Summer at the Farm Ch. 01

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I sat in the back seat of my parents’ van, a full size conversion, on my way to a family reunion out in the country. Now, when I say out in the country, I don’t mean the cornfield five minutes from home, I mean six to eight hours, past a couple cities, and at least an hour from there. The June sun seemed to be burning my skin through the window as I dozed off to sleep. My parents thought it might be a good experience for me to spend a summer up at the family farm, visiting with cousins, getting my mind off of my ex-girlfriend before heading off to college. I hadn’t known it at the time, but she was slutty. I found out in April that she had been sleeping with every guy in school, but she told me she was saving herself for marriage. Needless to say, I was going into this summer a frustrated, horny young man.

We arrived at the farm late in the afternoon, and uncle Steve showed me to what would be my room for the summer. There were two beds, a dresser, and a night stand at each one. As I settled in, I was pleasantly surprised when my cousin Emily walked in, carrying 2 rather large bags. Now, Emily is my cousin, god knows how many times removed, and, being the only cousin nearby my age, we were very close. Every time we’d see each other we’d share our experiences, and tell our deepest, darkest secrets. She knew the first time I kissed a girl, she knew when I experimented with drugs, she knew everything about me.

“Hey You!” she said, with a big smile on her face. I hadn’t seen her in person since we were about fourteen, and she was starting to fill out then. Four years later, here we stood, and I was all but speechless, seeing her slim frame, just barely shorter than me, supporting those C cup breasts, and that perfect ass like I had never seen. She was wearing a pair of knee length shorts, showing off her tomboy side, but her tank top showed off her flat, firm abdomen. This was my best friend, the only girl I had ever known who understood me, who I could tell anything to, and she was now the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

After the usual greetings, we hugged, and the conversation began. “So why do you have so much luggage with you for the week?” I asked.

“No one told you? I’m gonna be staying here for the summer with you! Granted, we have to share a room, which would be awkward if we weren’t so close!”

“I think I can handle it if you can, Em.”

“Of course! What’s canlı bahis the worse that could happen?”

A Simple, rhetorical question, and yet I never would have guessed the answer. The week went by without incident, our room was shared with 5 other teenagers, all younger than us. We did find time to share our stories, bring each other up to date as far as our lives were concerned. I told her about my recent breakup, and she told me about her boyfriend who dumped her because she was saving herself, and then spread rumors about her after they broke up. After the week was over, and the visiting family left, we stayed behind, and began working on the farm. We’d milk the cows in the morning, collect eggs in the afternoon, and work on the tractors in the evening.

Naturally, the dirty jokes came out first thing in the morning, while milking the cows. It started as just silly jokes, “Hey, you’re pretty good at this!” That sort of thing. After a few days, it progressed and all we had to do was look at each other and we’d laugh. Then, of course all day long, we’d be just frustrating ourselves with it, and, sharing a room, neither one of us could relieve that tension for ourselves.

Then one day, I got the surprise of a lifetime. We milked the cows, and collected the eggs like always, and i was in the shop, working on the tractor, so we could do the spraying in a couple days. We had just finished dinner, and the thunder began to roll across the sky. Knowing that the roof would leak on me, I flipped the main breaker and went into the house. I wanted to take a shower and relax, so I went into our room to get a towel and pajamas.

When I got to the door, I knocked, to be sure Emily had some warning, and opened the door. There, in the bed next to mine, was Emily, covered from her toes to her neck with her blanket. Her face was flushed, hair disheveled, and biting her lower lip. I raised my eyebrows, and jokingly said, “And what have you been doing, young lady?”

“Nothing!” she said, quickly, then bit her lip a little bit harder. This of course, told me exactly what she was doing, so I decided to take my time getting my towel. I watched as her eyes followed me, and she just held her breath. As I sat down n my bed, I heard her let out a sigh, trying her best to stifle it.

I grinned, and looked over at her, and teased her, saying, “Do you need a hand in there?” Her reaction bahis siteleri surprised me, as she closed her eyes and sighed again. This gave me an idea, and I stood up, slowly walking towards her. Her eyes watched me as I put my hand on her shoulder, pulling her blanket down, just enough to show her bare shoulders. I smiled, and squeezed her arm, watching her eyes close again. Unsure of how far this could go, I pulled the blanket a little farther down, revealing her perfect C cup breasts, and moved my hand to them, fondling and watching her bite her lip even tighter. She moved one hand up to cover her other breast while the other was obviously busy under the blanket. Her eyes followed me once again, but they seemed to be begging me not to stop. I bent over and kissed her on the forehead as I walked out the door, closing it behind me. As I took my shower, I couldn’t help thinking about Emily, and her fun under the covers. I didn’t even notice as I came back into the room that I had a raging hard on and it showed through my towel.

“Seems like I’m not the only one who’s a bit frustrated these days,” came a voice from the other bed. I turned to find Emily sitting up, wearing pajama pants and a T-shirt, smiling up at me. I sat down, and hid the bulge as best I could. Now, I don’t have the largest penis in the world, just about the average, 6 ½ or 7 inches. But when it’s hard, it tends to be noticeable, especially when I’m wearing nothing but a towel. She laughed and said, “It’s ok, I’ll leave you alone so you can take care of it.”

“You don’t have to do that Em, We share this room, you know!” She got an evil grin on her face as her eyes looked down, hovering for a moment on my slightly tented towel.

“Ok, then, I guess I’ll stay,” she said. I climbed under the covers, relocating my tent to my blanket, and just laid back, relaxing. “Need a hand under there?” she said, still with that evil grin on her face.

“Are you offering or just teasing?” I asked, just testing the water, see how far this would go.

“Well, I didn’t quite get finished while you were in the shower, maybe lending you a hand could help me out.” She got up from her bed and slithered up next to my naked body. She laid her head on my shoulder, rubbing her hand p and down my chest gently, she said, “I think you’re the best friend I’ve ever had, Carl.”

I hugged her close, kissed the top of her head, and bahis şirketleri laid my hand on her flat, smooth stomach. Moving my hand upward, I gently fondled her breast, and tweaked her nipple just a little. She gasped and closed her eyes as she once again began to bite her lower lip. I lifted her shirt over her head as I licked and suckled her nipples. I began kissing a trail down her abdomen, slipping my fingers just under the waistband of her pajama pants before hooking my thumbs and pulling them down. As they came free of her feet, I moved my kisses to her inner thighs, so far up that my chin just barely nudged her lips apart. She gasped again, reaching for my cock, and gripped it tightly, stroking ever so slowly. With her other hand, she reached down and with two fingers, spread her pussy lips open, allowing me easier access to her clit.

I started slowly, barely touching her clit with my tongue, and brought my hands around her legs, to hold her lips apart myself. As I intensified my licking on her clit, she lightly kissed he head of my dick, then licked the slit, just a little, as if tasting a Popsicle, then drew about two inches into her mouth, and began sucking. Just as she did this, I put my middle finger into her soaking wet hole, making her gasp again. “Oh my god, Carl, no one has ever done that before!” She said, then took down five inches and almost gagged. But even then, she continued to try, until she was able to take six inches with very little problem.

I continued licking and suckling her clit, and worked a second finger into her pussy before I felt that familiar welling in my balls, and I knew I was about to cum. Her pussy was so wet, I wondered if she had ever been this wet before, yet, knowing her, I doubted it. “Em, Where do you wan me to cum? Have you ever had cum in your mouth before?”

“No, but I guess I’ll be willing to try it!” This sentence only sped things up for me, as I moistened a third finger with her juices and started playing with her asshole. Her hips bucked at me, her muscles tightened down like a vise on my fingers, and her legs grabbed my head like a bear trap as her juices flowed out, and she stifled a scream on my dick. I couldn’t handle any more, I shot my load straight into the back of her throat, gagging her for half a second before she came back to sucking it all out. Her swallowing reflex had taken over, and she just laid there, drained of all energy.

She got up, walked across the small room to her bed, and curled up under the blankets. “Thank you Carl, that was a lot of fun!” she said as she faded off to sleep. I smiled, looking forward to the day to come.

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Late Valentine Ch. 01

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This story was originally submitted to the Valentine’s Day contest as a standalone story. A second chapter was unplanned, but then it happened anyway…. This first chapter can, however, still be read as a self-contained story and is unchanged from its original form. Thank you for reading.

Everyone engaged in any sexual activity is over the age of 18 years.


I’m standing with my hands thrust deep in the pile of cashmere jumpers, enjoying the feel and texture of them, but not really concentrating very successfully on the objective of choosing and buying one, when I become aware of someone standing next to me.

‘Sorry, am I in your way?’

I step back slightly, wondering how peculiar I was looking just then; a grown man clutching handfuls of overpriced women’s knitwear.

‘Not at all. I just wanted to reach for this colour here, if you don’t mind. They are such pretty colours, aren’t they?’

I swing my head to take in the source of this voice. A warm voice, with a touch of humour, and a lot of American to it. I suck my breath in. From this angle, it’s just the top of her head, a slim arm reaching out for the green jumpers in front of me and, as I tip my head a little more, a slim-waisted coat smoothed across her hips, that I can see.

She holds it up — the green jumper — in front of her face, in the way women do, giving it the full critical appraisal. She’s got that amazing dark red hair that looks like it belongs in a Titian painting, it’s such an outrageously deep colour. I’m transfixed by it, and need to make a conscious effort not to shove my restless hands into it.

‘I think the green is the best colour here,’ I agree with her, finally pulling myself together enough to say something.

‘Oh, really, you do, do you?’

Again, that undercurrent of humour in her voice. But more arresting is the view she presents me with now she’s turned her face to look at me. Big brown eyes behind tortoiseshell frame glasses, a faint spray of freckles just visible over her nose, and a mouth pulled into an amused smile, dimpling her cheeks slightly.

I smile back, fighting the urge to stare at her lips.

‘I do,’ I breathe out. ‘My sister said she wanted blue, but I think the green would look better.’



‘Would she wear green, or does she prefer blue?’

‘Well — she wears a lot of blue. Maybe that’s why I’m tempted to go for the green.’

‘To change it up a bit?’

‘Something like that.’

