A Cliff-Hanging Banging

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Amy could barely remember the day of the accident. She had been an avid rock climber for years, always being safe, but one day she slipped while leading an overhung sport route and the next thing she knew she was drifting in and out of consciousness in a hospital ICU.

She normally wore a helmet, but she couldn’t remember why she didn’t wear one this time: was she showing off for Jason? Was she just forgetful? Was it just a really easy climb? And yeah, why DID she slip off? She vaguely remembered something crawling out of a hold onto her hand, and then pulling the hand out to shake it off; but was that just her imagination filling in details?

A year later, her depression from the trauma and the headaches was exacerbated by her fear of getting back into the sport. She had tried climbing once but vertigo set in no more than 5 feet off the ground. She panicked, climbed down, and stuffed her climbing gear into the back of her closet.

Finally her friends intervened and bought her a free session with Instructor Mike, a local mountain guide offering instruction in overcoming mental blocks to climbing. His methods were unorthodox, but climbers recovering from post-traumatic stress swore by him.

And, her friends figured, it wouldn’t hurt that he was notoriously incredibly sexy.


Amy checked her watch. The sun was sweltering in the shade-less parking lot, and she was already sweating from nerves, anticipating the climb to come. Instructor Mike was 20 minutes late, and she wondered how long she should reasonably wait.

She was wearing spandex shorts and a fitted t-shirt, but she was still overheating. She had just decided to take off her shirt to cool down, and was pulling it up over her head when a pick-up pulled up and skidded to a stop into the spot next to her car. She was going to ask for a refund for the unprofessional late arrival, she decided.

Then she saw Mike. Buff, tanned, moderately tall, with wavy hair that blew around his friendly sweet facial features, she was instantly charmed. “Hi!” he waved as he jumped out of the cabin and grabbed a bag from the truck bed. “Sorry I’m late, car troubles. I won’t bore you. Ya ready to climb?” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri

“Ha… I guess…”

“I know you’re nervous, your friends told me all about you. It looks like you’ve been keeping in pretty good shape on your year-long hiatus.” He looked her up and down, his eyes moving over her thin sports bra and shorts. He smiled ever so slightly; it made her blush. God, he was gorgeous…

“We’re gonna go through a few techniques that I’ve picked up over the years that will help you relax and get past your trauma. Let’s just get your energy up, keep you loose, and focus on re-centering. Sound good?”

Sounded like some hippie crap, but what the hell. “Yeah sounds great.”

“Awesome!” Mike tossed her a few pieces of gear and they began walking down the stairs towards the base of the cliffs, making small-talk the whole way. Finally they put their stuff down at a small flat spot beneath a group of climbs that were almost entirely obscured by woods. “There are some good easy climbs here; we’ll get to that anchor and then relax you; hopefully by the end of the day we’ll get you to lead the next climb!”

She nodded, but fretted to herself the whole time she was belaying Mike, almost not noticing his perfectly shaped ass and his wide muscular back. Almost. She also noticed a sizeable bulge in his pants, and began to feel a warmth between her legs…

“Amy, you’re on belay!” he yelled down. She noticed the rope was tight, pulling at her harness reassuringly, though the leg loops were distractingly tight against her upper thighs. She began climbing, and the fear quickly returned. Luckily the climb was easy, and despite her shaking and heavy breathing she managed to get up to the top fairly easily. “Nice job, Amy. Let’s tie you to this anchor; come right over here.” He made a space for her between him and the wall, so they’d both be centered; her back pressed against his torso reassuringly. She thought she felt a bulge growing against her, but assumed it was just his harness.

“Great. Now Amy, I want you to look down; don’t worry, I’m right here with you, and you’re safe.”

Amy looked down; a new wave of panic came over her. She couldn’t believe she was 50 feet up; what if the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri bolt came out? What if the ropes and slings broke? What if her harness had rotted through in the year of disuse? Not trusting herself or her equipment anymore, she began hyperventillating.

Mike’s reassuring voice coaxed her over her shoulder: “Okay, I know it’s scary, you’re gonna have to ease into it.” He began massaging her shoulders, moving down her back, releasing all the tension in what used to be her climbing muscles.

“Still not helping, huh? Okay, let’s get a stretch going. Put your feet up over the anchor bolts. Put your left foot there,” he said, pointed at the chain connecting them to the cliff about a foot to their left at head height, “and your right foot over on that one.” She did as she was told, and stretched her legs straight. She knew her ass was pressed against his crotch now, but she didn’t care; it was working, the stretch and the massage were beginning to relax the knot in her chest that told her she shouldn’t be up there. “Now keep breathing deeply,” Mike said as he continued to massage her back, and began working his growing boner back and forth against her round backside.

“Amy, you’re still holding on to the rope; let go of the rope, you’re gonna need to relax your grip on the ropes completely if you’re going to trust this mountain to hold you up.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can Amy. Just trust me. Here, let’s tie your hands back here so you don’t try and grab the ropes.” He took a length of rope and tied it around her left wrist, then ran it behind his back and tied it to her right wrist. He then went back to massaging her shoulders, moving his hips against her. “Just relax. You are completely safe. I got you.”

Despite herself, Amy leaned back against his chest, breathing deeply like he asked, trying to relax into the situation of being far off the ground. She felt his dick stiffen as she pushed her chest out; in turn she felt herself get wetter and wetter.

Mike moved his massaging hands around to the front and began to massage her tits through her thin sports bra. “I see your nipples aren’t afraid of heights.” She laughed, and then yelped as he squeezed them.

“Your güvenilir bahis şirketleri heart rate is still fast, Amy; we’re gonna need you to be fully comfortable up here.”

“Sorry, Mike, I’m doing my best…”

“I know. Don’t worry, we have plenty of other stuff to try, to really ease you back into this.” He moved one hand down her front, moving below the harness’s waistbelt and down towards her crotch.

Amy bit her lip as he began massaging her. She was soaking her shorts and she didn’t care. He was playing with her labia through the fabric, and pushing it into her slit to massage her clit. Did he do this with all his clients? She didn’t care; she was so dripping wet she couldn’t stand it. She felt like she was going to come; just as she felt herself welling up, he took his hand away. She suddenly felt the vertigo return, and tried to grab the ropes with her hands. Instead she found herself straining against the ties he’d made around her wrists; it only pulled him closer, his stiff cock moving up and down her ass.

He then reached down and pulled her shorts down, as far as the leg loops would allow. Her legs were still up, exposing her wet pussy. He pulled his cock out over the elastic band of his shorts and she felt its warm shaft rub up and down her dripping wet slit. Then he entered her.

The fabric of her shorts held his shaft against her pussy as he began fucking her; but because of the fact that they were hanging, he couldn’t really thrust. He reached back around with one hand, reached into her shorts, and started working her wet swollen clit. She sighed and pulled him in with her tied hands, pushing him further into her. She began involuntarily clenching and unclenching her pelvic muscles around his shaft, and over her shoulder she heard him groan with pleasure. He kept circling her clit faster and faster, as she worked his cock inside her. Faster and faster, her fear replaced by the sheer need to come and have him come inside her. She forgot she was up on a cliff; she forgot that she’d just met this man; she forgot the accident.

“Ohhh FUUUCCKKK!!! I’m coming!!!” he shouted as he squirted hot, sticky cum into her pussy. She moaned loudly as she began coming in spasms against his hand and around his cock, which kept shooting out warm liquid that dripped down her shorts and down onto the cliff below.

As Mike untied Amy, he asked: “How are you feeling now about the climb?”

Amy looked down, no longer afraid of the height. She smiled and winked at him as she replied: “I could keep climbing all day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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