Saturday Morning Ch. 02

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When they walked into the bathroom Steve walked over to the shower and started to run the water. After testing the water and making sure it was a decent temperature he walked back over to Stacie who was just leaning up against the one wall watching his every move. Steve came up to her and kissed her passionately putting his hands up to her face as he kissed her. Taking her by one hand Steve guided her over to the bathtub where the shower water was all ready starting to steam up the room.

After the both got in, Steve got himself all wet first under the shower, and then let Stacie get wet under the shower. While Stacie was under the water Steve grabbed a washcloth and body wash so he could help lather up. After putting a few droplets of the body wash onto the washcloth and creating a few bubbles by rubbing the washcloth together for a few seconds, Steve just watched Stacie soak her self under the shower making sure she was completely wet.

When he saw that she was ready for the next step, Steve moved a little closer to her and started to rub the washcloth on her breasts totally lathering her up. He then moved down to her stomached and started moving his hand and motion into a circle pattern. Stacie just moaned a bit as Steve continued to massage her body as he lathered her up with the body wash. Stacie then spread her legs a little bit as Steve started to work down to her thighs just below her all ready very soaked pussy. Steve made sure he continued to lather up every inch of her legs including the backs of them. Then as he stood up he turned her around so he could wash the back of her body.

From behind Steve started to lather her back up starting from the neck and covering all of her back. Stacie continued her slight moaning, letting Steve know she was enjoying the attention. Steve then added a little more body wash to the washcloth before rubbing Stacie’s ass cheeks with the body wash soaked washcloth. As he did this Stacie’s moaning got a bostancı escort little louder as he noticed that she was squeezing and pinching her own nipple as the water washed down on her cleaning away all the body wash.

Steve then stood up moving closer and placing the washcloth down. He reached around her body and grabbed her tits and helped her caress them as his hard cock pressed up against her ass cheeks and back. Stacie noticing Steve’s growing attention grabbed his hands and moved them down to her stomached as she was encouraging to move even more south then there. Steve caught on to the hint but placing two fingers on her clit and started to rub it in quick circler motions. Stacie’s hands went back to her nipples and her moans turned into pants and cries of “Oh God.” Stacie could feel Steve’s hard cock pressing up against her but seemed helpless to do anything as he was fingering her clit with his fingers and with the other hand he was slowly placing one finger in her pussy.

Stacie couldn’t believe she was building to an orgasm again but this time in the shower. She moaned and groaned as he was pushing and pressing and rubbing on her clit with another finger slowly moving in and out of her pussy hole. The water continued to spray down on them both, as Stacie was much closer to her orgasm. And as she started to cum her knees became a little weak and she dipped a bit down but Steve maintained her balance for her as he rubbed her pussy through out her orgasm. Steve could feel her muscles in her pussy grabbed into his finger as she came.

While Stacie was still feeling the effects of her orgasm Steve spun her around in the shower and kissed her passionately. He then lifter her up just a bit and as her pussy and pelvis moved up, his hard cock met up with her pussy lips. When this happened his cock slid in pretty easily and Stacie’s body slid down his cock to Steve’s body.

Stacie then looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck ümraniye escort bayan me hard Steve, fuck me hard in the shower.”

Knowing that Stacie was at a very erotic state Steve turned to the bathroom wall with his cock still in her and put her back to the wall for some support. Then he put his hands on her ass cheeks while hers were around her neck and then as he looked down at his cock in her pussy he started to fuck her with a lot of force and speed. She wanted to get fuck and fucked hard, then Steve was going to fuck her hard. His cock was slamming in and out of her with a lot of speed. Stacie was moaning and panting and when she could speak all she said was, “Oh God, yes.” Steve’s balls were flaying so hard that they slapped up against Stacies ass cheeks every time he slammed into her pussy.

After about five minutes of just straight fucking her pussy and another orgasm Steve decided to change positions and pulled his hard and very wet cock out of Stacies gapping hole. When she was on her own two feet, Stacie surprised Steve moving to her knees for a moment and placing his cock into her mouth cleaning off al her juices that were soaked onto his cock. Stacie and Steve both moaned as she did this, Steve grabbed her head and started to slowly fuck her face while Stacie stroked his cock with her one hand.

