A Cougar is Born

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

I hope my naughty writing gives you as much pleasure to read as it gave me to write.



Being married to a military man isn’t easy unless you are married to one like mine. My husband Doug is all business when he’s in uniform, the man takes his duty seriously. But when he is on leave, the bad boy is released, and Doug can be a very bad boy. I found this out early into our marriage. After only two years of wedded bliss, he told me he wanted to share me with other men.

We were on vacation, at the time, at a popular military resort in Hawaii, the Hale Koa. So were several of the other pilots in Doug’s squadron. These men were like brothers to my husband and we spent hours together hiking and frolicking in the magical clear blue water. We also spent a lot of time partying together. The third night we were there, Doug brought one of our friends back to our room. Thirty minutes later, I was being fucked while my husband watched. I would like to say I hesitated before spreading my legs, but I didn’t. I wanted what my husband asked, I just hadn’t known it. After that, inviting other men into our bed became a way of life, so did my secret persona.

And that’s why I have spent the last twenty years living in two realities. One minute I’m a proper officer’s wife waving the red white and blue and the next I’m a cock hungry slut looking for her next fuck. And I’m doing it with my husband’s approval, no I’m doing it with his encouragement. This makes me one lucky woman and the best part is I’m smart enough to know it.

In the past two decades my lovers have been as diverse as the United Nations, but they have all had one thing in common, they have been age-appropriate. That was until my husband’s last deployment. Doug and I have an agreement when he’s gone, I can do what I want if I tell him every detail, which seems fair, if you know what I mean.

Doug had been gone about a month when I met the young man that turned me into a cougar and I mean COUGAR and everything that word implies. It was July in Virginia Beach and I had decided to spend a day sunning on the public beach. I could have gone to the military beach, but I didn’t feel like running into anyone I knew.

I enjoy male attention, I don’t deny that, so with men on my mind I prepared myself carefully. I chose a skimpy emerald green bikini. The color matched my eyes and the suit accentuated all the hours I spend at the gym. Despite being close to fifty, my body is tight and curvy. Over my suit I tossed on a sheer coverup in white. Then I pulled my thick blond hair back into a messy bun and slipped on a pair of white flip flops. Grabbing my beach chair and a small blue tote, I headed out the door.

It was only a three-block walk to the beach from the bungalow style house Doug and I were renting. The older home was in disrepair but it’s proximity to the coastline made a broken water heater and a lukewarm air-conditioner worth the aggravation. The walk was short, but the heat made it feel longer and I had worked up a sweat by the time I reached the sand. With some relief, I found a spot near the water. Setting my bag and beach chair down, I pulled my coverup off and slipped out of my sandals. The sand was warm between my blue painted toes and I wiggled them as I stared out at the rolling waves with a contented sigh. Just looking at the ocean makes me feel happy.

After a brief pause, I slowly walked towards the surf. The salty water felt cool against my sun-heated skin and without any more delay, I dove into a wave. I swam a few yards out and then flipped over on my back and floated for a few minutes. After, I had sufficiently cooled down, I swam back in and headed towards my chair with water dripping down my body.

As I neared my belongings a group of young men walked down the beach carrying coolers, chairs, and an assortment of large bags. One of them was even carrying a tent. They looked to be in their early twenties and were laughing and joking amongst themselves. When they saw me approaching, they grew silent and grinned at one another. The boys were all wearing board shorts and were trim with well-developed muscles and they were all checking me out as they passed me.

I shot them a sideways grin as I grabbed my turquoise beach towel and began toweling off. While I was drying off, I noticed one of the young men turning around. He was tall and had short dark-brown hair and he gave me a little wave as he walked backwards smiling. A few feet later, the four young men stopped walking and began setting up what looked like a campsite.

First, they opened a pop-up tent that was large enough to sleep four or five people. Next to the tent they sat up a folding table on which they placed a speaker. Immediately I could hear the faint notes of what sounded like reggae drifting down the beach. They were still setting up, when I stopped watching the group.

I pulled a trashy paperback book canlı bahis from my beach bag, sat down in my beach chair and began reading. Pretty soon I was lost in the world of heaving bosoms and rakish pirates. Romance novels turn me on. I’m not proud of this, but it’s true and I felt my nipples harden and moisture began to gather between my legs as I read about a young woman’s surrender to a dangerous man.

