A Beach Dream?

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The night was quiet, there was a full moon and I was alone on the beach. I found a pair of small dunes that mad a perfect little sand recliner. There was just barely a breeze and not a cloud in the sky. I sat down drank a sip of water tighten the cap and placed the bottle behind me. I loved to come here at night. I might find another beach goer or two but usually had the place to myself. I listened to the gentle lap of the waves against the shore. It was almost like the tic toc of a grandfather’s clock in an empty house. As I let stress of the day seep away I found myself beginning to relax and I decided to focus my thoughts on more pleasant things. I reached back finding my water drank another sip closing it back up I let my mind wander aimlessly a bit…..

I laid on my back and thought about Melissa. She has the sweetest smile you would ever see, and you would see it because she gives it out to everyone. She has no prejudices. Everyone in her eyes has equal value. She is gorgeous, one of those women who does not even realize how beautiful she is. She is not of the character of being hot and sensual. She has a nice body but does not flaunt it. She is not one for flare with skimpy outfits or tattoos but she is like the homey sweet girl next door who would run out in the rain to save you from getting wet. Its a matter of attitude along with physical bea……

My thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of another solitary beach lover. It is a beautiful woman in what appears to be a white bath robe. She is either a redhead or blond because her hair is aglow. She scans the beach for a minute and then approaches the shoreline. She stands there for a few minutes as though she is basking in the moon light. She once more scans the beach. I guess she doe not realize that I am here because when she is finished she tosses a beach towel on the ground and disrobes. She is naked and for a brief moment my eyes are privileged to witness a rare beauty. In contrast to Melissa this girl is a hottie of hotties. She walks out into the surf and then dives head long into the chilly water. It is not a cold night but the water is cold. I watch as she swims disappearing under the relatively calm sea reappearing from time to time. I try to focus on what I had seen. Her breast were perfect and as she turned, the moonlight caressed her so as to reveal that she was shaven. She could pose in any men’s magazine. I believe if Hue Hefner was here right now he would claim her playmate of the century.

Her abs were flat with a bit of definition and the contour of her pelvis was femininely defined by her petite frame. She was not anorexic but the subtle undertones of her ribs were just visible. I could see Divinchi using her as a model. Her proportions were perfect. Her legs were lean and long but not overly so. Her hips are the hips that every guy dreams about having wrapped around him lean, tight, and sculpted. I could not see the details but I could see several tattoos on her. One on her lower back one on her lower belly and one on her left leg. I also could not make out the details of her face but I had to believe that she was a knock out. It dawns on me that she has been under water for some time now. I began to scan the surf for any disturbance to indicate that she is OK. Nothing, the full moon has lit the top of the water like a thousand little lights and I see no oddities to it’s pulse. The water is quite serene with its rhythm and so I do not think she could have been taken by an undertow. Fear begins to swell within me. What about a shark? I read somewhere that most attacks happen in less than three foot of water. I jump to my feet and race to the edge of the surf. Looking up and down the beach, I stare intently and with each passing gaze for a little break in the water hoping she will rise. My heart is pounding and can hear it in my ears. I have witnessed death without even being aware of its ugly presence. I am almost moved to tears. I didn’t even know her but to have been the last to see her alive rends my heart.

I frantically begin to search the water. No more looking for a diva but the unmasking of a shark fin announcing its presence. My broken spirit begins to boil as I vow to have its carcass on display. I swear to Thee Sweet Lady I will take the beast and that I will not let your passing go unnoticed. Then I see it. The shadow of its dorsal fin rises out of the water as if to mock me. My hatred swells in my heart. I have nothing to capture it with but I am determined I will catch it. Just then however it begins to change shape . It’s no longer a shark but the silhouette of a woman’s head rising up from below the surface. My body had been surging with adrenalin due to fear and anger and I should have been able to take cover but I remained motionless. I watched as though I was the helpless prey before it’s predator. She was headed straight for me and though she was too far for me to see her face I knew that she was looking right at me. Her shoulders were now above the surface and I watched in terror and awe as her breast became visible. Her body coated with the sea shimmered in the moonlight. Her skin a creamy complexion was in stark contrast with her nipples that looked canlı bahis as though they were almost black. As her hips came into view I was transfixed and unable to take my eyes off her. She never changed her pace nor did she try and hide her nakedness. The tattoo on her lower belly was that of a dragon. Its head held high, its wings spread open wide and its tail looping below.