She’s still got that amused look on her face, and my head fills with all of the things I’d like to do with her, perhaps beginning with a drink, but I confess I’m already preoccupied with the idea of enjoying that smile in her eyes in much more intimate settings than a boutique in London’s West End. I’m wondering how much of this is showing on my face.

‘Is she my sort of colouring? Blonde? Brunette?’

And she holds the jumper in front of her now, tucking it under her chin a little to bring it close to her skin and hair.

‘Uh — she’s blonde. She’s my stepsister really,’ I ramble on. ‘Different father, so she’s blonde. And tiny, a bit like you actually. Whereas I am neither of those things.’

‘I can see that!’ Her eyes are definitely laughing now. ‘But, I think this colour would look good on a blonde woman. Which of these styles are you going for?’

‘Ah — well — that’s where I was losing the will to live just then. Round neck, v-neck or this one with buttons? Too many choices for my poor thick head.’

This makes her laugh out loud, and the sound of it sends an unreasonable amount of warmth flowing through my veins.

‘Well if she is my size or thereabouts, would it help if I tried the different styles on? Then you’ll be able to see what they look like? And I’m thinking of buying one for myself anyways.’

I grin, feeling like I’ve won the lottery. A few more minutes of looking at this woman is going to be something to treasure. And maybe I’ll summon the nerve to ask her to have that drink with me.

‘That’d be great, if you don’t mind?’

‘Hey, I offered.’

She picks up several of the jumpers, checking the sizes and walks over towards the fitting rooms. It’s one of those high-end shops where they have big, upholstered leather armchairs for the non-shoppers to sit in. She points wordlessly to one of them, indicating that’s where I should sit, and negotiates her way into one of the cubicles with a shop assistant who swings the heavy curtains closed to protect everyone’s modesty. I sit down, check the time, and wonder how long I can spin this out for. It’s not like I’ve had much experience lately, and whatever I might once have had feels very out of date and rusty.


Standing in the fitting room I stare in the mirror, not knowing whether I should be amused or alarmed at myself. What am I doing, offering to model a bunch of sweaters for a complete stranger? I feel dangerously giddy from the events of the day, and want to prolong the feeling but probably need to control it, too. I swallow, canlı bahis and shrug my shoulders. What harm can it possibly do? And it’s definitely an improvement on the evening in prospect — dinner alone, maybe a bath in my lovely but lonely hotel room, half an hour reading in bed before dozing off, and four hours’ sleep, waking up with the book on my face. A typical Valentine’s Day for me, these past few years. Not that I’ve ever been a fan of the way it’s become such a thing — cards, balloons, teddy bears, themed lingerie, overpriced roses, cocktails and dinners — no thank you. Ten minutes of helping him choose a nice sweater for his sister is just a diverting activity — almost a good deed?

It’s not until I take my coat off I realise my mistake. I’m wearing a dress, and trying a sweater on over the top of it isn’t going to do it justice. I pull back the curtain, and the attentive shop assistant is already approaching.


‘Umm, I’ve realised I need to try this on with a skirt or some pants or something,’ I explain to her, gesturing at my dress, and of course, she understands immediately.

‘Of course. What size are you?’

‘She’s a six.’ His voice reaches us from the armchair.

I raise my eyebrows at him. I guess he really does know what size his sister is, and I guess she and I really are the same build. The shop assistant moves off in search of something to pair with the sweater and I find him looking at me, somewhat intently it has to be said. I’m beginning to admit to myself that I’m not being entirely selfless in my offer to help him with his shopping. He’s tall, dark, and handsome; what can I say? And I’m a sucker for men with clear eyes and an inability to hide what they’re thinking.

‘Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it.’

He leans forward now, his elbows on his knees, a well-worn leather shoulder bag sitting on the floor between his feet.

‘I don’t even know your name.’

‘Elizabeth,’ I reply.

‘Classy name,’ he smiles. ‘I’m Rob.’

‘Nice to meet you, Rob,’ I smile back.

The shop assistant is back with an armful of clothes for me to choose from. Such a big armful that I laugh, she smiles, and Rob’s jiggling his leg, but from the look on his face, I don’t think it’s with impatience. I dive back behind the curtain and pick through the clothes. I choose one of the skirts, slip out of my dress, pull the skirt up and the sweater on.

He’s still leaning over his knees, but frowning, tapping at his phone with elegant long fingers, and doesn’t notice me. I don’t mind being able to look at him for a few unnoticed seconds. I like his dark hair, short around his neck and going grey at the temples, I really like his long legs and how the jacket of his classic English-cut suit sits on his shoulders. It’s not until the shop assistant catches my eye and shakes her head at him, amused at his obliviousness to me standing in front of him, that he jerks upright.

‘Sorry, Elizabeth. Wasn’t paying due attention.’

The look on his face is rather wonderful. I give him a quick twirl.

‘What do you think?’

He blinks, slowly. Very nice blue eyes.

‘Umm. Beautiful.’

It comes out as something between a growl and a whisper. I’m instantly distracted by the desire to give him more reasons to sound like that again, maybe somewhere less public than this shop.

‘Oh!’ is all I manage to actually say.

The light in his eyes, the way he’s sitting back in the chair now, as if to get a better look at me — it’s much more of a reaction than I’d anticipated. I feel myself beginning to blush.


The shop assistant is having fun with us now, bringing more clothes for Elizabeth to try on, seemingly enjoying the little show we’re having here. After all, it’s a dull Wednesday afternoon in the middle of February, the shop is in no way busy, and we’re the only ones in the fitting room. And Elizabeth has a fantastic body. The shop assistant is happy to dress it. I’m beginning to find it more than difficult to imagine doing the opposite. Not helped when the curtain doesn’t close quite as tightly as before, and I glimpse Elizabeth’s bare back as she curves and glides herself out of another skirt. I avert my eyes and shuffle around in the chair, willing my cock not to betray me.

After twenty minutes of this entertainment, I’ve made a decision about which jumper to buy my sister (the green — blue be damned — and the v-neck) and am holding it in my hand, trying not to bury my nose to inhale Elizabeth’s scent on it. Elizabeth seems to be deciding to buy the same, and the shop assistant (Sahra — we’re all on first name terms now) has gone to fetch one from the shop for her.

‘Anything else you think I absolutely must buy?’

She’s asking me in a light-hearted, throwaway, tone of voice, but my answer is more than serious.

‘That skirt,’ I say.

She looks confused.

‘Which one?’

‘The first one,’ I reply, wondering how she could even be asking that question.

It was as if it’d been tailored bahis siteleri to fit her, and believe me, I know good tailoring when I see it.


And I’m gratified to see the pink blush creeping up over her throat again.

‘Really, you should buy it. It’s like it was made for you.’

Her cheeks are dimpling as her smile widens.

‘Hmmm. Ok. That sounds like a serious recommendation.’

‘Oh, it’s serious alright.’

We both stare at each other then — one, two, three beats — a few layers of good manners and social refinement falling away as we do so. I’m about to go for it, to suggest a drink, a walk, more shopping, whatever it’s going to take to get her to spend a few more minutes with me, when Sahra returns holding another green jumper. Elizabeth steps behind the curtain to change back into her own dress.

‘Is she going to buy that skirt as well, then?’ Sahra’s asking me, all smiles. ‘It looked perfect on her, like I knew it would.’

‘Oh, I know! I hope so.’

‘She’s lucky to have you. My husband would never sit here so patiently, and he definitely wouldn’t be half as attentive, neither!’

I smile at her, but don’t disabuse her of her mistake.

Once Elizabeth emerges from the fitting room for the final time, we thank Sahra for her help and patience. I’m gratified she’s buying both the jumper and the skirt. As we walk out onto the street I take a deep breath; cigarette smoke and roasted chestnuts.

‘How about a drink? As a thank you for helping me make up my mind between blue and green?’


I’d feared a straight ‘no’, and can’t stop myself from grinning like the Cheshire Cat himself.

‘Great. I know just the place.’

It’s one of those pubs that used to be on every corner and down every alley of Soho, but which are an endangered species these days. Small, leaded windows, dark wood bar, floor and furniture to match, etched mirrors behind the optics, a lingering smell of tobacco, not a tourist in sight. She looks surprised, but not horrified, so I chalk it up as a success. She orders a gin and tonic which is also a relief, since I’d fleetingly wondered if she was one of those Americans who doesn’t really drink.

‘Cheers,’ I raise my pint of beer and we clink glasses.

‘Absolutely,’ she says, and smiles at me. As if I wasn’t already in enough trouble.

‘So, are you visiting London or –?’

Visiting, it turns out, for work. She talks about what she does. Something legal, and a lot of it goes over my head, but the part when she says she’s just this morning been made an offer of a job here in London steals my attention. Yes, she’s considering it because, no, she doesn’t have a partner, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend back in the States. Not anymore. And maybe it’s time for an adventure. She may not be in the first flush of youth, but she is free and single; laughing as she tells me this. It’s a quiet laugh, but no less beguiling for it, especially as she tips her head back a little each time she does it, baring more of her pretty neck. The beer’s going to my head as I’d forgotten to eat any lunch earlier, and I’m finding it harder and harder to do anything except stare at her. Pretty soon she’ll start to think I’m an axe murderer. My phone vibrates in my jacket pocket. I squint at the screen and roll my eyes at the message.

‘It’s work. I’ve got to go back to the office to make another phone call later. But, still time for another drink?’


‘I’d have liked to make a night of it. Dinner, that sort of thing, Elizabeth, but –,’ I shrug apologetically.

She raises her eyebrows at me. ‘We might’ve been lucky to get into a restaurant tonight.’

I frown.

‘It’s Valentine’s Day.’ And, seeing my reaction, ‘Well I guess that’s passed you by!’

‘Guilty,’ I agree.

She buys, this time. It gives me a minute to regroup. I had completely forgotten what day it was. I clear my throat, trying not to think about it too deeply, but not really succeeding; a vivid image of her, Ginny, in that fantastically-cut cream silk dress, red berries in her hair and red lipstick painted on her lips, her bright eyes so full of light and love. I shut my eyes to it.

Then she’s back at our table, sitting perhaps a little closer to me than before.

How much longer is she here for, I manage to ask? One more night after tonight. Great answer.

