A bad nightmare at the lake

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A bad nightmare at the lake
That long week end Anita had convinced me to have an escapade to a near lake for some camping. I even rented a nice Indian canoe; so we could enjoy sun bathing, swimming at the lake and canoe trips along the coast.

The first day everything seemed to be perfect.
At night, after having a nice meal cooked by my sweet wife, I had to take a leak; so I moved some yards to a secluded place that we had determined would be our bathroom on those days.

When I was coming back to the tent, I heard some desperate cries from my loving wife.
I hurried up and found my wife was between two huge men. They had stripped off Ana’s bikini form her curvy body and she was trying to cover up her nudity with both hands.

I opened my mouth to shout at both men; but then I felt a hard nock at my neck and everything went black in my head.

When I recovered my own senses, I was inside a kind of filthy cabin; sat down on a chair, with my ankles and my wrists tied tightly on my back.
I looked down and saw I was naked; my swollen dick lying on my thighs…

I heard Ana sobbing and crying. I opened my eyes trying to accustom them to the dim light; then I saw my lovely wife there, naked and lying on all fours onto a filthy bed.

Close to her naked body I saw an old man in his late sixties. He was also naked, sporting a huge thick cock at least nine inches long. Then it was evident to me that the bastard had made my wife sucked his magnificent cock to get it so hard.

The old man laughed when he saw me with my eyes wide open.

“Oh, the nice gentleman is here to watch the entire show now…”
He said, before telling me his name was Elmer.

“Your slutty wife and you are now my guests here, in my humble house”

Then he walked over and punched me on my stomach. He made me see stars as I was knocked over. Then he went back to feel Ana’s tits…

My sweet wife tried to struggle, but Elmer was stronger than her. Ana looked really terrified.

The door opened and both younger men came in. Elmer introduced them as his beloved sons, Matt and Fred.

Matt looked over on me and laughed. He came over me, slapping my face.

The old man got tired of my struggling wife and pushed her onto the filthy bed. He took a rope and tied her both hands to the bed board. Ana cried in tears for mercy; both the three bastards laughed at her.
Fred got a dirty cloth and he put it into my mouth, to muffle my voice.

Elmer now tied Ana’s ankles to the bed posts at the ends. She was facing down the mattress, absolutely defenseless…

My sweet wife screamed as the old man lay on top of her. She turned her head to look at me as she was looking for help; but I could do nothing to stop what was happening to her.

I watched as the old bastard ran his fingers into her cunt, roughly fingering her. Ana cried in tears and grimaced as he fondled her so brutally. He also slid his hands under her body and pinched her hard nipples, making her scream in pain.

“Your slutty wife’s cunt is dry as a bone; but I will fix that right now…”
Elmer complained; as he inserted four of his filthy fingers into Ana’s cunt.

Several minutes went by. The two young men slowly stripped off their clothes and they slowly stroked their cocks in anticipation.
I felt totally helpless as I struggled against the ropes holding me.

When I looked back at Ana, my wife’s eyes were closed and her face was slightly twisted. I wanted to get free and help her, but it was impossible.

My wife’s pussy looked red, swollen and wet. Then the old man knelt behind Ana’s tied spread legs.

I saw him grab his huge cock and move it to her pussy lips. Then I heard Ana scream as he began to push it into her nice soft cunt. Her eyes flew open as she screamed again, struggling against the huge man. But she could do nothing as he pumped himself deeper into her with each thrust.

The younger guys began to laugh.

I looked again at my wife. Ana had stopped screaming and she had closed her eyes. Her mouth was open and she seemed to be softly begging for him to stop. I watched as that huge old man pumped up and down and listened to his deep grunts as he fucked my wife.

I felt my cock began to grow, in spite of all I was feeling.

But then I heard my wife groan in what I thought was pain.
I looked over and saw Anita’s mouth was slightly open and she was groaning softly and breathing in quick shallow breaths.
Elmer had been fucking her for several minutes at this illegal bahis point.
Ana’s face was contorted in either pain or pleasure. I could not tell about it. And her eyes would open slightly every few seconds and then close.
My wife had glassy, almost rolling back eyes in her look.