Not wanting to cum just yet, Steve pulled out of her mouth and helped her to her feet and positioned her with her back to him. After raising one of her legs with his arms and with her balancing herself up against the one wall of the tub, Steve took his hard cock placed it against her pussy lips ready to enter her from behind. With one strong push, Steve’s hard cock entered Stacie’s pussy completely, filling her up.

Steve started to slam his pelvis into her ass cheeks, bringing his cock out to the tip before pushing it back in again. “Oh God, fuck me harder” Steve heard from Stacie as she moaned. As Steve continued to kartal escort fuck her pussy, Stacie started to build to another orgasm. Steve’s cock slid in and out of her pussy with ease. Stacie started to cum and her pussy muscles squeezed Steve’s hard cock intensely as he kept fucking. When she was done cumming Steve pulled his cock out and started to position the tip of his cock on her awaiting asshole.

With all of Stacie’s pussy juice coating Steve’s hard cock, Steve slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her ass. The juice from her pussy lubricated her asshole and he was able to continue to push it in. When he got about half way, Stacie start to buck towards him encouraging his cock to move completely into her. When completely in, Steve started to move his cock in and out first slowly and gently as Stacie moved one of hands to her clit rubbing with a fierce intention.

“Cum in my ass Steve, I want you to cum in my ass!” Stacie exclaimed as Steve continued to fuck her.

Steve kept his motion going, forcing all seven inches of his cock into her ass. His balls kept slapping up against her pussy lips every time he slammed into her. As his orgasm started to build he grabbed Stacie’s ass and picked up his speed, fucking her harder and harder with a lot of force. Stacie started to scream as Steve and his cock were pounding her ass.

Then Stacie heard a grunt and groan as his cock dispensed its load into her ass. Steve squeezed her ass even more as his cock remained completely in her ass. Stacie was panting and just kept rubbing her clit while Steve pulled his cock out of her ass. He spun her around, kissed her passionately and asked, “Damn that was very good, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Mmmmm, yes I did. Thank you” Stacie answered back with a huge grin on her face and two fingers rubbing her clit.

Steve and Stacie then washed up both helped out the other, scrubbing each other down.

While drying off outside the tub Steve turns to Stacie and says, “Why don’t we go get some food? I don’t know about you but a lot of fucking makes me hungry.”

“Great, I’m starved! Let’s go.” Stacie answered back.

The two got dressed and ready and were off to eat a brunch before the adventures continued.

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Satin Bikini Panties

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Stuck in traffic, on my way to the office my phone beeped with a message. Looking down I saw it was my best friend Jay and smiled. It always seemed that when my life got unbearable, he was there for her. Best friend doesn’t accurately describe our relationship, but I cannot figure out another way to describe it.

I smiled at Jay’s always familiar question, “Hi my beautiful Alli, what are you wearing?” This time I responded with, “I think it is about time you find out for yourself. I have been so busy with work lately, and I need a break. I am going to ask to take time off for a vacation today. I am going to an undisclosed location, just to get away from it all. You should meet me there.”

Within 48 hours, I had my plane tickets and a reservation for two in a romantic hotel in 2 weeks.

Preparing for my getaway, I obsessed over what to wear, what perfume to wear… I cut and dyed my hair, had much needed bikini waxing, a manicure, a pedicure, and body massage. I even went to the gym obsessively, just to firm and tighten up my curves.

Finally after two long weeks of preparation, I am off to a wonderful vacation with Jay. The plane landed and I picked up a rental car and went to our hotel. Checking in, I put a spare key card into an envelope, wrote Jay’s name on it and asked the hotel clerk to give it to Jay when he arrived.

I went up to our room and jumped into the shower. I enjoyed taking the extra time to shave everything and make sure all of my parts were soft and smelled delicious. I curled my long silky brown hair. I slid on a “barely-covering-anything-$200-matching-red-satin bra-and-panty-set”. I imagined that I would be incredibly nervous waiting for my Jay, but instead I just felt longing to be in his arms. I wanted Jay with everything that I was, but I also wanted to be with my best friend.

Having a little free time, I laid out on the bed. Butterflies filled my stomach and a smile played on my face. After a few minutes I heard the key card slide into the lock and the click open. I rolled onto my right side, with my head resting on my right hand. Jay quietly walked into the hotel room. I felt like the air was knocked out of me when Jay walked in wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. Seeing me lying on the bed waiting for him caused him to blush and I could see a beautiful bulge instantly formed in his jeans. Unconsciously, I licked my lips and looked seductively up at Jay. He looked so handsome in the white button down shirt. I was reminded of how Jay chatted about this moment, and what it would be like if it ever happened. Just seeing my Jay made my breasts sensitive and my pink nipples grew hard with anticipation.