How about dinner tomorrow? That’s a yes.

Does she visit London often for work? About once a month.

I sit back in the chair, and consider taking up religion, I’m feeling so blessed.

She interrupts my bliss to ask me what I do (property — much too boring to describe here) and about my sister and parents and eventually it occurs to me she’s asking after my marital/relationship status, and I almost choke laughing at myself for being so dense.

‘Are you ok?’ she’s asking as I cough into my pint.

‘Fine, fine. Just a timely reminder of how out of practice I am at this.’

‘Are you? Out of practice, I mean?’

I wipe my mouth with bahis şirketleri the back of my hand, eyes on her fingers as she taps at an ice cube in her glass.

‘Terribly. I think the last time I had a drink with a woman I don’t work with, am related to, or is married to one of my friends, must be more than ten years ago.’

‘Ten years? That seems an awful long time. What a waste.’

That last sentence nearly makes me choke again, but I recover.

‘Hm. You sound like my mother now.’

‘Aha. She wishes you’d get hitched and produce heirs, does she?’

‘Something like that,’ I admit. ‘I’ve been a big disappointment in that regard.’

‘For the want of trying, or some other reason?’

I enjoy the way her voice carries so much humour in it.

‘Perhaps you are too much of a perfectionist?’

Her brown eyes study me as she throws out more reasons for my sad single status.

‘You work twenty-four/seven? You have fetishes that can only be satisfied in the dungeons of Soho? You find transcendental meditation more satisfying? You’ve been blighted by a long, unhappily unrequited love?’

We’ve been laughing up until that last explanation.

‘Ah. That last one, then?’

I incline my head. I’m British. We don’t really talk about that sort of thing. Not often, anyway. See again the red berries threaded through Ginny’s dark shiny hair that day — eight years ago today, precisely.

I jump as her warm hand slides over mine.

‘My big American wiseass mouth,’ she says, softly.


I turn my hand over to hold hers, cursing work, running my thumb across her palm and up to her wrist.

‘I hate having to say this, Elizabeth, but I really do have to get back to the office to make that call.’

I press my thumb hard against the pulse in her wrist.

‘Much as I’d rather stay here with you.’ I sigh.

‘I guess we’ll just have to take a time out,’ she raises one lovely eyebrow.

‘But dinner tomorrow? A late Valentine?’ I aim for wry humour.

‘Definitely.’ She beams at me. ‘Can you make 7pm? That’ll give me time to take a swim after work.’

I suck in my breath, assaulted by images of what she looks like in the water, and she gives me one of those laughs. It’s so quiet — a fast intake of breath, a glottal stop, almost. Can she see what I’m thinking so clearly? As if she’s testing it out, she leans over and brushes her lips against mine, the briefest, warmest of touches that’s almost over before I’ve realised what she’s doing, and with alarm, I grab her shoulder.

‘No. More,’ I whisper and swing my mouth back to hers, pressing us together, tasting the lime and tonic on her lips.

She pushes her tongue into my mouth, opens her eyes, making it one of the most intense things I’ve felt in a very long time. I reach up into her hair, glorying in how thick and soft it feels through my fingers, gratified she lets me do it, staring into her eyes and trying not to blink


To say I’m nervous would be the understatement of the year. Pacing around the hotel lobby I’m asking myself why I didn’t at least get his phone number and instead, have to torture myself with the fear he won’t turn up at all tonight. It’s already five after seven and I can’t take much more waiting. I stare at everyone coming in from the street. It’s a small, secluded, low-key kind of hotel, that looks like a townhouse from the outside, where each room has its own unique character, and the staff are genuine. A petite blonde in a beautiful blue silk dress is discreetly talking with another woman behind the desk, sharing a joke, checking something on the screen. She looks as though she’s in charge; picks up a small bag from the floor and swings her way out of the lobby, bidding all the staff goodnight as she does so.

Memories of that kiss have been claiming my attention all day at work until Megan had called me out on it, asking if everything was ok, and then, seeing the blush on my neck, had pressed to know more. I guess she was hyper-vigilant as she’d been teasing me yesterday about spending Valentine’s Day alone. But what could I say? I don’t even know his last name, for God’s sakes.


He’s striding across the parquet floor, looking flustered and worried.

‘I’m so sorry to be late. I couldn’t get away from work and like a fool I didn’t even take your phone number last night. I was about to phone the desk here, but I thought it’d be better if I just hurried up.’

He leans down and brushes my cheek with his lips, takes hold of my arm as if he’s never letting go, and finally smiles.

‘You’re here now.’


This time, his lips brush across my mouth at the same time as his eyes seem to trap mine in their gaze, and I fight to stay standing. Not so reserved tonight, I’m beginning to see; there’s fire in his eyes for sure.

‘I missed you,’ he whispers in my ear and we both smile at this, at the preposterousness of it all.

‘Now, I’ve got two ideas about dinner. One is a modern Asian fusion sort of place, much admired and sought-after cuisine. We have a table booked. The other is a family-run Chinese around the back of Chinatown where we might have to queue up but the food is well worth it. Which one takes your fancy?’

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Late Night Tutor

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She smiles as she rises to answer the knock at the door. It’s him. Finally. He’d made her wait but she didn’t care. Opening the door, she meets his gaze and giggles at the smile on his face – part choirboy, part bad boy. Opening the door wide, she moves back into the apartment. He follows her through the main room to the balcony, where she’s already poured two glasses of wine. Taking her glass, she moves to the railing, gazing out over the bay. He follows, stopping just short of touching her. They chat; an attempt at small talk while each one mentally assesses how the next move is going to unfold. A sweet tension exists as they continue to discuss the common events of the day, with a raging pulse of electricity traveling between them. Each draws alternate slow swallows from the wine, taking a moment to gaze across the glass and pause.

A cool breeze wisps across the night, suddenly changing the mood. She motions for him to follow her inside and join her on the large, overstuffed chintz sofa. He does, but first refills each glass. They sit facing each other, their legs ever so slightly touching from time to time. Neither one makes any effort to pull away, letting their bodies connect just a little longer each time. Realizing they are sitting in silence, she moves to select her favourite music. Satisfied with her choice, she is about to join him again when she feels his presence behind her. His large, strong hands rest on her shoulders, then slowly move down her arms and under her breasts. His breath caresses her ear and neck, as he asks how they should proceed. Her head tilts back onto his chest, exposing her neck more to his mouth. They both know they shouldn’t be together, but it just doesn’t seem to matter. It is a physical attraction that neither one of them seem prepare to ignore, regardless of the risk or error in judgment.

His hands find their way back to her shoulders, and slowly begin to knead the taut muscles. She falls back onto him, surrendering to the sensual massage. Her small groans trigger his whispered suggestion. She smiles and disappears, returning moments later with massage oil and no blouse or bra. He gazes appreciatively at her full, round breasts, but motions for her to turn around, giving him access to her shoulders and neck. As if reading his mind, she draws a clip out of her jeans pocket and gathered up her wavy, auburn hair. A few tendrils fall, caressing the tips of her shoulders and she leaves them there. He moves a large pillow onto the floor between his legs, and draws her there to sit. Warming the oil in his hands, he waits while she gets settled and then starts his gentle assault on her tired shoulders. The warm oil makes his motions fluid and soothing, and she feels her body melting under his strong touch. His hands roam down her arms, a little further each time. With long strokes, he draws the tension out, even while her anticipation builds. His hands graze the sides of her breasts, causing her to gasp in delight. Moving quickly to her back, he repositions himself behind her as he slows down the pace a bit before wrapping his hands underneath her ribcage, gracing the fullest weight of her abundant chest.

Again she gasps, but this one is slow and more similar to a hiss followed by a low moan. He lowers his lips onto her neck, at first just applying the most delicate of kisses, but then searing her skin with his hot, wet tongue while canlı bahis gently nipping at it. Pushing her forward for just a moment, he quickly removes his own shirt and then presses his near hairless chest against her. For just a short moment, they do not move, letting their bodies adjust to the warm embrace of skin on skin, cushioned and warmed by the oil he’s sensuously applied. He slowly moves his hands up under her breasts, cupping them and lightly rubbing his thumb on the underside of the nipples. They harden quickly with his touch, and she feels a shiver race over her body. She lifts her arms up above her head to wrap her hands around his neck as she leans back on his hard chest. He carefully takes advantage of the clear access to her whole upper body, moving his hands deliberately over the full expanse of her lusciousness, pinching in the most delicate manner. The shear touch from him, coupled with the element of a forbidden act is sending her pulse racing. She releases her arms, and turns to face him.

Placing her small hands on the tops of his crouched legs, she moves in to lightly brush her lips against his cheek, inhaling the hypnotic scent of his rugged maleness. Her tongue darts out, licking the bottom of his earlobe before it trails to the underside of his chin. The sensation is like nothing he’s felt before – he can’t resist the addicting temptation of risk.

She stops, staring at his face with a look of lust-filled desire that needs no explanation. Grasping his hand, she moves to her feet, pulling him up as well. He refills the wine glasses, following her to the bedroom where she quickly creates a soothing mood with some candles and quiet music that whispers easily around them. Both of them feel an eagerness to surrender to their lust, but at the same time there is an ease and comfort that warrants some exploration. How far can they take this mutual interest? Neither knows and both want to find out.

He passes the wine glass to her, his hand lightly touching hers. His eyes glimmer with a twinkle that sends a shiver down her spine. Why is it that the mere presence of this man is so disarming? Even in class, she has a hard time concentrating on the day’s lesson. She’s certainly been in the company of attractive men before, but he is someone different. The way his gaze roams seductively over her body sends the most delicious tingles down to her toes. It is part leer, part admiration for her very feminine form. Curves and womanly fullness described her body, and men are drawn to her presence. Especially this one. Especially right now. She can feel his lust – it matches her own.