Elmer kept fucking her with his strong steady pace while his two sons stood by watching, stroking their long cocks.

The old bastard began to grunt loudly and his motions more urgent. My wife’s mouth was now fully open and her breathing becoming more and more shallow. Her eyes seem to be staring at the ceiling and she moaned as Elmer began to pound her harder and faster.

I watched as his huge dick slammed hard into my helpless wife. His face was buried in her neck, but I could hear a deep groan leaving his mouth as he approached his own orgasm.

Suddenly he grunted loudly and his entire body shuddered as he pumped his load into my wife. Anita’s body jumped slightly and her eyes fluttered as her mouth opened wide, but she said nothing as she took Elmer’s semen…
Her eyes had a glassy, far away appearance as he pounded the last of his cum deep within her. Ana then moaned slightly as the old man slowly kept pumping his load deep within her womb.

Elmer slowly climbed off of her. I saw Ana’s body now glistened with sweat. She turned her head away to face the wall. I felt helpless and ashamed.

Fred quickly climbed on top of my wife and began to fuck her quickly. She lay there, just letting him use her. She seemed too tired to struggle.

Suddenly he slipped off and straddled Ana’s chest. He grabbed her by the hair turning her towards him and shoved his huge cock into her mouth. My wife’s eyes were closed as she let him use her. The other guy, Matt, started to pound away Ana`s cunt and grunted loud like crazy as his brother fucked my sweet wife’s mouth.

They began to grunt in unison as they got the same rhythm going. I wanted to look away, but could not. Those bastards were using my wife’s body for their perverted pleasure and for some reason I could not stop looking.

I watched as their pace increased and I began to hear another sound, other than the grunting brothers. It was higher, but happening in the same rhythm. I saw as my wife was now actively pushing back against Matt and Fred was no longer pushing his cock into her mouth. She was sucking him willingly and moaning in unison as those bastards used her cunt and mouth.

Her body had finally given up fighting and Ana had succumbed to what those bastards were doing to her. Matt groaned loudly and began to come in that sweet pussy. I watched as her body tensed up as he filled her womb. Anita’s body shook as he kept pumping and pumping his cum into her.

Fred groaned and pushed deeply into her mouth, shooting his load. Ana’s eyes opened again with a startled look as she drank his load without asking. I watched as she willingly sucked him until he softened. She closed her eyes and turned away from me as both filthy bastards climbed off of her.

I kept looking at my wife. Her body was coated in sweat that glistened in the shadows of that dirty room. Anita seemed to be sobbing gently.
Elmer walked over the bed and untied my wife. He grabbed her by the hair and stood her up. Her makeup was smeared and she was crying in tears.
He pulled her in front of him and yelled that soon he would fuck her ass…

My wife refused to look at me as she walked towards the bed again.

The three men sat at the table ignoring me to have some beers.
I stared at Ana’s legs; the insides of her thighs were wet with the fresh cum that was now dripping out of her pussy lips.
She asked to get dressed and was told she could not.

Elmer looked at me and asked if I was having some fun…
I said nothing. I hated that ugly man and wanted him and his sons dead.

The bastard then grabbed Ana by her hair and made her get on her knees in front of him. Then he stuck his huge dick into Ana’s mouth. He moaned as my wife sucked and stroked his huge cock. At one point, she turned to me and blinked an eye.

I watched as she sucked Elmer’s huge cock. I had not seen it completely hard and it was huge. It was long and very thick. Ana stroked it with his hand and then got back to sucking it in as deep as she could.

“You are a lucky guy, having this bitch as a wife…” Elmer told me looking at me with an evil grin in his face.

He finally grabbed Ana by illegal bahis siteleri the hair and pulled her onto his lap. She grabbed his cock and steered it towards her opening. She sat down on it and began to enthusiastically ride over that huge thing. She leaned back, wrapping her arms around his neck while she pumped against him.