As she approached me she was gazing into my eyes. She was smiling but I would associate it as a predatory smile. Like the cat that has cornered a mouse. Not because the cat is hungry but rather because it is a cat and it found something to play with. I thought like a poor trapped mouse. If she tires of me before she gets hungry I might survive. Then as if she knows what I am thinking, she turns her head slightly without taking her eyes off mine and licks her lips. It was most intense erotic and seductive thing I ever seen a woman do. I was instantly aroused and I was so hard that my cock is in burning hot pain being constricted by my clothes. She stands there a moment as if sizing me up and I realize that my heart is pounding ninety miles and hour and I am panting like I just ran a marathon. She takes a step near me and places her right hand on my left shoulder. At the same time she places her left hand over my crotch. She give a gentle squeeze and even with the clothes on I can tell her nails are razor sharp. I then realize that she also squeezed my shoulder and she is gently rubbing it. She lets the embrace our eyes go and closes hers as she leans near to my neck. I wondered for a moment if she might be a vampire and I was about to be bitten. It would explain why I was unable to move as she returned to the beach. She does not take a bite but instead begins to take deep breaths inhaling slowly. It takes me a moment but I realize she is breathing in my essence. Again this is highly erotic. She is purposely inhaling my scent. I notice after a few minutes I too begin to match her as my short rapid breathing begins to favor the slow deep inhalations. As our bodies exchange pheromones I am also no longer feeling the need to bolt like the frightened prey but I am now relaxed as though she gave me a sedative.

I note a hint of strawberries and lavender in the air, perhaps from her shampoo. There is also an aroma of Chanel. She tilts her head back up and as she does her nose nuzzles my left earlobe. I am on the edge of an intense orgasm and it is killing me. Again as if she knows my thoughts she backs away and looks into my eyes. Her hands releases there hold and slide to either side of my waist. She begins to pull my shirt off. She lifts it up over my head and tosses it aside with her robe on the beach. Bathed in the moonlight my skin glows and light shadows show her that my abs have definition and my core is tight. My arms are toned as well as my chest but removing the shirt the intense moonlight illuminates the broadness of my shoulders. She raises one eye brow slightly and bites down a bit on her lower lip. Then she lets the brow fall back as it was and licks her lips provocatively while stepping up close in front of me. Her nipples are hard and just inches from me. I am uncertain if it is an effect from being in the cold water or the exchange of the pheromones, perhaps a little of both. Lifting her hands to my chest she slowly rakes her nails down the front of my body. I am certain if she wanted she could disembowel me they are so sharp but she leaves the slightest hint of their presence on me. When she reaches my waist, she bends down and relieves my cock of its torment by unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. The pent up prisoner thrashes out fully erect within my Love Dr boxers.

I am still unable to move under my own voluntarily actions and all I can do is roll my eyes and try to see what she is doing. After a minute or so she pulls down the boxers and she stands back up. This time however she is looking at my cock. I would not call it extraordinary. Its about six inches long but I am very thick. To my surprise, I discover I can move as she takes my arm leading me and I step out of the boxers and pants. She grabs her robe and beach towel and we head back to the two little dunes where I was perched when she first arrived. She stops and places the beach towel between the dunes dropping the robe beside it. She looks at me placing her right hand on my left shoulder as before and leans toward my left ear. She whispers that I have a nice bank roll and that she would like to deposit it into her private vault. She promised that though she would be wiping my account clean there would be no additional charges to my account later and that my identity was safe. She also tells me that even though the account will be depleted that I will be compensated for the transaction. She smiles a devious smile that excites me all the more. She then decides that prior to making a deposit into her account that she wants to make a withdrawal from my ATM. I was a bit confused until she dropped to her knees.

