A Chance Encounter At The Airport

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Chapter 1

Well, I don’t exactly know how to start describing what happened a couple of years back since it really was a coming together of something that went back a long long way in time…to the 80’s actually.

A friend of mine, Mark, was taking tennis lessons at a local club. He wasted no time in advising me to attend. Being adventurous myself there was absolutely no hesitation on my part to join up…and I think that tennis club was the place were I fell madly in love for the first time. Our island is blessed (cursed?) with long hours of sunshine all during summer and even through our mild winters. So there I was at 7am (to beat the heat) with Mark to enroll in this club. There was always somebody there he explained. That somebody was in the form of Mariella, who at 16, was about a couple of years younger than I was at that time. (I am now 38). I have always read or heard about people who claim to have fallen in love instantly they see a person. I was ever so skeptical about this. But as soon as I saw this girl for the first time I was struck dumb by her raven beauty. Large round eyes were framed by jet-black hair. She wasn’t thin, actually she was a bit filled up, but that is exactly how I like my girls…not fat obviously, but with a bit of meat on them.

I simply could not believe my sensations. I thought that somebody was pounding my ribs with a sledgehammer until I realised it was the beating of my heart. My breath caught in ragged gasps. Her sweet childish voice was like that of a songbird. I fought to bring my emotions under control , and it was only with some effort that I managed to control myself and stop from blurting out ‘I love you’. Because back then I knew it had to be the real thing…..well to cut a long story short, she managed to prise my name out and fill in the requisite forms, age, sex (yes please), medical stuff and all that.

Pretty soon I was in the court for my first lesson. She also was attending there. What I had not known was that her father was the head fireman in the rescue department next door. So naturally, not wanting to be left alone at home, she used to go with him in the early morning shift and immerse herself in the club. She was a sort of secretary there. She was also a bit of a nifty player.

So what can I say that I haven’t explained to loads of other people? It was painfully obvious that I was besotted on her…hell I would have accepted to being her guard dog. Because just being around Mariella was what I wanted…but would she have me? No way! I tried in every way, starting from forming a mixed doubles team, to attending early mornings just to be with her alone, whispering in her ear, sending her flowers, the works….and I was swatted away with just a wave of her hand as if I was a fly. To be totally frank, I simply could not stand being around her and not being with her alone. Well after what seemed to me to be some months , but was actually a couple of years, I finally gave up. I could not understand why she had not agreed to go out with me. I mean, in all fairness I am fairly handsome and well-built, and could have had my pick from the number of girls that used to hang out. Hell one of them, Doreen , a beautiful blonde girl with firm pear-shaped boobs stated flatly that she would love to blow me. She used to tease me by doing cartwheels wearing just her top and a short tennis skirt, with the smallest panties she could fit into. But I only had eyes for Mariella. And if I could not have her, then I would have no-one from the club.Don’t get me wrong, we were very good friends, and used to go out with other friends in a group, but not alone. So I stopped going to the tennis club.

Chapter 2

Re-emerging into the real life soon after, I met my long-lasting loving companion Jessica. She was shy and quiet in a very unassuming way, but I was struck with the simplicity and power of this young woman. It would have been injustice to call her a girl. She was so mature for her age.We actually used to meet in the company of other friends, but somehow always finished together, either when we used to go swimming, for a hike, or just plain hanging out. I don’t think that my relationship with Jessica blazed into life like it did with Mariella, but more like a tiny spark that grew into a huge inferno, until we could no longer bear to be separated from each other. I had known Jessica for twenty years, been married to her for the last fourteen and had two lovely children. Jessica and the kids disappeared from my life when a drunken driver skipped a red light and rammed her little sports car from behind. The following week was the worst week I had endured in my life. At the enquiry I made sure that the guy got as much time in the slammer as I could possibly wring out of the judges.

