A Blue Room Encounter

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Many thanks to bluefoxlady for her “help” with this story!

The small house was located to the side of one of the older rooms in town. It wasn’t a house, really, as much as it was a large room with a fireplace, a couch, a wet bar, and a bathroom with a large shower and vanity.

James had been here before, and met some interesting people. The “Blue Room”, they called the place. It was private, and only a select few had the key.

He returns today in hopes of seeing if there was anyone here – preferably of the female persuasion.

As he pops in, the room appears to be empty. A pity, he thinks to himself.

He goes over to the bar and grabs a couple of glasses, and sees what is available in the fine liqueur. Having a seat over by the couch, he notices it’s a bit chilly in here, and decides to go light the fire. As he’s getting the fire started, he notices the glass of Southern Comfort left by the previous inhabitants.

“Gotta talk to the maids about cleaning up in here,” he thinks to himself as the fireplace starts to roar to life. He sits back on the couch, taking a sip of the drink he’s poured himself, and ponders the situation.

Diane heard a noise in the Blue Room as she goes past, so she decides to pop in.
She recognized the gentleman sitting on the sofa, and called out to him as she came in.

“Hello James, could I have a large vodka and orange please?”
She goes over and slumps on sofa after a long, long tiring day.

“My apologies, dear, I didn’t see you come in,” he replies. He hops up to the bar and fixes her the vodka and orange.

“Dear me, you look like you’ve had one of those days,” he says as he brings her the drink and sits back down next to her. “I find just sitting and relaxing in front of the fire helps a bit, don’t you?”

“It certainly does, as does the vodie and good company, she tells him as she kicks off shoes and pops feet up on his lap hoping he won’t mind. “What brings you here tonight?”

“Oh, a bit of a chill in the air, and the seeking of some solace with the right woman.”

He idly caresses Diane’s calves with his fingers. “One who’s seeking solace from a long day as well.”

“Oooh that is lovely. It is lovely to relax after a long, stressful day. Would your fingers mind working your magic on my shoulders too?”

“Of course,” he replies, as he turns to face her. Her legs slide down off his lap as he motions her to turn around, and he slowly massages her shoulders.

“Ooh, you’re tense, hon,” he says as he works his fingers in to her bahis firmaları shoulders and neck. He leans in as he massages her shoulders, whispering, “How does that feel?”

“Oohhhh.” was her response. She relaxed under his soft touch and leans slightly closer to him, allowing his lips to brush her neck softly. “Please don’t stop that is so nice”

He moans softly into Diane’s neck.

“I have no intention of doing so.”

He lightly kisses her neck, his fingers still working on her shoulders.

He finds himself nearly pressed up against her, and his hands wander along her body, caressing her arms, her back.

“Mmmmmmm,” he moans softly into her ear.

She leans back into him, her body relaxing under his soft touch. She feels the tension going from her muscles but knows that another tension is starting to build deep within her. She turns her head slightly towards him and smiles, offering her mouth to his lips as she does so

He leans in, all pretenses gone as he kisses her deeply. His hands instinctively reach around to caress her breasts, their mouths tasting each other. His own “tension” builds down below his waist as he moans into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm yesss.”

Her tongue finds his and returns his kiss. She moves around slightly so that her hands can start to move across his body, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. She finds them and one by one starts to undo them.

His hands explore her body as well, their mouths and tongues never separating as they disrobe each other. He helps her off with her blouse as she does the same with his shirt; he reaches around and unclasps her bra as she runs her hands over his now-bared skin.

As she rakes his back gently with her nails she moves closer to him, pressing her breasts against his chest. The heat of his body, the touch of his fingers, the probing of his tongue excites her so much. Her hands move lower, brushing his butt gently, then holding more firmly.

He cups her left breast in his hand, caressing it softly as he feels her nipples harden at his touch.

He whispers to her between long kisses as her hands find his ass, “Mmmmm, don’t you stop, hon.”

Her nipples harden even more at the slightest touch of his fingers and send electric shocks to her pussy. She runs her fingers in the top of his trousers, from the back around to the front and finds the button. She pops it open and slowly lowers the zip.

She opens her eyes and looks deeply into his.

He smiles as he looks to her lovely face. his hand sliding down kaçak iddaa to the hem of her skirt and pulling it up, sliding her panties down her long, lovely legs.

