A Evening of Passion

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We will both be busy with friends and family. Barely a moment for time alone, to snuggle, cuddle, kick back and be at ease.

We will give and receive lots of love and compassion to those who have less than we do.

Consoling those who may not have a special someone for this day.

Is this going to be enough for us on this special day?

I think maybe not, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and help poor old cupid out.

Ok, we save the 14th for all those others, but tonight will be for just us.

Bet you receive a couple of gifts earlier today. One bottle of dark red, rich sweet cherry wine, two glass, and a cork screw; One red rose and one white orkut in a small delicate vase.

No card?

Who could all this be from?

You wonder all day. No one is claiming responsibility, but you like surprises. You wait and wonder.

It’s only Friday. There is two more day for this person to fess up.

You know Valentines day is coming up. Your excitement builds all day. Closing time comes, and it’s still a mystery.

It’s been a long day, you just want to lock up and go home kick off your shoes. Whip up a quick meal. Sit down and watch a movie.

You know relax.


What’s that out there in the dark? You look again. Now, you don’t see anything.


Must have been a long day. Now, you think your see things. You shut down your computer, turn off the lights. Just as your about to open the door. It opens.

In the dark it’s hard to see who came in. They are wearing something dark. It covers them from head to foot.

That’s when you recognize that long black velvet cloak.


For a minute I had you. I slip the hood down to reveal my really long golden hair and step inside.

The keys for the door are in your, I take them from you. I lock us in.

I take your hand and bring you back over to your desk. I put my hand on your chest and nudge you into your chair.

My eyes are already adjust to the dark. I see where you left the wine and glasses. I hand the wine to you.

While you try to open it the dark, I move around the room and light a couple of candles.

You can now easily pour us each a glass.

As I swirl around you can see I’m wearing that stunning red sequined dress.

Funny, it seems shorter tonight. It barely covers my butt. The black thigh high stockings are held up with black garter straps.

The red sequined high heels are quite on the carpet as I make way back over to you. I move slow, sleek.

I reach for the wine, bring it to my lips, take a sip. A bit runs down my chin. I go to wipe it away.

You grab my hand away and pull me forward. Lick from the bottom of my chin all the way up to my lips.

Aah, not so fast. I break away. I bring the glass back up to drink the whole thing, hold it out for more.

I stay just barely in reach.

You are curious, but no longer in a hurry to leave. You down the remains from your glass and refill them both.

You set the bottle down and lean back in your chair.

I flip you a cd of the sexiest music I could find. You reach over and pop it in.

When you turn around I am sitting right in the middle of your desk. I put my spike heels on the arm rests of your chair. One on each side.

Your pinned in, but, Ooo! What a view! You can’t look away.

You set your glass down. Now with both canlı bahis hands free, you know what to fill them with. Your hands circle my ankles, and very slowly slide up my calves and back down.

Making tracing movements with your finger all the way back up to my knees.

Your eyes are glued to the v between my legs.

I lean back a bit and take a sip of wine.

You hear me let out a soft deep moan. You can’t tell if it was for the wine or for the gentle caresses thus far received.

No matter, it is a very pleasant sound, and hope to hear more.

Your hands continue their exploration to my thighs. You lean forward.

You pick up my scent, but something else is mixed with it. A hint of french vanilla.

You bring your face close. I can feel your hot breathe shoot up my thighs and to my pussy.

I sigh.

I lean forward and catch a glimpse of your crouch. Your pants seemed to have tighten a bit.

My eyes roam upward, to see that your eyes have darkened.

Your holding back, not sure how far this will be allowed to continue, or just enjoying the anticipation factor. Maybe both.

I sensed you hesitate. I wrap my legs around you and pull you in. You face ends up in my pussy.

You slide your hands up my thighs and around to my butt.

Then you realize there is some kind of clothing covering that hot wet spot. You thought it was one of those thong thingy’s. Wait it goes farther up, so for now you pull the thing to the side.

I feel your whiskers on my thighs as you move to taste me.

It tickles, and I wiggle and squirm.

You plant a gentle kiss to my clit, then slide your tongue down to taste my sweet juices.

You moan slow and deep.

I feel the vibrations and then I moan. My legs tighten their grip around you.

I seemed to have lost my glass some where, both my hands are tangled in your hair. Before you can put your tongue into me.

I slide my legs down and pull your head up to mine. I open my lips and pull you forward. Lips to lips. I pause to look into your eyes.

You move in for a kiss. I suck your tongue into my mouth. Swirl it around for a moment or two.

Your hands move across my body. Touching every inch you can reach. Looking for a way to undue the dress. The kissing is simply a distraction.

Aah! There it is, a button in the back of the collar and then the zipper.

I feel the a draft as my dress becomes loose, and shiver a bit.

Your hands are there and they ward off the chill.

Surprise! There is a lot more under that darn dress then you thought.

Once the zipper is fully undone. The dress slips off to reveal a one piece red and black satin corset.

It laces up from both the left and right hip. Gater straps run to the thigh high stockings.

You move back to take a look.


I giggle. I always love the way you respond to lingerie.

You have me spin around slow. I figure, your looking for the fastest or best way to get it off.

I give you a minute, then turn half way around. This time I stop. I bend over with my back arched and refill my glass.

Your hands grab my hips as you press up against my back side. One hand slide up my back and the other around to the front to erge me up right.

I can feel your breath in my hair. One hand moves my hair out of the way.

Your whiskers tickle the back of my neck. Your lips bahis siteleri begin to devour my neck as you turn me back to you.

