A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 08

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“Ahhh, I’m getting very close to the end now. I can feel it in my water. I reckon another couple of chapters will sew this story up. Anyway, in Chapter Eight Rayne gets to be the top for once. Thank you to everyone who has been so patient and stuck with this rambling epic, & especially for your lovely feedback. This is for you.” *kiss* Sadie



Doctor Mahmoudi lived in a spacious bungalow in the Port Venus complex, behind Ambonne. It was only a few minutes walk from the boat and Ant and Daniel accompanied Rayne during the early hours of the next morning as he went for his check up. Irfan Mahmoudi was a lean, brown skinned ex-pat Algerian who might have been any age between forty five and sixty. He had serene features and deep, dark, contemplative eyes. A thick cap of steel coloured hair crowned his skull and he wore a thin, tapering moustache in matching grey.

Like many of the occupants of the Cap he wore nothing else, excepting flip flops and a yin/yang pendant on a long white cord around his neck. There was a broad, white smile upon his face as he ushered them into his lounge and bade them make themselves at home. Daniel introduced Rayne, reminded him of the reason for their visit and the Doctor nodded, then poured the two older men a couple of glasses of brandy. Having dispensed his largesse as host, he ushered his young, naked guest through into a back room of the house. Rayne Wilde glanced back once, anxiously at Ant then allowed himself to be steered away.

There was a desk in the adjoining room with a laptop computer on it, set against the far wall. To the left was another larger desk set out with a blotter and various stationary holders. A broad, leather chair sat behind it. There were photographs in wooden frames scattered about on the surface. Against the right hand wall stood a narrow examination table with a colourful, vinyl-covered mattress under a sheet of disposable gauze. As Rayne followed him into the room, the doctor turned to his left and retrieved several items from cabinets in the wall adjacent to the doorway.

“You know why you are here?” he asked solemnly as he turned to face his patient. He spoke good, clear English with only a trace of a French accent, having been educated at Eton and Cambridge.

The boy nodded his head just the once. He looked pale and tired, Doctor Mahmoudi thought but many of Daniel’s boys were overworked and under nourished A lot of them were runaways. He did not see many addicts; Leland did not like drug addicts. He had dated one once, to his cost. Doctor Mahmoudi privately agreed, they were unpredictable and could be a serious liability in Daniel’s line of business but this boy had all the hallmarks of a junky. There were scars and track-marks on his arms, some old, some less so. He was skinny and nervous and from the shadows beneath his pale eyes and the pin-prick pupils he did not sleep well, nor did he trust his current doctor.

“Sit,” Mahmoudi instructed, indicating the examining table. The patient hopped onto the edge of the mattress and swung his thin, sunburned legs nervously. There were bars of fresh heat across his flesh. He had taken too much sun, too quickly and with too little protection. “You know why you are here, Rayne?”

“Dan wants me to have a check up,” the boy said quietly.

“Right.” Mahmoudi nodded his head. “Were you regularly examined in England?”

“No,” the boy almost whispered, bending his head.

“You were a rent boy in London, yes?”

“Uh-huh,” Rayne inclined his head just the once.

“For how long?”

“About… two years.” His voice was soft; reluctant.

“And before that?” Mahmoudi waited. His patient looked up at him with a little frown.

“I was at school.

“How old are you, Rayne?”

“I’m twenty,” the boy looked at him almost defiantly but Mahmoudi just scribbled this down on the pad next to his computer.

“You had no sex with men before you came to London?”

Rayne chewed on his lower lip and looked down again. He said nothing.

“You were not a virgin when you began to sell your body?” Mahmoudi persisted.

A long silence followed the question. Just as he was about to try another tack the boy muttered; “No.”

Now the Doctor pulled on a pair of latex gloves. He came back with a metal tray and a set of implements that made the young man on his examining table look at him anxiously.

“I am not going to hurt you, Rayne. I just want to take a good look at you. I will look inside your mouth and throat, in your ears and your nose. I will need to examine your penis and testicles for cancer and sexually transmitted disease. I will also need to examine your anus and for this purpose I will need to insert a speculum into your rectum in order to look at your insides. I will use lubrication and I will canlı bahis be as gentle as I can. Do you understand and consent to this?”

The boy blinked at him, wide eyes shuttered briefly by translucent lids. He had the longest eyelashes Mahmoudi had ever seen on a male patient. He felt himself begin to get aroused and turned away, selecting a tube of lubricant and a spatula from the tray.

