3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 06

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This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 6

It was odd waking up in another mans bed, especially with his woman. The fact that he was with another woman didn’t make much difference to me. This was my uncle and I didn’t want to embarrass him in the slightest.

“Do you need help changing the sheets?” I asked.

“No. it can wait until tomorrow.” Sally said without hesitation.

“Do you think that wise?” I asked bluntly. Sally seemed offended by my questioning.

“What do you suggest? Write him a note telling him you fucked his wife? Maybe we should have taken pictures?” Sally snapped back.

I don’t know if she was feeling guilty or just mad because he was with another woman. I knew this wasn’t like her though, she loved the man. I walked over to her she turned her back as if to shun me. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight.

“Do you want to win the battle but lose the war?” I turned her she could see I was on her side. “He’s my uncle. This isn’t easy for him either. He’ll know without me rubbing his nose in it.”

“But how?” Sally was tearing up. “He needs to know how it feels!”

“Trust me, he will know. He knew how it felt the minute he gave us permission. Sometimes not knowing is worse.” I kissed her passionately. “Trust me. If he is happy you will be happier because of it.”

We stripped the bed and started the laundry. We showered together but didn’t do anything more than just grope. Sally wore just the robe Sharon got us all with nothing underneath. Just the robe. I knew she felt liberated. More than once I slipped my hands through the folds and gripped her ass as we kissed.

I stayed until after lunch. I thought we might fuck again but she said her pussy was too sore, and she didn’t want to move down the list too fast. I kissed her tits and then her goodbye. I stopped at the back door and picked up the panties from last night.

“Daniel!” Sally scolded.

“Just a souvenir.” I slipped them in my pocket. I knew she meant to leave them for George to see. “Trust me. This way will be much better.”

I arrived home Kat and Nikki were glad to see me, and I them. Nikki ran to me and kissed me then searched my pocket.

“You finally did it! Tell us all about it!” Nikki squealed. Sally had obviously called them and filled them in. How else would they know about the panties?

“She was happy when I left.” I looked at mom. She laughed at Nikki’s attempt to trick me into saying something juicy.

“Aw. Danny that we already know!” Nikki protested.

“Then she can tell you the rest. A gentleman never…”

“Kisses and tells!” Nikki finished the sentence. I sat by Kat and kissed her hello.

“I think we know enough for now.” Mom replied. Nikki sat on my lap pouting.

“You’re just no fun!” Nikki teased.

“Is that what she told you?” I teased back.

“You’re mean I hate you!” I kissed her and held her tight.

“I know. That is why I love you both so much!”

That week I got a letter in the mail from George. I opened it and inside were two tickets to a play at the local theater. This was small scale stuff, but reviews were good. I read the card. ‘If I remember right she likes plays as much as dancing.’ Behind the tickets was a gift card for a local seafood restaurant with the time of our reservation.

If there was any doubt if he knew that removed it. I called Sally when I knew George was working and told her about our upcoming date. That Friday she didn’t wear the red dress, even back at the house. There was just no time to fit it in our active night. I would even go so far to say she might like the theater even more than dancing!

In early August I came home from work to find Nikki, Kat and Nikki’s mom Mary at the kitchen counter. I said hello sat my briefcase down and loosened my tie. I walked to Mary giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and then Kat one on the lips. I went to Nikki. She kissed me then held my hand.

“So what brings you all together at this time of day?” I looked at my watch. “Going someplace?”

“More like coming from some place!” Mary said. They all looked at each other and giggled.

“Oh really. Was there a big sale down at the mall or something?” I teased.

“More like the doctors.” Kat smiled. Nikki squeezed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my hand.

“Oh? Is everything all right? I looked at each of them concerned something was wrong. They both looked at Nikki.

“Everything is perfect! Danny, I’m pregnant!” Nikki jumped into my arms and kissed me several times.

“Really!” I looked at Kat and Marry.

They were nodding and smiling. I know it’s dumb. Why would Nikki lie about such a thing? But I am still a guy and news like this, even though I should be expecting it’s still profound. Life changing in fact.

