A Country Posting Ch. 02

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No Panties

I’d left the city to take up a position at a country nursing post, after a failed romance, some ten months ago. My duties where not arduous, and I had plenty of time on my hands, as although the population were predominately elderly they where by and large a healthy lot. Due to my experience in the city, and the lack of eligible males, I had formed no partnerships since my arrival. Being sexually active I found relief in satisfying my urges with masturbation and found this satisfactory enough under the circumstances.

My quarters where part of the complex but were private and isolated from the clinic, this enabled me to indulge my fantasy’s undisturbed. Since childhood, rubber had held a fascination for me, with an early memory of rubber panties and a mackintosh cot sheet to the present day, with my expansive collection of latex clothes and “mackintosh” sheeting, collected from all over the world.

The nights where my own and I would dress for dinner each night, then after the meal indulge myself to orgiastic climax.

One of my favorite costumes was my special nursing uniform, in fact one day it was nearly my undoing. I had put it on and went into the clinic for some other bit and pieces I’d forgotten earlier. I was startled by the night bell ringing and automatically went to open the door. It was Joan, the local Postmistress wanting her standard medication, having been unable to come in during normal hours.

Of all the people to see me in my special uniform she was the last one I wanted, as I felt she new of my secret passion, although never saying anything, about the items arriving for me by post. She looked at me as the light reflected off the shiny latex surface of my uniform and apron with a knowing look, but said nothing. Having dispensed the medication she left and I closed up with a sigh of relief.

Carrying the items I Had gone to fetch I returned to my quarters. Regaining my composure I ensured I could not be overlooked by closing the curtains. Repairing to my bedroom I slumped down on the mackintosh covered bed, placing my hand on my pubic area I gently rubbed and felt my latex panties become slippery. Standing up I changed the latex gloves, raised the front of my uniform, pulled the panties down my thighs to expose my bottom, then some lubricant enabled me to insert the new anal vibrator into my rectum, with the control wires held to one side I snuggled the latex panties up to hold it all in place.

Lowering the dress and latex apron I lay on my side on the bed with my face turned into the mackintosh to absorb the wonderful odor. Stroking my nipples through the thin latex brought them erect, then on low speed I let the vibrator stimulate my rectum, the slow movement was very soothing and waves of pleasure wafted over me, an increase in speed produced almost the same sensation as a penis thrusting back and forth, slowly with out even touching my vagina I reached a very satisfactory climax, almost as good as the real thing.

Divesting my self of my special uniform, and only in my latex panties, I dried and powdered the latex uniform before hanging it in my special closet, thence into the shower. Removing my panties, vibrator, cleaning myself and drying off only took a few minutes, a dash of powder and then naked into my mackintosh bed sheets my nipples brushing the top sheet roused me but tiredness won and I drifted off into a deep refreshing sleep.

Some days later the Postmistress brought a package in that I’d ordered from Germany, listed as medical equipment, on which there was some customs duty to pay. She wanted to know why I was buying medical items when all was supposed to be supplied to the clinic from the main hospital, I fobbed her off saying it was for personal use, She hadn’t the gall to pursue her queries but gave me a sly look as she left.

On opening the package in the privacy of my rooms the most delightful things were revealed, panties with attachments, smocks and tops all in transparent latex. I had ordered both male and female attachments as the female panties did not come with an anal dildo.

I alsancak escort bayan could hardly wait to explore the erotic enjoyment that they should provide but I still had the rest of the day to get through. Just as my thought were turning to my evenings entertainment, the local policeman brought in a traffic accident victim. The young man had fallen from his bicycle and had some grazing to his face and forehead, a nasty gash to his right hand and was shaken up a bit. I told Officer Thompson, that as the patient was not local, I would take care of him and would keep him in the clinic overnight in the two bed ward we had.

Left alone I looked at him and found him to be in his late teens and rather nice looking, starting to clean him up, He smiled and thanked me saying his name was John. He was a bit vague but there were no signs of concussion, the grazes where superficial but the hand required sutures, I left him in the dressing area to get the necessary items.

On my return, due to my fetish, and sensitive to such things, I noticed the box of latex exam gloves had been moved, John looked bashful and blushed when I asked him if he had touched them, he looked away and said no but I new he was fibbing. I proceeded with the sutures and dressed the hand, then telling him it was to keep his hand dry while he washed up, I very gently pulled one of my special latex gloves on that reached to his elbow. He went bright red and said how lovely it was.

