A Family Gathering

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Mary turned the minivan into onto her parents’ street and pulled to a stop. The 3-hour drive to visit her family had been exhausting and she was looking forward to relaxing with a glass of wine and catching up with her sisters.

The kids were unbuckled and out of the car as soon as the engine was off. Bolting up the drive and weaving in between the parked cars, they raced to the backyard immediately in search of their cousins. Mary and her husband, Rob, moved more slowly towards the front door.

Mary knew how tough these visits were on Rob. She took his hand in hers, squeezed, and said “I love you,” just as the front door swung open to reveal Mary’s father.

Tom looked the perfect grandfather with his sweater, khakis, bushy grey hair…and massive erection tenting his pants. He nodded to Rob and then broke into a grin as his eyes swiveled to Mary.

“Well,” he said, “if it isn’t my favorite daughter!”

Mary wasn’t fooled. “Jesus, dad!” she said, pointing to his crotch, “Already?! I just spent 3 hours on the road. You couldn’t have had somebody else help you with that? Mom…Katie…Aunt Gina? Hell, Mikey could have taken care of you. It has to be me?”

Tom smiled sheepishly as he hugged his daughter and whispered into her ear, “your mother hasn’t put out in weeks and none of those other three can suck cock worth a damn.”

It was clear Rob would rather be anywhere bahis firmaları but on the front porch, listening to his father-in-law talk about his wife sucking cock. He spoke up to excuse himself. “I’m going to find Mike and see if the game has started yet.”

“Yeah,” Tom said, “he’s in the basement. Good to see you, by the way.”

Tom put an arm around his daughter and led her into the house. As they passed the threshold, the sounds of a lively family gathering greeted Mary. A football game on the basement TV. Mary’s sisters and mothers gossiping quietly from the kitchen, broken by an outburst of laughter. Kids screaming as their little footsteps pattered around the upstairs.

Tom guided Mary to the living room, where her Aunt Gina sat knitting and talking to Mary’s sister-in-law, Linda.

“Hi Aunt Gina. Hi Linda,” Mary said as she crossed the room, following her father to his favorite recliner.

Tom sat back in the recliner, grinning like a kid in a candy store, as Mary knelt at his feet. Her practiced hands were already undoing his belt as her aunt spoke up.

“Thank god you’re finally here, Mary!” Gina said. “The old bastard wouldn’t shut up all morning, talking about how you were coming over.”

Linda chimed in, “to hear Dad talk about it…it’s like he hadn’t gotten off in years. He wouldn’t let any of us touch him. Said he was saving his load for Mary.”

Mary kaçak iddaa wrapped her lips around her father’s hard cock as Linda was speaking. She was still exhausted and annoyed, but she felt more than a little pride at knowing she could still make her Dad cum better than anyone.

Linda and Gina resumed their conversation (something about the new family in the neighborhood) as Mary got to work. It felt good to be home…to feel her Dad’s fingers running through her hair as she tasted him. The familiar, comforting smell of his bodywash soothing her. She was just getting into it when she felt that oh-so-familiar tap on the back of her head. Her Dad, ever the gentleman, was warning her that now was her chance to to avoid getting a mouthful of cum.

Stopping her blowjob just long enough to speak, Mary encouraged him, “It’s ok, Dad,” she said lovingly, “you can cum.”

“No,” Tom said, “I’m not ready just yet. I was wondering…it’s been so long since I’ve felt a nice, tight pussy…”

Gina burst out laughing behind Mary. “That’s what you get for encouraging the horny bastard!”

“Daaaad,” Mary started to protest. “Then I’ll have to shower and…well…” she looked up at her father’s pleading eyes “…fine.”

Mary stood up, hiked up her skirt, and straddled her father. Holding his cock in one hand and her panties to the side with the other, she lowered her pussy on to her kaçak bahis father’s shaft. She closed her eyes as she felt full.

“God,” Mary sighed, “it does feel good to be home. Just don’t tell Rob I didn’t make you wear a condom and don’t cum inside me, ok?.”

Tom nodded without opening his eyes. “Ayuh. Not a word to Rob. No creampie. Got it.”

Mary rocked her hips as her Dad grabbed her ass and helped, her pussy grabbing at his shaft with each gyration.

Mary closed her own eyes. Settling into the rhythm. Enjoying the sensation and, to be honest, enjoying putting on a show. She grinned inside knowing she made her Dad cum better than her aunt…better than her brother…better than her sisters…even better than her Mom. She let the sounds of her family around her wash over her as she pleasured herself on her father’s shaft.

Faster…faster…vaguely aware of familiar voices joining the chatter. Mary felt like a thousand miles away from the voices.

Her brother: “Wow, Rob, your wife sure can fuck.”

Her older sister: “…she does look good. I think she’s been doing pilates.”

Her father: “Oops. Sorry sweetie.”

Mary’s trance broke. “Ooops? Dad, what do you mean, oops? Oh. Oh. Fuck! Dad!”

Mary leapt off her father’s cock, cum spilling out of her and leaking down her thighs as the room full of family members cheered.

“Sorry, sweetie. I couldn’t help it! I swear!”

Mary turned beet red realizing just how many people were now staring at her. She threw her hands up. “Well…since it looks like i’m going for the morning after pill anyway…who’s next?”

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