“Are you willing to let me examine you internally?” he asked, couching the request in different words as he returned to his client.

“I…” Rayne swallowed. “I suppose so.”

“Open your mouth,” Mahmoudi instructed and he did so.

He had good teeth, small and white, in reasonable condition. His gums were pale but otherwise healthy. There was no flecking, no indication of candidiasis in his mouth or on his tongue. His skin was a little bit dry but very soft and smooth, his scalp and hair likewise. He was quite badly sunburnt across his nose and forehead and lower down on his shoulders and back.

“Lie down,” Mahmoudi instructed and he obeyed at once, wriggling down onto his back on the mattress.

The doctor examined his navel and his hands moved slowly between the boy’s legs, lifting his penis and smoothing back the foreskin, stroking and squeezing his shaft then cupping and holding his testicles. He took his time on this, pausing to apply a little squirt of gel to his palm then feeling the young man’s balls and stroking his cock again, more firmly.

Rayne moaned quietly, his pale eyes closed. Those long lashes splashed across his cheeks as if they had been painted there.

“You are very beautiful,” Mahmoudi told him huskily. “Lift your knees for me and open your legs.”

Rayne did as he was told. The doctor ran a gloved finger between his cheeks and probed his anus. As he pushed the slippery tip of his finger up the boy’s arse he felt a little wetness inside.

“You have given yourself an enema this morning?” he asked, working his finger deeper. The boy felt smooth and wet inside but not as tight as he might have expected.

“Yeah,” the boy groaned softly. He squirmed against the intrusive digit in his passage, eyes still closed.

“When did you last have rectal intercourse?” Doctor Mahmoudi removed his finger and removed the gloves. He washed his hands and donned a fresh pair then applied lubricant to the gleaming chrome speculum on the tray.

“Last night,” the boy whispered, barely audibly.

“Did your partner use a condom?”

“No.” Rayne bit down on both lips. He had not opened his eyes since the examination began. Mahmoudi lifted the boy’s knees and spread his legs a little wider now.

“Did he ejaculate inside you?” he asked, positioning the bulbous nose of the speculum against his patient’s ring. He felt Rayne flinch from the chill caress of the metal. His sphincter tightened defensively.

“Did he cum in you?” Mahmoudi asked again, more crudely.


The doctor took a deep breath. He pushed the instrument against his patient’s ring firmly.

“Do you like having a man cum inside you?”

Rayne was silent for a moment then he whispered; “It depends on the man.”

“I’m going to enter you now, Rayne. Keep talking to me. Tell me… did you ejaculate when he climaxed inside you?”

Emerald eyes flickered open and the boy stared up at him solemnly. The pupils had dilated so far that they virtually swallowed the icy green irises. He writhed on the examination table and his full, pink lips parted around a little gasp of… pain possibly, or pleasure. Mahmoudi laid a hand on the patient’s genitals and began to stroke his penis until he felt it stiffen.

“Do you examine all your patients like this?” Rayne whispered huskily, though he made no effort to stop the interference.

“It depends upon the patient,” Mahmoudi said without looking at him.

Rayne Wilde laughed at that, then caught his breath as the speculum probed him harder.

“Do you like that, Rayne?” the Doctor murmured, wrapping his latex-sheathed fingers around the boy’s expanding cock and rubbing it slowly. “Do you like being touched and penetrated?”

“Mmmhhhh….” The boy nodded and wriggled under him. “Yeah!”

“I’m ready to enter you now. It might feel cold and hard at first, then a little painful as it opens up your rectum but I will try not to hurt you. Can you pull your knees up to your chest for me Rayne and hold them there?”

The slender youth reached down and hooked his fingers behind his knees, drawing himself up into a foetal curl. He bit down on his lower lip as the cold, steel instrument pressed down hard on his ring, then pulsed into his anus. Mahmoudi pressed six or seven inches of chrome into his arsehole then pried him open, parting the jaws of the speculum inside him so that the boy’s hole was gaping wide. He inserted a long spatula into his patient’s rectum and probed him steadily, keeping one eye on the lad’s throbbing erection. Rayne panted and moaned a little as his anus was prodded and bahis siteleri poked. He did not seem to be in too much pain. Mahmoudi speculated that he was quite accustomed to anal penetration. If he had been a prostitute for the past two years then he had probably been buggered or even fist-fucked regularly.