After Mariella had not seen me for some time, she had asked Mark what had become of me. He had replied that I had given up waiting and was going out steadily with another girl……And hell hath no fury like bursa escort a woman scorned…..or at least that is how the saying goes. She burst into tears there and then and confessed to him that she was actually teasing me, playing hard to get. Mark was absolutely stunned. He knew, and told her, that I had fallen madly in love with her the very first time that I had saw her. My good buddy said that very same day he was in a competition and the pairings had brought him and Doreen against Mariella and Ivan. That match was a disaster for Mariella, and the humiliation of the defeat was as nothing compared to her feelings….

She knew that I used to go to college, and once or twice she waited for me while I was passing through her street. It used to be hard for me to send her away, but I could not afford to be taken as a plaything. I had matured quite a bit, was happy at the way life was revolving with Jessica, and had no wish to spoil my sweetheart’s way of life. So I had decided then to ignore Mariella. Of course my love for her was still bubbling just beneath the surface. But I only thought it right that things should remain as they are. Those were the last couple of days I saw Mariella, until four weeks ago, on a Thursday…. twenty years after I had last seen her beautiful face…..

Chapter 3

Back to the recent past now….it was Thursday morning, about five o’ clock I think it was. I had been waiting eagerly to contact a friend who had a pda he no longer used. He had promised to sell it to me for a decent price. So I got out of bed, washed, and made my way down to my car to get some money from the cash-point right on the edge of the town where I live. Unluckily it was being serviced automatically, so I resigned myself to going to the airport, which was the closest location. I never made it to the machine. Because there, standing under a tour agency banner, was Mariella, still with her beautiful eyes, long hair and fabulous body…..and once again I found out that I could no longer breathe. There I was, a supposedly mature thirty-eight year old man, standing in the middle of the concourse, with a sick grin on my face, staring at a woman. I saw Mariella clear out some items a tourist was enquiring about, and lift her glorious face to me… and her lips spread out into one of the widest smiles I had ever seen on a woman… together with some tears that were already starting to form at the corner of her eyes. She rushed from behind the stall and threw her arms around me, as if we had known each other for years and not been seperated all this time.

We embraced for a long timeless moment, and then stepped apart to examine each other…the years had been extremely kind to her. She still retained the full bodied curves of a beautiful woman, while attaining a certain kind of maturity that only comes with age. Her body warmth seeped through her thin skirt and my light shorts.Surprisingly I felt something stir quickly within me.

‘”Hello Chris, haven’t seen you for some time!”, she greeted me warmly. “I’ll be clocking off in about ten minutes if you have some time to spare for a chat.”

What could I do but accept? I looked at my watch, realising that I had about three hours of empty time coming up. I wouldn’t meet my buddy until nine, and even then , he would wait a bit more if I sent him a message. I proceeded to the cash-point where I withdrew some money, and made my way to the coffee bar right across the tour operators where Mariella was finalising the transfer of tourists. The time was just enough for me to reflect on this chance meeting. I felt that the time was ripe to advance a little on the friendship we had enjoyed a long time back. That and the fact that I was so alone these days…and the loneliness and aching at night was something I could rarely bear.

Six o’clock duly arrived and true to her word, she came to pick me up at the bar. I offered her a coffee, which she politely declined. How could anyone refuse a coffee at six in the morning? The answer was simple.

“How about I offer you coffee … in our company’s private rooms?”, she asked.

“I guess I can’t say no can I?” , was my reply.

“No, not really…you see I made the biggest mistake in my life when I let you go such a long time ago. And even though I married, you were still the one I had prayed to find. You gave me such a good lesson though that I couldn’t break your wife’s heart. It was my fault entirely…and I had to shoulder the pain through all these years. So no…I’m not ready to let you escape again.”

I sat there in complete silence, not knowing how to answer her.

“So, are you accepting that coffee?”

Chapter 4

I smiled then and picked up my wallet and car keys. Following her up to the concourse of the airport, she chatted gaily about her marriage, on the rocks and in the final act of divorce since she had caught her husband fooling around with girls at work. No kids , she assured me. She couldn’t have any bursa escort bayan following a botched-up operation. At this she looked me straight in the eye and instinctively I knew what was coming then. She stopped at a door bearing a taped logo of her employers. Looking at her hands as she started unlocking the door, I could note she was as cool as can be.