“Really!” She squealed. Nikki was so happy. It was so great to see how much she wanted this.

“Well, this is cause for a celebration!” I responded.

And celebrate we did. That night and many more. Thanksgiving came and went. Christmas, and even New Year’s Eve 2003. The only thing of note was Becky came alone this year. Tina stayed behind in Dallas. I never knew why but I had my suspicions.

February and March were a months of patience and celebration. Nikki’s hormones were working overtime. She was starving one minute then crying the next. It was an emotional roller coaster. Kat and Mary kept watch making sure she followed doctors’ orders. Nikki was doing great, her belly swollen with our child. Her areola’s became darker her nipples thicker. Her breast size grew the weight pulling them down as they filled with milk.

Kat’s breasts were filling out too. She and Nikki used a pump on her breasts since the first of the year. Her milk had come in, not enough to sustain a baby but the doctor told her that would change in time.

Sex with them both was interesting. Nikki wanted it more. I think it made her still feel sexy. Nikki liked it most when she was on top. Her big belly and massive tits a treat to look at. Kat refused me her ass. She allowed me to only fuck her pussy. I was only too willing to oblige, not sure why the change of heart. I do know this. They spent more nights together than before. I am not complaining. I had my share of sex. But sleeping alone was for the birds!

About this time I had a client that was interested in a house, a big sale. Bigger than any I had sold to date. I showed them several options. They seemed interested in a house I wasn’t happy showing them. I knew houses. I knew what to look for and what they should sell for.

If a house was properly maintained and the new owners wanted to pay a premium for it, I knew they were getting a good deal especially for the person who doesn’t have the time or experience to do it themselves. Conversely if a buyer was trying to save some money now and was able to put in sweat equity later they might get more of a home than they could normally afford. Great by me.

These clients wanted to buy a home that was in a great location but this home was never maintained. They had an inspection done and it came back confirming my suspicions. I tried to steer the owners from the house. It was at the upper end of their budget, they weren’t the type of people that could do the work themselves, and the house was way overpriced.

I talked to Art and told him my concerns.

“Art I just can’t in good conscience let them buy that house. Not at the price that they want to pay! The seller refuses to even offer a warranty!”

“Daniel look at the commission you’ll make!” Art started to pressure me a bit.

“Art what do I tell them three months from now when the house falls down around them? I got my money?” I looked at him, he seemed disappointed at my argument.

“Dan if they want the house. Let them buy it. It’s their decision.” He argued.

“Art I’m supposed to be representing THEIR best interests. Not mine.” He seemed unconvinced.

“Daniel let your instincts be your guide.” It was words from my past that I didn’t expect from him.

“You’ll support me either way?” I looked at him.

“I will.” Art replied.

The next day I informed the clients I couldn’t in good conscience help them buy the house they so desperately wanted at the price they were willing to pay. I again pointed out the inspectors comments, explained there would be no warranty and explained the price was too high. They still wanted the home.

I released them of all obligation to me and thanked them for allowing me to be of service. They did buy the house through another agency. Art wasn’t happy with me, but he was a man of his word and supported me.

Soon the word was out about the fool kid realtor that gave away commissions. I slept comfortably knowing I did the right thing. Several months later Art put a newspaper article on my desk about a couple that was suing a real estate company and their salesperson for deceptive practices.

‘Thanks’ was written above it in red marker. It was the same house. I figured I might get called into testify on it but the real estate company settled out of court. One day the same couple shows up at my office wanting to see me. They had money to spend and needed a person they could trust to find them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a home.

Art was proud I stood up even to him. I don’t know if it was the reason my sales picked up, but it sure helped with a growing family to support.

Sally and I still spent almost every Friday night together, mostly at her house. We didn’t have sex every week but there was still plenty of hugging and kissing. Some weeks she would come see Kat and Nikki on Saturday. There were a couple of times she came to our house Friday night. We would make love and then she would sleep with me, or go downstairs with Kat. Nikki would come sleep with me. I never quite got a handle on her and mom. I knew they were close, but never knew how that started.