She gently took hold of my balls with her left hand and I felt those sharp claws ensnaring them. She grabbed my cock with her right hand. I felt the tip of her tongue on the head of my shaft and I bahis siteleri just about passed out. She coaxed me to remain alert though with a gentle squeeze of the boys and I regained my composure, momentarily anyways. I was beginning to feel a sense of control when something started vibrating against my perineum. I found my body responding with a slight spasm throughout it. I still was unable to simply move freely. I wondered if I was drugged. All I could do was be aware of the sensations. Unknown to me at the time she had a little personal vibrator and a powered nexes p-spot stimulator in her bath robe along with some lube. She had slipped the personal vibrator onto her index finger of her left hand and was using it on my perineum. I would soon enough discover the nexes stimulator.

As the vibrator massages and teases my perineum, the head of my shaft is enveloped by a warm wet set of lips that had to be of a goddess. She sucked me and drank my cock completely into her. I know for certain because she sucked until her lips were kissing my balls. Though I had no free will to move, I could feel every sensation, my skin was hyper sensitive and I was dieing of sheer tortuous pleasure. After a few more strokes she pulled my cock out of her mouth and had me lie on the beach towel. I was face up with mt legs spread open allowing her access between them. She once again began to suck my cock and to use the vibrator on my perineum. It somehow felt different than earlier and I became aware that she was somehow pressing a finger into my ass. I had no way to stop her from what she was doing. After a few minutes she had a finger inside me. I felt her begin to stroke inside but was hard to tell what was happening. Then she removed her finger for a minute. Using the nexes, (unknown to me) she begin to penetrate my ass again. It felt like she went deeper this time but this was something new to me and I could not be sure.

She released my cock and removed the vibrator. She stood up and had something in her hand.

I could not see what it was but it had a wire that went somewhere. Straddling over me, she lowered herself until her pussy was just inches from my cock. It was hard and I desired for her to take me. She bent over me lowering her head down toward mine. She smiled at me and teasingly licked her lips. Then there was this strange sensation in my ass as I herd a hum. I looked questioningly into her eyes. She understood. She said, ” You can’t rob a bank without first taking care of the guards. The best way is with a distraction. Its called a nexes. It is a powered P-spot stimulator.” She smiles a wicked smile and this actually scares me a little,….OK, more than just a little. (Drop it. I am a man and more than a little is as far as I will admit!) The sensation is not a painful one but it begins to have a familiar reaction. I feel an orgasm beginning to occur. The contractions get stronger and soon I am shuddering from the spasms that have taken over my body. It last for what seems to be minutes. I have never experience an orgasm quite like it. The intensity is overwhelming. When it finally subsides I find myself again breathing like there is not enough oxygen on the planet. Slowly my breathing returns to normal. The hum is gone as well as the strange sensations.

She had remained the entire time staring into my eyes as the episode unfolded. She raises both eyebrows up and down and give me another evil grin. Then ever so slowly she moved her head down my body until it was just above my chest. She allowed her eye’s to embrace mine and then quickly tore them away and bit my right nipple. It was a shocking pain that sent electricity through my body causing me to momentarily spasm uncontrollably. She released the vampire like hold and flicked the nipple with her tongue. The pain had subsided and I discovered that the experience was quite erotic. My dick was harder than it had ever been. As she lifted her head I noticed a little blood dribble down from her lower lip. She had truly bit me. I also found that now I could move.

Now that I had the power to turn the tables and take control. I wanted to bury myself in her and torture her in return. I reached up and grabbed her arms and rolled over on top of her. She didn’t really offer any resistance. In fact she was looking up at me with a new kind of smile. She stretched her head back her eyes were closed and her mouth open moaning with delight. She knew that I wanted her and she had released me on purpose. I leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. Our tongues battled as swords caressing in the heat of the dance. I felt her feet on the outside of my hips as she positioned herself for the assault on her nether region. But I was going to take my time. I let go of her wrist and grabbed her hair with my left hand while my right hand begin to torture her nipples. I pinched and rolled the swollen teats roughly and teasingly. Our lips release their embrace and mine traveled to suckle her sweet tits. I continued my hold of her hair with my left hand and my right hand marched downward through the valley. It scouted and found an oasis below the desert and began to dip in into the hot moist spring. I discover bahis şirketleri that she is wet and sticky. She cries out with a sigh of pleasure as my fingers explore the warm depths. My lips having been rejuvenated from her ripe breast head southward too. I release her hair knowing this could be dangerous to do but I must drink from her fountain.

