8 Days: Day 6 – FTDS

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8 Days: Day 6 FinishTheDamnStory ©

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My unsolicited sequel to DamonX’s story 8 Days.


Complexity is not a bad thing.

There are too damn many intriguing stories that are never completed. If I find a story that’s been left hanging for too long, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps.

For information on how I decide which stories to continue, please check my profile.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I woke alone, turned off the alarm, and reached out for Lacey. The bed was empty. I wondered for a moment if the night before was just a dream. Until she was standing in the bedroom doorway. “How do you want your eggs?” she asked.

That was something new. She stood there, waiting expectantly, dressed in a t-shirt that barely covered her ass, and was tight enough to highlight her large breasts. “Uh, scrambled is fine.”

“Two or three pieces of bacon?”

“Two, I think.” I remembered Stacy’s comments on carrying 15 extra pounds. “No, scratch that. Just the eggs, and maybe a piece of fruit?”

She smirked. “Going on a diet, now that you’re back on the market?”

“I was reminded that since I was fat, it’s not surprising that my ex-fiancée would go after a guy who was buff. I’d like to avoid that in the future.” I don’t know why I responded that way. I could have just said ‘yeah’, but for some reason I felt the need to remind her of our issues. Maybe I was afraid of the previous day’s intimacy. I didn’t think about it, I just blurted it out.

The grin fell from her face, replace by sadness. “No, Damon. That had nothing to do with it. I like you just the way you are.”

“Please, Lacey. We can be honest now. You went after a guy who was taller, fitter, younger, and had a bigger dick. It is what it is.”

I think I took the wind out of her sails with that one. “I’m sorry. I guess that’s what it looks like to you. I’ll finish breakfast.” She turned and left me to get ready for work.

I was sitting down to breakfast 15 minutes later, and she sat down next to me. Without preamble she started. “He was aggressive, dominant. He grabbed me by the head, at that damned strip joint, and pulled me to his cock. ‘Lick,’ he demanded. I tried to laugh him off, pulling away, and he shook my head in his hand. ‘Lick it!’ he said even more forcefully, and I…I had to do it. When the girls started giving me a hard time, and we talked about, um, expanding my horizons, he was the first one I thought of. Not because of any physical attribute. Because he made me do something I didn’t want to. That’s what I was looking for, someone who could push me out of my safety zone.”

Lacey reached out and put her hand on my arm. “It was foolish. I should have spoken to you, told you what I was thinking, what I needed. I was afraid to, and that irrational fear destroyed us. I’m sorry, but I need you to know, it’s not the size of his dick, or the way he looked, it was his attitude that made me choose him.”

I listened without responding. I no longer knew if I could trust what she said, although from what I understood, it was likely she was telling the truth.

The tears started falling. “Yesterday, in the shower, the way you were…aggressive, it made it clear I was a fool. You could have been what I needed. I…I know that now, and I’ll be eternally sorry I didn’t come to you first.”

I took her hand in mine, and gave it a squeeze. “Me too, Lacey. Me too.”

She stood to clear the table, when I got up. I pulled her close, and gave her a hug. “I shouldn’t have brought it up. It’s over, and I don’t want to keep throwing my issues in your face. Let’s chalk this one up to experience, and try to be friends, Ok?”

She nodded, rubbing her face against my shoulder. I checked the time, and realized I was more than 40 minutes early. “Is it really 6:50?”

She giggled. “I…I’m sorry. I set our bedroom clock ahead half an hour.”

“By mistake?”

She shook her head. “No. I had a foolish idea, I’m sorry.”

“Jesus, Lacey. Spit it out, now you’ve got me curious.”

“I…I never…Oh, Damon, it sounds so stupid now. Can’t we just forget it?”

“Please,” I said softly, still hugging her. “What’s going on in that bizarre little mind of yours?”

She was wiggling a little, rubbing up against me. I felt the Traitor starting to respond.

“I’ve never had sex anywhere but in bed, alright? More of my boring sex history. Not once, and I’m 28 years old. Pretty sad, huh?”

“And the clock?” I asked, pretty sure I knew where this was going.

“I had this stupid romantic notion. I’d make you breakfast, charm and tease you. Make you want me enough to take me in here, in the kitchen. Just lift the bottom of my shirt, and have your way with me, leaving me with your cum dripping from my aching cunt, as you headed off to work. No foreplay, no wining canlı bahis and dining, no liquor to reduce my inhibitions. Just sex. I’m an idiot, Ok?”

