A Chance Encounter

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My first year of college was rough in many ways. The classes were harder than I expected, the freedom was more difficult to manage, and the relationships too hard to maintain. I had kept a long distance relationship with my high school sweetheart, but it died near the end of classes. I was very depressed that summer and very lonely. I worked ridiculous overtime at two different restaurants to make money for school and I had no time for carousing with friends or looking for dates.

It was a chance encounter that changed my romantic prospects in a hurry. My mother had asked me to run to the mall to return a pair of shoes, I think, and I was tired from working late the previous night. I stomped through the mall, barely looking up as I passed the teeming throngs of people. When I did look up, I wished I hadn’t.

I recognized immediately a guy from my high school, Kyle. He wasn’t my friend, but was close to a few of my other friends, so we knew each other. He was completely annoying. I hate to label myself as a homophobe or even as being prejudiced against homosexuals, but he just gave me the creeps. He wasn’t just gay, he was Broadway showgirl gay, loud and sassy and all about being gay. It just bugged me to be around him and I had no desire to chat with the guy here in the mall.

I averted my gaze quickly and tried to ignore him as we passed, but I was recognized by the person walking with him. In my haste to ignore Kyle I had not noticed that he was walking with someone. A hand caught my shirt and my eyes swung up to see Jane, a girl I knew from school.

Jane had been a year behind me in school though she was only a few months younger than me. She was a pretty little thing with a bright, joyful smile and infections good nature. She also had a great pair of legs and an ass I had admired for years.

“Hey stranger!” she said, hitting me with that smile.

“Oh! Hi Jane. I didn’t see you there. How are you?”

We chatted for a little while with Kyle obviously bored and annoyed at being ignored. He complained a little to Jane and she banished him to go talk to his gay friend at the Piercing Pagoda. He was pissed, but left anyway.

I couldn’t tell you what we talked about now. I’m sure it was all innocuous and boring stuff about what we had been doing for the last year. She told stories about people I might have known still back in high school and I told her some things about college. The subjects we covered were completely overshadowed by something else that was happening between us.

I should say, something that was happening to me. I don’t know if she felt any of this, but I had a very intense feeling of arousal from talking to her. We had never dated but we had been casual friends in school. I had admired her but never thought seriously of getting together with her. Now, as she paid full attention to me, I was getting a strong sexual vibe from her. I can’t describe why, but she was giving me this impression that she was completely into me and anything I had to say, and that she really wanted to be alone with me. But it wasn’t anything she said, and that is why it was so odd. Perhaps her body language tipped me off, or that she stood very close to me, or her scent, or any number of subtle things, but I had the very strong impression that she wanted to spend time with me.

I had been without female companionship for a few months at that point and I was certainly in need of a fix, but the instant and intense feeling here was dumbfounding. I caught myself babbling about almost nothing a few times and had to keep my mind on the conversation. She wore a nice tight denim skirt that showed her legs, hips and small waist off well and I kept stealing glances at them. I’m sure she caught me every time, too.

We walked around the mall for a while as this feeling intensified for me. I was trying to think of a way to prolong the experience, but I had to get home to get ready for my next shift and I had to say goodbye. We traded phone numbers and I left, barely able to walk with the bulge in my boxers.

I was consumed with thoughts of Jane as I went home and changed for work. I was sloppy all night at the pizza shop, preoccupied with thoughts of her face smiling at me, and visions of her naked legs wrapped around me. I had never before had such strong and persistent mental images of a woman. Sure, I had canlı bahis had crushes and infatuations, but the images were so very clear this time it was unlike anything I had experienced before. Her smell, the feel of her touch, her voice, all assaulted my senses as I tried to concentrate on making pizzas.

Finally the night was over and I drove home exhausted from the strain. I showered briefly and then went to bed at almost 1 in the morning. The visions were even more profound now that I had nothing else to think about, and as was fairly common for me I started to masturbate myself to sleep.

I have noticed through long years of practice and research that masturbation is best when the mental image and desire is most clear. I couldn’t ask for a clearer mental image of her, and with my eyes mashed shut I saw every detail. She was sitting on top of me, her slender torso rising up from the bed, her long legs tucked under her and to either side of me. Her skin was cool but my penis was hot inside her. She smiled at me as she moved her hips and ran a hand through her long blonde hair.

I didn’t last long at all, and before I could do anything about it I had the most explosive orgasm I had ever given myself. My first contraction launched over my shoulder and onto the bed, arcing high over me. The next one landed on my chest, and the rest flowed out in a chaotic mess all over my belly. Wow! I had never done anything like that. I knew I came much more after a long drought, but this was as if I had actually had sex with her, not just jerked off to some inferior “maintenance” orgasm. I was paralyzed, and still the vision of her danced in my head. I cleaned up quickly and tried to go to sleep.