Playing the aggressor, she places her wine glass on the nightstand and moves to him, one hand on his chest, the other around his neck. Her lips press against his, her tongue lightly dancing on his bottom lip. He leans down, returning the ardour, and moves his arms around her near naked body. Their lips and tongues snake around each other’s, hands roaming over smooth skin. She can feel her own pulse racing, building an incredible desire. Breaking the kiss and taking a deep breath, she deftly moves her hands to the front of his jeans, playfully fingering the button atop the firm bulge forming in his pants. A firm tug and the fabric pops open, exposing the top of his boxer briefs. Her nails scrape lightly down the fabric, pulling the zipper to its lowest point. She holds his gaze bahis siteleri as she slips her hand inside his jeans, cupping the large, thick bulge under the cotton shorts. A low moan rumbles from his throat, a clear indication of the pleasure he is experiencing. His own hands move to his jeans, stripping them and his shorts to the floor. He stands fully exposed to her, totally confident in his stance. This self-assuredness is an even stronger magnet for her, and she wraps her arms around his waist, her hands lowering to rest on his tight butt.

He feels her breasts crush against his chest, and moves his hands up her back. Their bodies fit tightly together, a warm comfort cleverly mixed with lust. His whispered voice comments on her abundance of clothing – she is still wearing her jeans. With equal deftness, he undoes her pants and pushes them to the floor. Stepping out of them, they both trace each other’s bodies with their eyes, drinking in the beauty each possesses. He brings her to him, leaning back onto her bed. She lies beside him, tossing one leg over his hips, just grazing the base of his cock. Her one hand teases lightly over the tops of his thighs, moving back and forth from one side to the other. Another groan escapes, as he grows impatient with her playful teasing. They kiss again, deeply. Passionately, like desperate animals. He moves his hot mouth to her cheek, then her neck. In a soft, seductive voice, he utters one word – “please.” He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out.

As if reading his mind, she carefully wraps her hand around his cock, smoothly stroking it. Without realizing it, she stares at his thickness moving so slick in her hands. Her lips moist with anticipation, she breaks her stare and turns to him. He has his eyes closed, completely engrossed in the rhythmic milking. As if feeling her gaze, his eyelids lift, meeting her face on. They move deliberately to kiss, her hand never leaving him. Again, their tongues intertwine and dance, sucking and teasing each other’s mouth. The tempo is increasing, and each of them feels a heat and passion that can’t be quelled. She pulls away; smiling seductively at him, then moves in and starts kissing and playfully licking her way over his muscled body. Still she continues to pump his hard cock, never quite letting him get to the end. Her mouth moves closer and closer to his rigid display, her tongue pointing the way. In one swift yet gentle way, her mouth closes over the bulging head of his manhood. A loud groan bursts from his chest, unable to restrain the reaction to her hot, wet lips on him. Her mouth soon replaces the rhythm of her grip, and he feels himself harden even more. Yet, he doesn’t want to rush this night. When will they have another opportunity to be together for any length of time….alone? He doesn’t want to miss out on any chances.

Changing the focus, he brings his hands to her head; drawing her from the unbelievable sensation she’s applying to his cock. He moves her body so that she straddles his waist, her wet pussy nesting against his lower belly. His hands reach up and lovingly caress her full breasts. Her nipples harden quickly, and he teases them repeatedly with playful pinches. The breath catches in her throat, her passion so overwhelming. She leans down, bringing her breasts to his face, his mouth. He finds his way instantly to her rose coloured nipple, his tongue lashing it, bahis şirketleri leaving it wet and hot. Moving to the other one, he repeats his assault with equal fervour. Back and forth he goes, each time sucking or biting a little more. He seems instinctively to know that playing with her diamond hard nipples and heaving breasts will also result in a very wet velvet hole. His hand moves between them, his fingers inching further to her wetness. First one finger, then another finds their way into her love canal. She almost squeals in passion, unable to contain the sensual bath she finds herself in. Sucking on one hard nipple and cupping her breast with one hand, he pulses his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her hips rock back and forth on his hand, building up a momentum that indicates she is close.

His fingers wiggle inside her, teasing her even more. Low gasps emerge quietly from her throat, moaning her oncoming orgasm to him. With each breath, her voice gets a little louder, a little more desperate. He moves his thumb onto her clit, and she can’t hold back any longer. Arching her back, she presses herself hard onto his hand, his thumb directly on her throbbing clit while she rides over a wave of sexual release. Almost sobbing, she moans out his name in a breathy gasp, and collapses onto his chest. He strokes her hair, holding her close while she recovers from her ride.

It doesn’t take her long. Lifting her head up, she brings her lips up to his, kissing him with as much passion and fire as she had before. Whispering that it is now his turn, she lightly nips at his earlobe before moving deftly down his body. Her tongue sears its way along his muscled shoulders and chest, lightly dancing a path to the hard erection that is bobbing in anticipation. She willingly engulfs the long shaft, sliding her mouth up and down in earnest. Placing one hand around the base of his cock, she moves the other under his balls and begins caressing them. He moans his approval while his hand rakes through her hair. She maintains her oral attack, but also moves a wet finger to the rim of his ass. He adds a louder groan – she has hit a nerve (and a good one). She slowly pushes her finger inside his ass, and he feels himself close to exploding. Clutching her hair, he pumps in and out of her mouth, while she meets his rhythm. Pressing firm with one finger in his ass, and holding the base of his cock with the other hand, she increases her rhythm on his hardness. Her tongue teasingly licking in a counter rhythm, he lowly utters his approach to her. His voice increases with each pulse, moaning her name as he explodes his load. With his fingers still caught in her hair, she laps up his seed and slowly removes her finger. Moving back up, she tucks herself under his strong arm, nestling into the crook of his arm. They had both met their passion, and are now quite comfortable collapsing in each other’s arms. Their breathing soon matches, a calming quiet enveloping the room. It seemed complete.

After some time, and some small talk, they acknowledge that he has to leave. With no regrets or remorse, she watches him dress, herself gathered in a robe against the now cool evening breeze. There is no awkwardness or discomfort resulting from their escapade, even though they know it is a forbidden encounter. He smiles at her, confirming the ease that always exists between them. Fully clothed again, he moves in and gathers her in his arms, pressing his lips to hers in a gentle sweetness mixed with lingering lust. She walks him to the door.

“Goodnight, ‘professor’…..” He nods, smiles and closes the apartment door behind him.

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Late Night O-Chem

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It was the spring of my sophomore year of college, the first Monday of the first week of classes. I was a biology major, but I was required to take one more semester of organic chemistry, which anyone can tell you is a bitch. By far the worst experience of many a college career, renowned killer of GPAs, the crucible that separated the truly hardcore from the mere mildly-inclined. I was about to face the dragon that guarded the sleeping beauty, and I was armed with only an AP credit of one semester of introductory chemistry.

I walked morosely into the classroom, my head down, not even looking at my fellow academic prisoners. I grabbed a seat near the back, and prepared my brain to be assaulted by equilibrium constants and electron orbital diagrams. I recognized a few faces as everyone shuffled into the first few rows – a couple people from my intro biology course, and another girl whose name I couldn’t remember who occasionally worked in the biology department greenhouse with me.

“OK class, let’s get started,” called a voice up at the front of the class. A woman’s voice. A young woman’s voice. “My name is Lin Sakayumi, and I’ll be your TA for this class. Everyone sit down.” An Asian name, but not an Asian accent… interesting.

And as the stragglers and chatters sat, I got my first glimpse of Lin. She was tiny, maybe five feet two, and slender, maybe a buck ten. She was younger than I expected – though to be honest I would have expected an older man, perhaps one who had been teaching this class for thirty years – late-twenties I guessed, though sometimes I had a hard time telling age with Asian women. Her black hair was cut just below her chin, and pulled back behind her ears to frame her round face. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth narrow. She was wearing a fuzzy maroon sweater and a denim skirt underneath her unbuttoned lab coat.

I’d never really thought of myself as having a thing for Asian girls – my previous girlfriends had all been white girls – but Lin struck me as beautiful. Not necessarily like a supermodel or anything, but she seemed genuine. I mean, I was kinda turned on, and she hadn’t even done anything more than introduce herself. And as she began to go over the syllabus, I noticed how gracefully she moved. I just sat there, watching her mouth, not even listening as her lips opened and closed, her tongue darting between her teeth –


I started, looking around. Almost everyone was turned around in their seats, looking at me. I felt a wetness on my chin, and realized I had literally been drooling. I dragged a fist across my mouth, wiping my face dry.


“Are you Joe Connors?” Lin asked slowly, eyes wide, perhaps questioning my grasp on the English language.


She checked my name off the list in her hand, and kept on going. Taking attendance. I blushed, and tried to hide my flush by bracing my elbows on the table and resting my cheeks in my palms. So much for first impressions.

For the rest of class, I kept my eyes down, taking notes, not drawing attention to myself. Lin was actually quite a good lecturer, not moving too quickly or too slowly, but giving a good review of various functional groups and standard organic chemical naming protocols.

At the end of period, she passed out a signup list for duties to perform and equipment to maintain for the hands-on lab portion of the class. And of course, since I was at the back of the room, I got the last job available – refilling the liquid nitrogen for the cold trap.

“You win the prize,” Lin told me as I brought the sign-up sheet back to the front of the class while everyone else was packing up and filing out the door. “The liquid nitrogen has to be checked every 8 hours on the dot, and can never be allowed to dry up. It gets too hot, oxygen condenses, BOOM – no more lab, no more building, lots of lawsuits.” She moved her hands animatedly while she talked. I was almost overcome with her adorableness. “You’ll need to come by the lab tonight at midnight so I can show you what to do.”

I just nodded, avoiding eye contact, desparate not to make a fool of myself again. I wrote down the room number and the time I was expected to meet her, and booked it.


It was 11:45, and I had to run out of my dorm to make it to the chemistry building. I’d accidentally fallen asleep, and only my roommate staggering back through the door and knocking over a stack of books kept me from missing my appointment altogether.

He grunted in apology for knocking over my books, and immediately flung himself onto his bed and started snoring almost before his head hit the pillow. I looked at the clock, jumped up, and dashed out the still-open door, shutting it behind me.

The chemistry building was halfway across campus, about half a mile away, and I ran as fast as I could, stopping thirty seconds away to catch my breath before I walked in the door. I caught the elevator up to the canlı bahis fourth floor, and opened the door at 12:02.

