A Christmas Cocoa

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It’s early on Christmas morning, and you are in the kitchen, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. You feel my hands wrap around your waist as I kiss at my favorite spot on your neck. Your head tilts back as you sigh sensuously in response to my kiss, and I begin kissing around and down your throat as my hands slowly work their way up, my crotch grinding against your ass.

I take the cup of chocolate from your hand, setting it on the counter top as I nibble gently at your neck, your ass now pushing against me. You start to speak, only to find my finger against your lips as I shush you. My hands slowly play with your breasts, my favorite toys. I undo each button on your nightshirt as I begin to unwrap my present, tugging back on the fabric, pinning your arms behind you and leaving your beautiful proud (dare I say shameless?) breasts exposed.

My hands again climb up your body, cupping the breasts and toying with your nipples. I turn you around and lift you up on the counter top, licking and sucking and nibbling on each nipple, your gasps and sighs güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri telling me all I need to know about my progress. I kiss my way down your body, pausing to explore your belly button with my tongue. I glance at your panties before hooking my fingers in the waistband and tugging them down and off, tossing them over my shoulder.

I slowly kiss and lick my way up the insides of your delicious legs, pausing to slowly lick the tops of your inner thighs before sinking my tongue into your soaked pussy. Slowly and patiently I explore your most intimate folds, sometimes circling your clit, sometimes sinking deep into your love tunnel. Your lust increases with every passing moment, building up like a rising tide of passion held back by a crumbling wall, a wall ready to break.

I lift your legs up, exposing your cute puckered asshole, which immediately finds itself the new target of my oral assault. My tongue circles around your asshole like a hawk circling its prey before diving in, exploring your most hidden güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri depths. You try out of habit to keep me out, but my wet tongue just slithers through all your defenses, writhing about inside of you as your climax approaches with all the inevitability of a freight train.

Suddenly my tongue is gone, and I am flipping you over, your breasts pressed against the cool surface of the counter top as your spilled hot chocolate spreads across the counter and you feel my hard shaft sinking into your ass. Again and again, you feel my lance sinking into you, your tits sliding back and forth through the hot chocolate as I grab you by the shoulder and hair, pushing your face down into the chocolate so you can lap it up. The sounds of my grunts and gasps as I pound into you, using you as my own fucktoy fill your ears as you get closer and closer to climax.

“Cum for me, Kitten.”

You cry out as your climax overtakes you, your vision going blurry as your entire body clenches and unclenches with sexual güvenilir bahis şirketleri release. I pull you from the counter top, spinning you around before dropping you on your knees, driving my cock into your mouth and fucking it furiously before growling with my own release, my seed flowing down your throat as I hold your face against the root of my manhood.

I tenderly withdraw from your mouth, lowering myself down to tenderly kiss you, tasting the remnants of my climax in your mouth as I take you in my arms.

“Merry Christmas, sweetheart. What did you get me?”


A note from the author:

I hope everybody enjoyed the story, and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (or, if you don’t happen to celebrate Christmas, a really kickin’ Saturday)! Remember: It’s not all about the gifts, it’s not about how others tell you to celebrate, or how you wish others would celebrate like you, it’s about being happy, and being generous and showing good will towards others. So this Christmas, kick back with your friends and family, and a nice cup of your favorite holiday beverage (be it hot cocoa, coffee, a glass of milk, a nice sweet eggnog, or just a good cold beer with your friends). And if you’ve got a special someone you’d like to spend some “special time” with, then by all means, why are you reading my scribblings? Go have a Merry Christmas!

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