I called her the next day, early, and asked her to go out to a park with me for a picnic lunch. She readily agreed and we made plans for me to pick her up. The park surrounded a large reservoir and was a lovely place, and during the warm summer it was a popular destination. All the picnic benches were filled, so Jane and I went out into the middle of one of the large fields and spread out or picnic blanket.

We chatted and flirted, and I complemented her on her lovely skirt. Again, she had worn a tight little denim skirt that showed her long legs well. She blushed a little and thanked me, telling me I looked nice too. I had been working out a lot at college so I was a fair amount more muscular than I had been when we last saw each other in high school. I hoped she liked it, and she apparently did.

A tone point I saw a daddy long-legs spider crawling on her leg. I knew she was deathly afraid of spiders so I distracted her. I reached up and cupped her face in my hand in an intimate kind of touch, which shielded her view of the spider. With the other hand I brushed the creature off. We both jumped at my touch on her leg. I let my other hand drop and then answered her questioning look by telling her about the spider. She was thankful of my discretion, but remained very jittery. I think she was like that because of my touch, not the insect.

We ate our sandwiches and tossed a Frisbee around for a while, but the heat of the day became oppressive and we retreated to a shady area and stretched out on the blanket. I lay down first and she lay perpendicular to me with her head on my belly. I enjoyed her proximity, and I think she enjoyed mine. We lay there and watched the clouds for a while as I played with her hair, eliciting occasional sounds of appreciation from her and a constant smile. Her touch was so suggestive, as if we were on a predetermined path to some physical interaction and we were just marking time until it happened.

Eventually she sat up and propped herself up over me with an arm on the other side of me. We watched each other’s faces for a little while and made small talk.

“This is nice. I like it here,” she said.

“Me too. I’m glad we came here.”

“Thanks for lunch. Anything I can do to repay you?”

“Oh, I’m sure you can think of something.”

“Probably. You really look good, you know? I’m serious, you obviously work out a lot.”

“I do, at college. Not much opportunity at home since I work all the time. I’m lucky to have today off to spend with you.”

“I’m glad you chose to give me your free time.”

“Me too. I can’t think of a better way to have spent this day.”

“No?” bahis siteleri She raised an eyebrow at me in a suggestive way.

“Well, maybe. But I figured this was good for a first date.”

“And what’s good for a second date?”

“I’m sure I can think of something.”

“If you can’t I can.” Again, the double meaning was not at all veiled.

We continued this chatter for a while, probing with verbal hints at each other’s desires. It seemed she was nearly as taken with me as I was with her, and by the time we had to leave I was having to hide the bulge in my pants. I had to go back to work that evening so it was with regret that I dropped her off at her house and watched her sexy ass walk away from me through the doorway.

I had to work morning and evening shift for the next 2 weeks and was unable to see Jane for that time. It was maddening, especially when I called her and she continued the word play. She was making it fairly plain that she wanted to be with me, though I was uncertain as to her final desires. I didn’t know her well enough to speculate on her sexual activities. I was worried that she might be more smoke than fire, but I had to find out.

I was eventually able to get a full day off and I called Jane to set up our second date. I suggested another picnic, but told her I had not had time to make up the lunches so I would bring her back to my place and we could do it together. She quickly agreed, and I picked her up around 10 in the morning.

Again she wore a skirt. I knew she was showing off for me, as this one was shorter than the rest and was in danger of being a mini-skirt. It was black and tight and incredibly sexy. She climbed into the car with a look I could almost call mischievous, but said little as I drove her to my place.

We sat on the couch and talked for a while, and all the sexual tension was still there in full force. I was normally smoother than this, but for some reason she completely knocked me off balance and I was having trouble getting to the point. I hemmed and hawed about it for a while, even ascribing an accusation to the dog that even he wanted me to get on with it. So I did.

“Jane, I need to say something and I hope this is OK with you. I just got out of a long distance relationship and it was terrible. We both cheated on each other and hurt each other badly and I refuse to get into another one. Because of that, I am not ready to date you on a regular basis. I can’t be your boyfriend.”

“Ok. And?”

“Well, I really want to take you upstairs and take your clothes off.” I put my hand on her bare knee. “I want to make love to you so bad it hurts.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Now the smile was without a doubt fully mischievous, as if she had known this was going to happen from the beginning.