I released her. “Go do the dishes, Lacey.”

Her face crashed, as she turned away from me quietly. She grabbed the plates and carried them to the kitchen. When she was placing them in the sink, I reached out and pushed her shoulders forward, bending her over the counter. I held her there, while I opened my pants.


“Rinse the dishes,” I told her.

She turned on the water, her body trembling, under my hand. The Traitor had made his preference known, and was standing hard. With my pants around my ankles, I lifted the back of her shirt, twisting it in my hand between her shoulders, as I kept her bent over. I kicked her feet outward, until they were a little more than shoulder’s length apart. I bent my knees, cock in hand, and pressed up between her legs.

“It this what you wanted, slut?” I growled. “Standing in the window, in front of the world, getting your sopping wet pussy filled?”

I pushed upward, sliding inside of her. She was wet and ready. I started pumping into her, fast and hard, pounding her against the counter edge. From nothing to full-bore. I reached inside her shirt, squeezing her tit, tugging her nipple.

She gasped, her ass pushing back against me. I grabbed her hips, lifting her so she was bent over further, her toes barely touching the ground. My thrusts were slower, harder, long deep strokes that had her grunting in pleasure. I reached around her, moving the water handle to cold. I grabbed the sprayer, and turned it on her chest, soaking it.

Lacey gasped. She clutched the faucet, hanging on, as I used her. I felt the prelude to her orgasm, and grabbed the back of her hair, tugging it, making her look out the window. “They’re watching you, slut.”

She cried out, shaking as she came on my cock. I didn’t really care. This was one time were I had no intentions of taking care of her needs. I found the rhythm and motion that worked best for me, and used her hard. We were both silent as I enjoyed her, a last little treat before work.

“D-Don’t be late, D-d-dear,” she gasped.

I grabbed her shoulders, finishing with a flurry, slamming my cock up inside her, grunting as I bathed her insides. “Tease,” I gasped, as I finished, pushing deep, wringing out the last of my gift.

I stepped back and slapped that perfect ass of hers. “Thanks for breakfast.”

She just lay there a few seconds, bent over, exposed, my cum dripping down the inside of her thigh. I reached down and pulled up my pants and boxers. She suddenly squealed, spinning around, dropping to her knees. Her mouth was on me in a flash, sucking and licking, until I was clean and well on my way to getting hard again.

She looked up at me smiling sweetly, while she tugged my boxers in place, pulled my pants up and start closing them. “Can’t have you going to work all messy, can we?”

I brushed her hair back, as she zipped me up, kissing the bulge she’d left me with. I pulled her to her feet, hugging her. She was humming contentedly. “Four,” she said. “Four things only for you. Thank you for this one.”

She hooked her hand through my elbow, and walked me to the door. “I’m going to be running errands all day. I’ve been cooped up in this house for 3 days. I’ve got to finish cleaning up some of the issues about our…about this weekend.”

She picked up my briefcase and handed it to me, pulled me down to straighten my collar then gave me a warm kiss. “Have a great day, baby,” she said softly.

I found myself returning her kiss, my hand in her hair, holding her. Where was this woman for the last year? Why, only now, does she make her appearance?

~ * ~ * ~

Wednesday. Humpday. It made me smile. Got the hump part out of the way. Work was going well. My life was a complete shambles, but it seemed to be slowly getting back under my control.

Jenna called mid-morning. “You’re holding out on me? I have to get the news from everybody else?” she started in immediately.

“You’re hiding out from me? I can’t get hold of you for a day and a half to share the news, brat?”

“Not hiding now, am I? My place for a nooner?”

“Sure. I can probably be there by 11:45,” I told her.

“Pick up sandwiches on the way. The pantry’s pretty bare here.”

“The usual?”

“You know me, Damon. If I’ve got a craving for a lunchtime sandwich, what am I looking for?”

“Cicero’s, whole, spicy Italian, Swiss, all the way. Onions?”

She giggled. “I won’t if you won’t”

There is something extremely erotic about sitting with a beautiful naked girl in your lap, your hard cock buried inside her, her legs wrapped around you, while you each eat an 8″ sub. Shifting and wiggling just enough to stay hard, and getting a little friction now and then, wiping the crumbs from each other’s mouths.

“God I love these things,” she purred, grinding her hips in little figure eights, while taking bahis siteleri another bite.

“Remember when we found it?” I asked, licking a dab of mustard off the corner of her mouth.

