A Fantasy

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It starts in a gloomy darkened chamber, Stone walls, its quite a large space. In front of me illuminated by a powerful spot light. Is a sex bench. Strapped tightly to this bench is a figure. I assume a woman as the figure has female genitalia. The figure is dressed in a Latex cat-suit and a hood with blindfold. The zip of the cat-suit is open in such a way that the genitals are exposed.

The bench is set up so the legs are resting on platforms that are set at an angle to allow someone to get in close to the victim. The woman is strapped face down, legs apart. Her head however is free to move as the bench ends at the chest area. Her arms are held down at her sides.

So There she is, Exposed and illuminated, waiting.

I walk towards her. My movements accompanied by the squeak and flap of latex. I look down and I am wearing a latex military uniform, Black tunic and jodhpurs. But I have large pronounced breasts.

In confusion I reach up and touch them. Inflatable or some kind of breast form. I am also wearing knee high platform boots. With ludicrous spike heels. And when I reach up to touch my face, a gesture of confusion. I’m wearing a latex mask. And I touch long hair.. A wig. I reach up further. And yes. There it is. A peaked cap.

I am also aware of something inside my ass. my penis feels strange, Constrained.

Now by this time I have moved into the illumination that surrounds the bench and its occupant. And in the light I have now discovered that a large strap-on is swinging between my legs.

I move to her hooded head. The blind fold is pulled tight against her face. Preventing any chance of her seeing. I reach back and unzip the tight latex leggings grabbing my ass. Then slowly I gently pull on the butt-plug that is deep on my ass, I take it slowly savouring the feeling. My cock twitches, But it’s uncomfortable I realise I’m restrained in a cock cage. I squirm a little as the swollen bulge of the butt plug pops free I feel suddenly empty. I bend over and move backwards.. Pushing my gaping ass-hole toward her hooded face

“lick, now” I command.

Without hesitation the faceless drone extends her tongue and after connecting with flesh aimlessly for a moment. Plunges her wriggling tongue into my ass. Swirling blindly inside my ass. Following the contours of my hole. I let her lick almost desperately for a few minutes. Groaning with the pleasure I feel. Then abruptly I straighten and turn to face her. Her long pink tongue s still extended. I push my hips forward until the head of the Dildo nudges at her mouth.

The tip of her tongue curls round the head of the swaying rubber cock. Leaving a string of saliva in its wake. I push once more with my hips. Her mouth opens wide in response and the head of the strap-on vanishes inside her mouth.

I don’t stop, instead I push gently and smoothly until I feel her body buck as she gags on the rubber cock as it nudges the back of her throat. I pause. Keeping the Dildo motionless.. She gags again.. And again. Then I jerk my hips backwards. Revelling in the gasp and the saliva that spills from her mouth.

Seconds after her gasp. She opens her mouth wider.. Straining against the tight rubber of her hood. Inviting my rubber cock back into her mouth. I oblige, pushing the long rubber shaft into her face. I start to slowly build a rhythm. I’m face fucking her now. Each time going deep enough to make her gag over and over. On each outward stroke. Thick strings of spit hanging from the corners of her mouth.

Meanwhile, In its cage, my cock is throbbing hard with every stoke. Its starting to hurt. But it feels great.

Eventually I withdraw bayındır escort bayan the cock from her spit filled mouth.. I reach out and push the butt-plug into her mouth. I tell her to hold it there with her teeth. I caution her not to drop it.

I bend and lick the stringy hanging threads of saliva from her hooded face. Making sure not to dislodge the butt plug that she is now suckling on. Then I move slowly alongside of her body. My fingertips gliding over her latex covered curves tracing light circles on the covered flesh..

I really take my time, her moans of anticipation filling my ears in the quiet space.. I can hear my spike heels clicking on the hard stone beneath them. My cock throbs in its confinement with every sigh and footstep.

In a daze I find myself standing between her wide spread legs. Staring at her ass and pussy. The skin pale in contrast against the tight highly reflective latex. Her pussy is slick and shiny with her own juices.

