A Business Trip to Remember

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Stacy and Steve were thrilled when they were both assigned to the same project. They had become friends several months ago and tried to hang out at work as much as possible. It was not uncommon for them to jokingly say some flirtatious comments. What started as innocent flirting was slowly becoming more intense. Sexual tension was starting to build. They were both married but enjoyed the thought that someone new was showing interest.

The project required that they spend a few days on-site at a customers facility. They were excited about being able to take a road trip and hang out for a couple of days.

The six hour car ride seemed to go pretty quick. The conversation started off pretty casual. However, it slowly changed and the two were openly talking about sex. They discussed their sex lives with their spouses, favorite positions, and even some fantasies and turn-ons.

Steve shared that one of his biggest turn-ons was a woman wearing a thong. He loved how the line of the fabric accentuated a woman’s butt cheeks. His biggest fantasy was for a woman to ride him with animalistic passion. To truly be fucked. His wife was very passive in the bedroom and always made Steve do all the work. He wanted to know what it was like to have a woman use him for her sexual pleasure.

Stacy’s desire was to experience the strong hands of a new lover all over her body. She wanted to feel them explore every inch of her as they forcefully massaged her. Her panties would get wet when she fantasized about someone ravishing her, consuming her.

They arrived at the hotel around 5pm. Stacy suggested that they change out of their work clothes before finding a place for dinner agreed to check-in and then find a place to grab some dinner. She told Steve to meet her back in the lobby in 30 minutes.

Steve was sitting in the lobby when Stacy came down. He instantly noticed her as she turned the corner. She was wearing a two-tone gray maxi dress and a pair of sandals. The thin fabric hugged her body and accentuated her curves. Her body was gorgeous. Steve had only seen her in conservative work clothes. Stacy intentionally picked the dress for this trip. She wanted to show off what was normally hidden under loose fitting clothing. The pleased look on Steve’s face let Stacy know that he took notice.

They chose to go to a casual mexican restaurant nearby. Stacy recommended that they order margaritas to wind down after the long day in the car. The conversation was pretty innocent. However, when Stacy and Steve would make eye contact, the glances would last longer than they should have between two friends.

Steve’s eyes were also drawn to Stacy’s breasts. She had just a slight amount of cleavage showing. Her bra was doing a wonderful job showing off her perky breasts. Steve was imagining what it would be like to kiss her neck then slowly work his way down to the top of her bra. The stirring in his pants quickly reminded him to bring his mind back to reality.

It was still early when the two finished dinner. Neither of them was ready to head back to the hotel and call it a night. They asked waiter at the restaurant if he had any recommendations on sights to see in the area. He told them that there was a lake just a few miles away that had some beautiful views.

They agreed that going to the lake was much better than going back to the hotel. They found an overlook up on a hill with a view of the entire lake and the dam below. The area had several informative signs that told the history and technology of the dam. Steve slowly walked around reading each of the signs. Stacy walked over and leaned against the railing while he wandered around. She was enjoying the fresh air and gentle breeze.

Steve noticed Stacy leaning against the rail. He decided to walk over and join her. As he approached, he couldn’t help but to admire her body in that dress. the sunlight at her back highlighted every curve. The tight fabric clung to every feature. His heart skipped a beat as he thought he saw a partial outline of a thong rising across her butt cheek.

Steve leaned into her and quietly asked “Are you wearing a thong?”

Stacy turned towards Steve with a big grin on her face but didn’t say a word. Steve responded back with a slightly tormented smile. Just the thought of her wearing a thong was turning him on and Stacy knew it.

She enjoyed teasing him. She knew that she could have complete power over him. She secretly wished that he would have slid over behind her and placed his hands on the cheeks of her butt and squeezed them tightly. Stacy could tell by the look on Steve’s face that his mind was wandering as well.

Once the sun began to go down, Steve suggested that they head back to the hotel. They had to be up early in the morning to head to the customer’s facility.

On the car ride back, Steve’s wife sent him a surprising text. It was a picture of a pair of panties and a bra spread out on a bed. The panties were red and black with a lot of lace. The panties tire escort had a full coverage back but it was made out of thin, see through fabric. Steve’s wife didn’t wear sexy underwear and had never sent even a remotely sexy text.