“Ducking in out of the rain, what, like in 10th grade?”

“Your t-shirt soaked through. Little nipples hard as rocks. I think it was the first time I got an erection in front of you.”

“And I gave you such a hard time, I don’t think I gave you another one for at least 4 or 5 years.”

“At least 4 or 5 hours more like it. You gave me enough of them, just never in front of you, after that. Not if I could help it.”

She giggled, talking with her mouth full. “No shit. You went home and fapped to me?”

I pulled her close, my mouth on hers, tasting her sandwich, while our tongues did battle. “Thousands of times, cutie.”


“Thousands. Trust me. I’m a guy. You’re a beautiful girl. Our friendship was the most important thing to me, so I was never going to jeopardize it, but every time you dated over the years, and it was more than a few, I would get jealous.”

She smirked, slapping my chest, bouncing on my cock for a moment. “God, we’re such asses, Damon. I named my first vibrator after you!” Just like that she was scrambling off the bed, digging into her bedside table. She climbed back on my lap, skewering herself. “Ta-da! Damon Jr.” She held up a simple plain white vibrator, maybe seven inches long. Smooth at the top, ridges on the bottom half. “It stopped working two years out of high-school, while you were at college. I never had the heart to throw it away. There have been three more ‘Damons’ since then.”

Jenna always ate like a ravenous beast. Her sandwich was gone, and she was eyeing mine. “You don’t even like turkey,” I reminded her.

“Turkey? I thought you got the Roast beef, extra meat, pepper jack.”

“I’m dieting. I could afford to lose a few pounds.”

She held my hand to her mouth, and bit off half the remaining. “Let’s get you some exercise,” she said, chewing.

We had a nice little workout, leaving us both sweaty and panting. She went down on me until I was hard again, then pushed me down on the bed, mounted my cock, and got us warmed up, before laying on my chest. “We could have been doing this forever,” she murmured, as I plumbed her depths, easily.

“I’m an idiot, Ok? Quit reminding me.”

She kissed me softly. “Never. Never an idiot. We’re different. You were always looking for the right one. Serial monogamous relationships. Me, I was happy to find Mr. Right now.” She rocked back and forth on my cock, grinning. “If I had only known what I was missing,” she purred. A few more moments of deep stroking, and she settled back on my cock. “Alright, fill me in. I can’t believe I’m the last friggin’ one to know.”

“I couldn’t get hold of you,” I reminded her. “Not since yesterday morning.”

“Couldn’t help it. I was working with Gerald. You know how he gets,” she explained.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wasn’t ready for that. “Gerald? The development guy?”

“Yeah. Big spread, two properties, you know, the whole thing.”

As I recalled, Gerald called her every couple of months to do all the photography for a property marketing campaign. Each job ended with her spending the night with him, and grinning from ear-to-ear for a week.

She stopped moving, raising up on her arms. “Is…is this a problem, Damon? You know me and Gerald go way back.”

I don’t know what I expected, but not that. Not when we were getting together after all these years. “No, I guess not. I just thought, you and me…”

She leaned down and kissed me. “You and me. Us. Finally. I’m loving every minute of it.”

“Even after…him?” and his monster cock, she’d been so eager to tell me about over the years.

She grinned. “Hell yeah. He’s like a special treat. More than a few times a year would take all the fun out of it. I made him take it easy last night, and nothing this morning. Didn’t want to feel all stretched out. I’m enjoying playing with you way too much.”

She kissed my chin. “Besides, he never gets the backdoor, way too big to be any fun back there. I figured we could always take it down that path if need be. Turns out, it wasn’t a problem at all. You feel great inside me. My fucking fantasy guy. Now my favorite fuck-buddy.”

I felt myself shrinking inside her, and saw the concern on her face. She climbed off of me. “Shit. I did something wrong, didn’t I? Gerald was a mistake, wasn’t he?”

She snuggled up to me, suddenly clingy. “No. You didn’t do anything wrong. You’re the same old Jenna you’ve always been. I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s not like we’re exclusive. Hell, I added a new notch last night. I got a hell of a blowjob from Vicky.”

Lacey grinned. “The tiny one? Long sexy hair? Tight ass body?”

I nodded.

“Just a blowjob?”

“Two. One before our date, and one after.”

“Your date?” she asked, her tone telling me that might be a problem.

“She bahis şirketleri said if I wasn’t going to be with Lacey, she wanted to put her bid in. Promised me everything, just not on our first date.”