Mariella stepped inside and beckoned me in. I looked around the room. It was a clean but sparsely furnished motel-type room, with a large sofa-bed , a kitchenette and what looked like a bathroom. A long desk running down the whole side of a wall completed the ‘office’.She put the key back in the lock and gave it a couple of twists and left it in the keyhole.

“There….now no-one can disturb our…discussion.” she told me with a smile, as she reached for me once again.

As we were embracing, she held up her head to me, and as I looked down, our lips touched briefly. What had begun as a casual kiss turned into a smouldering flame of passion. I had no problem with this, but niggling thoughts abut her marriage bothered me just a little bit. We staggered to the bed still locked together. My breath was coming in short ragged spurts while I could tell that she was getting more excited by the minute.

We fell on the bed in an untidy heap. Without really knowing how, my hands were at the front of her pin-striped blouse, unfastening the buttons. It was open within seconds and to my delight found out that she was not wearing a bra beneath it. Mariella aided me by just releasing her arms for a moment and the blouse went flying. My palms went instantly to her breasts, kneading and squeezing gently. I lowered my face to her chest and nuzzled those big beautiful nipples with my nose, lingering over them for just a few fleeting moments. She gasped loudly as my tongue made contact with her most sensitive parts.

Immediately her hands flew down to my shorts, as she fumbled with the buttons. Soon it was off and around my ankles. She chuckled in delight when she saw I had no underwear on. Her hands grasped my engorged penis right at the base. Mariella exclaimed when she noticed I did not have any pubic hair…

“So nice and smooth…”, she purred,”just like my pussy when it is freshly-shaved. Want to take a look?”

I didn’t want a look, I wanted to fuck her badly at that moment, never mind the consequences if somebody passed outside the door.I reached out and grabbed her panties and pulled them down savagely. In a moment I had pushed her back on to the bed with the skirt high above her thighs. She lay their quivering as I went over to her and inserted my dick in her smoothly shaved cunt in one quick movement. She gasped as my abundant cock slid up to her pussy’s limit.We ground together in a savage dance of lust. This was no loving encounter, it was a lust-filled fuck , releasing all our pent-up emotions, locked in our hearts for twenty years. Within a couple of minutes Mariella had already orgasmed twice, the first one nearly as soon as I entered her, and the other shortly afterwards. I can control myself quite easily, but I let go of my cum this time..there would be enough left for a slow lazy love session later on. I gorged myself on her nipples while I unloaded my cock’s reservior into her clasping cunt. I must have spurted three or four long ones, and by the look of it she was on the verge of another hit. My lips found her pebble-hard nipples and I let them circle around without actually touching the hard buds.

“Don’t…..stop….stop..no…don’t stop”, she moaned and writhed as another orgasm wracked her body. Her hands were tugging frantically at her clit as she trembled.

I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I could feel another orgasm taking hold of my senses, and I collapsed on top of her as my cum filled her up again, spurting out of my dick and oozing out of her sodden fanny.

Her orgasm sort of triggered us off to what we were doing and we collapsed side by side on the bed, to drift away to sleep.

Chapter 5

I awoke an hour later, all cool and contented. I could hardly believe what had happened all of a sudden. It seemed that things could only get better, I thought. I was single, and she was technically also going to be single shortly. I staggered out of bed, and after checking the bathroom for towels, decided to have a shower. The sound of running water must have woken Mariella because the next thing I know she was nuzzling against me, all soft and warm. What followed was something straight out of a porn movie. We spent an inordinately long time soaping each other and fondling various parts of our anatomy. I had to hold tight to the sides of the shower stall when she got down on her knees and started playing with my fully-rigid dick. Rinsing it thoroughly she licked the underside of my shaft before swallowing my love meat. Grabbing me by my ass, she looked a sight as she pulled me deeper into her mouth. I could never imagine that women could escort bursa be so adventurous. Surely it was down her throat. During my shocked silence I could hear her humming, and this drove me right over the edge. I tried to warn her that I was going to come, but only managed a feeble croak. Looking down at her, I could see that she was looking straight up at me with her big eyes, as if urging me on.

