A Christmas Present Ch. 03

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Thank you readers for your feedback, and your concern as to how my auntie’s pregnancy went. I had to refer to old photographs as well as records to ensure that I would be able to provide realistic details and not just fabricate what actually took place and how the pregnancy evaded the scrutiny of those around us in the family.

When Aunty Jackie confided in me the confirmation of her pregnancy during a relative’s birthday bash, that she had missed two consecutive periods, we decided we would keep the baby. Soon after we started having sex, Arthur too had on a few occasions managed to make love to her, so as far as he was concerned, without anyone telling him anything, it was his belief that he had inseminated her. And Aunt Jackie knew he was uninterested in any custody matters that would arise in any divorce proceedings that could take place. We consulted a lawyer, and without telling the lawyer who impregnated her, we were advised that Aunt Jackie should commence divorce proceedings without delay; and I advised her that she should not ask for any child-maintenance apart from the maintenance that was for her. The divorce was awarded by consent, on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Arthur moved out of the house, my cousins, Aunt Jackie’s kids, had gone off to university overseas, and I moved in with my aunty. The journey of a brand new life began, this time a different one for my Aunty. We would explore the unknown together, traverse all boundaries, and try anything and everything that would come our way or that we would seek. Aunt Jackie knew that it would be a matter of time before I found a girlfriend, and she accepted that fact, no strings attached, though we shared a special unbreakable bond and commitment that would last well into my eventual marriage to a woman just as uninhibited.

On September 9th, 1985, our daughter – Brandy – was born. Nobody in our family had asked any question and they all assumed that Arthur was the father. Anyone who doubted that was plausible simply smiled to themselves at the probability that Aunt Jackie had a lover. But they did not know who and that it was me. But the name ‘Arthur’ was inevitably registered in the Birth Certificate as being the infant’s father. Aunt Jackie had given birth through a Caesarean procedure since the gynaecologist had advised that her age that option was best to avoid complications.

“You did it, father”, Aunt Jackie said, looking at me as she held the infant in her arms in the cosy hospital room that she had been.

“No, you did it, moms!” I said and moved down to kiss her on her lips. “Mmm..”, she moaned, her tongue darting out to meet mine. “By the way, when did you last come?” She asked, looking concerned.

“Not in many, many days!” I responded, “it’s okay Jackie!”

“No it’s not honey.” She carefully placed Brandy in the cot placed conveniently next to her bed.

“Jackie nooo…”, I said, as she lied back on her side to face me, bringing her head to the same level as my hips. She unzipped my pants, and retrieved my limp penis from the confines of my cotton boxers.

She didn’t wait, and engulfed my in her mouth to get me hard, her fingers firmly stroking my shaft and her other hand fondling my balls. She had a trademark distinct way of sucking my fraenulum, the delta behind my glans that connected to the foreskin just behind my cock-head. She then moved her lips down to my balls, letting my shaft run through her lips like a harmonica. I stood there, by her bedside, hands on my hips and my eyes closed, relishing every moment of the blowjob my aunty was overdue with. She had a single private room which cost more, but we still risked a nurse walking in on us. But it seldom canlı bahis şirketleri happened, since there was a doorbell outside the room to prevent accidental intrusions from visitors.

My long hard tool rested on her face as she worked on my balls, taking my testicles in her mouth and sucking hard on them, her tongue twirling around each like candy. Then she abruptly withdrew and caught my glans in her mouth again, this time rolling her lips up and down my shaft, spreading those seasoned lips she had. My cock kept hitting the back of her throat, causing her to gasp at one point, but she held on. Then again she withdrew, and got me to turn around and bend over so that my ass faced her. I pulled my cheeks apart and felt her tongue intrude between my crack, slithering into my anus. She loved rimming apparently, and I wasn’t about to deny her cravings. She then inserted a middle finger into the cavity, pushing it in all the way and began finger-fucking my puckered hole.

When she had had enough, I turned around again and fed my dick back into her mouth. Her mouth was made to suck me, and few women could do it the way my aunty did. I began thrusting my hips forward, fucking her mouth since her cunt was having time off. With a few more thrusts I unloaded my hot jism down her throat. She swallowed every drop. Little did we know that the movements of her body had by accident pressed the nurse-call button which was under her. Lucky for us, I had zipped my pants when a nice middle-aged Chinese nurse came in. She had missed our escapade, but she did not miss the cum all over my aunt’s face. She smiled, saying “I understand, I was pregnant before too you know!” That made me want to fuck her immediately, or to get her to join me and my aunty in a threesome.

