500 Miles and 6 Floors Ch. 03

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9: Impromptu Coffee

She was aware of her surroundings before he was fully awake. She opened her eyes and knew where she was, but it still took a minute for it to process through the haze. Her stirring caused him to move.

He woke feeling pretty groggy. He smiled at her and gave her a foggy “morning.” Some of the intimacy of their night before was lost. He knew he had some morning breath, and neither of them faced directly into each other. He needed coffee and wanted to see how she was this morning. Maybe react off of her body language a bit. “How did you sleep?”

She paused for a second; contemplating whether to tell him she slept like a rock. What the fuck, why not, “I slept great. I didn’t bite you; not even once. You?”

“I must have slept great, I just remember saying ‘good night,” and then this. I need some coffee, though.” He checked the clock; it was still a little early for their order. He flopped back onto the pillow. “Coffee won’t be here for a bit, let me make us some of the not-as-good stuff in that room coffee maker over there.”

“Good, that would be great. Let me . . . uhn, use the bathroom ” She slid out of the sheets and demurely put on the robe. “Can I use some toothpaste?”

“Help yourself,” as he got up, not bothering for the robe. He steadied himself as he stood. A few steps on toes, arch of the back, swing of the arms and he was ready for coffee.

He had a pot brewing and had rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as she opened the door.

“Much better.” She held up her index finger. “Always keep this toothbrush with me. Never leave home without it.” Her smile was back again.

“Nice. My turn,” as he darted in. She stayed in the robe but got back in bed, propping some pillows up as the smell and gurgle of coffee permeated the room. She was coming a little bit more awake.

He splashed some water on this face and relieved himself. Then a quick brush and a quick check in the mirror was all he needed to feel him again. He could smell the coffee even in here.

He poured two cups and gave her one. “The cream is kinda non-existent, but do you want some sugar or something?”

“Nope, black is good.”

It was all polite conversation as he climbed back into bed. They were both waking up, but neither wanted to assume anything from the other. He took a few sips and turned to her on his side.

‘Ok, I have this crazy idea. Really radical stuff. But you seem like a pretty radical girl.”

She chuckled and had to put the coffee down mid-sip. “Ya think. You shaved my legs last night, plus some other stuff. I think we moved passed radical a while ago. What’s on your mind?”

“OK, we can have our room service coffees and then go down to the event, or . . . ok, here is my idea. Let me change our coffee order and get us full breakfast. Let’s take our time and eat a decent breakfast, with real coffee, and all that. Then, when you are ready, I will throw on some clothes and go to your room and get you a change of clothes, and a proper toothbrush and whatever you need so you can avoid the walk of shame thing – in case you run into those registration bitches. It would be fun and . . . just tell me what you need.”

“You so just want to snoop through my stuff. It is not all that interesting. You sure you don’t mind keeping me around for a bit longer and running down to my room?”

10: Can The Sink Support Her?

Yogurt, fruit, coffees, OJ, eggs, toast and jam, and a few rolls arrived about a ½ hour later. They were both in robes and sat, checking emails on their phones, and sipping their coffee. He had used that time before breakfast to go to her room and grab a blue dress, as well as both her makeup and toiletries DOB kits.

“That will be enough to avoid any awkwardness running into anyone from the conference. You aren’t going to like steal any of my underwear or anything are you?” She was probably only partially kidding.

“If I do, I win the bet. Just like ‘Sixteen Candles,” in fact, all men have a running bet from that movie. Although winning some ‘floppy disks’ isn’t as enticing as it was in the late 80’s but still. No, I am not going to go through your underwear in your room. I already have the pair you wore last night,” he teased as he walked out the door.

“Where are they,” she wondered aloud.

When they finished breakfast and there was nothing urgent capturing their attention, he finished a canlı bahis sip of juice and walked over to her, putting a hand on either shoulder. “I feel almost human again,” as he rubbed her shoulders. “I am going to hop in the shower. Join me?”

She stood and kissed him, “Hmm. You start, I’ll be right there.”

Still in her robe, she was brushing her teeth by the sink and could watch him through the clear stall, water cascading down his body, slick and wet, face under the spray.

“Can you hear me ok? Soap yourself up for me. Show me.”

He heard just fine and didn’t need further instructions. Running the soap across his torso and down his belly, he ran the bar across his hardening cock and ran his fingers through his pubic hair, getting a nice lather. He turned to face her directly, the spray running down his back and behind him.

He slowly stroked it for her, at her, to her. He was looking her up and down and a hungry longing filled his eyes. “I am going to need some motivation.”

Without a word, she sleepily moved one hand effortlessly through her robe so it opened for him. She ran her hand across her torso and across her breast, using the other hand to open that side of the robe. She used a finger to trace the contour of her nipples and then moved down to her pubic mound. She ran her flattened hand between her legs as she watched him, mimicked him.

His stroking only intensified, giving rise to some very focused jacking off for her.