I took her by the hand and lead her up to my room. I closed the door and we stood, face to face by my bed. I reached for her blouse and undid the buttons, while she went after my belt. Her shirt hit the floor a moment before my belt and I started removing her bra and she pulled up my T-shirt. We continued to undress each other until we stood, completely naked, before each other. She was lovely, her long legs swelling to her curvy hips, then up to her slender waist and petite chest. She was small breasted, but it worked wonderfully for her. It made her look streamlined, slim, and sexy. Everything about her screamed at me to take her. Her smell, her stance, the look in her eyes, all of it invited me to partake to my content.

I stepped in and we embraced. We kissed for the first time with our bodies pressed together. She tasted wonderful and her tongue showed just the right amount of eagerness in mingling with mine. My hands fell down quickly to hold her lovely ass and I held it firmly, pressing her into me. My erection was near full and pressed in between us, thrilling at the touch of her cool skin.

We were both yearning for sex, and we broke the embrace. I sat her down on the edge of the bed and went to my knees before her, then lifted her legs up to gaze into her tender regions. She did not resist me as I leaned in and breathed on her, nuzzling into her to make my intentions clear. She purred a little sound of approval and I went ahead.

I kissed her inner thigh several inches down, then gave a passionate little love bite. bahis şirketleri I switched to the other leg and flickered my tongue a little higher, then kissed again. She was squirming a little now with anticipation, and so was I. I wanted to do this right and give her the best I could, but the need to be inside her was overwhelming.

I rushed the foreplay and put my tongue on her clitoris, causing her to jump a little. I slowly mashed the flat of my tongue over the area, forcing my heat onto her and moving her clit around. I then dragged my tongue down to her opening and playfully poked around a bit, not plunging in but stimulating the area. She responded with more squirming and a hand on my head, caressing my hair. She started to moan a little, and the sound amplified my own needs to feel her.

Again I hurried the act and plunged my tongue into her as deep as I could, the tip of my nose poking near her clit. I wiggled my head, stimulating her in multiple ways, and was rewarded with a clenched hand in my hair and a gasp of pleasure. This was happening far too fast, but she seemed to be keeping up with me just fine.

I removed my tongue and flickered it across her clit for a moment, drawing a squeal of surprise, but I had no more patience for this. I stood up and held out my hand to her. She took it and I pulled her to her feet. I tried to wipe my mouth on my arm, not knowing how she would feel about kissing me now, but she didn’t hesitate to throw her mouth onto mine in a passionate kiss. She was obviously as needy as I for the completion of this tryst.

“I want to you be on top,” I told her.

“Good, I like that.”

I dropped to the bed and scooted over to give her room to climb on. She straddled me quickly, throwing one sexy leg over me and resting her weight on my pelvis. My penis was flat on my belly and she rubbed her juices up and down the shaft for a moment, smiling playfully. She couldn’t wait, though. She leaned forward, one hand on my chest and the other between us to lift my penis to her opening.

I slid in easily and completely as she settled down onto me. I grunted loudly with delight and her lovely face went serene in pleasure. She sat there unmoving for a moment, then bent down to lie on top of me. We kissed as I started thrusting into her. She was tight and wet and felt as amazing as I had hoped she would. Our faces were engulfed in a tent of her long blonde hair, an added intimacy to our sexual tryst.

Every woman has at least one thing that sets her apart, something special about her that gains my attention. Sometimes it is obvious, but more often it is subtle. With Jane there were many things; the feel of her flesh, the smell of her body, the way she moved, and of course her incredible legs. Jane’s skin was cool, soft, and very smooth. My fingers danced across the flesh of her long slender back, down to her curved buttocks to pull her harder onto me, or up to her shoulders to pull her kiss deeper into me.

It was quiet, gentle, playful even. She sat up and we looked at each other for a short time. Her hands moved idly around my chest as she smiled at me. Her happy demeanor and openness made this seem like much less of an illicit or dangerous act and more like a playful romp, two people sharing something fun and positive.

I’m not sure what tipped me off, a sound or the feeling of movement, but I had a sudden fear that one f my parents had come home early. I rolled Jane off me and went to the window. Sure enough, my mother was home.

We dressed quickly and quietly, both very upset that we couldn’t conclude our business, but barely concealing giggles about being caught. I smuggled her out of the house and took her home. We kissed deeply in her driveway and promised to plan better next time. Upon returning home my mother was a little upset but put it in the “we shall never talk of this again” file.

Forces conspired against us the rest of the summer and I only saw her one more time before I had to go back to college. We did manage a few meetings, but the miles between us were a difficult barrier. A few months later she called off our fun as she had found a guy to marry. I was disappointed but I understood. I knew I was in no position to make that kind of commitment to anyone, and at that point in my life I wasn’t ready to make much of a commitment to her. We fell out of touch by the next spring.

Life has a funny way of throwing curves at you. Jane would return to my life two more times in out-of-the-blue ways. The last time, a few years ago, I decided not to let her get away again.

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