“You’re late!” Lin called from the back corner of the lab. She was sitting on a stool with a notebook in her hand and a purple pen tucked behind her ear, wearing square glasses with thick black frames that she hadn’t been wearing earlier. She had also changed her skirt for a pair of what appeared to be hospital scrubs, rolled up around her ankles so they wouldn’t drag on the floor. The nerd factor was astounding, and I felt a stirring in my groin just looking at her.

The lab was fairly small, maybe ten feet by fifteen feet. A lab bench met the center of the wall to the left of the entrance and split the room down the middle, forming a U-shaped walkway around it. The outer walls were cluttered with writing desks and cabinets full of papers and various reagents. On the opposite wall, at the end of the lab bench where Lin sat was a glovebox, an expensive piece of equipment. It was an airtight chemical hood workspace for reagents that could not be exposed to regular atmosphere. There were arm-length gloves protruding inside out from the front of it, so that you could put your arms in and work inside the enclosure.

Lin hopped down from the stool and waved me over to a row of horizontal pipes at eye level over a bench full of labeled reagent bottles and empty Styrofoam buckets. She put on a pair of thick rawhide gloves as she approached.

“This is the cold trap,” she told me. She unscrewed a metal canister hanging from one of the pipes and showed it to me, basically a hollow thermos with vapor rising from the bottom. “You can’t see the liquid nitrogen because it’s almost empty, but it should be at about this level, where my finger is. What you’ll need to do is refill the canister from this dewar here in the corner. It’s heavy, so try not to lift it, just tip it as far as you’ll need for the liquid to start to pour. And be careful, don’t spill any – if you get it on your hands or spill on your feet, you could lose them. This is routine work, but still dangerous, so don’t lose focus. That’s how people die in laboratory accidents, they get complacent.”

She took off the thick gloves she had on, and passed them to me. I put them on, and the insides were still warm from her hands.

“Now, set this thing on the ground, and let me see your technique. That’s right, nice and slow. Careful, don’t let it overflow! Ok, now pick it up and screw it back in right there. Good.”

I was kind of enjoying the way she told me what to do. I thought to myself, I could get used to taking her orders. I took off the gloves and set them on the lab bench, looking down at her face. The top of her head came to about my mouth, and she had to tip her neck up to make eye contact.

“I think you can do this, Joe. Just don’t forget to check it every eight hours – eight AM, four PM, and midnight, every day for the next week or so. We’ll be switching duties every week, so no one will be stuck doing the night shift for very long. Let me know if the dewar gets low, or anything looks wrong, or if there any issues. I work here in this lab every day, so you can probably find me if you need to. Questions?”

I shook my head.

“Then I’ll see you Wednesday in class.”


For the next two days, I was up at the crack of dawn (or the crack of 7:30, which is too damn early for a college student anyway) so that I could refill the liquid nitrogen canister in the lab. Every time I popped in, the place was deserted; if papers on the desks hadn’t been shuffled, the trash cans slowly filling up, and the reagents moved around in the glove box, I would’ve wondered if Lin really worked there.

Life went on, and I stayed marginally busy between reading for O-chem, my biology class (entitled Prokaryotic Genetics, woot woot), and the required introductory English and foreign language classes (God bless the liberal arts).

Class on Wednesday came until I even caught a glimpse of Lin again. She looked a little pale and puffy, like she hadn’t been sleeping well. She still gave an excellent lecture though, on Michaelis-Menten kinetics and how they could be used to experimentally determine optimal reaction parameters. It was riveting, let me tell you.

As we all prepared to leave, Lin called out, “Hey Joe! Stay here just a second, I need to ask you something.”

Curious, I grabbed my jacket and bag and moved up towards the front of the classroom. I had fun for a minute, imagining the things I would agree to if she only asked…

But instead of my racy daydreams, she simply said, “Are you doing okay with the liquid nitrogen? Have you run into any problems, do you need any help?”

“No, Dr. Samayuki,” I answered. “Everything’s going fine, no problems.”

“OK…” She flushed a little. I got the feeling that she was working her way up to asking me something. And then without warning she just bahis siteleri burst out, “I need you to do me a favor.”

Were my fantasies really that far off-base? “What do you need?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the table, imagining that I looked suave and sophisticated.

“I’ve been swamped writing this grant application, and I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I need to do another experiment ASAP, because the deadline is Friday. Tomorrow there’s a demonstration scheduled in the lab, so I won’t be able to get in to work. What I need is to pull an all-nighter, tonight.”

“OK…” I was confused. “What do you need from me?”

“I’m technically not allowed to work alone in the lab. It’s a safety issue, if anything went wrong that late at night, there would be no one around to help. I was hoping that since you’d be there at midnight anyway, you could stick around for awhile until I finished the experiment. It shouldn’t take more than two or three hours,” she pleaded, biting her lower lip and looking me right in the eyes. “What do you think, can you lose a few hours of sleep to help me out?”

Not exactly the way I’d prefer to lose sleep with Lin, but it sounded easy enough, and I could probably get some reading done. My body seemed to prefer staying up late anyway, I almost never got to sleep until 1:30 or 2:00 AM anyway.

“I think I can swing that,” I answered with a small grin. “Do you want me to get there early too?”

“If you don’t have anything else going on, I’d be grateful for all the time you can give me,” she answered. “I’ll even supply the caffeine.”

“Sounds good, see you tonight around eleven?”

“Thanks a lot, Joe. You’re saving my butt, really.”

She grabbed a stack of papers and as she walked in front of me out of the room, my eyes never left her ass. Not exactly what I wanted to be doing with your butt at night, but it’s better than nothing, I thought, smiling.


At 10:30, I got out of the shower and put on a nice, un-wrinkled button-down shirt that passed the smell test. Not that I thought that Lin would be smelling me, but hey, I could dream. I brushed my teeth with my finger for a few seconds, ran a comb through my hair, then immediately put a knit grey hat on. I grabbed my biology textbook and an energy drink and locked the door behind me, whistling to myself.

It was snowing pretty fiercely outside, so I couldn’t see much farther than fifty yards in front of me. The large stone buildings loomed around me, materializing from hazy shadows to less hazy immovable giants. There were no lights on in any of the academic buildings, and I didn’t see a single car on the walk to the lab. It was like the whole campus was in hiding, braced against the winter weather.

The building was unlocked, but the hallways were deserted. I deposited my energy drink on a filing cabinet outside the lab entrance (chemistry does not mix well with ingestion of food or drink), noticing that there was a cardboard holder with two steaming cups of coffee. I guessed Lin wasn’t joking when she said she would provide the caffeine.

When I walked into the lab, Lin was already there, sitting at a desk beside the glove box, typing furiously on her laptop. She was wearing her glasses and loose scrubs again. She looked up at me, gave me a quick smile, and turned back to her work almost immediately. I took that to mean that nothing more was required from me than my presence, so I sat down at another desk and started to read.

Something something… expression vectors… blah blah… endonuclease restriction enzymes… yada yada… DNA replication origin…

No way was I going to get anything out of this, not right now. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. Imaginary DNA strands were playing through my brain… ACTGTGCATGCAACTAAG… random chemical names… mercaptoethanol, dithiothreitol… a short Asian woman with a tight sweater and a short skirt, nerdy glasses and a bright smile… she unbuttoned her shirt and bent over slightly, puckering her lips… she dropped to her hands and knees and started to crawl towards me… she slid her cheek along the inside of my legs, then buried her face in between my thighs…


I started. My forehead was resting on my crossed arms on the desk. I guess I had dozed off. Looking at the clock, it said 11:58. Lin was working in the glove box, her arms all the way in the gloves inside the chemical hood, so that her chest and face were pressed against the glass. She was holding a clamp in one hand and a glass beaker in the other, and she had turned her neck as far as possible in order to see me in her periphery without being able to move her shoulders.

“That’s what the coffee was for, Joe,” Lin said, her voice dead-pan. I couldn’t tell if she was reprimanding me or joking around. “Grab a drink and then come back here. You need to refill the liquid nitrogen, and then I could use your help with something.”

Fervently bahis şirketleri hoping I hadn’t muttered anything in my sleep, I jumped up and walked outside the door. I took a quick sip of the coffee, which was only lukewarm now, and then went about refilling the nitrogen canister. It only took a couple minutes, I had the routine down by now. When I was done, I walked over behind Lin at the glove box, wondering what she needed me to do.

“I tightened this screw too far, and the clamp broke,” she explained. “I need you to grab another one and feed it through the airlock while I hold the reaction vessel in place.”

Easy enough. Assuming I could find another clamp. I looked around on the lab bench, on top of the filing cabinets, under a pile of paper towels, but didn’t see anything.

“I think there’s one on the other side of the bench,” Lin said. “Just squeeze past me here and grab it.” Now that someone was actually using the glove box, I saw that it was a tight gap between her and the island lab bench, so I would have to squeeze by her to reach the other half of the room. She sucked in a bit (which didn’t make any difference, seeing as she was already so slender), and turned her head sideways to press herself as close to the hood as she could manage.

“Good thing I’m skinny,” I joked. Trying to be casual, I slide first one leg, then the other around the corner of the lab bench, the fronts of my thighs pressing gently up against her backside. I caught a whiff of her hair as I did – coconut shampoo. Oh God, delicious. I stumbled a little and did an awkward hop-skip maneuver to the other side of the room, which made her smile a bit as she watched.

Grabbing the clamp in my right hand, I repeated the dance back to the other side of the glove box and the airlock. This time, there seemed to be even less room, and I pressed a little harder against Lin. I took a more determined sniff of her hair, and I could feel her warmth against my legs. My groin twitched just a little, liking what I smelled and felt. I couldn’t blame it.

If Lin felt anything, she didn’t blame it either, or at least she didn’t let on. I unscrewed the airlock on the outside and deposited the clamp. Then Lin unscrewed the door from inside the box, took the clamp out, and started to put her setup back together.

“So what classes are you taking this semester?” she asked me conversationally as I sat down at the desk beside the hood, watching her work.

“Just yours, an upper-level biology course, and some required English and Spanish,” I replied. “O-chem is the hardest by far.”

“Sorry about that. I’m trying to make it easier, but it’s a really complex subject. This is only my first time teaching it, too.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised. She had seemed so confident and professional delivering her lectures this week. “You’re doing a really good job so far.”

