A Date To Remember

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As I drive over to your home for our date tonight…I smile as I pull into your drive. I step out and approach your door, wondering what you might be wearing on our date…I knock and you quickly answer and my eyes grow larger as I gaze upon you in Your tight jeans and tight button down blouse…looking stunning…I move forwards and hand you some flowers and softly kiss your cheek…We hug for a moment and you go find a vase for your flowers…I watch your ass as you swagger away towards the kitchen in front of me. I want you right now! You surprise me with a candlelit dinner already prepared instead of us going out! You ask if I mind and I say, “hell no, it ALL looks good”…meaning mostly you for sure! I move towards you and kiss you…pulling your body closer to me…you kiss passionately back and our tongues twist in each other’s mouth and you taste so good! I feel my blood rush towards my cock already…and your breasts feel very nice against my chest….

With all the hard work and energy I put into making this dinner so that we could stay in tonight, I just hoped you enjoy it. From the way you are looking at me, I know you like what you see…landing in your arms with them wrapped around me in this embrace feels so good, as your tongue slides into my mouth, I begin to feel my head get a little bit dizzy, maybe lightheaded. I run my hands down your back and just lean into you. Knowing full well that my ample bosom is straining against this tight shirt…knowing the nipples can be felt against your chest. I look up at you and smile…then I let you know I need a hand in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine, so I grab your hand and pull u with me into the kitchen. Your hand swats at my ass…and I turn to look at you and raise the ol’ eyebrow and then giggle…there is work to be done.

Oh yes, I could feel your breasts and firm nipples against my chest when we hugged…and I could not resist that little swat on your ass…. sorry! As I open the wine bottle I lean over to kiss your lips as you stand next to me watching me…giggling! The dinner smells fabulous but eating food is honestly not what is on my mind! You hand me 2 glasses and I pour us both a glass of wine and offer up a “toast” to us…. We knock glasses and take a slow sip…still looking into each other’s eyes…and then I lean forward to kiss your wine moistened lips…oh your tongue sucks mine deep into your mouth and our passion grows…. we set down the glasses as I pull you closer into my arms. I move you over closer to the empty counter space and press you against it firmly as we continue to kiss. I then lift you up on the counter where your breasts are more eye level and I pull back to watch my fingers slowly unbutton your blouse…. as I undo the last button, I slowly pull each side to almost exposing your erect nipples but just before I uncover them, I firmly tug on each side of your shirt to make the cotton rub firmly against them…as I smile while doing this, as you giggle also…. but you find this fun and sensual. I then slide your blouse off your shoulders to expose your breasts…my hands slide up your waist to hold each of them in my hands…we both lean forward to share another kiss…my lips then move down your neck…sliding my tongue down your neck…finding your left nipple as my fingers roll your right nipple…pleasuring them both…I feel your hands and fingers run thru my long curly hair on my head…. you softly moan as I suck your nipples…. I feel my cock fill with both blood and cum….. getting excited.

I love the feel of your hands all over my body. And I love that feeling of the material against my hardening nipples. I lean over and grab the wine glass while you search my eyes for what is to come .I take a sip and offer a quick peck at your lips…. a teaser as you whisper in my ear after I pull away Hhhmmm teaser eh.i giggle…and the proceed to dip my finger in the wine glass and offer it to your mouth. You take my finger slowly in your mouth and begin to suck on it. I watch mesmerized by your eyes…they never leave mine, so I reach for the wine glass again…and decide to take another finger and dip it in and take that finger right to my nipple and let it dance on the hard erect nipple…. wanna taste?

HMMM the dark red wine glistens on your hard erect nipple as I lean bahis firmaları forward to suck it off from you…hmmmm both you and the wine taste so fine…I too get into the act and dip my finger into my glass and then run it onto your lips to moisten them before I kiss you again…. so sweet…. so soft are they…as they meet mine for another long passionate kiss and embrace. I ask if dinner can wait for a while and you say “yes”, as I help you down off the counter and you take my hand and lead me into your bedroom. I hold your hand while walking towards the bedroom and keep glancing back at you. I know you aren’t going anywhere but just like to know that you like what u see…I stop for a second and pull u towards me and kiss your lips…you smile and ask. What was that for? Just want you to know how sexy I think you are…and I giggle. And pull u back in the room with me. I notice that on the way out of the kitchen you grabbed the bottle of wine…

As we enter the bedroom, the candles are already lit and some soft music is playing in the room different from the music in the living room and kitchen. I sit on the edge of the bed and just lay my head against your stomach just breathing you in. I feel you lean over and put the wine bottle on the floor and then your hand comes to my mane of blond hair and just softly massages my scalp, you push my head back and gaze into my eyes, then lean over and kiss me letting your tongue hungrily explore my mouth…i begin to suck on your tongue and then as you slide your tongue out…i suck on your lower lip…. not wanting to release you from this embrace…you place your arms around my hips and lift me easily off the end of the bed to push me back onto the bed…i say its not fair, you have to much clothes on..as I sit in bed in only my jeans. I watch with great intensity as you begin to move away from the bed and begin to sway those hips to the music…you turn away, lean over and wiggle your ass in my direction. I clap and say more :). You are eating this up…start to take your shirt off and stop.can you handle this you ask me…Of course I can…while I lick my lips…you take your shirt off and throw it at me…I laugh and toss my hair behind my head…loving every minute of this.