Jay gave I an appraising yet playful look. Enjoying how her hair splayed over her hand. He approached the side of the bed and lightly glided his fingers from my ankle up over my calf to her thigh. Then slipping higher he slipped one finger under the back of my red satin bikini panties along my curvy cheeks. I guessed that Jay approved of my sexy attire.

Not really believing that Jay, her wonderful Jay was standing there in front of me, I just stared up and grinned at his playful teasing.

Jay smiled back and slid his finger out to trace them over the back of my red panties. He obviously was enjoying the feel of the satin. My stomach bostancı escort flipped. Jay cocked an eyebrow and traced his index finger down between my legs. I felt his fingers slide over my waiting pussy. I am sure he could feel the outline of my pussy lips through the silky material between her legs.

I almost squeaked at the wave of moisture flooding my panties from Jay’s sudden touch. I wondered if that was the reaction from a his touch and what would happen with his penetration. Shaking that thought from my mind, I suddenly felt exposed lying on the bed to Jay. I rolled to my back and arched as I sat up close to Jay. I was silently begging my Jay to touch me. I spread my legs and pulled Jay between them, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as I stared into his beautiful hazel eyes. Spreading my legs, the sudden exposure to the air made the wet satin feel cool against my freshly shaven, sensitive pussy.

Holding Jay close our hungry lips together. Jay held my head running his fingers thru my curly brown hair. Jay loving studied my face, it has been so long. Slowly he ran his fingers up my well toned triceps as I unbuttoned his shirt. His fingers lightly moved to the back of my neck and into my hair. He leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

Taking a moment to enjoy being wanted, I closed my eyes at the feel of Jay’s fingers in my hair. I would do or give him anything he wanted in this moment. I finished unbuttoning his shirt. I slid my thumbs under the material and slowly run my thumbs over his collarbones and off his masculine shoulders. The warmth of his skin against my fingers causes goose bumps to erupt all over my arms.

Jay smiled just before my eyes closed. He shrugged out of his shirt as I pulled it down. I then let the shirt slide off his arms one at a time keeping the other hand in my hair. His fingers tangled in my hair, massaging my scalp gently. Once his shirt was off he smiled and pulled my lips to his stomach.

I wrapped my arms around him and teased his back with my red nails. I gently kissed his firm stomach down to the button of his jeans which I expertly popped open using my teeth. Then, I teasingly opened my mouth over his bulge and blew hot air through his jeans and boxers, while looking seductively up at Jay.

Jay loved having my arms around him and how I teased him with my fingertips. Jay groaned softly as he felt my teasing kisses. He enjoyed the way I continued to look into his eyes, impressed with how she opened his jeans with her teeth. “I love how you blow Alli”.

I questioningly looked up a Jay before unzipping his pants. Her answer came in a smile as Jay’s hand moved from her hair to across her cheek. His thumb sliding over her lips as he leaned down and kissed her gently.

Gently kissing him back I unzipped his pants and slid them over his butt cheeks. As they slid to his ankles I teased the front of his legs with my long fingernails. I love the way my lips feel as we kiss. Jay’s legs erupt in goose bumps. I teasingly lick my lips as his pants come down. He straightened up and lightly brushed his boxer-covered bulge over my bra-clad breasts. I playfully used my hands to squeeze his boxer-covered bulge between my soft ample breasts…all the time smiling up at him.

I reached inside his boxers and wrapped my hand around ümraniye escort bayan his swollen hardness. He was stiff and ready for my hungry wet lips. He quietly moaned as I wrapped my hot wet lips around his engorged red cock. Jay kept a tangled hand in my hair and moved the other down to stroke my back.

Jay smiled and pulled his boxers down slowly, feeling his hot bare cock freed and lightly tapping my sexy cleavage. At the feel of Jay’s warm stiff cock on my cold chest, my body grows warm and excited. Goosebumps erupt all over my body. I tilt my head down and softly lick the tip of Jay’s perfect cock. He is dripping his clear silky precum form the swollen tip. My tongue licks his delicious salty wetness off the red tip.

