A Brand Nude Day

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“Fuck Me like a tranny whore” the ad read. Adeline was taken aback especially since this was the “women for men’s” section of Craigslist. Somehow in her prudish southern upbringing complete with mint julep and iced teas sipped in the hot Georgia sun she had missed the memo. Adeline was in Chicago now and alone and every moment that passed she became more keenly aware of her singleness.

Adeline had been married to her job she barely noticed as the months turned into years good friends dropped off the social radar only to return swollen with child and hinting for expensive gifts. Now that she had been laid off from her job as a travel editor for a small newspaper, she had time to reflect on her isolation. No one was there to be the strong shoulder to cry on.

Adeline found herself wondering what it would be like to be fucked like a tranny whore. She imagined a lover; a stranger’s hands taking liberties with her making her feel used, desired and discarded all at the same time. She shook her head, “that bitch is sick,” she thought. The successive ads weren’t any tamer. She secretly envied these women they asked for what they wanted even if it was from the anonymity of the personals ads.

Adeline closed her laptop and immediately went to the bathroom. There in the cold sterile white 6′ by 6′ bathroom she would take complete stock of herself. The most honest assessment any woman in her middle thirties had ever taken without a drink. Adeline closed the door to the bathroom as if she needed to be even more alone in the aloneness of her small Andersonville apartment on Chicago’s North side.

Adeline took the bottom of the white silk chemise and bellied up to the mirror and wiped the surface with her hem. Then she stood back. A deep cleansing breath was had and she pulled the white chemise off in one movement and let it sail its way to the floor. She closed her eyes as she slipped out of the white and blue nautical striped bikini panties that hugged every inch of her smooth short legs as she pulled them down low enough to step out of them.

She stood up and tossed them behind her so they landed somewhere on the edge of the porcelain tub. She found herself squinting as she opened her left eyelid peeking at her reflection with one hazel eye as she bit her lower lip to brace herself for impact. It wasn’t so bad. She had a heart shaped face that was partially hidden behind glasses most of the time until an assistant finally had harassed her into buying contacts. She had worn glasses so long she still found herself absent mindedly pushing the bridge of her glasses up with her index finger and realized that she wasn’t wearing them. The missing glasses had become something of a phantom limb she could feel them even when they weren’t there.

Her wavy black hair was still in a messy chignon with a pencil holding down the works. She slowly pulled the pencil out as if she were in the middle of a cinematic strip tease, expecting her hair to fall down around her shoulders in glorious thick ringlet curls. The hair was frozen in a stiff ponytail. Finally she bent down at the waist and then ran her hands through her hair. The wild tousled hair demanded grabbing. She could imagine large masculine hands twisting roughly through her locks as if it were the mane of a horse as he thrust himself into her from behind.

The image made her laugh and she self- consciously crossed her arms over her large 38 C breasts. They were what an ex-boyfriend called perfect ski-slope breasts. A good slope tipped with pert nipples and with a round underside. The breast had held up, genetics had given her one thing in her favor good boobs as a way to counteract the burden of crazy ass relatives.

She shook the idea of her relatives out of her mind so she could continue with her self-assessment. She had a round woman’s body it was not fat and not supermodel thin either. She had a soft tummy but it complimented the hips and the round buttocks. She had short legs but they were shapely and had a nice muscle tone to them. She had a nice tan owing to her Dominican and Italian heritage. When she looked at herself her body reminded of her of the slave girls that would grace the covers of the old sci-fi and sword/sandals and barbarian books. “I’d fuck me” she said to the mirror. “I’d fuck you hard.”

Her hand trailed down to the chestnut fur that hadn’t been shaved in weeks. She kind of liked the idea of being a little furry down there. It seemed like a rebellion from the sea of waxed snatches that graced the screens everywhere. It also seemed more womanly she had a woman’s body and a woman’s body was meant to be touched, held, kissed, fingered and fucked properly and not necessarily in that order.