I move my hands down towards my stomach and slide my thumbs up under my pants…. teasing you by thrusting my crotch towards your face…. sliding my shoes off my feet while still moving to the music, I then turn around and bend over and shake my ass at you as I reach down and take my socks off…. then turning around quickly I unbutton my jeans and slowly slide the zipper down and pull each side away revealing my black underwear and part of the bulge inside created by my exhibitionism for you! You scream for me to “take it off!” So I slide each side off from my hips and on down towards my ankles and kick out of my pants…grinding my hips and groin at your face…moving just close enough for you to see the shape of my hard cock inside my underwear…. you reach to touch me and I teasingly move away…and laugh…you wanted to touch me! Not just yet honey…I then slip down the front to reveal some more hair and slide my hand along the outline of my stiff cock to show you my size…and lick my lips knowing that you want me… I then slide them off slowly on down off my legs and feet…. and dance as my erect cock bounces firmly with my movement…I move closer to you with my erection in my hand and guide it towards your face as your lips and tongue get moistened by the precum oozing from the tip. I begin to gingerly suck on your cock…alternating between my mouth around your cock and using my thumb to rub small circles around the head… You know how much I love to suck on your cock and as I take your cock in my hand and rub it around my lips, the sweet jism from your cock makes my lips glisten. I lick at my lips and stroke your cock a little bit harder at this point.faster and with more intensity as your cum is lubricating your cock for me…. I guide your cock to my breasts and just trace my nipples- the left then the right- with the tip of your cock and rub the sweet taste of your cum on my nipples…I feel your hands come down on my breasts as your cock fits snuggly inside them and you begin to fuck my tits…cum shoots into my mouth. around my neck and into my hair…. kaçak iddaa I hear a throaty laugh come from you and I know you are pleased…you lean over me and scoop up the cum that found its way on my body and slip it into my mouth on your finger…

Mmmmmmm.u taste so good…

“You like that don’t you lover?” I ask and you just giggle and smile and respond with a “Yes”, as you lick your lips once more. My hands massage my cum into and around your nipples which makes them grow even harder for me…. I wipe some from your hair and also feed that into your waiting mouth…. I lean you back onto the bed and start to remove your pants…. I place your hands up over your head and take 2 tank tops found beside your bed and tie one arm to your bedpost with one and move around and tie up the other with the second shirt…you look at me with wonder, but I just smile and never say a word…. I sense that you trust me…knowing that I would not hurt you…in the room’s candlelight glow, I then find a scarf and place it around your head covering your eye…you moan as darkness takes over your eyes…. I softly kiss your lips and quickly you kiss back not knowing my next move…. my tongue starts to slide down your neck and onto your erect nipples…I still taste some of myself on them…hmmmm arousing…my hands finally move towards your unbuttoned jeans and I finish removing them from your legs…. you lay there bound and blindfolded…your breasts firm and your black satin-lace underwear shining in the candle’s warm light…. I guide my hands up from your feet and your body trembles at this first touch once again…quickly I move them up and gently remove your panties and slide them off your feet…you trimmed pussy hairs shine…and you spread your legs anticipating something to hurriedly pleasure your aching clit and pussy…you moan for me to touch you more….”be patient my lover” I whisper back into your ear as you breathe deeply.

I know the rise and fall of my chest matches the intensity I am feeling, the anticipation of your first touch. The utter shock that must have registered on my face at my arms being tied to the bedposts quickly passed but that flicker of hesitation you saw in my eyes was abandoned when you smiled at me. I know you wouldn’t hurt me and all you will give to me in the next moments in time will bring me intense pleasure. The fact that I am blindfolded only adds to the excitement because I know how patient you can be when you bring me to this heightened spot. Although my body wants to cum at your first touch, I know that you will not let me. I know that this teasing is all a part of the games we play. First you begin to just hover over my body. I can feel your breath on every part of me as you slide your body over mine. I so desperately want you to touch me but I know I must be patient. I moan just to let you know I am full of desire for you. Not looking in your eyes is killing me.