Jay groaned softly as he felt and watched me lick the tip of his hard cock. He held my hair back with one hand and stood up a little so I didn’t have to bend as much. His tight balls were now resting on my breasts as the tip of his hardness taps my hungry lips. With his other hand he slid down my chest… into the red satin bra, cupping my breast gently… his thumb sliding over my swollen nipple.

I exhaled as Jay’s hand cupped my neglected breast. The rest of my body jealous of the contact. Watching his face I licked around the tip of his cock, then gently I sucked it to taste his delicious precum. I brought my right hand up to the base and gently wrapped my fingers around the bottom of his throbbing shaft. Using my hot wet tongue, spit, and Jay’s precum I lubricated his shaft as I gently played with his swollen balls with her other hand. I looked up at Jay as I took him into my mouth and slowly licked the length of his shaft, giving his head a gently suck before licking around the tip again. Jay moaned, Alli, I love you so much. He smiled down as I tilted my chin up a little. His hands moved to my head, fingers and intertwined with my hair as I took his stiff cock into my mouth again.

I hummed the ABC’s as I bobbed up and down, relentlessly massaging the vein on Jay’s extremely hard cock. I pulled back and looked up with him with a seductive wink and then my mouth closed over his cock again and I bobbed with an unhurried rhythm on his throbbing shaft. I went slowly enough that he wasn’t in too much danger of cumming, but fast and deep enough to keep him pretty close to the edge. It was wonderfully sensual, watching and feeling my lips glide easily up and down his hardness.

I turned my head slightly from side to side as I sucked, letting my tongue caress the full underside of his swollen cock.

Jay had been looking into my eyes, until his eyes closed and he pleaded I to stop before he came in my mouth. He tried to move away from my wonderful mouth but he was trapped in the jeans and shoes at his feet. I used this to my advantage and pushed Jay back against the wall as I dropped down to my knees in front of him. Redoubling my efforts I started to take Jay all the way down my throat. Giving into the moment Jay used his hands in my hair to guide me to bob quicker and suck harder. “Mmmmm, Alli, you are my only cock sucker” . I moaned into Jay’s beautiful cock.

As Jay felt himself approaching the point of no return, the muscles in his thighs tightened and his back arched, pushing his cock further into my mouth. I didn’t slow down or hesitate kartal escort as his shaft hardened and swelled to the bursting point. My lips continued their velvety-smooth caressing of his member even as his balls tightened and then unloaded. Jay groaned and shuddered as the first massive gob of cum surged from his cock into my hungry mouth. I joyfully kept sucking, drawing two more good-sized spurts of cum from him. Holding his wad in my mouth I looked up at Jay questioningly, remembering a conversation we had about this.

Jay smiled down at me. Using his finger he ran it up my chin, gathering some of his cum and I spit on his finger and stuck it in his mouth. I smiled wickedly, and swallowed part of Jay’s hot thick cream as he pulled me into a standing position. I moved back to the bed, unhooking my bra. I was holding the rest of Jay’s cum in my mouth as Jay stepped out of his shoes, jeans and socks. He moved to the bed and stood in-between my legs wanting to kiss my mouth. His fingers found my soaking-wet-satin clad pussy lips. I was close to coming and his touch almost sent me over the edge. It turned me on to know I made Jay cum by blowing his beautiful hard cock.

I moaned and Jay used his tongue to split my closed lips. Looking into Jay’s eyes I transferred Jay’s load into his own mouth with my tongue and then massaged his tongue with mine to spread the delicious cum around. Jay and I kissed passionately sharing Jay’s load. Jay sucked everything out of my mouth and held it in his as he pushed me back onto the bed. I scooted back so that my head was on the pillows knees bent and lifted my bottom so that Jay could pull my wet-red-satin panties off. Once off Jay impatiently spread my bent knees to have better access to my waiting wet pussy.