The book was making me want to stroke myself, so I closed it and placed it back in my bag. Casually I looked around the beach. The place had filled up while I had been reading and I decided to go for a walk. I stood, released my bun and shook out my still damp hair. Then I walked barefoot towards the surf. When I got to the water, I turned and began walking down the beach, slowly.

I love beach glass. My house is filled with jars of every color waiting to be turned into jewelry or glued to a flowerpot. So, as I walked, I mostly looked down hoping to catch a glimpse of the worn glass. Every so often I stopped, bent over and picked up a shell or other treasure I had spotted and examined it.

I was squatting down looking at a sand dollar when I heard a male voice speaking. “Find something interesting?”

Pushing my hair out of my face, I looked up. Standing in front of me was the young man that had waved to me earlier. He was smiling, and he had dimples on each side of his mouth. Gently I lifted the fragile sand dollar and placed it in the palm of my hand. I stood as I spoke, “A sand dollar…it’s perfect.” Because I’m only 4 feet, 11 inches tall, I lifted my hand to show him.

“Perfect.” The way he said the word caught my attention. His low-voice didn’t sound like he was discussing seashells and I tilted my head back and gave him a sexy smile. “I’m James…” By anybody’s standards, the boy was a hunk, that was the truth. But he was also young, very young and despite being attracted to him, I decided to keep things light.

Moving back slightly, I said, “Hi, James, I’m Kim.” He stepped a little closer. Even though his eyes were hidden by aviator style Ray-Bans, I knew he was staring at my body and more to the point I could feel myself responding.

Teasingly he said, “I wanted to say, hi; I noticed you the minute I got here.” He let his words hang in the air.

“You did…Why is that?” I heard myself flirting and I cringed inwardly. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

“A gorgeous woman alone on the beach…” He said it like it was a no-brainer.

“Thank-you…that’s very sweet of you.”

“I’m not being sweet, it’s the truth. You’re gorgeous.” I was flattered. Who wouldn’t have been?

Again, I felt him studying me. His boldness surprised me and I felt myself blush. I also felt tendrils of sexual desire growing deep inside of me. “Well, you’re not bad eye-candy yourself.” I laughed a little self-consciously. He looked barely legal.

My comment pleased him and it was obvious when he spoke, “Glad you think so…why don’t I walk you back?” The boy wasn’t wasting any time.

“We could do that…”

“Great!” He stepped back, and I turned and began walking in the direction I had come. James stayed by my side. The boy was easy to talk to and we chatted the entire walk. James was on summer break from the University of Texas in Austin. He and his buddies were in Virginia Beach for a week. Then it was back to college.

When we came to his “campsite,” James stopped. “Come meet my friends…hey everybody, this is Kim, Kim this is everybody.”

“I’m Sebastian.” The tall blond man speaking was another hottie and just like James his body was chiseled. That’s Kevin.” Sebastian motioned to a handsome young Asian man sitting in a beach chair. “Aaron is swimming.” Sebastian then pointed towards the water where a man was rapidly swimming through the rough surf.

“Nice to meet y’all.” I returned both their waves. Sebastian gave me a once over and then turned and entered the interior of the large tent.

“Hey, you want a beer?” James motioned towards a large blue cooler.

“I, Uh…”

“Oh come on, have a seat and join us.” He sounded so excited as he spoke and that made me want to stay. But, I wasn’t completely sure and I hesitated, “So?” James looked at me expectantly and I felt myself relenting.

“Okay,” I laughed a little, “but no beer…I’ll fall asleep if I drink in the sun.” It wasn’t my plan to hook-up with James, not at all. But, I didn’t see anything wrong with enjoying the younger man’s attention a little longer.

His smile grew and he bent over bringing his face closer to mine, “Good deal,” he practically growled as he spoke. “Come with me…I want to show you something.” He motioned towards the tent and walked towards the entrance. Quickly I looked back and forth for anyone I might know. I didn’t need to be seen by someone associated with the military crawling into a tent with a younger man. There wasn’t anyone I recognized. James held the flap open and I stepped under bahis siteleri his arm and into the interior.

