A Changed Relationship Ch. 01

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Many kind thanks to the various people who gave us generous feedback for our first two stories. We appreciate you taking a moment to share and your encouragement has prompted our further efforts. This story is really a prequel to “Nothing more gratifying” and describes a week in our life that would eventually have a big impact on our marriage and our lovemaking.

The story has three parts, each of which has plenty of excitement of its own. I decided to break it up rather than write one really long story since I tend to find shorter installments easier to read. That said, all three parts could be read at once. Since I hate multipart stories that never seem to get finished — I’ve posted all three at once and there will be only three. There’s no unfinished business at the end. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is greatly appreciated.


From the very beginning I never really expected that the cheap chastity device that I bought would really change our relationship. I always figured it was a simple little toy that would help build up his passions and then eventually he’d either find a way to slip out of it or tell me to take it off of him and that would be the end of the game. As it worked out, he accepted the challenge in the spirit it was intended and it has changed our sex life entirely.

It all began about five years ago, my husband had returned fairly late at night from a week long business trip. It seems that there was an attractive woman across the aisle from him on the plane and she spent the entire two hour flight inadvertently giving him an incredible leg show. She dipped her feet into her heels. She crossed and uncrossed her legs. She dangled her heels. All the while seemingly oblivious to the fact of what she was doing.

By the time my guy made it home he was ravenous for a little action, the leg show and a few days away having put him in a serious state. I was already in bed when he snuggled in beside me and began gently rubbing my back. Bit by bit he tried all of his moves that usually arouse my passions and bring us together for a bit of passion.

Unfortunately for him, it was not to be. Little did he know, but my time of the month had come a couple of days early and frankly, the notion of sex was pretty far from my mind. I’m sure most of the women readers can well appreciate the exact annoyance resulting from their guy pressuring for a bit of attention when there will clearly be none to be had just as I’m sure every guy at one time or another has known the frustration of being denied by the ultimate trump card.

Somewhat uncharacteristically though, he didn’t just roll over and find a way to satisfy himself later. Rather, he explained his predicament as I did above and suggested maybe I would consider a hand-job or better yet a foot-job. Normally I’d have just told him I was tired and let that be the end of it, but his unusual candor caught my notice. So I decided to see what would happen and the conversation went something like this:

“I see what’s in it for you, what’s in it for me?” “I don’t know, a dinner out, a backrub, whatever you want.” “So you’ll give me whatever I want for a footjob, is that it?” “Yes. I guess so. I’d probably give you whatever you want anyway, I usually do.” “Ok. I’ll help you out. I’m not going to give you a footjob, I’ll save that little treat for another time, but I will give you a nice handjob and I’ll think about what you can do to earn a footjob, is that a deal?”

He agreed and I began living up to the initial part of our bargain. Using a pair of panties from the laundry I pulled down his briefs and gently started rubbing the panties up and down his shaft. He was hard in an instant and it took no time at all for the smooth silky nylon to arouse him right to the edge. I could hear his breathing change as he got closer and this strange feeling of power came over me as I realized that at that moment I literally had him in the palm of my hand.

I stopped for a second and this startled expression crossed his face. I smiled and resumed but soon stopped again to see what would happen. “Please don’t tease me” he whined. “I want to make sure you’re good and ready. I know you’re thinking about that girl on the plane and I want you thinking about me. Beg me to finish you,” I teased. I resumed my ministrations and he began his begging. He told me how beautiful I was. How much he loved me. How happy I made him. On and on he went feeding my ego as I stroked my panties across his hard cock. My sense of power grew. I think it was one of the first times I ever experienced the true thrill of having sexual power over a man.

To reinforce the point, I finally said, “O.k. go ahead and cum now,” and I picked up my pace considerably. A few second later he blasted a big load, most of which I managed to catch in the panties.

He of course thanked me profusely and then resumed his gentle backrub after we settled back into our normal sleeping positions, but I reminded him that he owed me and that he would have to really earn a foot job.