Jay laid flat on his stomach and looked up at my face. I was looking down at him wondering what he was going to do. He opened his mouth and let the load fall from his lips onto my open pussy. I have never been so turned on in my life. My clit was red, swollen and aching. Jay used his tongue to mix his sticky mess with my dripping pussy juices. When his tongue would run over my throbbing clit I would jolt at the sensation. Jay licked and sucked on my swollen clit. I moaned and was so turned on he knew it wouldn’t take long before I came. Jay used his tongue to move part of the load to my slit opening. He slid one finger in and then another. Purring I started to slowly fuck my Jay’s face and lovely fingers. His fingers felt so good stretching my pussy lips. Jay loved looking up and seeing me pinching my hard swollen nipples as I head tilted back into the pillows. Jay flicked my sensitive clit with his hot tongue, and sped up his fingering fucking me.

My soft purring turned into load moaning. My body tightened and then started to violently shake as I came for my Jay. Jay continued until my body relaxed. My head came back off the pillow smiled down at him. Tonguing and sucking Jay got as much of our combined load into his mouth.

Jay climbed up over me. I closed my legs as he crawled up on all fours over the top of me. I could feel his soft cock and balls on my stomach. I looked up at him as he turned his face so that his mouth was sideways over mine. I opened my mouth and Jay spit their cum into my mouth. I savored the way they tasted together and then swallowed it all. Tired and satisfied Jay laid next to me. I rolled over and moved my legs so that they were intertwined with Jay’s and then tickling his side I said, “Hey J, how are you?” Jay started laughing and said, “It’s good to see all of you Alli.”

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Sarah’s Journey Ch. 008

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008 A handful of erect penis.

Still standing there in front of this adonis, with his shorts pulled down, my hand firmly gripping his rock hard erection that I can feel pulsing with his heart beat, I was shocked and stunned that I was doing this. All I could to was imagine how it would feel to have him thrusting this big piece of meat in me. If I could even handle all of his length not to mention the girth. I definitely had never seen, touched, much less had inside me anything this big.

Without even noticing how much time went by I looked up at him and smiled. Then I noticed that I was starting to stroke this handful of hard cock that I was still gripping like my life depended on it. I suddenly let go and apologized.

“For what?” he asked with a laugh.

“For ummm, well stroking…”

“Hey I’m definitely not complaining am I?” he asked with a huge smile.

“It’s just that I’ve only ever touched or really seen my husbands…” I trailed off looking back down at this still raging erection bouncing in the cool evening air.

“Really?” He asked in some amazement.

“Yep.”, was all I said as my mind was still racing to try and handle the situation I’d never been in before. “Can I ask how big it is?” I asked with a definite tone of amazement and awe.

“Sure. I’m nothing much to brag about at 6″ long and about 4” around.

“Nothing to brag about!? You’re huge!”

He chuckled and said, “Not really. What are you used to, if I can ask?”

“My ex was about 4″ and definitely thinner than you.”

“Well that’s definitely good for my ego then.” “You don’t have to stop touching me if you don’t want to, trust me I’m not complaining about a beautiful woman like you stroking me. It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight like this.” He stated.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Ummmm…I didn’t mean to ummm…” I was burbling out of excitement, nervousness, all the while being turned on and starting to feel the wetness starting.

“Well if you’d like to help fix this problem I’d be ok with that as well.”

“You mean like ummm…”

“That is if you want to, no pressure.” he reassured with a confident tone.

“Here?!” I said surprised.

“Sure it’s pretty private and no cameras over here.” he shrugged.

“Sure.” I grinned with anticipation. I’d masturbated Brandon before and this is the same, I told my self. All the while my brain screaming, except he’s huge!

I pulled his shorts down a bit further to his balls were now exposed as well, I was excited because they had to be the size of raquet balls. I cupped them and they wouldn’t bostancı escort all fit in my hand, like his penis didn’t. Each one was a hand full for me, and I gave them a gentle squeeze and he moaned just a little with pleasure. I gripped his bat of a penis and stroked him like a few moments ago but faster and with a firmer grip.

“Like this?” I asked with some trepidation. As I hadn’t hardly done this with Brandon and definitely wasn’t what I would call good at it.

“Oh yes that’s great. You can squeeze harder and be rougher, don’t be afraid of hurting me.” he reassured.

I was in disbelief, I was standing here with a hot guys huge cock in my hand and I was jerking up and down on it like my life depended on it. After only a few seconds he grunted and just said “Don’t stop.”

I felt it swell in my hand and then start spasming. I could feel a bulge move down the length of his shaft right before his penis exploded in a massive shot of semen that hit the wall of the building that had to be 8′ away!