Aunt Jackie read my mind and jokingly asked the nurse, Doreen, if she’d join us in future. I was stunned that aunt Jackie had proposed as such to a nurse, a stranger. I was even more stunned with Doreen’s response.

“If you can get him big again, I’ll help right now.”

“Sure Doreen!” Aunt Jackie said, as if it was not unexpected that Doreen could simply be asked to fuck her nephew. If Doreen only knew I was her nephew!

Doreen bolted the door so nobody could come in. She had a good body, and the short uniform she was reminded of nurse-uniform fetish! This was impossible! Here in Asia of all places? No fucking way, I told myself. I was flabbergasted, and Aunt Jackie told me to relax, enjoy the pampering.

“Yes, just relax. We are all adults you know, and I won’t bite!”

Doreen wore white silk stockings that accentuated her shapely legs, and she seemed to have lovely and firm hamstring muscles. While aunt Jackie undid my pants again, Doreen approached us and pulled down the covers on aunt Jackie. She examined the stitching on her patient’s belly where the caesarean was done.

“Good, it looks well on its way towards healing.”

To my gentle readers have been following my life-story to this point, ;et me reward you with a photograph Doreen left us as a souvenir:

Doreen told me to step out of my pants, which Aunt Jackie had allowed to drop to my ankles. “You’ll be much more comfortable and its more convenient.” Doreen smiled seductively at me, her hands moving to unbutton my shirt.

Aunt Jackie, her covers removed, revealed that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and so exposed, her dense forest of pubic hair wiry, sticking out in all directions like an uncombed head of hair. Apparently the caesarean incision had to be left exposed to heal, without anything coming into contact with the stitched up wound.

Doreen caught my eyes looking at my auntie’s pubic hair, so she canlı kaçak iddaa ran her fingers through the fur, her long nails scooping up the strands as she looked into my eyes and tantalizingly said, “She’s beautiful huh!”

“You bet!” I replied.

“Why don’t you show him yours, Doreen?” Aunt Jackie interjected.

“I like screwing with my clothes on, in case of an emergency!” Doreen quipped.

Doreen reached the same hand down and clasped my cock, which was quickly hardening already. She stroked the shaft gently back and forth. She lifted her right knee and rested it on the bed, just below Aunt Jackie’s breasts, so that the hem of her uniform creased up her thigh, revealing an abundance of shapely firm-looking flesh covered in white silk stockings.

“Kiss me Doreen”, I asked.

She brought her lips to mine, parting them slightly, inviting me to tongue her. My lips pressed against hers and I tasted her teeth, then met her tongue, and we frenched. I felt warmth and moist over my cock, which was still in Doreen’s hand, and found Aunt Jackie sucking on my glans, Doreen holding it steady for her. I put a hand on Doreen’s thigh, gently squeezing it as she placed her free hand on my coccyx, the delta leading down to my ass crack. Then she moved her mouth down to my teat and began twirling her tongue around it, sending shivers down my spine and I shuddered, almost filling Aunt Jackie’s moth with another gallon of hot cum. I watched as Doreen’s lips sucked on the area surrounding my right nipple, then she shifted to do the same to my left. I reached behind her and lifted the hem of her uniform-dress behind her up above her hips, and slipped my hand into the waistband of her stockings, then into her panties, till my fingers found the partition of her buns.

I shuddered again as I felt Doreen’s tongue slithering into my navel. By this time her hand that held my cock for my Auntie had moved under my crotch to massage my perineum, her long nails digging into the tender flesh there. I reciprocated my penetrating her anus with my middle-finger, I wanted to taste it badly. Such a delicious looking woman had to be appreciated without limitations. Aunt Jackie generously released my cock from her mouth and fed it into Doreen’s mouth. I fed the fingers on my free left hand into aunt Jackie’s mouth, she just loved sucking. Her own hands started to undo her hospital-issued blouse, as she wanted to free her tits loose. Doreen squirmed in delight, her moans muffled by a mouthful of cock as my hand worked a second finger successfully into her rectum. I knew this woman was no newcomer to the joys of sodomy. I simply had to take her.

