A Chance Encounter Brings…

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A Chance Encounter Brings Him Closer To His Sister

My older sister and were close, but not as close as we got a few months ago. We were staying at my aunt’s house for a few days to help out with my cousin’s wedding preparations. I had been sleeping on the floor of an unused room, while my sister and her husband were sharing the bed. My parents were in a hotel, but they decided it would be fine for us to just use the spare room. Personally, I thought this plan blew, but that was until things got interesting when my sis and brother-in-law got into an argument at the wedding reception and she decided that he’d be better off on the couch. I didn’t ask what they were arguing about, but could tell she was pretty pissed at him. So I happily offered to take over the empty spot in the bed next to my sister. This wasn’t a big deal at all. Like I said, we were close.

We were all exhausted after the reception, but everyone had a great time. Since there were no other people my age and my sis wasn’t talking to my brother-in-law, we spent most of the night talking, drinking and dancing.

When we got back to the house everyone passed out pretty quickly. Since she was so tired, she barely bothered changing clothes, but did throw on and old t-shirt over her bare chest and black cotton panties. I was just wearing the usual sweat pants and nothing else. Since I was in the middle of a book wanted to finish a few chapters before I went to sleep. So, I kept a light on next to the bed so I could read while my sister passed out next to me. The book was a pretty crazy science fiction novel, but at the end of the chapter I was working on, came a sex scene. Lets just say that since I was a little buzzed from the drink and a little horny from not having a girlfriend, I was easily turned on. So when I turned off the light and settled into bed I had only one thought on my mind. I’m not saying I intended anything with my sister, I hadn’t really thought of her like that, to tell the truth. But I was pretty frustrated since I hadn’t had an opportunity to please myself in some time. And to make matters worse, my sister started making noises in her sleep. I always knew that she talked in her sleep, but didn’t know that she also breathed heavily, whimpered and moaned in her sleep. This only succeeded in adding to my frustrations.

What happened next was the beginning of a long night. She rolled over and threw bakırköy escort her leg over me so that the inside of her thigh came to rest right on my crotch and her mouth was right next to my ear. As she continued moaning and breathing heavily into my ear, I started getting more and more aroused. Though I wasn’t in to thinking of my sister like that, I couldn’t help but get turned on. The next thing I knew, I had a raging hard-on that was digging into the inside of her leg. Whether she was asleep at this point, or not, I didn’t know, but she reacted to my shaft in a way I hadn’t expected. She started rubbing her crotch against my hip and her leg against my hard-on and began moaning even more.

I can’t tell you why I did it, but my hand went to her bare thigh and started rubbing it gently. She just cooed in my ear and let out and, ‘mmmmmmmm,’ and what sounded like, ‘uh huh.’ so I just kept it up. My hand got closer and closer to the line of the bottom of her panties near her ass. She only squirmed more and lifted herself off the bed a bit to rest more fully on my body bringing her pussy within a couple inches of my shaft.

At this point I thought it was a good idea to stop, considering that whatever part of her brain was awake at that point was probably thinking it was her husband. I pulled my hand away only to here her say, ‘don’t stop, mikey.’ which turned out to be my name and not her husband’s. Slowly, though I didn’t want to pull my ear away from her hot breathe, I turned my head to look at her. I found that her eyes were not only open, but had a look of pure lust in them. I can’t even tell you what went through my mind at this point. I guess it was a mix of fear and lust that was more arousing than anything I’d felt before. It was the perfect blend of naughty and nice.

I knew she wasn’t drunk and I knew she wasn’t asleep, so why she was looking at me like that, I had no idea. But I soon found out.

She leaned in close, grabbed my hand and put it on her ass, and brushed her lips lightly against mine. The kiss, if you could call it that, was something that could have passed in public as sibling affection, but what I felt was something more hot and sexual than I’ve experienced.

I needed more, so as I pushed the bottom edge of her panties up a bit to lightly caress her ass I brought my lips back to hers. She only cooed more and ground her crotch beşiktaş escort more into my hip.