Over the last couple of years I did spend some time with moms boss Sharon. The early months is was very infrequent maybe once or twice every three months or so. She always came to our home so she could spend time with Nikki and Kat as well.

Sharon was the only one I wasn’t directly related to, and I was her only male companion. I am not sure what she got from me other than a stiff dick, hopefully something. I learned so much from her about confidence, timing and most of all enjoying the moment.

With her there wasn’t a tomorrow unless we wanted there to be one. We had no commitment other than to enjoy our time together. That would prove crucial in the future. I noticed lately she has been coming around more often and only spending time with me.

Eve and I enjoyed each other’s company only occasionally. With her in Florida it was just not convenient. When we did see each other it was usually with the whole family around so private times were few and far between.

Still we were able to steal away some time on occasion and pleasured each other in very memorable ways. Our bond was based on more than sex but Eve seemed to need that connection and I was more than eager to keep her happy.

The middle of March the wonder of life came into our lives. Kyle Charles Masters was born. We named him after her brother Kyle and my grandfather Charles. It was also my middle name but I seldom used it. With everyone healthy we were all happy.

We were going to need a bigger house, not because of the baby but from all the visitors. We changed the sleeping arrangements. I moved downstairs the women shared the upstairs bedroom. The baby was in the main room.

With two milk producing mothers the kid had his choice of tits to suckle. He wasn’t alone. I myself indulged when the need arose, as did almost weekly. The biggest surprise was how Kat and Nikki would latch onto each other’s tit and suckle at the same time!

Nikki was able to work from home for a couple of days each week. Kat went on four days, and Sally came for the other two.

I of course had my obligations and was involved in no small way.

After almost two months of no intercourse Nikki was more than ready to spend a night curled up with me. Mom was upstairs with Kyle no doubt the little man was taking advantage of her engorged tits. Nikki was a bit self-conscience as she stripped down to her panties.

“I hope you don’t think I’m too gross.” She offered.

“Honey, you just gave birth to our baby! You look great!” I pulled her to me as I sat on the bed her full tit’s at the same level as my mouth. “Besides with tits like these I may never get to the rest of you.” I teased.

“You think I’ll be all stretched out?” She looked at her pussy.

“I think you think too much. You’re my wife and I love you.” I spanked her ass cheek lightly.

“Will you shave me first? I always feel sexier when I can feel your cock against my skin!”

“My pleasure.” I went and got a towel and the supplies and before long her pussy was once again hairless.

I washed her clean and then while I was there started to lick her pussy. With mom as her lover we seldom did this. Seems men just don’t do it as well. But this seemed like a good way to get her going. I must have been doing something right as it didn’t take long for her first mini orgasm to wash through her body.

“Put it in me!” Nikki hissed. I moved between her legs and lined my cock to her entrance. Nikki was good and wet so I started to push in slowly. I was barely in when she cried out. “Danny stop!”

I froze she looked up at me.

“You ok?” I asked. She smiled oddly.

“I don’t think we need to worry about me being stretched out.” She looked down just the head was in. “Can I be on top?”

I pulled from her pussy, we switched positions, Nikki stroked my cock then lined it up with her pussy. We both watched as she started and then stopped. She waited several seconds and then started again. I was almost half way in when she wiggled her hips and slipped all the way down to my balls.

“Oh Daniel that feels so good! It was like when you fuck my ass. The first little bit’s so tight and then it just feels like you can’t get enough!” Nikki was beaming.

Her pussy was easily as tight as before güvenilir bahis şirketleri but now she could take my whole length on the first stroke. Nikki looked down and saw I was buried in her pussy. She wiggled her hips my balls caressed her ass cheeks.

“I did. I finally did it!” She squealed. “Oh my god that feels so wicked.”

Nikki pumped her pussy on my cock then pulled off until just the tip was touching her lips. She did a quick measure with her hand and wrist and then slipped down over my cock until I was fully embedded in her pussy. She measured again on her stomach and pointed to where she thought the tip of my cock was. She looked at me her eyes grew large and laughed.