We shifted positions and I had Doreen stand facing my aunty at the waist, then told her to bend over. With such initiative, she buried her face into aunt Jackie’s mons pubis, her tongue lashing out to taste the stale cunt before her. I pulled Doreen’s stockings and panties down just below her ass, then plunged my tool into her waiting hot cunt. Like knife through butter, I went in all the way to the hilt. Then I began pumping into her, piling my long hard cock into her, and she was climaxing so much and soaking my cock with her juices. Both women were gleeful, enjoying themselves with what was happening. I rubbed some of her juices into her anus, then withdrew from her cunt and drove my slimy cock into her rectum.

“How do you feel darling? Is Doreen good?” Aunt Jackie asked, looking up at me.

“She is fantastic”, I said.

My hands secured the Chinese woman’s waist as I increased my impact, feeling the matter inside her at the tip of my cock.

“You’re ripping me to shreds!” Doreen said. Then looking at my aunty, she remarked, canlı kaçak bahis “Jackie, he’s got such a big one, I’m going to rip! I’m going to tear and bleed!”

“Hold on love, just let him.” Came the reply.

“God, this is goooood…I am coming again…!” Doreen cried, careful to keep her voice down.

Aunt Jackie had a hand between the nurse’s legs, her fingers sloshing in and out of Doreen’s sticky cunt. I took my cock out, and drove it back into her pussy, then pistoned her as I spooned her body, bending over to kiss her bare neck, sinking my teeth into the flesh. It made her squirm, and she reached down between her thighs to grab my balls and squeeze. I felt my own jism boiling, and with one final thrust, I pressed against her and flooded her insides with my semen. I must have cum loads cause I felt some of it seeping out of her, down her thighs. My hand had locked around her breasts to prevent her from retreating. I wanted to deposit my seed in her, to know she’d have a part of me in her. Aunt Jackie was slapping Doreen’s mouth playfully, then pulling her hair to keep the latter’s face buried in her bush, saying, “Don’t stop eating my cunt bitch!”

Doreen swivelled her face sideways to offer me her mouth to kiss. My cock was still buried in her, and I wanted it to stay that way longer. It was amazing, I could not believe this had happened. But it did. We were panting, and Doreen looked at her patient, grinning with a look of content. “Want to clean me up?” She asked Jackie.

“Yeah, sure, come sit on my face, slut!” Aunt Jackie replied. “Thank God infants sleep a long time! Lucky Brandy did not wake up!”

“Brandy is lucky to have a mother like you”, Doreen remarked, separating herself from me, then fully removing her stockings and panties which she handed to me to hold on to. She mounted the bed carefully, where she straddled my auntie’s face, positioning herself so the woman under her had full access to her dripping cunt. She reached down to part her vulva, ordering her patient to suck her cunt. Even before Aunt Jackie began sucking, Doreen’s juices and my cum had spilled out into her face. She pushed it all into her mouth to swallow. I could hear her tongue lapping and slithering into Doreen’s cunt, extracting all she could for her own nourishment. Doreen gyrated her hips, rubbing her scarcely-haired pussy into Aunt Jackie’s face. I moved up behind her and parted her buns, looking into the partially shut puckered hole where I had violated earlier, and I started to rim her. I poked my tongue in, tasting her and making her squirm in delight.

Doreen refreshed herself in the bathroom and adjusted her uniform, then re-applied her make-up. She did not wash herself cause she said she wanted to know while she carried on her duties in the hospital-ward that she had my dried-cum on her. As a token, she left me the pair of white panties she wore, saying she had a fresh unstained one in her nurses’ locker. Then she said she had to hurry back. She kissed Aunt Jackie on the lips, a long lustful and passionate wet kiss, then walked over to me and said she had a wonderful afternoon in our company and wanted to make this a regular ritual even after my auntie was discharged from the hospital.

She stood on her toes to kiss me, an equally lustful one that she gave my auntie, whispering in my ear that I outdid her husband and had an unforgettable dick. Then she left. Before she shut the door behind her, she turned, looked at me, and said, “Thanks for the fuck. You’re a good nephew.” And she left.

Good Nephew? How did she know?

I turned to look at Aunt Jackie. She knew what I was about to ask and she smiled. “Doreen has been a friend of mine for years. And she was here when I delivered your cousins. I told her everything, so she knows. And I told her what a darling you are, and that you have been celibate too long already, and I asked her a favour. I can tell she likes you. Congratulations Dad!”

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