I watched as Elmer grabbed my wife’s ass and pumped into her. He was grunting and moaning, as was she. I was not really sure if Ana was acting or actually enjoying what she was doing. But she was putting up a nice show.

They went like that for quite a while and then Elmer stood up, holding my wife in his arms as he carried her over to the bed. He dropped her down on the mattress and then quickly mounted her. He pulled her legs up high and then shoved his cock deep within her with one thrust.

My wife squealed as Elmer began to pound her with fast deep hard strokes. I was amazed at how fast the old man could fuck and ever most amazed at my wife taking all of that huge cock into her tight little cunt.

Ana never looked at me while Elmer was fucking her. She kissed him passionately and spoke softly in his ear while he fucked her hard and deep.

Elmer pounded her hard for several more minutes until he tensed up and unloaded into my wife. Anita closed her eyes and opened her mouth up wide as he shot his load deep within her. He pumped a few more times and then withdrew. My wife’s pussy looked red and swollen as she lay there.

I looked over at Elmer as he sat down on a chair to have another beer.
His cock was soft and coated with my wife’s juices. He looked at me and smiled an evil grin and then took another sip. While he rested, both his sons fucked again my wife until they came in her womb, making her moan loud.

All of a sudden Elmer slowly stood up and walked over to my wife. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her over in front of me. He pushed her on to her knees and slapped her face, yelling at her she was a bitch…

My wife’s eyes filled with terror. She looked briefly at me and then to Elmer, who grabbed her hair and pulled her head to his cock, which was beginning to grow again.

“Suck it, you slutty bitch… suck my cock her right in front of that cuckold…”

Ana took his growing cock and stroked it a few times. She almost seemed to be amazed it was growing again. She slowly took it in her mouth and began to suck it. Elmer began to push it in while he held her head. It wasn’t long before it had grown to full stiffness.

“Look at your whore wife… she is sucking my cock on her own now…”

He was right: Ana was on her knees, sucking that hard dick like crazy.

“She is my cunt now. Are you ready for a good fucking, bitch…?”

He pulled his immense cock out of her mouth and slapped Ana’s face.

“Tell me you want it, bitch. Tell me you want me to fuck you…”

“Yes…” My wife whispered weakly. “Fuck me now…”

She did not look at me while she said it. Then Elmer got on his knees behind and turned her towards me. He pulled her hair and made her look at me as he said:

“Watch your whore’s face while I fuck her, man…”

And then he rammed his huge hardened cock into her.

My wife’s eyes flew open wide and she screamed as Elmer began to pound his cock into her. He had a handful of her hair and was holding onto one of her hips with his other hand as slammed himself into her.

He fucked her hard and fast right from the start. My wife’s face twisted in pain as Elmer slammed his entire cock in and out of her at an incredible pace. She looked at me several times with a look of sorrow and terror in her eyes and then other times looked away as he fucked her hard and deep and fast.

I was amazed at the old man’s strength and stamina. He’d already had fucked Ana twice and I thought he should be exhausted like his two sons. But the bastard kept power fucking my wife, showing no signs of letting up.

Several times Anita tried to lower her head or look away from me. But Elmer grabbed her by the hair and pulled it so her face looked directly into mine. Her face was twisted in either pain or pleasure. I could not tell. Her eyes were mostly closed and she was biting her lips as she was being fucked.

I wanted to look away, but could not stop looking at the scene before me. This huge man was having his way with my wife and I could do nothing to stop it. And part of me was wondering if she wanted me to.

My wife’s breathing canlı bahis siteleri began to be in short shallow breaths, matching the pace of the pounding she was getting from behind. Her open mouth now formed a perfect circle, as soft grunts and moans escaped her. Sweat began to form on her face while Elmer fucked her mercilessly.

