whole body convulsed again and again until that tongue finally left my soaking wet cunt.

I had never come so hard in my life. My legs fell limply to the bed, my eyelids closed and I just passed out onto the bed…
A while later, I awoke to the feeling of a cold, damp nose in my crotch.

I had to make great effort to lift my head and then pull myself into a sitting position. Ulysses then licked my inner thighs, were my cunt juices were running. Laughing, I reached out and hugged the fine dog to me.
Suddenly something hot and wet brushed my leg. Without thinking, I reached down to find out it was a massive red dick…

I encircled it with my fingers, checking out it was really huge. The tip was even oozing pre cum.
Mesmerized by the size, I began to gently stroke this monster thing.
I could not believe that I was doing this. While my imagination ran wild, Ulysses began getting impatient. He had a raging hard on, being caressed by me, his new bitch and he instinctively knew he needed to fuck me…

Then he gave me a push. But this time, I went down sideways.
I struggled to get up, getting my knees under me; thinking I could crawl off the bed before things got really out of hand. But my upturned buttocks put my wet pussy on display again, presenting Ulysses with the perfect target. Before I could move even part way across the bed, casino firmalari I felt the dog’s weight pressing me down. My arms collapsed and my face hit the bed sheets.

I had not even time to struggle before I felt the tip of this engorged dick poking around between my spread butt cheeks…
Ulysses found the mark after only three near misses. He gave a mighty push and slid his entire length into my welcoming soaking depths.

The dog paused then, dancing his rear legs around to gain better position.
I just braced myself for the coming onslaught. Once his huge slippery prick was firmly lodged inside my wet cunt, I had not a single chance of escape.

Instead, I allowed my lust to consume me, giving myself over to my most carnal cravings. Now well settled, Ulysses began to fuck in and out of my poor dripping pussy. Faster and faster he pounded me with his huge cock, pushing me to ever greater heights. A low, but long moan escaped my lips.
But the low moan suddenly broke into a loud scream, as without warning, another powerful orgasm ripped through my body. I felt my pussy clamped down on this rampaging cock, as if willing it to stay forever.

One after another, my climaxes came and went. I closed my eyes and felt I was gone. I passed out for several minutes. I never felt the knot as it began to swell. Nor did I stir as the dog’s pace faltered, making the tie complete.

I woke up and came again as Ulysses began to flood my hungry pussy with his fluid semen. I felt exhausted, but then I knew the fine dog was spent.
Finally, his red knot shrank enough for him to pull free of my well fucked pussy. Then I collapsed onto the bedsheets. With those fluids forming a puddle on the covers, I just drifted again to a comfortable passing out…

Just after noon, I awoke to the sound of the phone.
It was my beloved hubby, just calling to know how my day was going.
I only could whisper on the phone it was going great…Glancing over my shoulder at Ulysses, I told my sweet Victor we had now a new dog…

And I smiled as I told him that fine Ulysses was so well trained…

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