She approached the shower, still feeling herself. “Can I get in there without getting my hair wet? Or should we get you out here?”

“Hold on a second, but don’t stop what you are doing. Lose the rob.” He rinsed the soap off and stepped out onto the map, dripping. “I want you here, and it is not going to be tender.” He approached her and she reached out to take his cock in her hand. He pulled her close and they were passionately kissing when he spun her around and had her grab onto the sink.

She was standing upright, but bent to stick her ass out to him. “Is this what you want, to take me from behind. Are you going to fuck me hard right here, in front of the mirror where you can watch. Is that what you want?”

He grabbed her hips and put his cock against the crack of her ass and slid it down until it was against her opening. The water and her state of being turned on let him slip right in. He twisted his grip to the front of her hips and pulled her into him. Her arms elongated along the sink as she balanced herself.

There was a wet thawp as he sunk in.

She arched her back and faced him in the mirror. He was lost in her, in the moment, staring at her ass. Her words brought him back and he looked up to her in the mirror.

“Is this what you wanted? To take advantage of me in the bathroom? Fuck, you . . . uh. Keep that up. Keep fucking me. ” She held on with one hand and moved the other to her cunt. Her fingers grazed his cock inside her. “How is that?”

He kept a steady pace, but hard and forceful. He was not ready to let go yet, but he wanted this so badly.

She moved to her clit. “Keep this up. Don’t stop. Fuck.” She was flicking her clit with abandon. If only she could use her other hand as well but she couldn’t support herself otherwise.

The sound of the two of them was echoing through the bathroom like a sexual symphony. Deep base noises of him slamming into her, small wet sounds of her lips, grunts and groans and the sharp intake of air. That was right when he spanked her.

His right hand let go of her hips and one sharp smack against her ass check. She immediately turned red. She also moaned with pure passion. “Fuck. Keep fucking me. Hump . . . ”

She came faster than she thought. Cock, clit and desire revved her faster than usual and she gave herself permission to feel it – enjoy it. It wasn’t quite there one second, then the next she felt it come on. Her head lifted up for a second to see herself staring back in the mirror. She was someone else at that moment and quickly put her head down as her legs bent.

Her cuming and the tightening of her pussy was enough to move him over the edge pretty quickly. She was still coming when he felt that point of no return. He did a few quick thrusts into her before stopping, fully inside her. He could feel her squeezing against him as he fell forward against her and placed his lips against her back, arms around her.

He squeezed her close and pulled her bahis siteleri back against him as his cock started to fall out of her. They both were breathing pretty hard.

“I can’t stay like this here, as she turned around and leaned against the stink, legs slightly open.

He came to her and kissed her, then settled his head in her chest as they supported each other. “I can get used to this, although I would never get to work, or out of the house on Saturday or Sunday.”

“I know. That was . . . fantastic. I like this bathroom.” She put her arms around him. ‘Wanna take a nap?” Big smile.

11: Now What?

Mid-morning sun came blinking through the curtains across her face and his shoulders. They both stirred a little, feeling both groggy and relaxed. Neither wanted to sleep too long, but moments of relaxation like this come far too seldom. They both felt heavy as they pressed into each other.

They had performed a classic spooning maneuver in the two hours while they slept. And while the Eastern European judges were always relentless on the technical details,as he had a high degree of difficulty as he was both little spoon to start and ended as the big spoon, arms wrapping around them. Had this been an international spooning competition, they would have easily taken the Silver medal – not bad for their first time.

He used his hands to pull her tightly toward him. Their bodies radiated heat and made them slightly sticky, which neither seemed to mind. Skin on skin contact causes the human body to release oxytocin, commonly called the “pairing hormone.” It was having the desired impact on both as they warmed into each other, unable to touch enough skin, leaving them both contented and wanting more.

They were both aware that they missed the morning keynote and, unless they did something drastic like rush out of bed this instance, they would probably be late for lunch. The jumping out of bed thing didn’t seem likely.

He took his hands and guided her head down, so her chin was in her chest, exposing the back of her neck to him. She folded forward slightly, causing her lower back and butt to press into him. He used his thumbs against the base of her neck and dug them up the back of her scalp as his other fingers tangled into her hair. They settled into a nice rhythm as he repeated this a few times, relaxing her shoulders.

Feeling playful, she did a little bump ‘n’ grind with her hips against him, wiggling her hips and twisting against his body. “Hmmmm! That feels fantastic. You have some amazing hands.”

He kept massaging with one hand, but moved his right down to her hip and steadied her against him. His lips brushed her collarbone and randomly selected spots along her upper back. Soft kisses, lips just caressing skin.

He removed his hand from her hip and brought it around to cup her breast. She moved her hand onto his as the both pressed, pulling her even closer to him with the best kind of tension.