He stands up for a second, stepping out of his jeans, now clad only in his underwear. He looks into Diane’s eyes, biting his lip for a second, hoping that she not only will continue, but that she’ll like what she sees.

She looks into his eyes and then allows her gaze to move down over his body. She lowers the zip on her skirt, lets it fall so she stands naked before him.

She wonders what he is thinking, wishes she could read his mind. Does he find her as hot as she finds him? Only one way to find out, so she reaches to his waist and starts to run her fingers around the top of his shorts, slowly lowering them as she does.

He gasps as she tugs his shorts down, revealing his very-hard manhood to her. He looks down at her lovely form as she tosses her skirt to the side – the two lovers now naked before each other.

“Oh, my,” is all he can say as he leans in to press his body against hers as he once again kisses her deeply.

His cock rubs against her crotch as he reaches around and caresses her back, her hips, her ass cheeks. “So good” he moans into her mouth.

Bodies pressed tightly together she probes his mouth with her tongue and follows his lead as her hands explore is body. They move from his butt, up his back and to his neck. She runs her fingers up his neck and into his hair, pulling his face closer as she does so their kisses become even deeper, even more frantic.

“Fuck me, please fuck me” she murmurs.

He kisses her neck as he hears her beg to be fucked. what he wants more than anything in the world right now. He guides her back onto the couch, sliding himself between her legs and easing his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

He slides his manhood into her waiting, warm pussy, kissing her as he penetrates her.

“God, you feel so wonderful, Diane hon.” he mumbles as his cock fills her.

She arches her lower back to allow him to bury his cock deep into her. She needs this so much, wants this so much. She kisses his chest, bites his nipples, allows her hands to wander unrestrained about his body as she surrenders all control to the rhythm of his cock.

It has been such a long time since their first, brief meeting that she finds herself losing all control, all sense of reality so quickly and can think only of his hard cock fucking her, pinning her to the sofa.

He begins to fuck Diane, his cock plunging in and kaçak bahis out of her wanting pussy.

A little yelp escapes from his lips as she bites at his nips, making him pound into her even more. His hands reach down and play with her hardened nipples, looking into her eyes as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her.

“Yes, yes, yesssssss,” he nearly screams as his cock assaults her pussy.

The combined effect of his cock plunging deep into her, his eyes looking deeply into her soul and his hands squeezing, twisting her nipples is enough to take her to the edge of orgasm. She knows it will only be a moment now.

He whispers to her, even as his balls start to tighten from the relentless pounding of her pussy. “cum with me baby. cum for me.”

He reaches down, lightly caressing her pubic mound, brushing her distended clit as his cock continues to fill her. knowing that he is close to exploding in her.

His finger, the touch on her clit is too much for her to take and she starts to cum. She gasps, tightening her grip around his body with her hands and feeling her pussy tighten and spasm around his cock.

She looks up and pleads to him with her eyes to be filled with his cum, to feel his hot juices mixing with hers as she continues to cum around his cock.

Her orgasm triggers his own, even as he tries hard to hold back.

He cums hard into her, his jism blasting into her pussy, filling her as he holds himself next to her.

They gasp as they cum, sweating bodies entwined in pleasure. They kiss deeply and harder, even as they try valiantly to catch their breath.

A long “mmmmmm” trips off of his lips as his thrusting slows, her pussy not quite wanting to let go of its prize.

As she feels their orgasms ebb away she holds him closer wanting to savour every moment, every touch. She looks up and him as their lips part and she smiles. He smiles back and rests his head on her shoulder.

He pulls Diane close, holding her as he lay down on the couch next to her.

“I love the post-coital cuddling,” he whispers as they snuggle together on the couch. He leans over and kisses her softly. “You’re fantastic, hon,” he says as he pulls her closer on the couch.

“Thank you” she whispers as she closes her eyes and falls asleep in his arms.

He nods off to sleep as well, loving the feel of this beautiful lady next to him.

He wakes up, seeing that she has already gone. He reads the note on top of the nicely piled stack of clothes left next to the couch – with a smile:

Thank you for a lovely evening yesterday – I went to bed with a lovely warm glow inside and a smile on my lips!!!

He looks at the time and realizes he needs to be back home. He slips on the clothes and slides out the door.

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