A Budget Tryst in the City of Sin

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It’s August in Las Vegas. It has cooled down because it is monsoon season and there’s a dark cloud cover. I was nervous. I had not seen this guy in years. I do remember him fondly, though, he was great in bed. He was flying in from L.A. (on his way to another destination) and I was going to pick him up from the airport around noon and take him to his hotel. I park in the lot, head into the airport and spot him immediately at the baggage claim with only a carry-on bag. He is older and bigger now, but still massively sexy and masculine. We catch each others’ eyes and I walk fast to meet him. He puts his strong arms around me in the warmest embrace and gives me a soft kiss. (I can’t believe I’m already wet).We talk non-stop to the mini-van. We kiss a little in the car and then head out to a liquor store. At the liquor store we settle on a couple bottles of red wine. I always keep a corkscrew in my purse, but we’ll have to use the plastic cups at the hotel.

He has made a one-night reservation at the Lucky Cuss Motel near my house. The Station Hotel is also near my house, but costs three times as much. The Lucky Cuss is cheap and clean. He checks in while I stay in the car. Once back in the car, we find his room, park, enter the room, and flip on the air.

He cracks open the wine and I find a couple of plastic-wrapped cups by the sink. He pours while we start to talk about old times. We start drinking until we both catch a little buzz. The feelings between us start to bubble up again.

This room has one double bed. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri We’re sitting on the edge of the bed. We use the provided dresser across from the bed as a place to set our glasses and scoot to the top of the bed. I prop up the pillows and turn down the sheet so he can lean back comfortably while I have my way with him. First, I smoothly remove his your shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. I’ll leave his shirt on because the air is getting chilled. I let my hair down. (It’s pretty long these days). I just want to kiss him – his face, his neck. I unbutton the top buttons on his shirt and kiss his chest, then put my hands under his shirt and relish his soft, brown skin. I lean down and put his hard cock in my mouth to lubricate it for a hand job. I softly lick your balls, and then your head… then slip your cock deep into my mouth so I can suck on it and lick it.

Now, I turn over on my back and you scoot to the end of the bed. You stand up, facing me, and pull me down to the end of the bed. You need to stuff a pillow under my ass to bring my pussy up to the right height. I spread my legs, raise my hips and you enter me, holding my legs and ramming hard, to get as deep as possible. At the same time, I masturbate so you can watch. I cum…you keep ramming until you cum. We fall back on the bed and relax…have another glass of wine.

It’s still daylight and it is starting to rain. I’m overcome by your expertise and I need more. This time you just roll me over, help me lift my hips güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri up and enter me from behind moving in and out slowly. You reach underneath me with one hand and search for my clit. You begin rubbing slowly and deliberately, speeding up the more excited you become. I love to cum with you inside me. We cum together, like an explosion, and then we both relax. We are both spent. It feels so good.

The wine has made me sleepy. I suggest we head for the shower…I let him rest while I make my way into the tiny bathroom to start the water…not too hot, not too cold…perfectly warm. I return to the bed, remove his shirt, then take him by the hand and lead him to the shower.

I step in first, positioning myself between him and the shower head. He steps in with his back to me and I move aside so the water warms his back. I lather up a washcloth, put my arm around his waist to gently hold him steady, then began to wash his back. I press my breasts against his soapy back and rub up and down…I love the way that feels. My nipples are erect – I’m already getting excited. I kiss his back and move the soapy washcloth over his ass and between his legs, lightly brushing his balls. I moved down his inner thighs and finally, each of his calves.

I knew he wasn’t quite ready for another go, so I was also using this shower to stretch the time. I moved him between myself and the shower head to rinse his back side, soaped up the washcloth again, and started to wash his front – his neck güvenilir bahis şirketleri and chest, kissing him all the while, and again with my arm around his waist to steady him, pressing my pussy against him, lightly touching his penis. I washed his beautiful well-toned arms and hands, then moved to his thighs and calves.

Saving the best for last, I gently cupped his balls in my soapy washcloth and lightly washed them, then moved the washcloth back and forth along his hardening shaft. I dropped the washcloth to the tub and continued, using my hand. He was so hard now…I was starting to cream. I turned him around to wash off the soap, turned off the water, and turned him to face me again.

I got down on my knees and put his entire rock-hard cock in my mouth – right up to his balls. I was so excited, the saliva was building in my mouth.

Then, uncomfortable from standing so long in the small shower, he put his hand under my chin and raised me to a standing position and directed me back to the bed. We were both still wet. He lied down and I slid to the top position, first allowing only the head to enter in and out of my pussy slowly and then engulf his entire cock. He was so deep. I was squeezing him with my already tight pussy, then he lost control and couldn’t help but grab my hips and move me up and down faster until he burst. There was so much cum dripping out of me. He gently rolled me off of him, mopped up his cum from my pussy with his fingers and used the natural lubricant to massage my clit. Oh my god! It was so hot and felt so good…I came so quick…I heard myself moaning.

We both nodded off. I woke up in the night and decided to head home, but left him this note: “Call me when you wake up. I’ll take you to breakfast and drop you at the airport. Thanks for the new memories. We have to do this again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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