“Wow!” I looked around the large tent. To one side was a full-size pallet made of brightly colored tapestries and a few pillows. On the other side was Sebastian. He was seated on more tapestries and was holding a blue-glass bong. He released a large cloud of sweet-smelling smoke, coughed a little and sat the bong down on a low folding table next to him.

“You like?” James asked motioning around the comfy-looking space.

Removing my sunglasses, I laughed and replied, “Y’all look ready for a party.”

“That’s the plan.” Sebastian stood and with a leer added, “I’ll give you some privacy.”

“You don’t have to go…”

Sebastian kinda smirked and left before I could finish my sentence. I felt a little ridiculous. I was old enough to be their mom.

“You want a hit?” James removed his Ray-Bans and arched his eyebrows. His eyes were dark blue and surrounded by impossibly long black lashes.

“I haven’t smoked pot in ages.” I didn’t say no and James took my response as a yes.

James flopped down next to the table and invitingly patted the cloth-covered ground across from him. I paused for a moment and studied him. He could have been a male model and I briefly imagined what his touch would feel like. Shaking the image of us fucking out of my mind, I sat cross-legged in front of James.

He picked up the bong and a red lighter off the table and handed them to me, “Ladies first.”

I took the glass bong and brought it to my lips. I lit the green herb and took a deep inhale. Immediately I began coughing. Laughing at my distress, James took the bong and began taking a long drag. He didn’t cough. We passed the bong back and forth until the bowl only contained ash. Immediately I felt a sense of well-being and my body began to relax.

Giggles rose in me and I blurted out, “I’m so stoned.”

“You’re so hot.” James seemed to grow larger as he again spoke, “Kim, I want you…bad.” The way he said the word, “bad” made my heart speed up.

“I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“You don’t look like my Mom.” His eyes were directed at my size B breasts and I felt my dark- pink nipples tighten.

I don’t know why but his response made me laugh out loud and James joined in. After a few seconds of laughter, I regained my composure, or at least I tried. The weed was making it difficult. Still grinning I said, “How old are you James?”

“Twenty-one.” At least he was old enough to buy alcohol. But at forty-seven, I was twenty-six years older and that difference was intimidating. I mean, I know I’m attractive but I’m not twenty.

“What are you doing chasing a woman my age?” I was genuinely curious.

“You’re the fantasy…I’ve always wanted to bang an older woman.” He was practically vibrating with desire and that’s what sealed the deal. Being wanted is what turns me on most.

“I don’t know…” It was obvious my resistance was nonexistent and James scooted a little closer.

“I want to kiss you…touch you…”

“I’ve never been with someone so much younger than me…”

“And I’ve never been with someone your age…” As he spoke, James took my face in his hand and stared directly into my green eyes. “I want you.” Then he leaned over and kissed my full lips lightly.

It was too much. I wanted this boy and I wanted him bad. Without thought, my arms encircled his neck and I pulled him closer. James let out a small guttural sound and pulled me closer. Then he began consuming me with deep kisses. The boy knew what he was doing and I moaned softly as his mouth explored mine.

He pulled back. His blue eyes were heated looking as he took my hand and stood pulling me up with him. “Come on…” He looked over at the pallet.

I froze. We were on a public beach. Not to mention, one of his friends could appear anytime. “What about…” I motioned to the tent’s opening.

James cut me off before I could finish, “Don’t worry about them, they won’t bother us.”

I just stood there staring at the make-shift bed as if I were trying to make a decision. My behavior was silly, we both knew I wasn’t going anywhere, I was too horny.

“I want to taste you.” His voice was low as he spoke.

He couldn’t have said anything more effective. Immediately, I felt my labia swelling as I imagined James’s face buried between my tanned thighs. Maybe it was the pot that lowered my inhibitions. Maybe it was the fact I’m a slut. Either way, I was far too aroused to say no to what he was offering.

“You’re really turning me on.” My voice was throaty sounding with excitement. I wanted to fuck this boy with every fiber of my being and I wanted to fuck him now.

“I want to see you naked…”

I cut him off before he could finish, “Why don’t you sit down…I’ll strip for you.” James didn’t hesitate. He took a seat on the pallet and looked at me with expectation. I moved closer to bahis şirketleri the pallet and turned my back to him. Then to the beat of a reggae tune, I slightly shook my full ass as I untied my top and let it drop to the ground. Turning back around, I continued swaying to the music.

