A Day at the Beach

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MaryBeth sank gratefully down onto the warm sand and sighed as it conformed to welcome her weight. She peered through sunglasses disguising crystal blue eyes the same color as the raging ocean before her.

The beach practically belonged to her on the hot August morning. She had beaten the crowds of mothers with their screaming children and the teens out of school for summer vacation. She did see a group of coeds playing volleyball but didn’t pay them any mind, until he came up to serve. He was not her usual style but something about him made her take a longer look.

His hair was scruffier than she liked not to mention bleached a pale blonde from the sun. Still, she imagined tangling her fingers in it to pull him towards her. His mouth, now turned up in a grin, looked masterful, as if it had known the lips of a lot of lovers.

MaryBeth watched the muscles in his arm ripple as he served the volleyball but didn’t notice as it arced perfectly over the net. Her mind was running her hands down his beautifully bronzed bursa escort chest. Her breath hitched in her throat at her thoughts as she struggled to tear herself away from her stare. The last thing she needed was another man in her life she thought as she rolled over onto her stomach and tried to drift away.

Suddenly she felt strong hands on her calves, rubbing on her suntan lotion. MaryBeth wanted to roll over but didn’t want the massage to end.

The hands had moved up to her thighs. She held her breath as the fingers grazed the elastic of her bikini bottoms. She felt herself become wet and swollen.

Relief set in as the fingers moved up to smear the lotion onto her back, until she realized that her top had come untied. Now there was nothing between her and the hands that sought to pleasure her. That thought both thrilled and terrified her.

Her breath escaped in a sigh of pleasure as the hands brushed the sides of her breasts before gently rolling her over. MaryBeth stared up into the sea green bursa escort bayan eyes of her tormentor and instantly recognized Mr. Volleyball. He didn’t say a word as he straddled her and warmed more lotion between his capable hands. His hands landed first on her soft abdomen, rubbing until she ached for him to find her where she throbbed for his touch.

He must have read the desire in her eyes because his hands moved upward under her loose top to cup her ample breasts. He kneaded them as his thumbs began a slow caress over her hardened nipples. MaryBeth writhed with pleasure, arching her back to give him more. His groan was lost as he leaned down to capture one pink nipple in his mouth, teasing its taut peak torturously with his tongue.

MaryBeth reached between them, aching to feel his sun drenched skin. He was hot to the touch, hard and masculine beneath her fingers. As he rose up she instinctively sought his taste with her mouth. He was salty and musky and insisting as he covered her mouth with his demanding escort bursa lips, bruising her with his need. He gently separated them and pushed her back onto the sand despite her protests. He wasn’t done tasting and teasing. He grinned at her wickedly as his hands found their way back to her quivering belly. He rubbed slow, dizzying circles until she thought she would die if he didn’t stop, at the same time, she thought she would explode if he did stop.

Her breath quickened as his thumb traced its way around the elastic of her bikini bottoms and pushed its way inside, close to the heat of her. Her hips came up begging him for more. He slipped the bottoms easily down her legs and positioned his head and shoulders between her thighs. His tongue began a slow taste of her as her fingers tangled themselves in his tousled blonde locks. Just as she began to spiral out of control he rose up and plunged his hard cock deep inside of her and rode the wave as it rocked her. Pulling out he spilled his cum on her belly, white pearls cascading down her sides.

MaryBeth moaned and rolled over just in time to see him running to catch the stray volleyball. As he strolled past her he looked her way and offered a slow, easy grin that started a fire low in her belly.

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