I forgot when I had come that much last. It is true that I had been lacking serious companionship for some time, but this was the real deal. I had to lean against the shower walls just to keep from fainting…

She retracted her mouth, and after a quick slurp, got up on her feet, for a long prolonged kiss… My hand was at her pussy, and it was only then that I noticed what an inordinately long clitty she had. It was the size of a pencil eraser, the ones we used to have at school. She gasped as I found this jewel and twirled my forefinger gently around it. I turned off the water, slid open the shower doors and picked her up. I made my way to the bedroom and set her down gently on the bed, her ass right on the edge of the mattress… I pushed her back slowly and when she was lying flat on the bed, hooked her legs on my shoulders to give me access to her dripping pussy. The hard snub of her clit was practically poking out proudly. Not one to dally, I lowered my face to her nubbin and as my tongue made contact with her clit, she let out a gasp. I could feel her hands pulling at my hair, causing me some discomfort, but this was lost in the sweetness of her pussy. She was dripping profusely now, her wetness mixing with my saliva as I licked and slurped my way to happiness. A happiness not lost on Mariella who was squirming as if she was being burnt alive. Another orgasm shook her wracked body as i continued sucking on her clitty.

Finally my dick was at full attention again and I rose to push it in her again. To my surprise she extended her hand and positioned my dick against her ass…. I was a bit surprised and asked her whether it was what she wanted. I had never experienced anal sex before so I was unsure what to expect. Her opening was pretty tight, but once the head of my dick passed her sphincter ring the going got easier. It took some time to get used to the tightness, but pretty soon my dick was being lubricated by her pussy’s dripping.

What followed was the most mind-blowing orgasm I had ever experienced. The feeling of your dick being trapped in a warm moist vise is the best I can describe it. My orgasm triggered her to another and I lay atop her quietly while she had a refined orgasm beneath my quivering form. After a few moments of panic, in which I thought we would be stuck for some time, my dick softened enough to fall out of her with a loud popping noise.

This time we made it back to the shower for a gentle wash. My dick was sore with the pounding it had received, and I think that she was pretty sensitive too. After washing we managed to untangle our clothes and put them on….

‘Well…’, I told her, ‘what about that coffee you were offering?’

She chuckled then , a deep throaty chuckle that I found immensely endearing.

‘We just have to make use of the cafe don’t we?’, she replied.

Chapter 6

I had a better idea. I asked her whether she wanted to come home with me for a coffee and maybe spend a day together reliving the past.

‘Do you want me for today or for the rest of our lives?’, she quietly said…

I was at a loss. I was alone , a big house all to myself, and to share it with this lovely woman was the stuff of dreams. Her marriage was the only thing standing in my way and I said so.

‘Chris, my divorce papers will be coming through in a week. I don’t think that anything can stop that. Neither will you be the cause of my divorce. He started goofing around, and I suffered. Not because of his going with other women…I honestly don’t mind. But when you start to suffer from his antics. That I cannot take. And anyway, the divorce has really taken up all my financial resources. I am to all extents, penniles and homeless.’ She sobbed pitifully during last few words.

That was that. We picked up our belongings and left for home. The trip was short and uneventful. Mariella looked impressed as she saw my house.Going up the stairs, I told her where the guest bedroom was. She looked at me as if I was out of my mind.

‘Why waste time doing up two beds in the morning when there is a perfctly suitable big one in your bedroom?’

I could hardly argue with those sentiments could I? The days and weeks rolled by, and after the frenzied love-making of the first few days, love blossomed strongly again. I could afford to retire from work early, and offered the same thing to her. She replied that she wanted her independence still if it was alright with me. Nothing could suit me better as I still liked a certain freedom.

However our time together cemented our love to each other. Last summer we took a cruise to the Bahamas, and during dinner I asked permission from the captain to make an announcement. I called Mariella to the band stage, fell to my knees in front of her, and asked her to marry me.

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