“A girl could get used to this. I could stay like this for hours, you rubbing my back,” she said out loud without even thinking, like her brain was on some sort of ‘spa day autopilot.’ She suddenly felt a little tense. She was now keenly aware that spending the night was one thing, but there was no concept of the next 24-hours ever discussed. Did he have sessions he needed to attend? Dinner plans? Lunch plans? Work or conference calls?

She was supposed to be reporting back to her team everything she learned. She envisioned standing in front of her peers back at the office. Well, the first day’s sessions were great, but I peeled off mentally around lunch and totally hooked up with this guy who – get this, shaved my legs and I let him fuck me like he owned me. Then we had coffee in the morning. Are there any HR-related questions I can answer?

“Hey,” she she turned her head to see him, “we haven’t talked about ‘what’s next.’ What does your day look like? I honestly don’t want to get all comfortable and then have you have to dash out on me.” She realized her blurting this out was rather abrupt and worried it could make her sound like a psycho. No, not really a psycho but her mind was reeling on what to do next.

“I am gonna do this all day,” he replied rather calmly, matter-of-factly. “Good for you?”

“Oh, ok. All day, huh?”

He pulled his hand off her breast and grabbed her shoulder to turn her toward him. She took the hint and flattened bahis şirketleri her back against the mattress and turned her head to face him. “Ok, how about cards on the table, full transparency, complete honesty time?”

“Ok. Love it. Let me guess? You are a space alien here to seduce earth women? You have 72 hours to live and you wanted to spend your last hours at an HR conference?”

“Oh my god! You are so spot on. I am a space alien with only 72 hours to live and was told to seduce the hottest attendee at this conference so that I may use her ectoplasm for my . . . life-sustaining something or other. I forget. But now, I will have to devour the ectoplasm from your . . . your . . . earlobe.” He lunges at her, teeth bared like a classic movie vampire and starts to kiss her neck and nibble on her earlobes. “Don’t move, this is gonna hurt.”

Laughing, she pushes back against his shoulders. “OK, I get it. Now, what was with the full honesty thing?”

He comes back on one arm and is leaning over her. He lets his hand glide down her torso and rest against her waist, tracing her skin. “I should attend a few sessions today.”

The change in her demeanor is immediate. He can see the smile wiped from her face and her body stiffen a little.

“Hey there. Hold a sec. I wasn’t finished . . . I should attend a few sessions, but honestly don’t want to. I would like to spend more time with you. So here goes . . . what do you have to do today? Do you have anything that would stop you from spending the day with me? That is, assuming you want to? I mean . . . we haven’t really talked about it.”

She looked slightly amused and relieved at the same time. “I would like that. I should check email and make a phone call or two but nothing urgent. I am, as they say, all yours.” Her fingertips made swirling motions against his chest. “Whatever do you have in mind for me?”

“Let’s get out of the conference all together. Want to leave the hotel and make a day of it in the city?” He leaned down to kiss her on the lips. She returned a full open mouth kiss and they both sank into it for a moment before he returned back up above her.

“Yes, that sounds like a plan. What do you wanna do?”

“First, let’s take a proper shower and get dressed. I am a little foggy so let’s get a coffee someplace and start exploring. Do you need anything from your room?” He started kissing her shoulders again, and pulled the sheet back to expose her breasts, down to her hips. He slid a hand down across her pubic hair and ran his fingers through the tangles. “Better question, do you need anything from me right now?”

“Yes, but if we start that it will be dark before we realize it and we will be ordering midnight dessert again. How about we hop in the shower and we soap each other all up and down, and then I can run up to my room and get presentable for a day on the town with you?”

Without saying a word he stood, naked in front of her, and held a hand out to her, pulling her up from bed. As she stood, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, before leading her into the shower.

12: Soap

They soaped each other up and down.

13: There Is A Coffee Place Everywhere

22 min after, by his watch, she was back to his room. Her face was glowing and radiant, with the slightest hint of gloss against her lips. She had on a tight fitting pair of jeans, a pair of black wedges, and a black and red swirling print top. It looked both modern and psychedelic.

“Wow!” Big involuntary smile. “You look fantastic. Wow! Sorry, I keep saying ‘wow,’ but well . . Wow.” He is just staring and grinning at her. “I only have a jeans and blue button down to wear. I didn’t expect going out.”

She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck and reached up on her tip toes to kiss him. “You look great. Yummy, even. Let’s go have some fun. Coffee first, right?”

“Yes, please, let’s go get something to jump start me. Any place is fine. We can talk about where we want to go.”


There was a Starbucks in the lobby. Each got a small latte and sat at the bar watching the crowds pass them by on the street. She sat close to him, her hand resting against his thigh.

“Let’s take these to go, and visit the shopping district, which I think is just that way,” he starts pointing down the road. “Then we can go grab some lunch and figure where to go this afternoon. I am up for anything – museum, the zoo, park, take you shopping, spa, whatever. I am just looking forward to spending time with you.”

“Awe, that is so sweet. Yes, me too. Let’s go have some fun. Come on, grab your coffee and let’s go.”

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