I’m buca escort not really sure what gave me the idea of locking him in a chastity device as a way of earning his treat. I know that since I had already helped him out once I wanted to make sure I was taken care of several times before giving him another chance. Another part of it was that feeling of power that I felt when I gave him the handjob he so desperately wanted. I’d done that to him long-ago when we were dating, but I didn’t get the power trip that I did this time. Part of it was making him beg for it and then finally granting release. Something about that touched me and I wanted to make it part of this game.

The fact is, at that time our love life needed a little help. We had been married for a few years and like most couples things had gotten a little stale. We were both busy with our careers and it seemed like too often one or the other of us really wasn’t in the mood or was too tired. Sometimes we did it anyway and in many ways that was worse. It was mechanical and really only vaguely satisfying for either of us.

I didn’t expect our lovemaking to go back to our newlywed days, but I knew we needed to make sex fun again. It needed to be something we both looked forward to and were excited about. Arousing each other needed to be something we wanted to do and do passionately, not just something we did on a Friday night because, gee it has been a long week and we didn’t feel like going out.

Anyway, using the internet I browsed a few “adult” shops and eventually hit on the chastity idea. Since I thought of it as a game, I didn’t go for some fancy contraption that was supposed to be escape proof. I bought this gizmo called the Five Gates of Hell which is a series of progressively smaller metal rings attached together with a leather strap. The device allowed him to get about half hard and after that (so I’m told) it started to hurt. So the Gates and a few of these clever little plastic locks and I was in business for a little more than $30 bucks including shipping.

Once I received it, the following Friday night after dinner I put my little plan in motion. After a nice dinner at home and a little gentle romancing on the couch afterwards, I reminded him that he owed me some attention for the handjob I had given him and then asked him if he was still willing to do something to earn a footjob. With a smile he said he was definitely game so I explained what I had in mind.

“First, every night for the next week you are going to give me a deep and relaxing foot massage. Second, every night for the next week, if I ask for it, you will satisfy me with your mouth and tongue. I might ask you to go down on me. I might ask you to pleasure my breasts, whatever I ask for you will do it. Good so far?” “Yes. That doesn’t sound too hard. Sounds like fun actually.” “Good, cause here’s the hard part. Your’re going to be wearing this all week,” I said and then produced the chastity device I had cleverly concealed beforehand.

At first he laughed and thought it was a joke. Then he seemed to become a little intrigued by all of it. Naturally I coddled him and cajoled him about how much fun it would be and how I’d really make it worthwhile for him. After a bit of discussion, he agreed, but requested that we head up to the bedroom for a little lovemaking first, sort of a last cigarette for the sentenced, and then “figure that contraption out afterwards.” In the mood I was in, I couldn’t wait and we did just that.

Understand, that while my husband has a serious foot fetish, which I knew about and was never shy about feeding, he had never shown any particular signs of being a submissive partner. He was an attentive boyfriend and later an attentive husband and he always did a wonderful job of seeing to my needs and taking care of me. But never did he give any indication that he wanted to serve me or be some type of full time foot servant like one often reads about in these stories. Our lovemaking, and really most our relationship, up to that point was very much a partnership of equals.

Thinking back, what was special about this moment for me was that it was the first time in our relationship that I expressed an interest in taking charge. It was exciting for me, but also a little scary. My biggest concern in trying this was that my little power trip would polarize us to where I felt like I always needed to be in charge whether he liked it or not. Since he had never really expressed an interest in this before, if he didn’t like it, it was possible that my little experiment might even drive a deeper wedge in our sex life.

So, Saturday morning after his shower we had a few laughs as I buckled him into his device and we got ready for our day. Since it was fall, I dressed in a fuzzy turtleneck sweater, a slightly short denim skirt, a pair of black opague tights and my favorite black boots. I loved these boots since they had a chunky two-inch heel that made them easy for walking in and a soft shiny black leather that went with almost anything. escort buca Over the years they had become well broken in to the point where it was almost like getting a gentle hug when I would dip my toes deep inside the worn leather and feel the soft squeeze on my calf as I zipped up the sides.