The next day Adeline hit the phones calling every job prospect she could find. She even dressed in a navy pinstriped blazer with a white oxford shirt from the waist up. From the bottom down she wore only white cotton panties with little red stop signs on them, except instead of stop they said “lick” or “touch.” She aliağa escort figured that if she was dressed that way then would- be employers would hear her professionalism on the phone. The pants were an oversight because the navy blue pants hung on the back of her clack black Parsons’ chair part of her dining set.

She didn’t want to wrinkle the pants in case she needed to wear them later for a job interview. The idea of talking to strangers about serious matters such as finance in only a blazer and a pair of panties started to turn her on.

“What is your degree in?” the man on the phone asked. He had a nice gravelly voice and it kind of added to the feelings she was already having. She found that her right hand had switched the receiver to her left hand and her right hand began to slowly caress her mound through the cotton panties.

He continued his questioning. “Uh-huh that’s fine. Can you send me a transcript?” Now she leaned back in the chair and had it balanced on its back legs. She moved the phone cradle so that she could put her left leg on the dining table for better leverage. She started drawing soft semi-circles over her clit through the panties. She could feel the individual hairs as she stroked herself smoothly and softly while answering his questions.

She was a little afraid that he would sense what she was doing and not give her the job. She promised to give him everything he asked for and quickly hung up. Now when she placed her hand down her panties the whole area was filled with a moist heat. She kept her hand there for a minute and just let the heat from her pussy warm her hand then she took her index finger and traced the outline of her outer lips followed by the inner lips. She squeezed the bright bulb of her clitoris and rubbed until she could have set her cotton bikini briefs on fire.

The panties were tight and her hand didn’t have much room and somehow this made it hotter. She could have easily whipped off the panties and rubbed herself raw but she wouldn’t. She kept her left leg on the table and now she propped her right leg on another parson’s chair. She was essentially spread wide and she now took her other hand and pinched her own tits while stroking the hell out of her cunt.

She stroked until the fingers of her right hand wanted to cramp a combination of writing notes and this vigorous activity but she wouldn’t stop. She strummed herself until she was contorted with pleasure. Her legs were stiff as she was coming. Sweat beaded across her forehead and her tits were wet. She could feel the sweat through her bra until finally she let out a few squeaks. She could feel the electricity pulse through her pussy until her whole body jerked and jolted from the shock of it.

Finally, she let go. Her breathing was hard and raspy. She sat there for a moment her legs spread everywhere until the tiny tremors in her cunt subsided and she could catch her breath. She took her fingers slick with cum and she sniffed them. She even thought of licking them like she had seen porn actresses do but who was she trying to impress — again she was alone.

She felt instantly guilty for touching herself while she was on the phone with potential clients. He could have thought she was unprofessional a wanton whore masquerading as a writer. Maybe he was gay and the thought of someone stroking their furry snatch while on the phone with him would be abhorrent. Or worse he could look like a troll with that gravelly voice and now she’d have to blow him every Monday just to start off the week and keep her job.

A couple of interviews later left Adeline no better off then she had been before. She scrolled through the job board but found she thinking about the personals. I must find work –that can wait. Another thought came back to her that has always waited. You have delayed being a woman for so long how much longer should you wait? Can you wait? How much longer until you are the desperate old cougar with the wrinkled skin wearing head to toe leopard print, too much lipstick and 4 pounds of hair extensions?

With determination she typed in the web address and she scrolled through the personals many of them were men who claimed “that they only wanted oral nothing else.” They had even furnished pictures of themselves eating pussy or a snapshot from a porn site. Then something caught her eye an extremely simple ad among the raunchier contenders. “Come celebrate nude day with me.”

She saw a few others with the title nude day. They offered similar enticements. She clicked on the “Come celebrate nude day with me” ad again. “Let me eat you underneath the stars as we share Nude Day in the woods as nature intended.”

Despite her better judgment she called the phone number spelled out in the text. It took her a minute to understand that this was an attempt to get passed the censors.

She dialed and then before she could get scared and hang up a male voice answered, “Hello?”

“So what’s Nude Day?” she said in her very aliağa escort bayan husky southern drawl.

“Well it is a true holiday for lovers, sweetness.”

“We have two holidays for that Valentine’s and Sweetest Day.”

