A College Fling

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Jesse woke up feeling a little drunk. A senior in high school she had come to visit her older brother at college to get a taste of campus life before she herself made the move from home. She had been looking forward to this trip for weeks and finally she was here. She felt like she had celebrated a bit too hard as she sat up and looked around. It was still dark. She glanced at the alarm clock near by, it was 2:00 am, still early in college hours. Jesse heard music coming from below and decided to go check it out. She had no memory of that night and she was more than a little scared. As she slowly went to get up she felt a hand come down on her shoulder.

“Jesse, where you going girl? We just got started!” She heard a voice saying to her.

She looked back into the bed that she had just awoken to see her brother, naked.

“Shit Brian! What the hell is going on here… put that away… Jesus!” Jesse shrieked at her older brother.

It was then that she felt it, her legs were tied down to the end of the bed.

“Let me go asshole!!!” Jesse screamed at him. Brian just laughed. “You didn’t seem to mind a minute ago” he responded.

Jesse felt sick. What was going on, was he high? Brian pulled her hard back onto the bed, hurting her with his roughness. He finished tying her up spread eagle in the loft. They were high above the rest of the room, it reminded Jesse of the bunk beds they used to share. How was she going to get out of this, it had to be a joke.

“Brian, seriously, this is not funny!” She began again. She was about to protest again when he stuffed her mouth with what seemed to canlı bahis şirketleri be somebody’s dirty underwear. “Jesse honey, we have to stay quiet, Kevin could come back at any minute, and we don’t want him to catch us in a scandalous position!”

Jesse was getting really scared now, what was he planning on doing to her? As if reading her mind Brian answered her by slowly running his tongue over the nape of her neck and shoulder. He started behind her ear gently sucking at her neck, sending unexpected shivers all though Jesse’s body. She closed her eyes and couldn’t believe what Brian was doing to her. Her whole life she had always idealized her older brother. He was handsome, smart, extremely charming, Jesse was proud of him. She had always had a bit of a crush on Brian, wishing more than once that he was not her older brother, it did after all make him a bit unavailable to her. Through all her protests she wanted this but couldn’t believe it was happening.

As his mouth moved down onto her shoulder gently biting her she felt dirty, like they were doing something terribly wrong. He was her brother, they couldn’t…. and as he began touching her with his hands she began to lose herself. He was running his fingers over her stomach, caressing her hips and inner thighs teasing her with his touch. He ran his fingers down over her knees and finally down to her feet. Her brother repositioned himself and took each of her toes in his mouth.

He gently sucked on them as he continued caressing her inner thighs. Jesse was beginning to lose control. No one had ever touched her like this. She was just 18 canlı kaçak iddaa years old and she’d never had a boyfriend. Most of the boys at school were intimidated by her. Jesse was beautiful. Her full breasts complimented her petite frame perfectly. She appeared almost angelic. Her face was full of wide eyed innocence that revealed Jesse’s inexperience. She was almost too beautiful. The boys in high school never dared approach her and the girls were jealous of her beauty leaving Jesse alone for her four years there. She was an outcast and was ready to break to college. This was not how she had pictured her first taste of college life however.

It was then that her brother’s hands found their way to her full breasts. He started lightly, avoiding her nipple as her touched her. She felt him slowly come up to look at her removing her makeshift gag and finally covering her mouth with his as he kissed her. His tongue seemed to be searching her, probing her mouth. She responded wanting to taste him and feel him. His hands became more forceful as he rubbed her breasts, this time more completely. He grabbed at her roughly as she softly moaned under his touch. Brian pressed his body down on her fully for the first time and Jesse could feel his hardness. He pressed his erection firmly against her making her feel all of him, wanting her to feel more. Jesse’s hands frantically pulled at the restraints, she longed to touch him feel him in her hands and mouth.

Brian tore at Jesse’s panties, ripping them off of her restrained body to reveal all of her. She was ready, she wanted him inside of her. Brian began teasing canlı kaçak bahis her he began sucking on her and running his tongue up and down over her clit as her softly moaned. He moved up teasing her with his hardness, gently probing her but never fully taking her. Jesse felt like screaming she wanted him so badly. That’s when it happened, they both heard it at the same time, Brian’s roommate Kevin was stumbling in the door just as Brian was about to take her.

They heard him fall into the bed below them and begin talking to himself in a drunken stupor. He was recounting his entire night to himself as Brian and Jesse lay above him ready to fuck. Brian entered her despite the interruption and Jesse felt him slowly moving inside of her. He pushed himself fully into her as Jesse bit her lip. His erection was large and Jesse could feel every inch of him. Kevin was still talking below as Brian entered her again this time more forcefully. Brian took her as quietly as he could while his roommate’s banter began to die. As Kevin passed out on the bed below Brian and Jesse felt each other for the first time. Jesse’s arms and legged struggled against their restraints as Brian pulled out of her to finish on her stomach. He lay beside her then, both of them exhausted.

Quietly, so as not to disturb Kevin, Brian said “Jesse honey, I know we were both drunk… but you have grown up into an irresistible woman” He continued to recount how he had longed for her since coming to college, ashamed of his desire toward her and a little afraid of it. Jesse responded by recounting to him her returned crush. They both agreed to keep their sexual relationship a secret, but to continue it. “I’ve never had a more beautiful…” Brian had to stop there, but Jesse knew what he meant. They may be wrong, but Jesse didn’t care. Now nobody knew her like her brother, and she wanted to keep it that way.

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