“Don’t stop.” he said again and I kept stroking him as spurt after spurt of cum kept spraying from the engorged head of his penis. It was like he came forever, and the first 6 shots easily hit the wall in front of him. I was amazed, Brandon only ever squirted a few inches and mostly dribbled the couple of times I did this to him.

Eventually after probably 10 squirts it started to subside and they got weaker and slower. But I was still uncontrollably stroking him furiously as he spasmed even though nothing was coming out any more. Eventually he stopped grunting and opened his eyes. And I slowed to just a playful speed now in awe of how much and how hard he just came, and loving having another mans penis in my hand. It was so erotic but taboo at the same time.

“Wow! It’s great that you didn’t stop or slow down when I came. And you know to keep going for a while after I stopped shooting. Just because nothing is coming out any more doesn’t mean the orgasm is over. That was amazing!” he gushed.

“I’m glad you liked it so well. I’m not very experienced at all really, but that’s a longer story.” “Much like your amazing penis.” I added as calmly as I could. All the while still slowly still milking his now softening cock that even now was still longer that I could cover with 1 hand, and admiring the huge amount of cum that had just erupted from it.

“Well that will make it easier to sleep tonight that’s for sure. It’s been a few days for me.”

Laughing a bit “I’m glad. So should I put it away now?” I asked.

He wiped the tip off with a gym ümraniye escort bayan towel to clean off any that was left and said, yes. “I love it when women do that, take it out and put it back. I don’t know why but I do.”

Looking down as his now mostly flaccid cock and testicles that were obviously relieved, I gave them one last cupping still in amazement, and pulled his shorts out and up to get his package back in them. As I was about to stretch his shorts over his penis, I don’t know what came over me, without thinking I bent down and kissed it right on the tip like I was saying thank you or something.

The instant I did that I could feel it starting to swell in my hand again. I paused for a split second before putting the rest of him back down his shorts. I let go of it and there was a bit of a slap as it fell heavily. I let go of his shorts and noticed that they were still held out by his still semi erect cock. I had to say I was intrigued and impressed. I was used to after Brandon came, it was over. Even when he was 20 it was a day at least before he’d be ready again. But it looked as if my new friend here was on the verge of, ready again!

“Can I get your number?” He asked with a renewed confidence.

“Sure.” I said.

“Great, we’ll discuss dinner then.”

I gave him my number and headed home. On the drive I couldn’t get what happened out of my mind, it just kept replaying over and over. It was such a turn on I couldn’t believe how effected I was. My small pocket vibrator definitely got used even on the short drive back home. At home I ran inside and straight to the shower, vibrator still in hand.

Turning the water on I furiously rubbed the vibrator over my clit and masturbated with a fervor like never before. It was almost violent. Within just a minute I felt an orgasm coming, I tried to slow down and enjoy the process, but there was no stopping it. I came and I felt every muscle inside my vagina spasm and contract like never before. It was amazing, I felt a gush suddenly and it was gone with the shower water. That was new but being in the shower I didn’t give it a second thought. I fell against the wall still trembling and weathering the fading waves of the gut crushing orgasm that just assaulted my abdominal muscles. It felt like I could crush rocks with as hard as I contracted. I slumped to the floor under the warm shower water unable to get up.

Panting on the shower floor I eventually stood up shakily, soaped up and actually showered.

When I finally got to bed I couldn’t get my mind to stop racing, replaying the events in kartal escort my head. The intensity of the eroticism was beyond what I ever imagined. I finally faded off to sleep, with my vagina still swollen and wet. I woke up around 0200 to turn over and noticed there was a wet spot on the bed and I was still horny from earlier. I tried to go back to sleep and just couldn’t.

I finally gave up, went to the bathroom and grabbed my vibrator, and a towel. Back in bed I rubbed over my clitoris and fingered myself to another intense orgasm. Nothing like the one in the shower, I definitely could feel my muscles grasping and milking my finger I had inside me. After this subsided I wiped my hands off, as well as the now dead vibrator. Finally I was able to go back to sleep, and I understood what he meant by, tough to sleep like this.

The next morning I woke up about 10 minutes before my alarm. I turned it off and went for my morning bathroom run. As I sat there still ruminating about last night, I started thinking. When I did put my fingers inside me usually 1 was all I used, 2 was noticeably more filling and I could feel the grip when I did that. This was nothing out of the ordinary til now. As I remembered how his cock felt in my hand I started to think about how thick it was. I could still close my hand around it but still, it was significantly thicker than what I was used to.

