A Day at the Office

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I met this guy name Michael in June at a restaurant and the first time we met, although I had a boyfriend, we hit off and we had sex in his car. I don’t know what it is about him but he has a very strong, magnetic and yet erotic force in him that just attracts me and every time I see him, we end up having sex.

One day I was at work, just sitting around doing nothing. No one was in the office so I decided to give him a call. We arranged for him to meet me at the office. I somehow got nervous, like it was a big moment for me. That’s just the effect he has on me. I listened to my desk radio for a few minutes while I waited for him and I somehow drifted off to sleep. The door buzzer woke me up and I looked from behind my desk to see who it was. It was him and I felt my heart beat beginning to speed. I opened the door for him and him he walked in. I rose to meet him and when we met I outstretched my hands to hug him. We hugged and we kissed for a very long time. He told me I looked nice and I thanked him. All this time we were in between hugs and kisses. When we released each other, he held my hand and led me to one of the vacant offices in the room.

I sat down on the desk and he came between my legs and we began to kiss again. He lifted my legs and began to kiss my thighs and behind my knees.

‘You smell so good’ he said and I moaned. He kissed my pussy through my panty and then he proceeded to remove them. He began to lick my pussy, something I think he does very well. He licked and sucked my clit until I was bucking off the table and grabbing his hair. He slipped a finger güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri into my wetness and finger fucked me with a calmness that made me begged for more. I ground my hips against his hand and he slipped another two in. He pulled them out and licked my juices from his fingers. He lifted my top and moved aside my bra. He kissed my breasts and licked the nipples while he began to undress himself. He took of his pants and shirt. I sat up and we exchanged places on the table. When he sat down, I started kissing his nipples, circling them with the tip of my tongue. He closed his eyes and moaned. I kissed and licked his navel, going all the way down until my face met his dick. I kissed it and gently took it into my hands. I wanted to pleasure him until he was screaming my name. I licked the head and gently suck on it. I kept on sucking and rubbing the shaft. I licked and suck the head and he pushed into my mouth. I knew he wanted me to go deeper but I refused and continue to tease him. He groaned and I kept on sucking. When I felt it was time to go deeper. I opened my lips and I engulfed his dick into my hot, moist mouth.

‘Oh shit’ he groaned ‘more, baby, I like that, yeahhhhhhhh’. I kept on sucking his shaft, licking it up and down, tasting every part of it. I massaged his balls and he pushed further into my mouth. I pulled my mouth away from his dick and I moved them down to his balls. I sucked each one of them until he screamed my name begging me to stop. I kept on sucking them and rubbing his dick and he told me he is going to cum soon.

I took güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my mouth of and he quickly got off the table. I went down on the carpet and bend over on all fours. He positioned himself behind me and spread my ass cheeks. He rubbed his dick back and forth on my clit, getting it all wet from my juices. I took off my top and he pushed in the tip and slowly pushed his way inside. He began to fuck me and I felt my pussy widening to accommodate him. I felt his dick rubbing against my inner walls and I moaned. He pushed deeper and he grabbed my ass and began to fuck me very hard and fast. We fucked like this for 10 mins until he pulled out and told me he was cumin. He came all over my ass while I rubbed my clit. He sat down and pulled me on to his lap. I sat there and we talked and kissed, he rubbed my clit.

‘You’re so wet and hot’ he said and I smiled. He gently rubbed my clit with his thumb while I rubbed his cock to get it hard. In 3 mins he was hard and ready to go again. He laid down and put me to straddle him. I knelt over him and position my pussy over his cock. I grabbed his shaft and inserted it into my waiting pussy. He moaned and I began to ride him slow and deep, feeling him sliding in out of me. I leaned down to kiss him and he took one of my breasts in his mouth and sucked it. I rode him deeper and faster until he took off his mouth and groaned my name. He grabbed my ass and spread the cheeks, I began to grind my hips against his.

‘Oh shit’ he said and I thought he was going to cum again so I slowed down eventually to a stop.

‘False güvenilir bahis şirketleri alarm’ he smiled and I closed my eyes and began to rotate my hips against him. I got up and turned myself around, so that I was backing him. I felt him rubbing his dick as I pulled up, then suddenly I felt his finger slide into my asshole. While I was riding him, he finger fucked me in the ass. I moaned and grabbed his knees and bounced harder and faster on his dick. He began to push up into my cunt further and further until his balls were slapping against my ass. We went at it like this for 15 mins and then I got off. I helped him up on his feet and we headed for the desk. I leaned over and let my upper body lean on the desk. I spread my legs and waited for Michael to fuck my pussy. He came behind me and spread my ass and rammed his cock far up into my pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes. He began to fuck me slow but he increased his pace to a hard, fast steady rhythm. I grabbed the sides of the desk until my knuckles turned white and Michael continued to fuck my pussy hard and rough. He grabbed my hips and slammed his dick further and further into me. His thighs slapped against my ass hard and fast and the contact made a lot of noise. It felt soooo good I felt myself cumming and I screamed. I came so hard on his dick that his dick slipped out of my pussy suddenly. He pushed it back in and continued to fuck me and then he too came hard. He rammed it into me while he came. I felt his sperm hitting my pussy as he pulled out and squirted all over my pussy and my ass.

When he had cooled off, we cleaned up ourselves and got dress suddenly aware that someone could enter the office any minute. We both smiled at each other and kissed.

‘Until we meet again’ he said and kissed me deep and long. I kissed him back and we said our goodbyes.

That made my day a pleasant one.

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