A Cow’s Cravings Ch. 05

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Rebecca woke up early in the morning. She was already leaking milk and her sheets were wet, as was often the case when she woke up. She sat up and carefully grabbed her swollen breasts; they were hard, heavy and uncomfortable. Chris was still asleep, right next to her. His part of the bed was thankfully not soaked with milk and he showed no sign of waking up anytime soon. Desperate for relief, Rebecca grabbed the breast pump on the nightstand and left the bedroom.

She sat down on the couch in the living room and turned the pump on. A loud moan escaped her mouth when she felt the tugging on her nipples, and just a moment later she could hear the sound of her milk hitting the bottom of the plastic bottles. As the milk kept gushing from her engorged breasts she checked her MooMoo, which was now overloaded with likes and comments. People obviously enjoyed her last post, and the comments were all very enjoyable for Rebecca. Most of them were expressing wishes that it was their cum on her, some pointed out the beauty of her body, but it was one that really caught Rebecca’s attention: “Wow. That’s a big load!”

Rebecca chuckled. If they only knew. She started to think about what kind of responses a full load on her tits would get. She reckoned that people would take it for a fake load, but she would like to try it out nonetheless. Then she remembered that Chris had been saving his load since she gave him a blowjob the day before. They had spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching TV shows, which was apparently interesting enough for them to stop thinking about sex. To be fair though, all that playing was quite overwhelming for their first time and they both wanted to spend time together in other ways than just having sex. It seemed like two weeks of only chatting on the phone had really paid off.

When the two nine ounce bottles were full, Rebecca turned off the pump. Any other day she would have grabbed another pair of bottles and kept pumping, but right now she had a much better idea.

Chris was still asleep, on his back, mouth open and drooling. The sight made her giggle as she crawled up to him. She placed herself on her hands and knees so that her canlı bahis bare tits were above his face, or rather on his face.

“Wake up, honey.” she said softly while she dragged her heavy breasts back and forth across his face. She had placed herself strategically to the side of him so that she would easily reach his crotch with her hand, and while her tits kept massaging his head she pulled away the cover, letting his naked body come into full view. He had a rock hard morning wood, longing to be played with. His legs were widely spread to give room for his fat ballsack, aching to release a flood of cum.

“It’s time to get up, I need you to milk me.” she said, again softly but louder this time. She reached out and grabbed one of his balls, it was almost scary how heavy it was. Feeling more confident about it now, she started to fondle his entire sack, gently but also firmly. Then she could feel his lips around her nipple and the force of his sucking to get the milk out. Now when she had already warmed them up, not much force was needed. She soon heard his gulps as he swallowed mouthfuls of her breast milk.

Although she had just pumped eighteen ounces her tits suddenly felt like they were about to explode. She wanted to scream at him to suck them harder, she wanted him to milk her to the very last drop. Just when she thought that she could not get any hornier she felt his fingers on her pussy. They moved swiftly but gently, massaging her in a loving way, all in rhythm with his lips and tongue on her nipple.

Rebecca grabbed Chris’ big cock and started to jerk it hard. She could not wait much longer, she craved for him so much that she felt like she would die if she did not have him inside her soon. Her hand went up and down his thick dick as precum oozed from it, dripping down on his belly, which made Rebecca even more eager.

“Oh god! Please, Chris, fuck me!” she shouted in desperation. Chris was not slow to respond. In one swift motion he placed her on her back and himself above her. Their eyes met and refused to separate for a long while before he leaned down and kissed her, and slowly pushed himself inside her. They both sighed delightedly.

Just bahis siteleri as slow as he had entered her he started to fuck her. Rebecca was surprised by his ability to remain calm, though she figured he probably needed lots of determination to keep himself from cumming any second. She did not want him to go faster anyway, no words she knew could describe the delight of this moment and she wanted it to hold on to it for as long as possible. Chris had obviously not become a better kisser overnight, but that did not matter at all. Without letting her lips let go of his, she reached around him and caringly scratched his back. His breathing told her that he liked that a lot, but the rhythm of his hips remained the same.

She could not tell how long it carried on, it could have been five minutes or an hour, her grasp of time was lost completely. Suddenly Chris broke the kiss. He looked into her eyes with a smile as his hips kept working at a steady pace. She felt more attracted to this man every time their eyes met. Just as she thought she could not crave more for him, she did just that. There was nothing she wanted more right now than to give him her entire body.

Rebecca grabbed her breast with one hand and put the other behind Chris’ head, wordlessly letting him know exactly what she wanted him to do. He was quick to fulfill her wish, he leaned down and started to suck her nipple. He sucked hard, clearly eager to have more of her warm milk. Just as before it was not long before she could hear his gulps. It seemed like the sensation gradually became more and more difficult for him to handle. His pace increased, his thrusts became harder and his moaning grew louder. He was already getting close.

“Are you getting close?” she asked, though she already knew the answer. She just wanted to hear him say it.

“Yes,” he moaned desperately in reply. “My balls are so full of cum, I wanna cum so bad!”

“Stand up, honey. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Chris immediately pulled out and stood up on the bed. Rebecca placed herself on her knees in front of him. Without any hesitation she put her lips around his big hard cock and grabbed his balls. She moaned bahis şirketleri when she felt their weight in her palms, as full and heavy as only his balls could be. She did not want to drag it out, she wanted him to cum now. While gently massaging his swollen ballsack she shoved his thick cock as far inside her mouth as she could before letting her lips travel all the way back to the tip, over and over again. It seemed so much bigger in her mouth now than yesterday, and it made her more decisive to make him cum.

The treatment had not even lasted a full minute when Chris reached climax. His fat cock twitched as he began to unload the insane amounts of sperm that was stored in his massive balls. His first spurt alone was much bigger than the average load and it made Rebecca open her mouth in both amazement and delight, which made it all spill out of her mouth immediately. Though as the cum of this first jet ran down her chin, another spurt filled her mouth anew. She managed to swallow some but most of that spilled out as well. Several immense spurts followed and Rebecca had no chance to keep up with the flood. She gulped greedily but not fast enough. Her tits were already soaked but he was still cumming. She loved every single second of it, sucking her bull’s big cock with his sperm running down her heavy, leaking udders.

In the heat of the moment it was not possible for Rebecca to keep track of how many jets of cum Chris released, but they eventually decreased in volume. When they were at sizes that could be considered normal, she made sure to swallow all of it. God, she loved this man’s cum so much.

When the load finally subsided completely Chris pulled out and got down from the bed. He stood in front of her, panting heavily and had a long good look at her tits. Rebecca looked down, they were drenched in his cum.

“Chris, you are insane.” she said with a laugh. “I fucking love it!”

“Yeah, I can tell.” he responded in the same manner. “I love giving it to you.”

“Could you give me my phone? I have to share this.”

Chris smiled wide and picked up her phone from her nightstand and gave it to her. He then took a step back and watched her with a pleased look while she took some pictures of her face and cum covered upper body to share on her MooMoo page.

“I’ll upload it later,” Rebecca said when she finally put her phone away. “Are you ready to go again?”

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