He said, “Can we ever have too many holidays for lovers?”

“Is it something you just made up? You and a bunch of guys decided to lure women into being naked all day.” She laughed then.

“Probably but I’m not that clever.” He paused. “I’m Bryan by the way.”

“I’m Adeline.” She had meant to lie but his voice was so soothing and sexy she had forgotten to.

“Adeline, I’ll tell you what. I love that voice by the way. It’s so sexy.”

“Thank you”, she said. She could feel her pulse racing through her hand against the phone. Was she really doing this, talking to a perfect stranger on the phone?

“Adeline, we can meet up. If you feel weird or think that I’m a creep. You can just bail. And we can do whatever you want and take it at the speed you want.”

Adeline hung up the phone. She thought about all the things that she could ever want to do with a sexy stranger. She could see herself sitting on his face like the pictures in the other ads. It had been awhile and Adeline really needed some male attention. She needed it. She hadn’t been raised that way but these were different times. She ended up alone and working her fingers to the bone with nothing to show for it.

So what that she was going to get what she needed from a perfect stranger. This was nothing new women always had secret arrangements. She thought about her aunt who had a gentleman caller – a handyman who would visit twice a week to fix something or other. He fixed the same squeaky step for twenty years. And Mrs. Abernathy who was receiving spiritual guidance from the pastor until he broke his hip and the whole congregation found out because she put his pants on inside out. Church services were tense for a while after that.

Adeline and Bryan spoke on the phone a few more times after that. They even met at a coffee shop and he was attractive. He was about 6 feet, blonde hair and brown eyes. He also had a perfect crooked grin. He smelled so good a little like sandalwood and musk. She never really like cologne on guys but something about this made her want to rip off her clothes and ride him bareback in front of all the coffee drinkers.

“And you’re single,” he asked.

“Yes, I keep telling you.”

He picked up the coffee cup and put it to his lips. “I never thought I’d be grateful for a bad economy, because if you still had a job we’d have never met.”

“I’m glad I could oblige you.”

“You were married to your job and now you have some free time to spend with me.” He kissed her hand and gave her that toothy crooked grin.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Hey you’ll find another job soon. It’s a game of numbers.”

She stood up and leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. He took his hand and grabbed a handful of her left buttocks. “Such a nice firm ass. I’ve been so wanting to do that since I met you.” He said. Then he gave her a short kiss which she broke off. He grabbed her hand “Adeline,” he said as if her name was an invocation. Through heavy lidded eyes he continued, “It’s this Friday. So I’ll see you then.” She shook her head and retorted “Friday.”

Adeline’s cellphone vibrated and skidded all across her dining table. She just stared at it afraid to touch it. “I’m sorry. I just can’t,” she whispered to the phone. It went off for several hours until it stopped ringing. Adeline just sat in her black parson’s chair with her head against the padded back.

Hours later Adeline was in a long shirt eating ice cream and watching the Game Show network. The phone rang and she forgot to check the display.

“Oh thank God. I thought you were hurt or something.” Brian sounded relieved. “The road out here is kind of twisty and there were some accidents and I didn’t know what kind of car you drove…”

“Brian, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t…”

“Yeah well I figured.” He paused. “I just had to make sure you know.”

“It was all too much, the woods, you and the holiday.”

“No excuses needed. I just wished you had…well never mind. You take care.”

She put down the phone and switched to the news. She didn’t know why but she cried a little. She didn’t owe him anything. He was just looking for a booty call. He probably had 10 women lined up to take her place. One more man looking to see where his easy mark went. She went to the kitchen to put away the ice cream when she realized what was wrong she heard her mother’s voice.

In her very own thoughts she didn’t hear her own voice but her mother’s. How long was she governing her every action via remote. It was as if a chip had been placed in her head. The thought made her cringe. She felt guilty for wanting pleasure and wanting to take it when she wanted it. Why did she work so long and hard all those years just to be a escort aliağa carbon copy of her mother? She loved her mother but she didn’t want to be her. Maybe Brian was a booty call but he was the call she was going to make.