“Thanks, but hold your appreciation until we hit the harder stuff.” She turned her head and grinned at me again. I could get used to that smile. “I’m only a post-doc, and they usually wouldn’t let me near a classroom, but apparently the regular teacher is indisposed.”

“Sick?” I asked.

“You could say that,” she said. “Apparently he’s being sued for inappropriate relations with a minor, and they’ve suspended him pending the outcome of the trial.”

“Ah. I see.” I looked back at her hands, deftly maneuvering the beaker into the new clamp. “I guess we’re lucky then, cause you really seem to know what you’re doing.”

Lin flushed a little, obviously pleased at the recognition. She rubbed her nose against her shoulder.

“So where are you from? Or where were you before you came here?” I asked, trying to keep the conversation flowing.

“I was born in Japan, but I was raised here in the States. I finished grad school in California, and spent about a year at the NIH before I got the call about this opportunity,” she answered.

“Wow, quick career advancement,” I said, and she blushed again. She rubbed her nose on her shoulder again. I quickly did some math in my head. “So you’re what, twenty-eight?”

“Twenty-six,” she corrected me, without indignation. “I skipped a couple grades, and worked my butt off to finish my thesis as soon as I could,” she finished proudly.

“Wow, you’re so young to be our professor,” I muttered. She rubbed her nose again.

“God, I hate these things,” Lin said abruptly.

“What things?”

“Glove boxes,” she replied. “It takes forever to put these gloves on, and I can’t put all this stuff down, so I need to keep my arms in the gloves, but they’re so sticky with sweat that my skin feels like I’m suffocating, and I itch everywhere but I can’t scratch! It’s driving me crazy!” After this explosion she immediately rubbed her nose on her shoulder more furiously.

I laughed. “Oh.” I thought for a second, weighing pros and cons, before I extended my right hand with two fingers held stiff in a curved position. “Need some help?”

It was an honest offer, and she also seemed to think for a moment whether it would be appropriate before she responded. “Sure. If you could just scratch my nose a little bit…”

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Sara and Her Family Ch. 01

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Sara, now 19 and a freshman at the local college, woke up, apparently from a noise.

As Sara opened her door and stepped into the hallway, she saw her mother Irene going quietly into her brother Richard’s bedroom. This was somewhat of a surprise as her mom was on her way to work since she worked nights at the hospital.

Curious, Sara went to the partially open door of her brother’s room and peeked inside. Richard, her brother, was 18 and starting his senior year in high school.

She saw her mom bending over her brother and giving him a goodbye kiss on his forehead. He was asleep and didn’t notice. Then what Sara saw surprised her!

Her mother slowly pulled aside the covers, revealing her brother’s naked body! His cock was nice, she thought. Her mother looked at her son’s cock for a moment, then bent down and lightly kissed the head of his dick! Her son’s cock twitched but he didn’t waken.

She looked at his face, then back to his cock. Sara saw her mother lick her brother’s cock which caused it to move a bit. It was starting to get hard!

Then she saw her mother take the head of her brother’s dick into her mouth and then all the way down to his ball sack! She stayed that way for a moment, then slowly came back up, revealing Sara’s brother’s now hard dick! It had to have gotten hard in her mother’s throat as it was at least seven inches long!

Then Sara saw her mother gently put back the covers over her brother. Sara quietly slipped down the hall and back to her room. She was amazed at what she had seen! And she was horny, too. She had just shaved her pussy that morning and it had been tingling all day, keeping her clit moist and excited.

When Sara heard her mother leave, she got back out of bed and into the hall. Both her parent’s room door and her brother’s were still slightly open. She ankara escort went to her parent’s door, peeked in and saw her dad sleeping soundly. She thought about what she had just seen her mom do, and thought about doing the same to her dad, but decided to do that another day. It was a bit unfair for her mom to leave her brother’s dick hard like that. She knew guys didn’t really like that and called it “blue balls”. So, she went back to her brother’s room and crept inside.

Sara could tell her brother’s cock was still hard and she had never seen it up close. She had boyfriends at college as she was a pretty freshman, and had spent a couple of nights in a fraternity house after a party, so she had had plenty of cock to compare with. She pulled aside the covers and revealed her brother’s cock. It was still hard, and had some pre-cum on the tip. Quickly, she shed her pajama top, putting it on the floor and got on her knees next to her brother’s bed. Looking at his face, she licked his cock and tasted his pre-cum for the first time. Richard smiled a bit so she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off! She had never really thought about her brother sexually, but seeing her mother licking and then swallowing his cock had gotten her really horny, thinking about all the “sexual rules” about incest. She grabbed her brother’s balls and slowly deep throated his cock. At the same time, she started rubbing her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples. She could feel her pussy leaking her own cum too.

Sara started bobbing up and down on her brother’s cock faster, all the time watching his face for signs of wakening. Suddenly Richard reached out and grabbed her head, pulling her hard onto his cock and she could feel his cock expand as he shot ropes of cum down her throat!

Richard opened his eyes and said “Oh fuck! Yes, escort ankara yes, yes! as he held onto her head. He then realized he was holding onto his sister’s head and his eyes went wide.

“Sara! What the fuck are you doing! You’re my sister! Why are you in my room? And you’re naked!”

Sara lifted her head, smiling and licking her lips as she finished her brother’s orgasm. “Oh Richard, Let me explain. I woke up horny and was going to the bathroom when I saw mom come into your room. I watched as she kissed you on your forehead and then saw her pull off the covers, revealing your fantastic cock! But then she kissed it and swallowed you whole! She stayed like that until you got hard in her throat and then left you like that! I went back to my room and waited for her to leave for work. I was so horny from watching her do that, I couldn’t let her leave you like that so I finished you off! Please don’t be mad!”

“I’m not mad sis, Just surprised. I never thought I’ld be getting a blow job from my sister! And I don’t get that many, either! That was great! I can’t believe you did that but I understand. I have been waking up lately with my balls hurting. Don’t you think it’s kind of weird though, or mom doing that?”

Still holding her brother’s cock, she looked at it and saw some after cum. So Sara smiled and licked her brother’s cock as he watched, taking it briefly in her mouth again before saying “Yeah, it seemed weird at first, but it really made me horny. And thanks! Your cum tastes great, but you would get more blow jobs if you shave your public hair, like I do.”

“I think I will try to catch our mom doing that, if she does it again. And I hadn’t really thought about shaving down there. You really shave your pubes, sis?”

“Yes! wanna see?” Richard nodded and with that, Sara got up and pulled off her pajama ankara escort bayan bottoms, revealing her freshly shaved cunt to her brother for the first time!

‘Wow, sis! You look so sweet and sexy! Can I taste it?”

“I was hoping you would ask, brother!” replied Sara. She got up on the bed and straddled her brother, sliding her pussy over her brother’s cock as she made her way up his chest to his mouth. “Eat me, brother!” she said, as she lowered her cunt onto her brother lips, also for the very first time!

Richard reached up and started fondling his sister’s breasts as he licked her bald pussy.

“Oh god, yes!” cried Sara as she grabbed her brother’s head and pulled him into her cunt. “Shove your tongue into me and pinch my nipples, brother!”

Richard did as his sister asked and started tongue fucking Sara as hard as he could. He pulled hard on her nipples and squeezed them, trying to make them longer. Sara humped her brother’s face harder and discovered she liked the rough treatment her brother was giving her tits. Tits, she now thought. Not breasts.

“Yes, Richard! Pull hard on my tits! Fuck my cunt!” she cried out louder than before, not caring if anyone else in the house heard or even thought about it.

Richard thought his sister was about to cum so he bit down on her clit as he shoved his tongue in as far as possible. Suddenly, Sara clamped down on her brother’s head with her thighs and came violently, even peeing a little!

Richard lapped up his sister’s cum and pee, loving every bit of it! He relaxed his grip on her nipples as Sara calmed down, releasing the head lock her thighs had given her brother.

“Damn! I haven’t cum that hard, ever!”

“That was great, sis!” replied Richard.

“I think I peed a little” said Sara.

“That’s okay, sis! But we better get back to sleep now. We have school in the morning.”

“Yes, dear brother. But we’ll talk some more about this tomorrow” Replied Sara. She put her pajamas back on and went to her bedroom, not noticing her parent’s door was now closed.

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Housework in the Evening

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I sat in my favorite chair all evening watching her. She was wearing tiny pink shorts and an even smaller pink tank top with no bra or panties. She was busy cleaning the living room and angry at me that I was just sitting there instead of helping her. The truth was there was nothing I’d rather be doing at this time than just sitting here watching her. The sun was just going down and the sunlight coming in through the windows was hitting her skin just right. Her tan body glistening as she worked up a little sweat while cleaning. My eyes watched her every muscle in her arms as she slid the vacuum back and forth. She is much shorter than me but her body is strong…lean…she has been working out more lately I thought to myself as she walked in front of me…standing there just looking at me. I finally got the hint and pulled the lever on my chair to pull my legs up for her to vacuum under my legs. From my position I had a perfect view at her beautiful breasts. So firm and tight in her little pink shirt…her chest moist from her sweat…my eyes tracing the sexy curves of her neck…down her shoulders…down her chest…finding her nipples hard under her shirt. She tried not to smile at me when she realized I was getting hard, but I saw it. I saw that look in her eye even though she was trying to be mad at me.

Normally, I would be doing the housework and letting her rest. Today I was being lazy and only wanted to watch her. She was so beautiful when she got angry I couldn’t help but get turned on by her. After all these years just the sight of her skin turned me on. I didn’t dare touch her as she walked by me knowing I wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing her and pulling her down on me…and that might make her even more angry at me. So I decided to wait…to watch her every move as she stretched her arms…knelt down…bent over to reach every spot in the living room…her tight little ass in front of me teasing me each time she bent over. Her tiny shorts covered very little and ankara escort each time she bent over in front of me I could see the outline of her tight little pussy…teasing me more and more with every minute that passed.

She was soon done with the vacuum and moved to the laundry. I could hear her in the room next to me turning the dryer on then throwing clothes in the washer. She came back out and asked for my shirt…telling me she was going to wash it. I took my shirt off and asked her if she wanted my pants too. She said yes and watched me slide them off. She left the room and as she was about to turn the corner out of sight she stopped and slid her shorts down…bending over at the perfect angle as she slid her legs out of her shorts…slowly..knowing I was sitting there in my boxers staring at her tight ass and wanting to lick her body. She laughed as she walked away and started the washer.