I ignored his comment but my heart gave a flutter and I could feel my vagina moisten. Having cleaned up I led him to my rooms rather than the ward and said he could use the small bedroom. He went to the bathroom to wash up and was a lot longer than I thought he would have been, I noticed that the erection that had been pushing at the front of his pants, was no longer showing and drew my own conclusions as to what he had been doing as well as washing up.

Either way when I came to use him I didn’t want him to go off too soon. After I had changed into my full length latex gown, a pale transparent silver blue, we sat to table and ate, he could not keep his eyes off me, or rather my dress. He plucked up enough courage to say how nice it looked, I said I thought he would after the latex glove incident earlier. Then I told him that I understood what he had been doing in the bathroom, but I could please him very much more.

We finished our meal, taking him by the hand I said that tonight I would nurse him due to his injury, so he was to relax, but should there be anything that offended him to say so, likewise anything that he wanted me to do, not to be shy in asking. Reaching my bedroom I undressed him, got him to lay on the mackintosh sheeting, then put a little powder in a pair of latex panties, by the time I had pulled them up to his groin, his flaccid member had become rigid.

Taking a little KY jelly I lubricated his anus, inserting my finger to gauge his reaction as I did so, the responsive back thrust let me know in no uncertain terms. He asked me to carry on with that, so pulling the front of the panties over his penis, I slowly worked his rectum and prostate. He was face down and moaning into the mackintosh sheeting, then I felt his ejaculation starting, a slow push in his bottom brought on the climax and he shuddered as his seamen sprayed into the latex panties. I was wet with desire in my own latex panties and with a few quick rubs I was into my own orgasm.

His breathing eased and he rolled onto his back, pulling down the panties I was amazed at the amount of seminal fluid he had produced, a damp sponge was needed rather than paper tissues. Having cleaned him up he asked that I rub his penis with my gloved hands and some lubricant, I did just as he asked, with his left hand he caressed my latex sheathed bottom which was rather nice, steady strokes soon had him on the brink of orgasm, rolling a condom on to his turgid penis I caught the emission before he could soil the mackintosh sheet under him.

Cleaning him up again I put a heavy alsancak escort duty sheath on his penis which was still firm and asked if he would pleasure me by putting his penis in my bottom, he said yes. Lowering my latex panties, some KY jelly facilitated his entry and with long slow strokes he proceeded to indulge me. Having brought him off twice before paid off as he continued to give me orgasm after orgasm before he collapsed in climax himself, the feel of his diminishing member as he withdrew was delicious. I snuggled the latex panties up to my waist and we both drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I was aware of was my vagina lips being manipulated, John must have awoken and finding himself with a latex covered woman had begun to indulged himself.Pushing his hand away I felt for his penis and removed the heavy duty sheath and replaced it with a standard one then helped him to enter me, we lay face to face and I brushed his nipples with my hand, he took the hint and did the same for me, his penis was firm and well into me before he began to move in and out. The steady motion was delightful and just enough to bring me to a peak slowly until we both climaxed together. I got out of bed and said we would both take a shower. Once into the bathroom we both stripped and washed, drying him, because of his hand, made him erect, going back into the bedroom I placed an extra sheet of latex on the bed to protect the main mackintosh fitted sheet, having made him lay on the extra sheet I spread his legs wide and after donning a pair of latex gloves and using copious amounts of KY jelly I massaged his anus and prostate, pulling the extra latex sheet up between his legs to cover his throbing penis to catch the semen as he ejaculated.

Another clean up, a fresh pair of latex panties for both of us , removal of the now soiled extra latex sheet and we both lay on the mackintosh covered bed and whent into a deep sleep. I was sorry to see him go in the mornig but I had no reason to keep him here. I told him that he could keep the latex panties as a reminder of his rubber night. I watched him ride of on his touring cycle with regret. taking a shower I dressed in my standard uniform and opened the clinic a couple of minor items completed my duties, a few notes and it was time for an early lunch. After a quick sandwich, I repaired to my quarters, putting on my latex apron I teased my nipples and raising the hem of my uniform rubbed myself between my legs but after the enjoyment of Johns penis it was not the same.