We went out for a day of shopping and errand running and of course I used every opportunity to brush against my husband’s imprisoned cock. Walking along I would whisper in his ear about all the pleasures I was going to ask of him and tease him about how warm and toasty my feet were going to feel in his hands when I asked for my foot rub that night. On top of that I dragged him into every store, never missed a chance to point out a sexy outfit and made sure he carried everything I bought. To his credit, he took my teasing well, but from time to time I could tell my little device was giving him fits and causing some problems as he tried to keep his arousal in check.

By the time we headed for home it was nearly dinner time so we picked up some steaks and wine and planned for a quiet evening in. In the privacy of our home I was able to take my flirts and taunts up another notch and I knew beyond a doubt I had my poor husband aroused to the point of more than mild discomfort. At one point he even confided that he understands why they call the device the Gates of Hell and nicely asked me to give him a break. I did, but I have to admit I flushed with excitement at the sexual power I felt at that moment.

After dinner I settled myself into the big easy chair in the family room while my husband finished up in the kitchen. I propped my booted feet up on the ottoman and settled back with a glass of wine. He appeared a few minutes later with desert and port and immediately understood that after setting down his tray he was to kneel before me and prepare to rub my feet.

“My toes need some serious attention, are you ready to take care of them.” “Yes my dear, I’ve been thinking about it all day.” “Well get busy. My feet are toasty warm after being cooped up in these boots all day so you better make sure they feel loved”

Without a word he began. First he gently unzipped my right boot and carefully pulled the heated leather away from my calves which immediately began to tingle as they responded to fresh air. He delicately worked my heel out of the base of the boot releasing a gasp of heavily scented air which he discreetly breathed in before setting aside my well worn boot and beginning his ministrations on my warm scented toes.

He started in with my soles working his thumbs deep into my instep while firmly gripping my arch. He worked methodically up and down the length of my foot from heel to toes and back again, never missing an inch with his firm yet gentle fingers. Each toe received his full attention, first with his hands and then with his mouth as he kissed each toe, rubbed it between his lips savoring it like a fine delicacy before releasing his warm breath upon it and moving on to the next.

Several times I tried to catch his eye, but he seemed engrossed in his task so I poured myself some port, nibbled on fruit and cheese and allowed him to immerse himself in pleasuring my feet. After well over a half an hour of effort he paused to flex his wrists and hands which had begun to tire.

“Enjoying yourself sweetie?” I asked. “Yes. How about you?” “Its lovely. A girl could get used to this kind of treatment and I certainly plan to. Why not have a little drink and a little snack before moving on to my left foot.”

Which is exactly what he did. As he reverently removed my left boot in the same manner as he removed the right one I asked him to reposition himself slightly so that I could tease his thighs and groin with my stocking clad right foot. His attention to my left foot was much the same as the right although this time I knew his cock was straining against his device which seemed to put a bit more urgency into his efforts. The combination of my teasing, his ministrations and my growing sense of sexual power was turning my snatch to mush and I periodically stroked myself to enhance my growing arousal.

Twenty minutes later, I was almost panting with excitement so I quickly removed my tights and redirected my husband’s hands and mouth between my legs. By scent alone I’m sure he could tell how aroused I was and he wasted no time burying his face in my folds. As aroused as I was, my lips were already wide open and he immediately thrust his tongue as far as he could inside of me while rubbing the bridge of his nose against my enlarged clit.

In minutes I was moaning and pressing his head deeper into me in an effort to get more pressure on my sensitive parts. My hips started thrusting up against him as I greedily tried to press every inch of him against me. Faster, faster I could feel my pulse racing as my orgasm approached.

I could feel the pressure building deep inside me, rising up through my throat as I exhaled a shriek and a gasp. My clit hardened. My muscles tensed and buca escort bayan soon I was shaking through a delicious release that left me panting for breath.