She returned completely naked and came over to me and asked me if I had anything I needed to say. I knew that was my cue to apologize and I did with a kiss on her belly. Telling her I was sorry for not helping her while I kissed her warm moist skin…my hands sliding around her pulling her gently towards me. I could feel her resisting me but as she put her hands on my head I could feel her body relax in my arms and she let me pull her body in the chair with me. Her arms wrapped around my neck as our lips played together. We kissed and held each other like we were high school students again sneaking around together. She knew I was ready for her to slide on my cock but we didn’t rush anything. It was such a nice change of pace to just feel her naked body with mine like this. It was exciting to just taste her lips and kiss her…feeling her passion building and growing just as mine was…her kisses getting harder…her grip getting more hands slowing moving down her back…sliding over her ass…enjoying the curve down her spine over her ass…that curve…that sensation…my escort ankara favorite spot on her body…that tiny arch at the bottom of her back where her beautiful ass begins…one single touch always made me instantly hard.

Her hands sliding down my chest and pulling my boxers off as our lips stayed together…I could feel her hunger as she pushed her hips over my cock..grinding down on me…her pussy so wet and juicy ready for me…her tiny body over me sliding down on me…one quick push…her hips sliding down on me…her tight wet lips spreading around my throbbing cock and taking me deep insider her…my hands holding her hips down on me as we continued to make out together.

Her body was so hot and smooth in my arms..her hips rocking back and forth…pushing harder and harder against me. I could feel her pussy squeezing me…holding me in then pushing me out…my lips on her neck as we picked up speed…her hot breath on my neck…my ear…her soft moaning as I slid deep inside her then back out. Her hard nipples on my chest as we stared at each other…my hands sliding her tiny body up and down on my hard throbbing cock…I love the way she looks right now…all hot…sweaty on top of me…her blond hair sticking to her cheeks…her mouth slightly open breathing heavy so close to me…knowing it is me inside her doing this to her…knowing we are both so close to cumming together…both anticipating..craving that together.

I was already about to cum but needed to hear her first…needed that moan…that look on her face…to see her biting her lip with her eyes closed…holding her breath sometimes as she came hard with me inside her…knowing what she needed to get her there. I turned her body around while still inside her…love to feel my cock inside her while I spun her body around…leaning her back against my chest..her legs on each armrest with my hands holding her hips…slowly pushing harder inside her…pulling her up and down on top ankara escort bayan of me…If only I had a mirror in front of us so we could both watch…we always loved to watch each other and always had a large mirror in our bedroom…but none in the living room. She reached down and grabbed my hand…pushing it down between her legs…her lips whispering to me to rub her clit…my skin barely touching her wet pussy…then harder…firm against her clit…fast circles over her clit. I could feel my cock sliding in and out…trying to move faster and faster inside her while I rubbed her clit in rhythm with my cock….finally hearing that sound leave her body I was waiting for…her hips vibrating on my cock…squeezing me…her legs closing together as she came with me inside her…feeling her grip around my cock making me about to cum…still pushing faster inside her.

She knew I was about to cum inside her and quickly jumped up and slid her ass in front of my face…pushing her ass over my head as she grabbed my cock and slid it in her mouth…sucking my cock fast…hard . Her wet pussy sliding over my mouth…tongue tasting her…drinking her juices as she sucked more and more of me. I loved to taste her wet pussy…would love to do it for hours if she let me…trying not to cum yet so I could enjoy her ass in my face longer…love the view…her wet lips on my tongue…but her tongue is too good sliding up and down my cock and her hands stroking me faster and faster finally making me cum inside her…shooting my hot cum in her mouth..her lips tightening around me…holding me in while her hands still stroked me…squeezing me…my hands holding her ass down on my face tighter and tighter as she licked every drop…finally letting me go…my hands finally relaxing and letting her lose from my grip.

This was the best I’ve had for a really long time…both always too busy to really enjoy each other like this. We both laid there quietly together watching the sun finish setting. It never mattered how many times we made love or how many times we watched the sunset…each time seemed as magical as the first…and again I kissed her and apologized for not helping her with the housework and she forgave me as usual.

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Sanjna’s ‘Sweet’ Revenge

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My sister Sanjna is five years older than me. We had been very close whole our life. She had been taking care of me since her childhood. As we grew older the bond between us also grew stronger and deeper. We never had any secrets from each other. My mother and father are very conservative and orthodox people. They were very strict with us especially with my sister. She couldn’t freely move in or out of our house. If she wanted to go to market or to a friend’s house she had to ask permission and even then somebody, mostly I or my mother, will accompany her to the destination whatever or where ever it was. They were very much against any friendships or love affairs.

When she was in her last year of college my father found a boy in our own community and she got engaged to him. I had just turned eighteen at that time. At that time a love affair was just starting to bloom between her and Kamal a boy from our street. It was not even a love affair just a friendship But the engagement put an end to it. My sister sent a note to him through me telling him about the engagement. She asked him never ever to try to meet her. But her misery didn’t end with it. She wanted to finish her studies and find a job and work. She didn’t want to live the boring life of a house wife like my mother. But her ‘would be’ in laws didn’t want their daughters or daughters in law to work or job. She was heartbroken. All her dreams were shattered. She imprisoned herself in her own room which I shared with her. She became withdrawn and was no more ‘the happy go Lucky’ girl of a few days back. Her face became pale and lifeless. At night, I will hear her weeping under her comforter. I was very upset that I couldn’t help her in any way.

One day it became simply unbearable for me to sleep there next to her listening to her sobs, unable to do something for her. I got up and went to her bed to talk to her to somehow console her. I lowered the comforter from her face. Her eyes were read and tears were flowing uncontrollably. I couldn’t find any words. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started weeping openly and loudly. “Why can’t we live our own lives?” By ‘we’ most probably she meant ‘we girls’. I planted a small kiss on her forehead and wiped her tears and put a finger on her lips and gestured towards our parent’s bedroom. She nodded her head in an understanding way and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. “This is a man’s world. Don’t know when will get freedom from this male chauvinism. Promise me dear you won’t be like our father.”

“I didn’t get the full meaning of what she was talking about but I agreed to do whatever she asked me to do. ” I am on your side.” I assured her. She kept on looking at me for some time then she pulled me into her bed with her. She gave me a small peck and pat on my cheeks and clung to me even more tightly. We sat like that for a few minutes. I kept caressing her back and running mu fingers through her hairs. She fell asleep in my arms.

I slowly put her in the bed and kept caressing and feeling her for a long time before I myself fell asleep next to her. It was a strange experience for me. Our relationship found a new dimension that night. In the morning when I woke up I found her sleeping with her left arm and left leg curled around my body. Her thigh was rubbing against my hardened member. It felt very good. I caressed her thigh. To my surprise it was naked. The feel of her soft warm silky flesh sent strong currents throughout my body. I remembered that she always took off her Salwar after putting off the lights and getting under her comforter.

I had a keen urge to remove the comforter and take a look at her naked thighs. I felt much ashamed at having such feelings about my own sister. But at that time my brain was not the controlling organ. The dominant impulses were coming from somewhere else. I decided to go ahead and turned towards her. My eyes fell on her lovely face. Instinctively I bent and kissed her forehead lightly. When she didn’t move a muscle I took advantage of the situation I bent further and kissed her on the cheek. She still didn’t move. I kissed her again letting my lips linger a little near her lips. Her hot breath was making me mad. This was the first time I was kissing a girl like that. My thinking was all muddled. I decided to go one step further and kiss her lips. I will just touch my lips with her and let it go. I decided. But when I bent down she turned and whispered in my ear “lock the door first.” The words shocked me. I never in my life could have thought that she will agree to anything like that.

But it brought me back to the world of living. I looked at her. Her eyes were still closed. “It is already 5. 30” I whispered back. We both knew what it meant. Soon mom will be knocking at our door to wake us up. As I came out of her bed she pulled me back catching hold of my shirts collar and planted my lips on her own. I kissed her like a man possessed. We kissed for a long time ankara escort none of us wanting to separate.

I will never forget that moment, that kiss for whole my life. The feeling simply can’t be put into words. And it pleased me further when I saw a smile on her face after so many days. She saw me watching her and her face turned red. She quickly turned away and pulled her blanket over her face feigning sleep. I took the cue and jumped in my own bed and pulled my blanket over me.


The next day passed in a dream. Her pink smiling face kept on floating in front of my eyes. The taste of her lips kept on lingering in my mind. I came back from college early bunking the last two classes. At home at least she was in front of my eyes. Every time our eyes met she smiled and her face turned crimson. By evening I was desperate. I was following her where ever she went. When after dinner I went after her in the kitchen to help her with the dishes she literally pushed me out. “Go away. Go to your room.” She pleaded. I took the cue and went into my room. I changed and crept into my bed an. I kept on lying in my bed lay there waiting for her to come, feigning sleep and fantasizing about what may happen in the next few hours but mostly I was thinking will I be able to get a glimpse of those shapely silky thighs. Sanjna was in the kitchen helping mother.

At last she tip-toed into the room, put off the lights and got into her bed. I could easily envision her unfolding the comforter getting into it and lowering her salwar and putting it on the chair next to her bed.

I was dying to get a glimpse of her naked thigh. My cock was so hard it was difficult to keep it inside my boxers. I listened carefully for some time but she was not weeping today. The initial plan was to get up as soon as she starts sobbing and go to comfort her and slip into her bed. But I knew that that was not going to happening. I was glad about that. I didn’t want her to weep any more, not ever in whole her future life. So I decided to wait till she falls asleep and then sneak near her bed and lift the comforter a little to see her legs and thighs. May be I will get a glimpse further up. I didn’t know whether she was wearing any panties or not. But she was nowhere near sleep. I abandoned the whole plan. It wasn’t important if I get to see her thighs or not. The important thing was that she was not behaving like the day before. During the day I had seen her smile many times. I felt ashamed of myself scheming to watch my elder sister naked, especially taking advantage of her predicament. I decided to try to get some sleep and do away with my incestuous thoughts.