I was interrupted by the ring of the clinic bell, with my thoughts still of John I only had time to adjust my dress but not to remove the white latex apron I opened the door and was confronted by officer Thompson, who wanted some details for his records of Johns accident. Trying to hide the fact that my apron was rubber was impossible, so with a smile I asked him into the clinic. Whether it was deliberate or not he brushed against me as we went down the corridor. Reaching the treatment room he asked for the details he required and jotted down my replies. Then with some hesitation he came to me and picked up the hem of my apron and blushing said how nice it was. This display made me aware of his liking and gave me control of the situation. I asked him what his wife thought of his feelings for rubber and he told me that sadly she would not have it in the house after she had found his small collection of books, pictures and some latex sheet.

My loins stirred at the thought of indulging myself with him so asked him how he used his material he responded by saying he would only dream and masturbate. I locked the clinic door and asked him to undress behind the screen and get on the couch and call me when he was ready. I quickly donned a pair of latex gloves and got a small sheet of latex from the store. Officer Thompson called, I went into the room and removed the screen to reveal him naked on the couch his penis was rampant and larger than average even a glisten of precum showed, I had my suspicions as to whether he had been playing escort alsancak with his penis while I was away, as I gave him only a couple of jerks there was only just time to cover his penis with the latex sheet before he ejaculated. He started to apologies but I shushed him up and used his Christian name, James or Jim as he preferred began our relationship in that little treatment room. Using the sperm that was all over him I proceeded to masturbate him again and sure enough off he went , the third time was longer and I told him I understood the fact that the latex situation was affecting him.

I took him to the shower and left him . He soon joined me in a cup of coffee and said how much he had enjoyed the ” Treatment” and could I do it again some time. I explained that it was not my intention to start an affair, but I would raise the subject with his wife Joan when she came in for her annual check next week. He wasn’t sure of this but said he would leave it to my discretion. When Joan arrived for her appointment I asked her to strip and put on the robe she would find in the small change room, and when she was ready to come into the treatment area. She was not long and she entered holding the robe closed around her. I asked her if she liked the new style of gown and she said it was very comfortable. I approached her and through the thin latex of the robe examined each of her breasts, both her nipples hardened and I asked if she felt alright, she reddened an just nodded. I continued to massage her breasts and she put her hand down to her pubic area and began to rub herself, I gave her a pair of gloves and she put them on and she opened the robe and proceeded to masturbate as I continued to stroke her nipples and fondle her breasts. With a shudder she reached climax and began to cry, taking her arm I sat her down, she explained that she had not had sex for some time as she had had a row with Jim.

I thought I knew what the problem was and said that Jim had told me last week about the books. Joan said it was the subject matter, all that tying up and gagging people she found offensive, the latex and rubber pictures were quite nice and she had just enjoyed the feel of the latex robe she was wearing even though embarrassed with her response to my actions. I explained that our session had been deliberate as I felt that the health of them both was suffering. A fondness for latex or rubber did not always involve bondage, in fact I told her that Jim was only interested in using latex as an adjunct to sexual intercourse and as foreplay to make it prolonged and enjoyable. I then had to admit to my own interest in the subject and told her of my extensive wardrobe. She was surprised but she said there had been some suggestion from the postmistress that there was something odd about some of my mail.

I asked Joan to promise that she would take and use some latex sheet that I would give her when she got home with Jim, she agreed and I gave her two small pieces about a meter square. She stood and thanked me and apologized for her actions earlier, I explained that if she needed release at any time or advice she only had to come over and ask as I understood the female needs very well and it would be our secret. She left with a spring in her step and when I next saw them in the high street they both smiled and waved and looked lie newly weds as they went away hand in hand.

The postmistress was my next unexpected visitor although probably twice my age she had maintained her appearance even though it was a little masculine, and still had a boyish figure. She said she had noticed the change in Jim and Joan and surmised that it was my doing. I was cagey and did not reply at once, Mary continued and said that as a single she had had no sexual relief since her last vacation and wanted some assistance. I tried to explain that it was not part of my duties to help in this field but she said that something that Joan had let slip made her think that I could be of assistance. On my asking how, she said that she was into the rubber scene and needed assistance, in this respect, of some one she could trust. There would be now direct involvement on my part other then in a supervisory role as she would do her own thing. I agreed and she opened the bag she had with her and took to various items. This was my introduction to the mainstream of rubber fetishism and bondage, but more of that anon.

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