She went to her closet and picked out something sexy but easy to take off. She figured a twill cotton skirt and a tank top. She could get in and out of those items in seconds flat. She grabbed her cell phone and a pair of flip flops. She would call him when she got into the car. If she stopped before she was in the parking garage she would chicken out.

Adeline called his phone and he didn’t answer. She called several times and then she began to panic. “I’ve fucked up.” she thought. This time she left a message. “Nude day isn’t over! You promised to eat me under the stars and that’s what I want. I want your hands on my ass and my cunt in your mouth!” She hung up.

She looked over at the car next to her and one of the male parking attendants was sitting in an SUV looking at her with his mouth agape. “What?” she said, daring him to answer. He swallowed hard, “that’s the sexiest thing I ever heard in my life!” She smiled and winked at him.

She was about to drive off when her phone rang. It was Brian. “Well Ms. Adeline. I have nothing to say but that I always try to keep my promises.”

“Good. Now where do I meet you? Better yet I’ll tell you. There is a park with a jogging trail near the Starbucks where we met”

“You’re right,” he said.

“I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Ok, then” he sounded completely enthused like a kid at Christmas.

Adeline drove into the park she could see some of the streetlights along the path were sort of dim. She parked her car and fished her flash light out of her glove compartment. She saw another light and she was afraid that it might be a cop. What good would it be to assert her new found independence from a jail cell with indecent exposure?

Brian knocked on her passenger side window. She jumped and clutched her chest. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said. She unlatched the car door and he sat down. “I’m wondering if we need a more secluded spot,” Adeline said, looking around.

Brian answers “This spot is fine. No one is going to bother us here.” Brian steps out of the car and walks around to the driver’s side. He opens the door for her and she slowly steps out of the car taking his hand.

“Why are you so certain that no one is going to bother us, Brian?”

Brian’s hand already starts squeezing her left breast through her shirt. He stops squeezing her breasts and begins leading her to a tree that already has a black and white checked comforter underneath it. “Because this is a private park.” He kneels down on the comforter. “And I’m head of security here.”

He reaches around the side of the tree and pulls something heavy onto the comforter. There is a canvas duffle bag with a bottle of wine and a package of clear plastic wine glasses. She laughs, “I half suspected a picnic basket.”

“That’s what you’ll get next year my dear. If you play your cards right.” He winked at her emphasizing his point. In the moonlight she could see that they were not alone and she could hear the faint moans of other couples. She sat down and he poured her a glass of wine. She watched as he gulped his down and then she took a sip of her own.

He crawled over to her on all fours and overtook her, kissing her he laid her down on the black and white checked comforter. He could taste the sweetness of the wine on her lips; he could feel her large breasts pressed against him. She felt delicious.

She couldn’t wait to get out of her clothes. She wanted to know what it was like to have the summer air on her bare skin and the grass prick her from where her skin came off the comforter. He suddenly sat up and starts pulling of her tank top. His lips immediately sought out the soft round nipples that stiffened in his mouth as he rolled and flicked his tongue all around. It was almost like a dream the feeling so exquisite she luxuriated in the feel of it. It was almost as if her skin was new and everywhere he touched like her senses just awakened.

He squeezed and pinched her right breast as he continued his ministrations on the left one. She moaned and arched her back pressing her breast into his kiss. When she felt like she couldn’t take any more licking of that breast he switched to the other one but continued touching her.

“Take your shirt off,” she demanded. He gave one more kiss to the pert nipple and then began to comply with her wishes. He took off his shirt and he had a perfectly hairy chest it was a happy medium not bare and not Sasquatch territory either.

“I’m dying to see the rest of you.” He said. She nodded and he slipped the jean skirt over her hips and down her legs. “You didn’t shave. Naughty girl. I like.” She couldn’t help smiling at him. He turned over on to his back and beckoned her over. She started taking off his shoes so that she could remove his pants.

“No.That can wait. I need you to sit on my face. So I can lick you like a first class letter.” She could feel her pussy contract when he said it. She straddled his head with her butt facing his chin. He positioned her where he wanted her and she could feel his tongue jut in and out of her pussy.

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