He rubbed the head of the spatula in slow circles on the smooth, firm bud of the young man’s prostate watching Rayne bite his lips, trying not to moan with pleasure. The Doctor took samples then slowly closed and removed the speculum. His patient whimpered quietly as it was withdrawn.

“Is that better?” the doctor asked him tenderly, removing the gloves and stroking his pale face with the backs of his fingers. “You can close your legs now, Rayne. I’m going to take some blood, then you’ll need to provide a urine and semen sample for me, and then we’re almost done.”

Rayne sat up almost too quickly. He swayed a little and clung to the edge of the bed. Mahmoudi sat beside him, prepping a hypodermic syringe.

“Which hand do you use the most?”

Mutely the boy held out his left hand and Mahmoudi moved to his other side looping a strap around his upper right arm and fastening it briskly with Velcro tabs. He stroked his thumb down Rayne’s inner arm, pressing down hard above his elbow. A deep frown bisected his forehead as he studied the needle marks and fine, light, razor scars.

“Do you inject yourself regularly?”

“N…no.” The boy cleared his throat and shook his head. “I don’t… I don’t like needles.”

“What are you taking?” Mahmoudi wanted to know. He inserted the point of the hypodermic into Rayne’s arm, seeking out a vein. It took several stabs before he found an active one. The boy could not even look at him. He was frozen, with his face turned away and his eyes screwed shut. Both lips were clamped between his teeth. He had not lied about his fear; which meant that someone else had probably injected him; his dealer or his pimp, most likely.

Quickly the doctor took a number of samples then withdrew the needle and swabbed the pin-prick entry wound. His hands stroked the boy’s trembling body reassuringly.

“Okay… it’s all done now. No more needles.”

It took several more minutes before Rayne stopped shaking and hyperventilating. He was pale and frightened until the tray with the hypodermic on it had been put safely out of the way.

“I… I really don’t like needles,” he whispered apologetically at last.

“I can see that,” the doctor sat beside him and stroked him some more. He ran a gentle hand down the back of Rayne’s neck and between his shoulder blades. “Don’t be scared. I won’t do that to you again today, if you really don’t want me to.”

“What are you testing for?” The boy looked at him with huge, liquid eyes.

“Well, we need to test for all the STDs… that’s sexually transmitted diseases; herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis…” he hesitated then added; “AIDS.”


“Have you ever had an AIDS test?” Mahmoudi was still stroking his back, now he shifted around to face the boy and ran a fondling hand over his chest and belly too.

Rayne shook his head, looking a little bit stunned.

“I had urethritis about a year ago but it’s cleared up now. I got crabs a while back but that’s all,” he whispered shyly. “John shaved me and made me bath in this ointment stuff for days. I stank of it!” He shook his head at the memory and laughed a little.

“Well you look clean enough,” Mahmoudi assured him, “but you never know. Sometimes it takes a test to show things up. Daniel makes Gonzo movies so he won’t take the risk that you’re not infected.”

“Gonzo?” Rayne blinked at him.

“Anything goes,” the doctor elaborated, still smiling, still stroking. His hand moved lower, circling on Rayne’s naked belly. “Bareback boys; rough anal fucking without condoms.”

“Oh.” The boy’s expression said that it had not actually occurred to him that this might be anything out of the ordinary. Mahmoudi eased his hand between the young man’s legs and started to fondle his balls again. He could feel that Rayne had been smoothly shaved for him this morning. He was silky soft between his thighs and all over his pelvic region. The crack of his buttocks was also smooth and clean. It was like touching a peach.

“What are you doing?” Rayne asked warily.

The doctor carried on feeling his testicles and penis gently as if this too was quite normal.

“I need you to provide a urine and a semen sample,” he exhaled at last, the first audible sign that he was aroused by this contact. He rose to his feet and his own long dark penis bobbed, half-erect between his legs. The doctor was circumcised and he wore his steel grey pubic hair trimmed close around the base of his rod. Small firm testicles hung loosely in his dark-skinned scrotum. “If you are worried or nervous I can help you to reach your climax.”

“Can’t I do it back on the boat and bring it over later?” Rayne suggested bahis şirketleri with a grimace.

“The test will be more efficient if your ejaculate is still hot and fresh, Rayne,” Mahmoudi said persuasively. “There is no need to be ashamed. I have helped many young men to masturbate themselves to orgasm in this room. You will not be the first to pull yourself off in front of me.”