Steve sent her a text back asking “Wow! What are those for?”

“To give you something to think about while you are gone.” his wife responded.

Back at the hotel, they agreed to meet for breakfast in the lobby at 8:00. Their rooms were close to each others so they walked down the hallway together.

While they walked, Steve decided to share the text message that he received from his wife with Stacy. She knew about his wife and that it was unlike her to send even a remotely provocative picture. She had a feeling that she was jealous that Stacy was spending time with him and this was her way of trying to keep his attention. Stacy could tell that Steve was pleased with the text. However, she felt the challenge to get Steve’s mind back on her.

When they arrived at Stacy’s room, she reached out to unlock her door. She stopped mid-motion and turned towards Steve. She looked into his eyes and said “Two can play that game and I think I can win”.

Stacy reached down and grabbed the front of her maxi dress and slowly lifted it up until her panties were visible. She was exposing herself to him in the hotel hallway. Steve was in a trance as he looked at the light blue lacy thong. The soft fabric looked amazing next to her toned thighs.

Steve instinctively pushed her back against the door. He slid his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the thin fabric. They began to passionately kiss. Their tongues explored each others mouths. As his right hand continued to massage her mound, he slowly slid his left hand along her hip and over the side of her stomach. Her ab muscles instantly tightened up at the feeling of his hand passing over them. He slid his hand up over her breast and slightly cupped it. Stacy forcefully pushed her body against his. It was like an invisible magnetic force was pulling them together. The pleasure of having two hands teasing her body was exhilarating.

Steve broke away from their passionate kiss and stared into her eyes. He then grabbed the soft fabric of the dress and pulled it up around her waist as he dropped to his knees. He moved his hands around her body and tightly grabbed her butt cheeks. His fingers traced the outline of her thong. His mouth found its way to her thighs and was forcefully kissing them all over.

Stacy was loving the feeling of his hands and mouth all over her body. Every inch of her body begged for his touch. Stacy was high from the excitement of being in the hallway were they could get caught any second.

As he worked his way between her legs, she wanted to grab his head and push it into her pussy. She wanted to feel his warm tongue on her clit.

His hands reached up and grabbed the waistband of her thong. She was squirming in anticipation of him to sliding them down her legs. Instead, Steve began to lick her pussy through the lace fabric. He placed his flattened tongue deep between her legs and slid it up to just above her clit. The sensation was electrifying. The thin fabric rubbed against her clit as his tongue passed over it. The soft hair of his beard was brushing her inner thigh was a foreign sensation. It was like the tease of a soft feather moving up and down her thighs. His hands were on her hips pulling them into his face.

Steve moved the lacy fabric to the side exposing her waiting pussy. Stacy’s body shuttered as his tongue made contact. He licked up one side of her lips, around and over her clit, then back down the other side. Steve shoved his tongue into her open pussy. His tongue did circles inside her before finding its way to her clit. His tongue worked her clit from all directions.

The excitement of being in a public place combined with the hands of someone new all over her body pushed her to the edge quickly. Stacy felt a powerful orgasm building. She placed her hand over her mouth to muffle the uncontrollable sounds she was making. Her knees buckled and her legs shook with each wave. Steve continue to work her clit until Stacy let out a loud moan as the last wave crushed her body.

Stacy quickly turned and unlocked the door. She grabbed Steve by the shirt and pulled him inside her room. Her heart pounding as she wondered if anyone had her the sounds of her pleasure. she was ravenous for more.

Steve grabbed Stacy and began to kiss her again. The subtle taste her pussy was on his lips. She grabbed the sides of her dress and lifted it over her head. His eyes traveled up and down her body as the dress came off. All the work that she had put in at the gym was paying off and Steve’s astonishment clearly showed on his face.

Stacy placed her hands on his shoulders. She pressed them into his body as they moved down his torso. Her fingers grabbed his belt buckle and pulled it free. escort tire WIth a quick flick of her wrist, Stacy unbuttoned his pants. She shoved her hand inside between his pants and his boxer briefs and began rubbing his shaft with the palm of her hand. She pulled the zipper down as Steve pushed his pants down over his hips and to his feet.

