A Fascinating First Time

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I began sucking my friend Kadir’s cock when I was 18. My luck was also my curse: his mushroom head cock was 21 cm long, 5 cm thick. Kadir was a true man, after he cums with or without any service it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to cum for the second time and 3rd time. It was the type of cock on you jump, take it deep and let the cum flow in your ass. It was my dream cock but that dream but never achieved to take it all in. In our first try, he tried to shove the mushroom in my ass, I screamed so loud I made him to promise me to try never and ever. I gave him one right on my ass, he can finger my ass. When and how don’t matter. His long fingers were burning my ass and there was only I could think of: getting fucked by a small or average cock and feel the cum flying to my virgin ass.

I had one solid candidate in my mind: Hasan. He was a friend from the neighborhood. He was into girls but he had a motto:

“Until I find a good pussy, a boipussy will just do fine.”

Not so long after these conversations in june, it was a very hot day, my parents were at work (and overwork) and I called him to our house one day with face, chest, my thighs and most importantly crouch and asshole shaved and had a good enema. My first time, break of virginity, had to give pleasure to both sides. I didn’t wear a shirt but wore a black thong inside my white large shorts where he could canlı bahis see my asshole. When he knocked the door, I rubbed the lube on freshly shaved butthole. He was shocked when I opened the door and he had no idea of my plans. We went to kitchen to offer him a cold beer then we passed to my room. While talking on our bed, I crawled to CDs to reach them. My shining asshole and black thong was viewable from where he sits. I just turned my head to him and asked simply

“What you see can be yours whenever and however you want, but first you have to take my virginity.”

He got out of the shock and told me he won’t suck my dick, touch it, see my cum on his body, a gay relationship or kiss my lips. I replied him I didn’t want any of these.

“Bang me hard and long, that’s what I want.”

He slipped down his trousers and dick I was dreaming was in front of me. It was 14 cms long, 3 cm thick with a small head. Kadir’s middle finger was approximately his cock. He wasn’t hard at first, I kissed his dick, licked the shaft and played with small balls. He was sitting on my bed like a victorious warrior while I was sucking his cock.

“You are good at this, seems I am not the first one you sucked.”

I lubricated my asshole well while sucking him. He wasnot strong like Kadir so I didn’t suck to make him cum. I waited couple of minutes and then lubricated bahis siteleri his lovely dick. So we were ready!

I laid on, put my legs on his shoulders and he stood next to the bed, started pushing. I told him to go slow or whole pleasure will be off. He broke my ass centime by centime. When he shoved it all, we waited for a moment and he started fucking my ass slowly. My ass’ virginity was gone forever.

“You are not tight as I expected.” 😉

“You are the first man fucking my ass, you popped my cherry!”

I am very sure, while fucking me he was dreaming of a girl. I didn’t care, he started kissing and licking my neck and nipples. After some slow pump of deep fucking, I told him to get faster. His balls were hitting my ass every time he pumped, the pleasure was seen in his eyes. He shouted

“I will cum!!”

I grabbed with his body my legs and shouted louder

“Cum in my ass!!”

He started cumming!! The first time a man’s cum was in my ass. I felt its warmth and pleasure and it was heating my body. His cock softened instantly, he was covered in sweat and breathing deeply. His cum was inside me. My dreams came true finally. He was proud, the cherry-popper said

“That was hell of sex.”

I replied with a question

“Can we start to second time?”

He wasn’t ready for the second time, he couldn’t tell but it bahis şirketleri was read on his attitude. He was watching my fresh fucked and cum filled asshole while I was walking.

“Look! Cum oozing to the floor!”

“No worries, I want to enjoy the moment.”

We got into the shower, I treated like a champion. I washed my victorious fucker’s cock and body, kissed every part of it.

After 30 minutes of shower we got dry, returned to my bed and I started sucking him and it took 10 minutes to make him stiff for the second time. Our 3rd times always took too long or required a small Cialis. This time we preferred the doggy because I was going to cum and he had a valid condition. He didn’t need any lube and it hurt a little bit when he reached full in my ass. I cummed in my hand, he told me to swallow (so I did) before he reached climax. He fucked me hard approximately for 20 minutes and he cummed so loud. He mounted full while cumming in me. He was heavy breathing. He told me he was expecting such thing while arriving my home. His cock got soft fast again and he told me to clean his cock with my mouth. In 1 hour, I felt cum going in my ass twice. I licked the around cock, put it in my mouth as whole (soft) and sucked it. He was very happy about what happened. We didn’t rush to shower, we laid in the bed and talked about the sex. We fell asleep for a couple of hours with his cum in my ass. In all of these fucking I was dreaming about Kadir’s magnificent cock fucking my tight ass, cumming without taking a break.

After that day we nearly fucked for 2 years and I have a lot to tell about.

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