“Vivek” She whispered my name softly. I couldn’t believe my ears. I must be dreaming. I thought. “Are you asleep?” She asked this time a little louder.

“No” I was quick to respond.

“Keep your voice down.” She said. I didn’t want any more invitation. I got up and went to her and sat down beside her and ran my fingers through her hair. “Come into the bed.” She whispered. And how could I not obey my elder sister. All the time her eyes were closed. I bent down and kissed her forehead and cheeks. She moved away a bit to make space for me. As soon as I slid alongside her she took me in her arms and kicked the comforter away with her feet. I planted my lips on hers and we stayed like that for a long time. Slowly kissing, licking and biting each other’s lips. When we separated she pushed me down and mounted me. “Don’t keep following me the whole day. You know we are going to meet at night, every night.” She said looking into my eyes. I nodded silently.

She bent down kissed my forehead and started showering kisses all over like mad. A flood of passion and emotion was churning inside me too. I hugged her tightly. Her young solid bosom was tightly press against my chest and her crotch was tightly fixed over my abdomen. I pushed her back until I could feel her delicate silky softness with my hard and erect cock. I pressed my cock against her soft labia. She lifted her body a little. I could see her breasts heaving in front of my eyes. With my one hand I started feeling caressing and teasing her solid boobs over her Kameez. When I gave a light squeeze to one of them, she let out a small sigh of pleasure. The sound did things to my brain. I pushed her away a little and she opened her eyes. We keep on looking into each other’s eyes for a long time without moving or saying anything. Then I lifted myself and again took her into a tight hug.

“I love you.” I whispered in her ear.

“Love me. Vivek love me. Take me. Make me your own”. She placed a pillow under me. “If they want to do what pleases them I am also going to do what suits me.”

I lifted myself further and sat down. Now she was in my lap. My prick pressed against her pussy and crotch. I moved my one hand down slowly caressing her back until I reached her ample bottom. She was wearing cotton bloomers. I gave a little squeeze escort ankara to one of her ass cheeks. She moaned again and pressed her soft lips on the side of my neck. As I gave an upward heave to her butt her soft vulva slid over the length of my cock. She dug her teeth into my neck to stop herself from screaming out loud. I too was mad with pleasure. And seeing her enjoy made me crazy I let her slid back and it produced another way of pleasure inside me.

I moved my hand up and inside her Kameez. The velvety touch of her back was too much for me. I started lifting her Kameez up but she stopped me midway and took both my hands in hers. “You will be my only love till the end of time. Don’t betray me ever. I have no one except you.”

“I promise sis. I love you.”

No ‘sis’ you fool. At night time it is ‘Love’ ‘Sweetheart’ ‘darling’. Come on now say it properly.”

“Love you sweetest.” I said. It sounded awkward. I liked sis better.

“That’s good.”

She let go of my hands and in one swift move lifted her Kameez and came out of it. The sight of her shapely shoulders and clavicle and hard firm breasts with pink areola and hard pink nipples sent me a trance. I slowly ran my hands over her naked body until they reached her panties. She lifted herself a bit so that I could move my hand between her thighs. Her panties were moist and love lips soft. I removed my hand and brought it closer to my nose. Her sex smelled wonderful.

“I am yours I won’t refuse you anything. You are my man till the time does as apart.” She said and curled around me again. Her crotch again stuck tightly to my dick. It was difficult to stay still. I heaved my hips up and down rubbing my cock against her vulva. Each movement sent a new wave of pleasure. “Remove your panties” I pleaded. “Your job mister. Do it yourself.” She giggled softly. I could see that she was enjoying everything fully. It made me even more aroused.

She separated from me and stood up. Her red bloomers were in front of my face. I slowly peeled of her bloomers enjoying every moment, taking in all her beauty with my hungry eyes, her dark curly hair on that mound of love and the ravine below and her well-formed love lips and the sleek slit between them and the strong thighs and the shapely legs. I started caressing and kissing her. While my hands played with her hips caressing and teasing them and massaging her ass hole in between, my lips played with her love lips and the clitoris. Her sighs and sobs grew louder. Her legs got wobbly and she slumped down on the bed. I immediately caught her legs above her ankles and pulled her closer. Putting her ankles on my shoulders I started kissing and licking her calves and then slid down to her thighs. As my mouth reached her crotch again she slid farther away from me. I looked up and saw her fists clenching the bed sheet. She had put a corner of the sheet in her mouth. She was trembling with delight. I opened her legs and moving between them started rubbing my cock on her crotch. She signaled me to remove my boxers I was waiting for just that and I immediately complied with her wish. Then I lowered myself again and teased her cunt with the tip of my cock and placing it between her labia started rubbing it over her clitoral and labia. She pulled me towards herself and hugged me tightly. I rubbed my dick harder and harder against her softness and she kept digging her teeth into my shoulders deeper and deeper. Thank god there was cloth of my shirt in between. It still hurt. But the pain was pleasing.

Suddenly her grip on my back loosened and she removed her mouth from my shoulder and gave a low wail. I felt something warm and sticky wet my dick and balls. But I was in no mood to stop. The orgasm was building up in me. But she was trying to wriggle away from under me. I gave up and dismounted. She turned away from me and I came behind her and embraced her tightly from behind. My chest stuck to her back and my dick comfortably positioned between her ass cheeks. It was a good position. I could kiss her cheeks and nibble her ear and also could play with her boobs with one hand. I started moving my hips slowly rubbing my hardness between her buttocks. She moved closer and we again got into a comfortable rhythm. She let me maul her at will lying quietly under me and even helped me by adjusting our opposition time and again. Soon I was going on full tempo. I felt cum rising and the muscles tightening and ejaculated a heavy load on her hips and back. Oh! She sighed along with me. I shot a few more loads on her and slumped over her. She didn’t move at all. Soon we both were fast asleep.

When I woke up again I immediately checked the wall clock it was quarter to two. A lot of time, till the break of dawn.

I looked at my ‘hard on’ and played with it a little. It grew even bigger and harder. I looked at my sister lying next to me. She was sound asleep. I kept lying there looking at her and thinking. We both were virgin. Still ankara escort bayan we had refrained to take that last step. It was the right thing to do. It could lead to complications. I didn’t know anything about the female cycle and I didn’t know how much my sister knew about all that. More over this was not the place or time to take such a step. Any way we had a lot of time at our disposal. She was not getting married till the end of next year. The thought of her marriage made me sad and anxious. I rolled towards her and took her in my arms. She didn’t respond any. I kept on lying there for some time thinking of future of our relationship, incestuous and unacceptable to the world, yet so precious and delicate for us, Heartwarming and poignant.

Our bonding will get now more firm and strong. As I looked at the past I saw that the mutual attraction had always been there. We both had been very protective of each other. I will have to do my best to protect this relationship. Save it and hide it from others. I never knew I could be so lucky. Imagine having a young virgin beautiful lass as your girlfriend always so close to you and ready to fulfill all your wishes happily and blossoming even more in the process, showering sisterly love in front of others and ready to satiate the mutual carnal needs lust behind their back. Thinking these thoughts I had lost some of my erection. There was a strong smell of our secretions all around. I decided not to disturb her and go to my bed. I knew I won’t be able to go back to sleep. But as I separated myself from her and started to get up her hand caught my wrist. “Don’t go.” She said turning towards me. I fell back on the bed and she came into my arms in a light embrace. The soft touch of her firm breasts against my chest made me forget the worldly matters.

I wanted to say a lot of things to her. And she had an even bigger stock of things to tell me and ask me and teach me. We spent a long time talking and feeling each other. I will kiss her every time I made a compliment or said something in her praise. She will kiss me back. We knew that our hoard of the ‘sweet nothings’ is never going to end. But my dick was rock hard. I pressed it against her thigh and started rubbing it slowly but she immediately stopped me and made me lie prone on my back. She took two pillows and put them under my shoulders I was half sitting half lying. She took of my shirt and ran her fingers through hairy chest. She kissed and bit my chest and nipples and caressed my abdomen then she moved her hand further down and felt my balls and ran her fingers through my pubic hair and over the back of my hard cock. She took it in her hand firmly and started jerking off. The pleasure was indescribable.

All I could was moan and utter some totally incoherent words of encouragement. But she kept on working on my dick with her slow steady rhythm. I lost track of all dimensions of time and space. I pleaded with her to do it faster but she didn’t listen to me. When I felt that I was on the verge of an orgasm, she stopped totally. I couldn’t bear the torture. But to my relief she mounted me and started adjusting my 7inch long in the crevice between her puffy engorged love lips I felt her wetness lubricating me. The positioning was good I could play with her boobs and she could bend and kiss me. She started moving slowly rubbing her cunt and clit on my dick. Soon here movements gathered speed and I tried helping her with both my hands on her ass cheeks. But lying under her in a half prone position I couldn’t do much. But she was not to be bothered. She was soon puffing and panting with the exertion. But she went on and on her bones digging into me. Her body was glistening with the perspiration. In the end we both were exhausted and frustrated. I took her in my arms and held her tightly so that she could take some rest.

I rolled and pinned her under me. After a few kisses and licks I adjusted a pillow under her head so that she could watch while I came out of the bed, and moved between her legs. I started eating her juicy cunt. She was ecstatic at once. She took the other pillow and placed it over her mouth to smother her sobs and moans. As my tongue went deeper into her, her thigh and abdominal muscles contracted and hot lava gushed out in a thin stream. She took my head in both her hands to stop me. She was all spent but much relieved. She closed her thighs. I got up and standing in front of her started jerking my dick. For some time she kept on watching me masturbate looking at her naked body. Then she moved closer and took my dick in her hands and started jerking me off. This time she listened to my directions and in no time I ejaculated a big load on her it spattered her face abdomen and breasts. Her hands were full of my semen. She cleaned everything with her panties. Sleeping now was not an option. I put on my clothes. Then she gave me her clothes one at a time and I dressed her up. She came into my embrace and we again kissed passionately. She handed me a towel from the wardrobe.

“You first. I will put the room in order.” I obeyed her and came out of the room with a much pleased look on my face. After all I had gotten more than I had bargained for.

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