Stacy began tracing the head of his dick through the fabric of his boxer briefs. Steve closed his eyes as a quiet moan escaped from his lips. She reached into his boxers and felt the wetness building on the tip. Her fingers lightly spread the moisture across the head of his dick.

Steve began running his hands over her satiny black bra. They found their way around her back to the clasp as she continued to play with his dick. He pulled the bra off of her arms freeing the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen in person. Steve began kissing the side of Stacy’s neck and quickly worked his way down to her cleavage just as he had imagined at dinner. He found his way to one of her waiting nipples and circled it with his tongue. He pulled her hard nipple in his mouth and squeezed it between his lips.

Stacy let out a small squeal when he did this. The pressure was unexpected and slightly hurt. However, the sensation turned her on even more.

Steve grabbed Stacy and pulled her over to the desk and turned her around. He placed his left hand in the center of her back and bent her over the side of the desk. He gave her butt a slight smack with his right hand. He then firmly grabbed it and started rubbing it. Steve slid his fingers under the thin material of her thong. He moved them down the crevice of her cheeks. His finger lightly brushed her asshole sending a shiver through her body. They continued down stopping just short of her throbbing pussy. His fingers move back up but this time he placed just a slight bit of pressure on her hole causing a small moan. His hands worked there way back down but did not stop this time. He rubbed his fingers across her wet lips and continued to her clit. As he brought them back up Steve took his two middle fingers and thrust them inside her. Stacy let out a loud moan of pleasure.

Steve began finger fucking her from behind while he held her down on the desk. Stacy’s hips began rocking back and forth against his fingers. He pulled his wet fingers out of her pussy and lifted them to his lips for a taste. The sweet taste sent a wave of pleasure through him.

Stacy looked back over her shoulder and said “Fuck me now!”

He reached down and quickly took off his boxer briefs. He pushed the thong to the side and rubbed his dick up and down her crack before sliding it into her waiting pussy. He began to vigorously fuck Stacy from behind. His hands gripped her hips and pulled them back with each thrust. The cheeks of her ass slapped against his thighs.

Stacy’s right hand moved down her stomach and over her clit. She used her middle two fingers to rub it back and forth. She propped herself up on her left elbow while her left hand rolled a nipple between her fingers. She was in ecstasy from having her nipples, clit, and pussy stimulated at the same time.

“Fuck me harder!” She ordered Steve.

Steve began pumping his dick into her as hard as he could. His body pushed against hers causing the desk to bang against the wall. Stacy began rubbing her clit faster as the pleasure built.

The wave of another orgasm quickly flowed through her body. Steve could feel the walls of her pussy gripping his dick. Stacy could not control herself. She screamed “oh yes, yes!” as her body trembled. A pinch of her nipple sent a jolt through her body as she finished. Stacy felt alive for the first time in years.

Steve pulled out, turned her around and pushed her to her knees. Stacy was now face to face with his dick for the first time. She grabbed the shaft with her hand as her tongue swirled around the head. She could taste herself on him. She shoved the tip in her mouth and began bobbing up and down. Her hand was stroking his dick with a twisting motion.

He placed his hands on her head and began rubbing his fingers through her hair as she enthusiastically sucked his dick. Stacy removed her hand from the shaft and pushed her mouth all the way to the base. A groan of approval echoed from Steve’s mouth. She slowly pulled her mouth up to the tip before plunging down again.

She felt his cock begin to throb in her mouth. She knew that Steve was ready to cum. She pulled her mouth from his dick. It was not time for him to cum yet. She was not done with him.

Stacy stood up and pushed Steve back and ordered him onto the bed. Her hands quickly moved down her sides and slid the thong onto the floor. She climbed up and straddled his waist. She sat down trapping his dick between his stomach and the lips of her pussy. Stacy ground her wet pussy up and down his shaft. She leaned over draping her scattered hair in his face. Steve was beginning to moan from tire escort bayan the pleasure.

She lifted her pussy off of his dick and once again denied him the orgasm he so badly wanted. She scooted up and placed her knees on each side of his head. She lowered herself onto his face.

“Lick my pussy” she barked.