‘Feels like you’re thinking the same thing I am,’ she said as she rubbed her leg against my erection. At this she lifted herself completely off the bed and came to rest on top of me with both her bare legs straddling my cock. I could feel her hair tickling the sides of my face as she brought herself down to kiss me. This one was a more passionate kiss and I could feel the longing in it. Somehow I knew she had wanted this for some time.

Our bodies pressed tightly together, she moaned into my mouth as I played with her ass. She only gave a sigh of wanting as I placed my thumbs under the waist band of her tiny black cotton panties and lowered them a bit. We continued kissing like this and humping with nothing between our loins but her thin underwear and my sweatpants. It was amazing. She seemed so aroused that she couldn’t even speak. Now and again something would escape her lips that was more than a moan. ‘Mmmmm, please …’ or ‘yeah, oooo …..’ it drove me crazy how into this she was. She was on the verge of an orgasm without any direct touching of her pussy.

She lifted her hips up to tell me to take off her panties. I slid them down over her beautifully shaped legs and she immediately pulled off my sweats. When she brought herself back to our original position and began kissing and sucking on my neck I pulled her shirt up over her head.

We were now completely naked, but we kept ourselves from actually screwing for some time. I think we both had doubts about what we were doing, but not enough to stop us.

She rubbed her moistening pussy lips against the head of my cock with more urgency now. I sucked on the side of her neck as she seemed to lose even the ability to kiss, she was so consumed by lust.

It wasn’t long before I needed to feel her hot pussy lips wrapped around my growing cock. I rolled her over as she pulled me on top of her and whimpered some more. I rubbed gently against her lips with the head of my cock before entering her.

Her fingers were pulling at the skin on my back, but she began to scratch me as I entered her. To this point she had only been with one man, and her husband must have been smaller than me because she let out a gasp of pure lust with a hint of pain. As the walls of her sweet pussy stretched to swallow beylikdüzü escort my shaft, I had to concentrate to keep myself from cumming right then.

Her legs wrapped around me and her feet were pulling me into her even more. She seemed to have a craving that only told me she hadn’t been satisfied in years. ‘Ooohhhh, mikey, please, fuck your big sister,’ she moaned as we started getting into rhythm. The bed began to squeak slightly and I could hear the sweet smacking sounds of our bodies slamming together. She didn’t seem to notice anything but my cock inside of her. If anyone heard us, it would mean the end of her marriage and much more, but neither of us cared. I was actually more turned on by the risks we were taking.

I held myself up on my arms so I could see the look on her face while I ravaged her. Her eyes were shut tightly, but they opened a few times to look at me lustily or to stare down at my cock sliding in and out of her tight lips. She seemed to love this, so I looked down as well.

It was amazing to see. We had seen each other’s genitals before when we were growing up, but now we were seeing them in a whole new light.

Her pussy lips stretched each time I slid out of her and we could see my shaft glistening from her juices. ‘It’s so beautiful,’ she moaned through clenched teeth as she stared at it.

She then shifted her hands suddenly, one to my ass to urge me on, and the other on my chest in what seemed like an attempt to push me away. As she neared orgasm, I could tell she was only wanting it more, but was also scared. Well, the lust in her won the battle going on inside her as she brought both hands to my back and pulled me on top of her. Her tongue and lips were working on my ear as she began to moan more loudly. Her slim legs were locked around me as I began to feel myself cumming as well. Neither of us could speak. Even if we could, the other wouldn’t have heard, we were both so involved in the act of pure passion that was taking place.

My cock swelled even more as my cum began to shoot out into her. She let out what sounded like the beginnings of a scream that got lost somewhere on its way out. She dug her nails into my back as she took in a sharp breathe and came at the exact same moment I did.

As we both came down slowly from the high of our orgasms we kissed again. I began to roll off of her, but we seemed connected so that when I rolled onto my back, she came with me. She stayed straddling me like this with my cock still inside of her. We slept this way all night, as well. And in the morning, when I began to grow again in my sleep, I woke up to her gently rocking back and forth on my erection and moaning softly.

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