I reach out and run my finger over her lips. My skin sliding effortlessly across her wet lips.. I bring my finger to the mouth of my Mask. And push it into my mouth to taste her. I suck my finger savagely as her sweetness fills my mouth..

Unable to resist I reach down and roughly spread her pussy open with one hand.. Then using my free hand to help position my big rubber cock.. I press the head firmly against her flushed skin with a hip movement.

With barely any resistance the head and first two inches slide easily into her. Her hips move and a long moan escapes from her still full mouth. I draw my hips back slightly. Then I press forward harder and my big cock slides a little further inside her.

I stop moving. Instead I twitch my hips side to side while maintaining the pressure. We stay locked like this for a moment. Then I move my hips backwards.. Until only the head remains inside…without warning my hand searches out her clit. And I begin to rub. Hard. Her body jerks from the unexpected contact, almost dislodging the tip from her pussy. But I manage to push forwards and the head disappears back inside her. Almost all the way inside her.. 7 inches of thick slippery silicon is now buried in her increasingly wet hole. I start rocking my hips back and forward and slowly the last inch and a half slides inside her.

She is making low gurgling noises now.

I take this as a good sign and start to make long deep strokes, I try to keep the movement consistent as I drive my hips back and fore.

As my own cock is locked tightly beneath my own latex I am able to build a slow rhythm that just pounds into her.

I continue this until she starts making louder and louder moans.

At this point.. I jerk my hips back savagely and the big black cock removes itself with a wet sucking sound

With no hesitation I press the dripping shiny head of the Dildo against her puckered ass-hole and push.

As soon as I start to press the Dildo into her ass. She responds. Even tho she is heavily restrained. I feel her trying to push back against me. Pushing her asshole onto my big rubber cock. Conspiring with my attempt to impale her. After a second the bulbous head of the strap-on, lubricated by her own cum starts to force its way inside. Her ass-hole slowly, almost imperceptibly, opening to allow the rubber cock entry.

I could hear her breathing start to come in short gasps. Along with some higher pitched moans.

I reach forward with one hand and slide 3 fingers into her pussy. Which almost devours them. Then watch in Fascination as my rubber cock very slowly disappears into her tight ass.

Without escort bayındır warning the a large length of the strapon vanishes into her. Almost as if her stretching orifice hungrily swallowed the dildo, drawing it in with a joyful slurp.

An animalistic sound fills my ears as something between a grunt and yelp hisses from her mouth. Her head jerks back. Tossing from side to side.

From my position it looks like she is nodding and the noises that come from her are encouraging.

So I start to fuck her ass.. At first I Just try to push the Dildo in further until I get to the point where my rubber balls are rubbing against her skin.. She is still pushing back. Grinding herself against me. At this point I start to slam myself against her.. The Dildo drawing back quite a way then slamming harder and harder into her tight hole. Even tho she is strapped to the bench tightly she begins to buck her hips more violently..forcing me to remove my hand from her now flowing pussy, so I can grab tightly to her hips to control her movements a more.

Suddenly her muffled moans and groans become clearer.. I look up at her head and as she jerks her head to and fro I notice that the butt plug is no longer in her mouth.

I slap one of her ass cheeks with my hand. The blow is fast and makes my hand sting. She cries out in shock.

I pull the Dildo out of her ass by stepping backwards.

Her ass-hole gapes wide in front of me.. I don’t even stop to consider what I’m doing, my hand that had been in her pussy almost of its own volition starts to push into her gaping now gaping rectum. I push and twist back and fore. And what seems like a blink of an eye later my hand has disappeared upto the wrist inside her ass.

I stood shocked for a moment. Watching her ass-hole expand to accept my hand was unexpected. I had thought there would have been more resistance.

Obviously my faceless playmate was accustomed to some more extreme play than I realised.

Emboldened by this. I slowly clenched my fist inside her. A smile formed on my face, whilst the rubber face that obscured my own no doubt remained impassive

A low long moan left her lips as she arched her back and once again I felt her push back towards me, grinding on my hand inside her ass.

I felt the ring of muscle tighten and grip my wrist. In response, My hand began to move in and out. Only moving perhaps an inch. But I was moving it quickly.