Steve’s tongue worked her entire pussy as Stacy ground herself on his face. Her wetness was soaking his beard. Stacy rocked her hips slightly as her hands squeezed her breasts. His hands grasped her ass pulling her into his face. She lifted her body up once she started to feel the pleasure stirring in her body. She wanted him inside her again.

She positioned her hips over his and grabbed his wet dick. She guided it into the opening of her pussy. Her fingers were pressed into his chest as she propped her body up. Stacy began rocking her hips back and forth. Her hips moved quickly as they traveled forward and slowly as they moved back. Her clit was pressing into his pelvis. Stacy was in such a heightened state of pleasure that it didn’t take longer for her to have two small orgasms back to back. After a few more minutes of this, Stacy leaned over onto his chest and gave her body a rest. Steve didn’t want her to stop. She had already denied his orgasm twice. His swollen dick needed relief.

“Please make me cum” Steve pleaded.

Stacy leaned back and sat up on her feet. She began bouncing up and down on his dick. Steve had never been fucked like this in his life. This thing of beauty was working hard to pleasure him.

Steve could no longer control himself. His orgasm was coming fast. He looked into Stacy’s wild eyes as he moaned “of fuck, fuck”. Stacy leaned backwards placing her hands on the bed. He stared at the amazing sight of his dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Steve felt the orgasm starting in his groin and quickly sweeping across his body. He could feel the cum shooting out of his dick deep inside Stacy’s pussy. She slowed her motions as his orgasm subsided.

Steve sat up as Stacy continued to straddled him. He grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her in for one more passionate kiss. The two laid down with their bodies intertwined before falling asleep.

Steve woke up early the next morning. He looked over and saw Stacy’s beautiful naked body half covered by the comforter. A streak of sunlight slipped through the curtains causing slight shadows that highlighted her figure. He had to reach out and touch her smooth, tan skin. His hands began to rub up and down her firm butt. Steve sat up and massaged her still body. The sensation caused Stacy to begin to wake. She could feel the warmth already building between her legs. The strong touch of a man always excited her.

Stacy rolled over on her back and sleepily grinned at Steve. He pulled the covers off her body. Steve climbed on top of her and began kissing her neck and chest. His hands traveled across her stomach and down her thighs. He touched her like he owned her. Stacy lifted her hips in response. His finger moved over and began rubbing the outer folds of her pussy. She continued to push into him. Steve slowly leaned back on his knees as his mouth moved down between her breasts and across her stomach.

He moved his head between her legs and began licking her pussy from bottom to top. Inserting it into her pussy with each lap. He began to circle her clit with the tip of his tongue. Steve slid two fingers into her now wet pussy. He arched them upwards to find the textured area of her front wall. His fingers moved back and forth across the area as his tongue continued to tease her clit.

Steve took his other hand and pulled back the hood hiding her clit. He stuck his tongue directly on her now exposed clit while his fingers worked her g-spot. He slowly increased the pressure of his fingers as he felt her body opening up. His tongue lightly flicked her sensitive clit.

Stacy felt a warm sensation building in her pelvis. Pressure was building as Steve continued to press into her g-spot. Her body began to tighten up as an orgasm began to build. The first wave hit Stacy hard. Stacy felt a sensation she had never felt before as each wave rushed over her. Warm liquid rushed from Stacy’s pussy and over Steve’s hand. Stacy’s hands gripped the sheets tight as the last wave crushed through her.

Her body was numb and tingling. Stacy had experienced powerful orgasms but nothing like this. She laid motionless as she regained her strength.

Steve moved back up her body. he grabbed his hard dick and shoved it into her soaked pussy. His hips were thrusting up and down with purpose. Stacy wrapped her legs around his body. Her legs squeezed tight with each of his thrusts. her fingers gripped tight to the muscles in Steve’s back.

He leaned back and pulled her legs away from his body. His hands grabbed her calves and lifted her legs upwards. Steve spread her legs allowing him full access to her. He fucked her her hard and fast. Stacy’s hands reached back and braced herself against the headboard.

Steve had complete control this time. Stacy could not deny him his orgasm. He began moving his hips in a circular motion as he plunged inside her. His dick rubbed each of her walls in a way that she had not felt before.

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