As I calmed down and came back to my senses he raised his head to look at me. His face was drenched with my juices but his smile told me he was thrilled to have given me such intense pleasure. There was no need for words. I pulled him up to me and we kissed passionately. I could taste myself on his face. I could feel his hardness against my leg and all too quickly my passions rekindled despite the amazing orgasm I had just experienced.

We raced up to the bedroom like newlyweds and in a flash we were rolling around on the bed groping each other and kissing intensely. After a minute or two I had him on his back and sat fully back on his groin as I removed my sweater and bra.

“You’re gonna rub and suck these until you give me another orgasm so get busy” I said and then I leaned forward dangling my breasts into his face. I love having my breasts rubbed and had always been able to get off from having them caressed and my nipples sucked. In some ways it was a request and in some ways it was an order, in any event I knew what I wanted and I asked for it which felt liberating as compared to simply hinting and hoping to have my needs met.

He wasted no time and immediately began planting kisses all around as he used his thumbs to tease my nipples to hardness. He had always been really good at arousing me like this and this night, as charged as I was he was masterful. He alternated the speed of his caresses, the pressure of his mouth and the intensity of his kissing to bring my passion up and then slow it down. After several iterations of this I couldn’t stand it anymore and needed him to take me over the edge.

“Finish me baby. Bring me off. Suck me hard.”

A smile crossed his face and he intensified his efforts sucking hard on my nipples and firmly kneading my breasts. I began rocking my pelvis against his semi-erect member. I could feel the rings against my clit and I immediately became aroused by the fact that I was totally in control. I was getting his total attention despite the raging hard-on that had to be causing him serious discomfort.

This thought together with his efforts sent my body into overdrive. I began rapidly thrusting myself against his shaft feeling the friction of the rings through his pants as they rubbed against my heated labia. I began thrashing around like I was riding a bronco keeping my breasts glued to his mouth and my groin in constant contact, increasing the pressure as I built toward a release. My orgasm started deep inside of me and I still remember it as one of the most intense releases I’ve ever felt.

My entire body tensed. My back arched. My clit throbbed and finally I released all of that coiled energy with a huge gasp and a high pitched squeal. I rode the release as I collapsed on top of my husband. The waves twitching through me curling my toes and making me spasm involuntarily. I felt like I had lost control of my muscles as wave after wave crashed through me. Thinking back it was the first time I remember having multiple orgasms as the pleasure rippled through me in diminishing shock waves for what seemed like minutes.

Exhausted I feel asleep in his arms. If he was frustrated by the night’s activities he said nothing. I know he must have fallen asleep hard and slightly sore from our efforts.

After Saturday night’s festivities, we both slept late Sunday morning, and knowing I had a busy week ahead at work, I was prepared for a quiet relaxing day. Feeling somewhat satisfied from the night before, I kept my outfit simple wearing a comfy long-sweater, a pair of grey leggings and keeping my feet bare. With a husband committed to serving my needs, I knew I needn’t lift a finger. Throughout the day I had him get me drinks, provide foot and back massages, and tend to an assortment of small needs as I thought of them.

I have to give him a lot of credit for being very good natured about the whole thing. It was hard to tell at that point whether he was getting into the idea of pampering me or just happily playing along. In any event, it was a very relaxing Sunday and rather than him retreating to one corner of the house to watch a game and me to another to read or do something on my own, we actually spent quite a bit of quality time together which felt really good.

After a delicious dinner, which he prepared and cleaned-up after, we retreated upstairs with a couple of glasses of wine and I taught my pupil how to give me a pedicure. I made sure to walk him though the entire treatment from soaking, to loofa, cutting, shaping, cuticles, lotion and polish. While I tried to take the role of a stern instructor, it was really impossible not to giggle and laugh as he fumbled his way through the various steps.

The final result was passable at best, but we ended up having an awful lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend it as fun activity for any couple to share if they are able to approach it in a constructive and light hearted manner. Over time, we have made the Sunday night pedicure one of our weekly rituals and bit by bit my husband has become a real pro, but I’d still say the best part of it is how much fun we have spending such close personal time together.

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