We stayed locked like this for several minutes. In the end my hand was moving rapidly back and forth and her pussy was literally dripping, her cum running from her, hitting the floor in large droplets.

Her moans began to crescendo. Starting low and then getting louder, but changing pitch like going up a musical scale. Without warning her body went rigid. And her pussy erupted Spraying liquid all over my latex covered crotch to the point that it was running down my highly polished legs. It was even visibly dripping from the end of my strap on.

Very slowly and carefully I removed my hand from her ass.. I folded my thumb under my palm as I pulled gently free of her butt squeezing my fingers together in a beak type shape to try to free myself.

It took a minute or so. When I was free I hurried round as fast as my heels would allow. Releasing the straps that help her shiny latex covered body almost immobile.

Lastly I removed her blindfold.

She blinked a few times. A smile forming on her lips.

“we Aren’t finished yet, take the strap-on off” she said lazily.

I immediately started to fumble with the straps and buckles that had kept bayındır escort the big rubber cock in place, my chastity locked cock was already as hard as the cage would allow. But it tried to grow causing a stab of pain to run through me. I exhaled in a hiss.

By the time I had extricated myself for the harness, trembling fingers slowing me down. She had slid off the bench. With a deft movement she took the Dildo and harness from me. The Dildo itself still slick from her own excretions. And after untwisting some of the straps and adjusting the length of others, she stepped into the harness and positioned it between her legs.

She leans forward and kisses me.

“get on the bench You Slut. Its your turn”

I move past her and get on the bench, assuming her previous position.

I feel straps tighten painfully, lashing my body to the bench securely.. I can feel a breeze on my bare ass. She is not wearing heels so she appears in front of me with little warning.. Just slides into my vision.

I can see the still wet strap-on swinging in front of my face. She bends slightly and my vision goes black as she slides the blindfold over my eyes.

A moment later something nudges at my lips. I extend my tongue excitedly.. Its firm. And tastes of her. I open my mouth wide and prepare for a face fucking.

No sooner had my mouth opened, I felt the head of the rubber cock slide slowly over my tongue. It filled my mouth with its girth. Its smooth ridges gave it a texture that was somehow pleasing. She pushed a little. Easing the head deeper, I became more aware of the shaft of the toy as it slid across my lips and I opened my mouth a little wider to show I could accept more.

The pressure increased and the head suddenly touched the back of my throat. It was unexpected and triggered my gag reflex. The head withdrew slightly, not leaving my mouth, then slowly moved forward again.. I fought back the urge to gag and opened my mouth as wide as i could behind the mask.

Hands grabbed the back of my head, and the rubber dick in my mouth started to move faster. With each stroke the head would rub against the very back of my throat, sliding down slightly. My mouth was filling up spit.

The Dildo suddenly withdrew, and with a gasp and a cough. Strings of spit tumbled out of my mouth. I imagine it looked amazing as the strings erupted from the mouth of whatever mask I was wearing.

This cycle continued.. For how long I don’t know. I found my self concentrating on just sucking and dribbling. when my play partner decided that fucking my face with her cock was boring her and withdrew, I felt a pang of disappointment.

It was short lived however. As she whispered, “don’t drop it.”

Then pushed the butt-plug she had dropped into my mouth.

Suddenly I felt hands move across my body. The tickle of fingernails just noticeable through the thin latex that covered my skin. I moaned in deep in the hte back of my throat and squirmed slightly against the straps that held me in place. My cock was really aching by this point and I ground myself against the bench. Forgetting about the chastity cage until a stab of pain shot through my groin.

I hissed in pain and frustration.

I also jumped slightly as something cold and wet splashed onto my exposed backside. Followed by fingers spreading my ass apart. The cool sensation spreading across my ass-hole.

I heard her voice. “stay still” and then something pushed against my right puckered hole.

The pressure continued. Increasing gently, but definitely increasing. The rubber dick was trying to open me up.

I pushed backwards against the thick silicon that was slowly forcing my ass open.

I took a deep breath and increased the pressure was applying from my side. I felt my ass hole spread and the tip of the Dildo slip inside me.

I moaned, biting down on the butt-plug inside my mouth, preparing myself for what was to follow.

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