“Perfect…now the bottoms.”

I felt so sexy as I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my bikini bottoms and turned back around. Bending over, I began wiggling out of the green material. I know my ass is exceptional, men always comment on my bubble butt and I pushed my hips back. I then dropped my bottoms and stood back up with my rounded hips still rocking.

“Wow!” James’s reaction was what I was hoping for and I shook my hips a little more for him. “Turn around…I want to see your pussy.”

Still swaying to the island music, I turned around and presented myself for inspection. His face reflected the passion I was feeling as he slowly looked me over. His gaze stopped on my mound. My pussy was bare except for the gold loop that pierced my outer labia. My small lips started swelling as James continued examining me and I stepped towards him.

“Get over here.” James didn’t have to ask twice. With a nervous look towards the tent’s flap I joined James on the pallet. Without delay, he removed his red-colored board shorts. Seven inches of hard cock sprung forward. Then he launched himself at me. James pushed me down and started kissing me as if he would never stop. Then his seeking mouth began to wander. Beginning at my neck, he nipped and nibbled his way down my nude body. Every so often, he whispered, “You’re so sexy.”

My breasts were aching from his attention and I arched my back as his mouth worked its way down my flat stomach. When he got to my mound, he paused and looked up to me and with a crooked grin and said, “I love eating pussy.” When he said that, I melted. My legs fell open and I lifted my hips. “Mmmmm…you smell so sweet.” James pushed his face between my legs and inhaled deeply. Moisture was dripping from me by this time and I moaned softly, “Please.”

James grabbed both of my tanned thighs and pushed my knees into the air and then he began licking. He might have only been twenty-one, but the boy knew his way around a pussy. With my knees up in the air, he had access to every inch of me and he took full advantage of the position I was in. He plunged his tongue deep into my folds until he couldn’t go any deeper. Wiggling his tongue around, he lapped at my juices. I could smell my own scent as he began to suckle my outer lips.

Pretty soon, I was groaning and whimpering in his firm grasp. Grabbing the back of his head, I ground against his face. He pulled his head up. His face was shiny with my flavor as he looked me in the eye and asked, “You like that?”

He sounded both boyish and sexy all at once and I immediately responded, “Oh my God, yes…you’re fucking amazing.”

His eyes narrowed as he released my legs and moved up my body. It was like he couldn’t stop himself and that thought thrilled me. He grabbed me by my hair and began to kiss me deeply. He tasted like me and that made me grab his broad shoulders and pull him closer with a sigh.

With out warning, he released me and slid back between my thighs. Then he began to run his tongue lightly between my folds. The boy was insatiable and my body was on fire. My rigid clit was aching to be touched, and I grabbed the back of his head while I pressed my hips up. “Please.” I was pleading. I needed to cum.

Tentatively, his tongue began to inch upward. I let out a moan that was louder than I meant, and I looked towards the flap. But then James began twirling my clit with his tongue and I soon forgot all about his friends. Unconsciously my hand moved to my perky breasts. As James continued playing with my most sensitive spot, I began pulling on my engorged nipples.

Over-and-over he licked my throbbing nub. A twisting began deep inside of me as electrical currents raced through my body. My hips started bucking and James grabbed my full cheeks firmly and held me tightly. Continuing to contort in his hands, I felt myself nearing orgasm.

“Yes…yes…yes.” Words flew my mouth as the pressure between my legs grew. I was trying to be quiet, I truly was. But it wasn’t possible, the boy was just too good. I hoped the reggae music blaring outside provided cover.

James started striking the underside of my clit rapidly with his tongue and I was lost. Small sounds of pleasure pored from me as I continued grinding against his face. Soon, I was at the point of no return. My back arched and my eyes closed as I felt a jolt of intense pleasure. That jolt was followed by waves of release radiating through me as I climaxed with a shriek.

“No…no…no…stop!” I tried to wiggle out of James’s grasp but his grip was too strong. He gave my clit one more lick. It was too much. “Stop! I’m too sensitive now.”

James released me and looked up. His angular face was covered in my orgasm and he was grinning like he had just won a competition. “I told you I love eating pussy.” He again grinned at me proudly.

Lying back on the pallet I replied, “If I gave you a Yelp review…it would be five stars.”

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