I kiss her belly with sweet gentle kisses all the way down to her mound. I find that she is not fully shaven but that the end of the dragons tail is a small patch of pubic hair shaved to form a vee pointing to the door of her spring. Her legs are spread wide in anticipation but I savor the moment and continue to take my time. The tattoo on her left leg is a permanent ankle bracelet with a small heart. I slide my hands under her knees and begin to massage her slowly working in circles with my thumbs down and inward toward her labia. As I reach her inner thighs I spread my hands so I can grab each cheek of her ass. I squeeze her ass holding it all in my hands. She thrust upward in response to squeeze offering her sweet pussy to my face. I lower my head and kiss her outer lips. She responds as though to suck my tongue into herself. I break the kiss and lick teasingly around the outside of the mound. I look into her face and see her looking back at me. Begging me to enter her. I can feel the heat that is emitting from her. She is on fire and now I am enjoying being the one that is doing the torturing. Yet I also want to enter her tunnel of love and to have my funds transferred into her private vault.

I begin to lick into the lips pulling them apart. Her clit has arisen and is earnestly awaiting to be captured and tortured. I thrash and flick it with my tongue without mercy. While whipping nibbling and tugging with my tongue and teeth, I can hear the response of sighs groans and light screams. She begins to writhe and contort her body as she gains momentum toward her climax. She slides her legs over each shoulder behind my back digging her feet into me as she thrust against my face. Her pace increases and I know she is close. She begins to scream and I feel her body tighten as a tidal wave of contractions surge and she cums all over me squirting and gushing in my face. She taste sweet and the odor of her body is intoxicating. When the flood of ecstasy is over. We lie still momentarily allowing each other a rest. I breath in her scent and allow myself to instill and enjoy this memory.

She is so gorgeous and I have enjoyed her body like savoring a fine wine but I still have not made my transaction. I begin to suck her clit flicking and teasing. It takes some time but I finally can see she is beginning to be aroused again. By the time I see that she ready for me I am hard again. I look up into her face and she is looking down at me knowing and waiting. She pulls her legs up onto my shoulders and as I rise lifts her bottom to mate her hungry pussy to my throbbing mass of a cock. She is beyond wet and as the head of my shaft enters her she sucks me in before I can thrust. I am in euphoria. I tell her, “Wait or I will cum right now.” Neither of us move as I gain control and relax a bit. Despite the ease of my entry and her sucking me in, she is incredibly tight. She begins to move her hips side to side helping her to stay aroused while not sending me overboard. I feel the need begin to subside and so I begin to thrust slowly. I see wicked delight on her face. She ensnares me in a death like grip with her pussy and I again almost loose it. She however knows and ceases her thrust and allows me to recover. I am over her resting on my forearms. I lift myself onto my left one and using my right hand I reach down, pinch and roll her nipples teasingly. She sighs at this torture and I know she wants to continue. I begin to thrust again and now feel I have control. I tell her, “Your my bitch now!” There is a look of surprise on her face but it is only for a flash. It transforms into a delighted smile of pleasure. She reaches up placing her hands on my shoulder and gives me a gentle squeeze. I can feel those razor claws and wonder if my back will survive tonight.

I find again I am unable to move I look back into her eyes. She has this evil grin on and says, “No Baby Your my Bitch”. Somehow she is responsible for my immobility. I had forgotten about the earlier anal stimulator but I was remembering it now. She had turned it back on. “Fuck me Bitch!”, she demanded. All I could do was respond to her wishes. Enslaved to her will and the vibration of the nexes I became a madman. I had never fucked someone with such ferocity. It was by far the most passionate sex of my life. She bucked and countered each thrust and I felt her sharp razors graze across my back. I felt like I was about to go blind. She was screaming again and I knew she was close. I felt like I should have cum ten minutes ago but for some reason instead the intensity continued to build. I was like a racehorse being whipped by its jockey to go faster. I looked at her face and she again had her head back eyes closed mouth agape screaming in sheer ecstasy. I could also feel her pussy clamping down on my cock with greater force and knew she was at the threshold. Just when I thought my heart would give out she says, ” Cum bitch cum!” Being given permission I felt my balls contract as she began to convulse. I ejaculated in a thunderous jet stream as waves of contractions swept over the two of us.

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