“Damn, those uppity bitches work fast. I think it’s time you fill me in on the details.” She wriggled down the bed, taking me in her mouth. “Go head. Don’t leave anything out.”

She sucked me playfully, while I told her. Told her everything. I had never kept anything from Jenna. It’s a big part of why we were so important to each other. No secrets between us, always open and honest. It caused a few blowups over the years, but never for more than a few days, before we were both groveling for forgiveness.

When I was done filling her in up to that morning’s antics, she hadn’t interrupted once. She climbed on top of me, my cock back to its full glory. I loved the feel of my buddy, looking up at her body, so familiar in so many ways.

“Wow,” she whispered. “That doesn’t sound much like the Pampered Princess. You believe her?”

“I don’t know. I think I want to. It’ll make it easier remaining friends. I don’t hate her. I…I just don’t trust her. I’m still pissed.”

She was sitting upright, switching back and forth from bouncing up and down on my cock, to a back and forth grinding motion. I think she was enjoying herself, she seemed a little distracted.

“You know I hate the uppity bitch, right?”

I laughed, grabbing her hips, and thrusting up into her hard a few times. “No shit. I never would have guessed.”

“She was always mean to me, looking down on me. Always picking away with the little insults. Fucking pissed me off.”

“She was jealous.”

“Jealous? Please. What the hell could she be jealous about? That body? Her family, money, job. She has it all. She had you. What could she possibly be jealous about?”

“She knew I loved you. I always have. There’s a part of my heart she was never going to get, and she knew it.”

“You…you really think so?”

“She told me. They all did. My sleeping with you destroyed her. Knowing that no matter what, I’d never give you up. Never. And forever more, whenever we were together, you’d be able to look down on her, and know that you had that over her as well.”

Jenna was quiet, staring at me through unseeing eyes, grinding back and forth, her breath quickening. Her mouth opened and she groaned, her body trembling as she pulled up off my cock, coming hard. I pulled her back down, thrusting deeply.

She gave me a little grin, and started moving again. “Shit, you do it for me in a big way, Damon. Huge.” She leaned down and kissed me. “I love you too, you know. Always have. Always will. My best friend in the world.”

I knew what she was holding back. “But you’re not in love with me.”

She blushed. “We could work on it, try being exclusive. God, I love every moment spent with you. And I sure as shit love that thing hanging between your legs. I’d be willing to give it a shot. We’re great friends, and the sex is awesome, it should work out.”

“And if it didn’t work out?”

She slowed down, leaning over me, rocking back and forth. “I think we could stay friends, don’t you?”

“It might never be the same,” I told her sadly.

She nodded slowly. “I know. It scares me. I’m loving every minute of this. Of us. But I’m kind of scared, you know?”

“I know. Last thing in the world I want is to lose you.”

She sat upright, bouncing up and down playfully. “Then don’t. We’ve got something great. Let’s not ruin it. I love you, handsome man, and I’ll be here for you, until Mr. Right comes along, and then, it’ll be back to best friends, no more of this—” she teased, raising up and down in long full strokes, exposing the full length of my shiny shaft.

She slowed, grinding away slowly. “You know I want nothing more than complete, mind-numbing happiness for you.”

“Same here, Besty.”

She laid back down on my chest, and we were quiet, while I enjoyed being inside of her. It took a few minutes but before long, I was pumping her full of my seed once more.

“Promise me,” she whispered. “Promise we’ll always have each other,” she said softly.

“Always, Jenna. Nothing could ever stop that. Nobody. Never.”

“Love you, Damon. Best thing that ever happened to me,” she murmured, hugging me.

“Love you Jenna-bear. BFF.”


~ * ~ * ~

I was still getting some fallout from Lacey’s announcement calling off the wedding. I wrote a few different stock responses, and started replying to the emails, and texts. I still got a few calls, most of which I tried to take. They pretty much went the same:

Were we really breaking up? Yes

Any chance of making up? No

Was I alright? Been better, but I’ll be fine

How was Lacey doing? Been better, but she’ll be fine

What was the problem? Irreconcilable differences

Did I want to talk about it? Maybe later. I needed some time.

One of the calls broke the mold.

“Hey Damon. I guess y’all were never gonna get ’round to callin’ me.”

The southern drawl gave her away instantly. “Hi Donna. I’m not really calling anybody yet. I’m still trying to deal with things.”

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