When I masturbated I rarely inserted anything in me except a finger. I honestly didn’t want to stretch myself out because when I did occasionally have sex it felt good and I liked the stretching feeling, but didn’t want to lose that. So insertion never was much of a thing. But now maybe I could rethink that, if he was right about his penis being about average. And if that was the case what else was I going to find out there in the new dating world?

This was Los Angeles with about 6 million people, not some small town in Oregon with only a couple of thousand. I imagined that there were more variations of mens size just by the sheer number of people. It’s statistics, and there I go getting analytical. I got ready and went to work as usual.

On the drive to work I still couldn’t get last nights events out of my head. I grabbed for my vibrator as I often did in LA traffic. I hit the button and nothing, dammit! I didn’t recharge it. I plugged it in to the phone charger and drove to work in anguished discomfort.

All day I could only half concentrate on anything. I had never been so eager to get to the gym in my life. I even changed into my gym clothes in the restroom 15 minutes before the end of day.

I made sure to grab one of my older sports bra to try and advertise the new boobs as best I could. Not that it did all that great of a job, as I’m only a small C cup. But I was hoping that the same guy was going to be there, and maybe I’d get his name this times.

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Sara’s Awakening

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Sara was tired and fed up. It had been a long day at the office and all she wanted was to get on the plane and get home as soon as possible, home being London as she was currently in Paris.

She was hoping to be home on time tonight so that she could enjoy a little alone time. Lately this has not been possible for her. Working in the Investor Relations world takes up a lot of time and patience, considering it is a mans world, so to speak, and that she had to work extra hard in proving herself to her peers.

Sara manages to get out of the office on time, the private limo driver is downstairs waiting for her to drive her to Charles de Gaulle airport where the company’s private Lear jet is waiting for her.

The driver, Philippe, helps Sara with her bags into the limo and appreciatively scans her body as she steps past him getting into the back. He catches the slightest hint of perfume, intoxicating and extremely sexy, and inhales, filling his lungs with her scent, thinking to himself if she would smell like that all over.

Philippe cuts through the rush hour traffic in Paris, rushing towards the airport, while Sara throws herself a drink and sits back to relax, watching Paris fly past in her window. Such a beautiful city, Sara thinks to herself, mercilessly ruthless yet charming and romantic. Every girl loves Paris, she loves Paris but unfortunately Sara didn’t have anyone to share romantic moments with her.

Every now and then Philippe would steal a glance at Sara in his rear-view mirror. Sara is an attractive woman, in her mid thirties, big beautiful breasts, voluptuous, curvy body, thick blonde wavy hair down to the middle of her back with emerald green eyes. Today Sara was wearing a black knee length pencil skirt, high waisted with a broad belt clinched in at the waist, with a white tight fitting, plunging neckline blouse. Sara always dressed like a vixen, she loved the style of the pin up models of the 40’s he was thick, so deliciously thick and long. She licked her lips a little and slowly lowered her mouth onto his cock, flicking her tongue over the head, tasting his pre-cum, which tasted deliciously salty and musky, just the way she liked it. Philippe made a guttural sound in the back of his throat and tilted his head back and arched his back a little, pushing his torso towards her, revelling in the immense feeling of pleasure this creature was giving him.

Sara proceeded to insert his hard dick into her mouth, holding him at the thick base, just by his balls. He was escort ataşehir shaven, which she liked very much, and his sack was soft like velvet, smooth to the touch. She continued to take him into her mouth and slowly started to suck his magnificent tasting cock. At the same time her hand moved to her breast, pulling the blouse and bra aside, feeling her hard nipple under the fabric. She moaned, sucking him harder and deeper into her mouth, taking his cock deep into her throat. Philippe started to move faster and more deliberate, pumping Sara’s delicious red lipstick covered mouth. He could smell her perfume, Chanel Allure, heavy, intoxicating, cock hardening good.

He let her suck him some more and then told her to suck his balls, which she gladly did, first taking the one and rolling it around in her mouth gently with her tongue only to release it and take the other one and do the same, applying suction. This made Philippe’s cockhead swell even more and make more pre-cum ooze out of the little eye. Sara went back to his cockhead and lightly nipped the tip, pushing her tongue into the little hole lapping up the pre-cum, moaning at the pleasure of having a hard dick in her mouth.