Kissing and licking, sometimes nibbling, then you nibble just a bit to hard. My moan suddenly changed to an mousy ooch!

Then you starting sucking. You know it will leave a mark, but oh well. It feels sooo good.

I return to moaning, and start to move my hips against yours.

I can feel you starting to get hard, while I get weak in the knees.

Your hands grab my butt and keep me against you.

My hands move up your chest. I begin to undue your shirt. My hands slip inside and glide though your soft chest hair.

Searching for your nipples. When I find them, they are not yet hard. I move my head to one of them.

I place a gentle kiss on it. My tongue makes a full circle around it. I suck it into my mouth and just as suddenly.

I released it. I move off a bit then let out a slow, hot breathe on it. It becomes hard as a rock.

While I was teasing this one orally, my hand kept circling the nipple of the other.

Kissing my way over to the other to do the same to it. This time I add a little nibbling.


I got to rough. Your turn to growl.

You move into a position so you can put your lips on my collar bone. You begin to plant light kisses on my skin.

While your hands work on removing that darn corset.

Oh, not to bad. There seems to be a zipper in the back. Just as you get it undone your lips reach my breast.

Where your tongue comes out and gives my nipple a big lick, before you take it in to your mouth. Swirling your tongue around my nipple, once or twice.

You open your mouth a bit and release a breath on it, it hardens instantly.

In the mean time your hand has found my other nipple. Your thumb brushes over the tip then circles a couple of times, but it is still soft.

You like it when they’re hard!

You lick your way over and capture it between your lips. Gently giving it a quick suck, then release it.

You let out a long slow hot breath, it too becomes hard as a rock.

You take it into your mouth and draw deep. You didn’t realize that when you do that, you make a gush of juices to flow toward my loins. You swirl the tip and you suck a bit harder.

I think, if I were a cat. I would be purring right now.

Instead, a soft gentle sound barely audible rumble around in my throat.

Your hands slowly meander down my torso.

One moves towards my back to seek that twirly design permanently embedded there. It’s been there for years but you can still feel it. You trace it with tip of your fingers.

It sends shivers up my spine.

You begin to nibble your way down my torso, til you get to the gems decorating my belly button.

Your tongue comes out and circles the whole set once or twice, just before diving in. Your tongue slips under the stone there and gives it a little flick or two.


Your tongue slides out and around as you slowly head lower.

You finally reach my well trimmed bush. Your hands glide over my thighs. When you plant a kiss right on my clit.


Your tongue comes out and slides up and down and up. Only to circle my clit and down to taste my sweet juices.

Oh, WOW!

There is just pool of hot juices.

Your tongue enters just a bit and then retreats. You plunge in as bahis şirketleri deep as you can go.

You move your tongue in and out a couple of times before you move your tongue back to my clit.

You run your your tongue up and down several times.

I have to stop you! I don’t want to cum yet. I pull your head up to mine.

I lick my juices off your face, before you drive your tongue into my mouth. You swirl it around some.

When I catch it, I suck on it. I try to keep you as distracted as I can, so you won’t notice to much, as I undue your pants.

Aaah! You caught me.

I nudge you back into your chair as I slide your pants and drawers down. I let go of your stuff as soon as my face gets close to your enlarged member.

In one hand I catch it. The other hand caresses your balls.

My tongue comes out and circles the tip, before landing on the slit. Where I run my tongue up and down, up and down, and back up to the tip.

I insert the tip of my tongue into your tip. In and out, in and out, then around.

My lips press firmly all the way around the tip your head and start to slide downward. I go down as far as I can.

On the slide up my hand follows. Your eyes roll back into your head. A deep moan vibrates through your chest.

Wanting to hear that a couple of more time.

I release your balls. Useing both hands and mouth on your shaft. I slide up and down, up, down.

You reach down and put your hands on my head. You push and pull to help me find your rhythm. Your hips begin to pump.

I know you are close, so I break away. I’ll swallow another time. Tonight I need you to ride me slow, hard and deep.

Deeper than you’ve ever gone. I need it. I stand up, pulling you with me. I turn around, and bend over your desk.

I reach between my legs and guide you to my hot pool. You only insert the tip a bit and back out.


You tease me!

Then you slide it across my clit, mmmm…


You liked that too. You do it a couple of more times before your slip your tip in and out, but each time a bit deeper.

You watch each slow stroke. You watch my tramp stamp move with each thrust.

Your hands grab my hips and pull me on deep. Deeper wth each stroke, deeper still.

Your pace begins to quicken, then you hit it! Ummmm!

That’s the spot. Now that you’ve found it, you just keep pumping it. You know it’s the right spot.

A sound escape from my throat every time you get it. I can tell you’re really close now. You grow that extra inch.

We erupt almost at the same time. I think you made it before I did.

Good for me, you always give me a few extra strokes after you make it.

Which finishes me off. We collapse into your chair, not bothering to separate.

We lean back and rest a minute, to catch our breath. Let our heart settle into a slower, more comfortable pace. The blood starts to circulate back to our brains.

When there is a tapping on the door. We look up. A eek of surprise escape from me.

You jump a bit, almost dump me on the floor. Probably would have, but your hands were right there to hang on to me.

We look up at the glass door to see an officer standing there.


I scramble for my cape. You pull up your pants and open the door.

You and officer converse by the door a minute.

He leaves.

We finish dressing. We blow out the candles, toss the empty bottle and stash the glasses.

Lock the door. Chuckling and giggling.

We head for home.

Yes, this will tide us over til we find another chance to be together and alone!

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