Rayne shrugged awkwardly.

“I suppose…”

“You are about to allow Daniel Leland to photograph you performing indecent acts with other men,” Mahmoudi elaborated. “As a rent boy you presumably permitted men to fuck and masturbate you in public places. This should be quite simple for you. If your bladder is full maybe it would be easier to urinate first.”

“I guess…” Rayne looked at him helplessly. “Where do I do it?”

“Come over to the sluice,” Mahmoudi beckoned and the boy slipped off the table and followed him to the low basin set under the opaque panelled window in the far wall. He unwrapped a sterile beaker and came to stand a little behind his patient now. Leaning forward he turned on the cold tap and a gush of rusty looking water spurted into the sluice. At once Rayne felt the urge to piss but Mahmoudi’s hand began to stroke his cock again. With the other hand he held the beaker so that Rayne’s bell end was inside the neck of the vessel. “Relax,” he whispered in the boy’s ear, his fingers supporting Rayne’s half-hard dick. “Relax and obey your body’s need to pass water. Let your urine flow into the glass. You know that you are aching to piss, Rayne. Don’t hold back.”

“I can’t,” the boy whispered, feeling his pelvis clench, even though the sound of trickling water was pure agony. “I can’t do it while you’re touching me.”

“I will just hold the glass then,” Mahmoudi promised, releasing his cock. He moved to kneel by Rayne’s side and held the beaker under his patient’s long, heavy penis. When Rayne still could not pee he cupped a handful of cold water and poured it slowly over the boy’s cock. He kept on doing this until Rayne’s cheeks flushed scarlet and he lost control of his bladder. The young man moaned quietly and pissed until the beaker was brimming with his dark, golden urine then carried on, splashing his water into the sluice as Mahmoudi watched with a knowing smile.

“I love to watch boys urinating,” he said when Rayne had shaken off the final droplets and was panting with relief. “You have a very sexy young cock, Mr. Wilde. If you would like to spread yourself on my desk now it would give me enormous pleasure to watch you bringing yourself to a climax.”

“Do you ‘have’ to watch?” Rayne asked with a shake of his head.

“No, but you might humour me in my old age,” Mahmoudi smiled at him broadly. “You are a very attractive boy. I rarely get the opportunity to observe a beautiful young lad making himself cum these days. Mrs Mahmoudi disapproves of such things.”

“You’re a dirty old man,” the boy said, surveying him through narrowed eyelids as if the thought had only just occurred to him.

“I treat a lot of Daniel’s young actors,” Mahmoudi told him, apparently not offended by this. He stretched out the word ‘actors’ by inserting a pause between the syllables as if to demonstrate that he did not regard what Dan Leland’s boys did as ‘acting’. “The general understanding is that he pays me by allowing me to take my pleasure with the boys I find arousing. Did he not mention this to you?”

“No,” Rayne said, more defensively. “He didn’t.”

“Well, I’m sure you can check it out with him later. He’s a busy man and so am I, I expect he forgot to mention it,” Mahmoudi stroked his cheek and the side of his neck with a long-fingered hand. “I will use a condom until I know for sure that you are clean. There is no need to be concerned on that score.”

“I’m not.” Rayne answered curtly. “I… I can get myself off without help.”

“Well then…” Mahmoudi gestured towards the examining table once more. “Maybe you would be more comfortable lying down, Rayne.”

Rayne boosted himself onto the examining table again and lay down a little nervously. He reached down and began to fist his cock steadily until it rose to full hardness in his hand. It took a little while. In spite of the doctor’s reasoning he still felt quite awkward playing with himself like this. “Do you have something for me to… shoot into?” he panted at last.

“Just pump it onto your belly. I will take a sample when you have satisfied your needs.” Doctor Mahmoudi stood by the table and watched him stroking his penis. Rayne was very conscious of how close he was. Mahmoudi had a good sized prick, long and rippled, the colour of milk chocolate except for the circumcised head which was like a freshly washed plum protruding from his heavily veined shaft. A jewel of semen glittered in the deep slit of his helm. Rayne closed his eyes and fisted himself harder and more urgently, to no avail.

“Would it help you to reach orgasm if I were to mount and enter you?” the doctor ventured eagerly, moving closer to him. “Maybe if you surrender yourself to another it will bring you to a speedier climax. My penis has satisfied a number of Daniel’s young gentlemen. I have received no complaints from them in that respect.”

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