A Different Shower

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It wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t drunk. James knew that, he also figured it wouldn’t have happened if he and his wife, Denise were at home. He figured it was all just a set of circumstances that combined to lead to the event. A sexual perfect storm he called it.

James and Denise had been visiting relatives in another city and they were staying at James’ mother’s house while she was away on a cruise. The house was nothing spectacular, a small two bedroom, two bath house with no real fancy features except for the shower in the master bathroom.

The shower was all tile, recessed two steps down from the bathroom floor level, with one low step along the back of the shower and a tall step up to the shower opening. There was no door on the shower, it basically wasn’t needed with the deep recession. Anyway, it was different, large enough for two, or even three or four, though they weren’t drunk enough to consider a foursome.

After eating out with James’s father and his wife, James and Denise headed back to the house where James opened a bottle of his mother’s wine. After polishing off the bottle they both were feeling pretty good. Not wanting to leave any tell tale signs in the sheets for James’ mother to find, they both decided to head to the shower to fool around a bit.

James had stayed at his mother’s house many times before and had used the shower on numerous occasions, so he knew the possibilities it held. That high gaziantep escort step out of the shower was perfect for a woman to rest her arms on as she bent over and took a man from behind. That is exactly what he planned for his wife, to bend her over and fuck her from behind.

With the plan in mind, James made sure he brought along some lube. It was a necessity these past few years for Denise since she had entered menopause. With the lube in hand, James led Denise into the shower and they both got into the warm water and soaped each up. James concentrated his scrubbing of his wife’s large breasts, swirling his soapy finger over her nipple and then cupping his hands over both breasts and squeezing.

Denise scrubbed James cock and balls, working his shaft up and down while squeezing his balls to just the point where they ached slightly then releasing. James finally had to move her hands away so he wouldn’t come too soon.

When both of them were pretty worked up James said, “Quick, let’s rinse off, I’ve got an idea.”

Denise made a face, wary of James’ ideas, but she rinsed off and then asked, “Okay, what now?”

“Look, bend over here and rest your arms on the floor there,” he said, positioning her as he had fantasized about for years.

She bent over and said, “Okay?”

“Perfect,” he said, grabbing the lube and working it over his cock. He then moved closer to his wife, who, watching him lube up figured out escort bayan what he had in mind. She spread her legs out wider and reached her hand up between her legs ready to guide his cock into her pussy.

James was about to let her do that when he looked a little higher, at the tight hole that had never been an option for him before. He had wanted to try it but Denise told him to forget it. But here it was, she was drunk and any problem she had with things being dirty afterwards was easily solved, they were in the shower.

Instead of slipping his cock down to her pussy, he held her hip firmly with his left hand while he guided his cock up to her tiny hole with his right. He pushed and felt his wife pull away saying, “Are you so drunk you can’t get it in the right place after all these years?”

Ignoring the question, he pulled her back to him and leaned his hips forward, working the head in just a ways.

“What are you doing?” Denise said loudly.

“Let’s just try this, just relax.”


“Look, were in the shower, and if it doesn’t work we can stop,” he lied.


“Come on honey, give it a try.”

“Okay, but what do I do?”

Surprised she gave in so easily, he paused, then said, “Okay, just relax as I push here.”

“It hurts.”

“Bend a bit more and relax,” he said, pushing himself to her. He pressed hard, but nothing happened, until slowly it opened enough for the head of his cock to slip in. Not wanting to let it slide back out, James, grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her back as he arched his back and thrust forward.

His cock slowly slid into her as James felt the tight muscles squeezing around him. The sensation was incredible, so much more intense than pushing into her pussy. He kept pulling her back until he was all the way in her ass.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, it hurt at first but it seems okay now.”

James slowly backed his cock out some and then pushed back into her, once again feeling the intense pleasure squeezing him. Sliding back out of her he lost control, thrusting himself into her and then coming, spurting his cum deep into her ass. He had wanted to try to hold off for her but it was simply too intense for him.

Holding her tight as his cock twitched, working the last bit of cum into her, he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“Because I came too quickly.”

“You haven’t come that quick in years, it was great,” she said. “Try to keep him inside me,” she said reaching down and running her fingers on her clit.

James held her tight, watching as his cock slipped out of her while she diddled her clit. She kept going until she came, which was something he enjoyed, watching her make herself come. When she finished, James quickly washed off his cock and then pulled Denise over to him, kissing her on the mouth hard.

They then dried off and climbed into bed, sleeping naked together for the first time in years. James drifted to sleep thinking about taking another shower in the morning.


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