Then she slowly opened her eyes and I could see they were beginning to get a glazed look. She was looking in my direction, but not really looking at me. She kept breathing, moaning lightly and grunting as Elmer fucked her as hard as a man could. I watched as she braced herself against his assault, pushing back slightly against his pounding.

The old bastard seemed to be like a machine. He did not seem to be tired.
I looked at him and he looked like a man possessed. His face was red and dripping in sweat as he slammed my wife over and over again.
Suddenly, Ana’s eyes flew open wide and she began to scream and beg.

“Oh no…stop please…no…” But then she screamed loud as her body began to thrash about.
Her eyes rolled back in her head and she began to pant and moan unlike anything I had ever seen her do. She continued to scream and protest as her body struggled against what was happening to her. It lasted almost a minute before Ana’s eyes looked at me and she cried in orgasmic pleasure.

She screamed over and over again as her whole body shuddered and her head tossed from side to side.

“Have you ever cum so fucking fine, bitch…?” Tell me!”
Elmer yelled at her as he pounded her cunt so roughly.

“No. Never…” She moaned as her body still shuddered.

“Tell your husband how good it feels to be really fucked by a man…”
He commanded.

“Oh, no… please; do not make me…” She whimpered.

“Tell him now!”
He yelled; as he pulled her hair and pointed her face right at mine.

“Oh, please, no…!” Anita screamed as she came again.

She closed her eyes as she screamed as loud as she could over and over again as another orgasm swept over her. I saw her screaming in delight.

My sweet wife seemed to be having an orgasm every few seconds.

Elmer grabbed my wife’s hair and told me to look at her.
Ana’s face was twisted and contorted in pleasure, unlike I had ever seen. Her eyes rolled as she cried out in orgasmic pleasure over and over again.

“Do you want me to stop, bitch? Do you?” He asked laughing at her.

“No!” She whimpered.

“Am I fucking you better than any man ever has, bitch?” He asked.

“Yes!” Ana squealed and cried in pleasure.

“Are you my whore?” He bellowed

“Yes!” She squealed again.

“Say it to your husband, bitch. Say it now!” He commanded.

My wife looked at me directly into my eyes, but she yelled:

“No please. I cannot do it…” She begged crying in tears

“Say it now or I will take my cock out of your wet cunt…”

Anita looked at me through pain in her eyes; but she said nothing.

The Elmer stopped pumping in her and her trashing became more urgent as she tried to drive herself over the edge again.

“Say it now, slut. Tell the cuckold what you are, and I’ll let you cum.”
The old bastard sneered as he looked at me.

My wife’s expression was of pain, sorrow, and desperation. After more commands and threatening to pull his cock out of her pussy, she broke.
Anita looked me in the eyes and spoke.

“Oh, please forgive me. I’m so sorry. I’m his slut. I’m his whore now…”
My sweet wife murmured weakly with tears in her eyes.

Then Elmer started to pump her cunt again with no mercy at all.

“Tell him, bitch. Tell him how good you’re coming on my dick.”
He yelled at her while he smiled at me…

This time Ana did not resist or hesitate.

“Oh sorry, love… I am coming so fucking well on his dick…”
She squealed with pleasure and pushed her buttocks against Elmer’s hips.

I stood there speechless; as I watched my sensual sweet wife have huge orgasm after orgasm as this old man fucked her with no mercy.

Ana`s face and body were covered with sweat. Her face was so twisted in pleasure; I did not recognize it any longer. I don’t know how long it lasted.

The old man finally made her beg to be filled with semen… and she did.

She yelled loud at him, begging and crying for a good load of cum…

Elmer’s face contorted and he lunged forward, lifting my wife’s legs off the ground as he pumped his sticky semen into her.
Ana screamed loud as another brutal orgasm wracked her body.
Elmer pumped and pumped until he pulled back and then lay on the ground. My wife rolled onto the floor with her legs wide open.

Her pussy was a huge gaping hole. It was red and swollen and oozing cum. She closed her eyes and lay there in a sweaty heap.
Then I knew that, after that nightmare, our sex life would change for sure…

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