I feel the bed move and then I think I can hear you opening something, the next thing I know I feel wet drops on my stomach…mmm it smells like the wine. Then I feel you rubbing the wine into my skin in the spots you just came onto. I feel my belly button start to fill with the wine and I just begin to laugh…you steady me by placing one of your hands on my stomach. As know you can feel my ribs. And then I feel your tongue dip into my belly button and start to lick and suck the wine out. The feelings you are sending thru my body excite me…my moans get a little bit louder and your hand begins to work its way up to my breasts…kneading the softness of my tit in your hand. The blindfold only bothers me because I want to watch what you are doing. , but this feeling of not knowing excites me even more.

Yes, I do not know which tastes better, the wine or you…I am enjoying them both…knowing that not seeing what I am doing, I am being very cautious with my extended foreplay…I feel drops of precum fall onto your stomach as I move forwards to kiss your moist lips again…. the tip of my cock brushes your stomach and you moan sensing what hard object it was that touched you…I feel your breath stop momentarily also as I slide my hand teasingly down between your spread legs to feel your wet pussy….hmmmm I take a lick of your juices and tell you what I am doing softly next to kaçak bahis your ear…you moan loudly and your breaths get deeper and louder with excitement…I place my own finger down onto the tip of my cock and tell you to open your mouth as I rub some precum over and across your lips…you moan louder as your tongue slides across your lips to gather all of my juices….moving forward I kiss your nipples and start to caress them sliding my hands up underneath them squeezing them together and fondling them firmly…your nipples are hard and you moan ever so slightly as I blow air on each of them before taking then into my mouth and sucking them and softly biting them….my hard cock is pressed up against your right leg as you try to squeeze it closer to your leg.

I try to move my body so that I can get your hard cock inside of me…you just laugh in between the softest of nibbles on my breasts…not now Andrea, I hear you whisper. Tasting your precum on my mouth has made me drunk with desire…you excite me to no end lover and I lay there thinking that you are one of the sexiest and most erotic men I have ever been with. The trust I have placed in you at this moment apparent and any hesitation I have gone, I just want to feel the waves of pleasure I know you will afford me.

Your hands cover my entire breasts and I feel your teeth nibbling lightly as I feel one of your hands slide down to my parted thighs but you just let it lay there drawing small circles around the inside of my thigh…almost just holding onto my body. I know I am moaning loudly and trying to move my hips to feel your hard cock. The sucking, licking and nibbling has my hips bucking wildly. The stirrings of an orgasm are apparent to you. I hear you whisper, “Cum for me baby.” My body begins to shudder beneath your nibbles and suckings…my pussy juice begins to run down my inner thigh and you cant help but move your hand to it. My back arches as my body gives into you.

I know this is the moment that your body has been aching for…against my hand I feel your rush of wetness as you cum for me baby…my fingers delve deep inside your flooded pussy and I pump my fingers in and out while twisting them against all sides of your vaginal opening…you moan from more pleasure as I move my lips and tongue down from your nipples and start to suck your hard nub…my face and beard now moist from your bodily juices only adds to my full enjoyment of what I am doing…. you smell and taste so wonderful…your cum aroma arouses me and makes me only want to pleasure you more….with each lick and movement of my fingers, I feel your legs slide back and forth across the sheets and your hands fight to get free to hold me…I feel your body arch up as you cry out louder that you are about to cum again and don’t stop-please don’t stop…this makes me work even more feverishly to help you achieve your next orgasm…your body tightens with each stroke of my tongue and you push your pussy harder into my face and cry out loudly as your body peaks with ecstasy and you cum for me again….

Once again I feel the rush of your fluids engulf my tongue and fingers adding more taste of you…all to my enjoyment….slowly as you start to regain your breath and composure…I move up and kiss your lips…you feel your own wetness on my face as I lean over towards your ear, kiss it, blow on it softly with my hot breath and tell you that I am about to make love to you “is that what you want?” I ask. “Oh God yes .FUCK me”! You cry out. I move down some and kiss you again as I grab hold of my swollen cock and start to slide the head all around your wet pussy…teasing it again…I think that you could almost cum again as I play with you and rub the tip of my cock against your hard clit…just before sliding my stiff shaft deep but slowly into your waiting love box.

My waiting love box is so slick with your precum mixed with my juice. I know I am incredibly wet because I can feel it in my ass crack…just working its way to that wet spot I know you are going to want to sleep in. My sweet pussy has been contracting and squeezing your love muscle and is ready to explode but wants to feel you explode at the same time as me. I feel your hard cock pushing its way against my cervix and your balls pounding against my ass. With every deep thrust of your cock, my pussy expands to take you in. Moaning and screaming your name, I look into your eyes and feel your cock explode its hot gooey cum into pussy at the same time my body quivers and shudders under you…

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