“Danny that is so not right!” I grinned as she stroked my cock with her pussy. Her stomach was a bit soft and jelly like, her tits started to leak. Just the thought of what Nikki went through weeks ago only made her more desirable.

Tonight this was about getting Nikki comfortable with her body for now. I wanted her to know she was still sexy. Nikki picked up the pace I could tell she was warming up and her massive milk filled tits was doing it for me. I latched onto one and sucked some milk in my mouth.

Nikki moaned her pussy contracted I could feel my cum starting to build. I was going to let loose of her tit but she put a hand around the back of my head and held me firm. I suckled some more she ground her pussy on me. I raised to meet her. I sucked harder, her milk was letting down. My mouth filled with the sweet fluid.

“Yes baby. Milk me. Fuck me and fill me with your cum!” Her voice was deep and hoarse. I was starting to cum. I wanted to tell her but she wouldn’t let me go from her tit. I sucked again as my pelvis slammed into hers. My cock started spewing deep in her pussy.

“I feel it baby. Cum in me. Momma’s going to cum soon!” She mashed my face into her tit more firmly I sucked again and then she went wild. She started to fuck my cock faster and faster.

“Momma’s cumming. Momma’s cumming…momma’s cumming!” She ground down on my cock her clit pressed hard into me and then she fell on top of me. I could feel our cum leak out of her pussy. Her tit’s leaked all over my chest.

“I love you Nikki!”

“Oh Danny that was so good. I love you!” Nikki sighed then kissed me as her tit’s kept leaking. “I think you need to empty these or we may need a boat.” She teased.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. In what would become a rare occurrence I relieved Nikki’s swollen tits of their precious nectar. We frolicked and teased each other, caressing and kissing for almost an hour. Only when I felt confident Nikki was satisfied about not only her place in my heart but our bed did we go to sleep.

The next night Kat knocked on my door. I was looking at some listings for the next day.

“Door’s open” I looked up she was wearing just the robe and an impish smile. In her hand she had a bottle of lube and some towels.

“I need a place to sleep. Do you have room?” She grinned.

I could see small wet spot starting to form at her nipples, her pussy flush and damp. Kat was excited and dripping from both ends. I collected my paperwork and placed it in my briefcase. I stowed it away and went to her wearing just some boxers. By the time I reached her I was hard.

“I have room but I’m not sleepy yet!” I replied.

I slipped my arms inside the robe and around her back. We kissed like lovers wet and long. “I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve been here all along!” She teased.

“Not all of you.” I squeezed her ass.

“Well I think we can fix that now that we’re all back on the same page.” I looked at her oddly. “Nikki couldn’t have intercourse because of the baby so I gave up what I love too. If we are to both be moms, we both needed to have sacrifices.”

“But you and I engaged in intercourse?” I couldn’t see the logic.

“Well we had to keep you from finding another woman to keep you happy.” Mom teased me. “Now throw me on the bed and fuck my ass until you fill it full!”

We kissed and then stripped. She was on her hands and knees and was lubed up and ready to go. I started to spread her asshole as she pushed back.

“Here comes the best part!” Mom leaned back, the head of my cock expanded her sphincter and it closed tight behind the glands. “Oh god I love that feeling!”

We didn’t stop there. I fucked her slow, fast and even reached around and milked her tit’s while I fucked her ass. She squealed, moaned and begged me to pound her harder. When I finally was ready to fill her bottom I found her clit and strummed it gently.

“Oh baby, that’s it, make momma cum. So good… fill my ass…” Kat was now squeezing her own tit. Milk was spraying all over the bed.

“Here it comes mom. Oh god your ass is so fucking sexy!” I groaned.

I pumped her ass full of cum as she climaxed with me.

“I love you Danny. I love the way you make me feel as part of your family!”

I pulled out of her, we cleaned up quickly with the towels. She faced me and we kissed for several minutes.

“You are my family. You are just as much a part of this to me as if you had given birth. Never forget that.” I explained.

I moved down and suckled on one tit until it filled my mouth. I then switched to the other tit until it started to flow. I switched back and forth quickly.

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