She was very wet by now; she could feel her panties getting soaked. She moved up slightly and moved her skirt up over her ass so that she was sitting on the leather with her now soaking pussy. Her hand left her nipple and moved down toward the crotch of her soaking panties and inserted one finger and flicked her clit. It was hard and swollen and so very very wet. She moaned and started rubbing her cleft, coating her outer lips with her juice. Philippe looked down at what she was doing, and moaned at the sight. He pulled out of her mouth with almost a popping sound due to the vacuum Sara was creating while sucking him and lowered himself onto the back seat, pushing Sara deeper into the limo. It wasn’t a stretch limo, but one of those big town cars, with just enough space to have sex on the back seat without getting any bumps on your head.

Sara lay back, pulling her legs up and parting them slightly, inviting Philippe to look at her, which he did. He lowered himself between her legs and cupped her mound, feeling her wetness, groaning at the sensation. He started to rub her, every now and then squeezing her pussy lips together, this made Sara moan and arched her back slightly. He pushed the gusset of her panties aside to look at her pussy, which was beautiful. Like a pink flower, with pink inner petals kadıköy escort bayan and slightly darker pink outer petals and in the center a hard little button that he wanted to suck on. She was unbelievable smooth, she had shaved everything off and the feeling of her pussy was like touching velvet, deliciously soft.

He dipped his finger in her juices, coating it and spreading it over her clit, making her gasp and then inserted his first finger into her tight hole. Sara moaned even louder now, and was playing with her nipples, tweaking them that they stood upright, hard and proud. He started to finger fuck her, slowly at first, and then faster making Sara moan louder, he bent down and started to suck on her clit, he felt her pussy twitch around his finger and inserted finger number two, all the while working her pussy with his mouth. He wanted to feel her have a clitoral orgasm, he wanted to tasted her cum on his tongue, lap it up and suck it dry. His other hand had moved to his enormously hard and thick cock and started stroking it, coating the shaft with his pre-cum. He worried at her clit, and this drove her over the edge, she came, hard and fast into his mouth, clenching his head between her thighs, her body trembling from the spasms, her breath ragged and slowly she relaxed her legs. She felt so good, and this is just what Philippe was waiting for.

He got into the car, closed the door and pulled her on top of him, facing him. He made her straddle him, pushing her panties completely to the side so that he could watch how she lowered herself onto his now aching cock. Slowly, inch for inch he made her lower herself and then with one sudden thrust he was completely inside her. Sara yelped a little at his girth, but after a few seconds relaxed and started to moved on his cock, sliding the shaft in and out of her insatiably wet slit. Philippe started fucking her, pounding her from below, making her moan and squeal a bit, he buried his face in-between her tits and slowly moved his head back and forth, catching first her one nipple in his mouth, working it into a hard little point and sucking it outwards and then the other.

Her nipples was the colour of cappuccino brown, hard little nubbins, her areola was big her breasts heavy, more than two handfuls each and definitely natural. Philippe marvelled in this woman’s feminism and soaked it up. Sara lent forward now really working his cock, riding him hard, talking dirty into his ear, telling him to fuck her hard to stuff her escort bostancı pussy, push it in deeper, licking and nibbling his earlobe. Philippe starts to mutter in French, but Sara doesn’t understand, but loved the sounds of the words whispered in her ear and closes her eyes and tilts her head back.

Sara is close to her orgasm as sitting in this position, Philippe is pounding her G-Spot, she can feel her orgasm starting in the pit of her loins, her stomach muscles leaping like being on a swing being pushed too high making it flip, her pussy starts to clench over his cock, milking him, wanting his cock to fill her up with his sperm.

Philippe growls and starts to pound her harder and faster, making Sara insane, and she cums, hard, wave after wave of pleasure hitting her, with a shout of obscenities. Philippe is almost there, and he pulls out of her now dripping wet pussy and pushes her back and makes her take his cock into her mouth while he strokes it furiously and he cums, spraying her face and mouth with his cum, pulse after pulse of sticky white cum. It dribbles past her lips onto her chest where it slowly trails down to in-between her breasts. She licks his cock clean, milking it still for the last little bit of cum which makes him dick spasm, his balls shrunk back into his body from coming and looks down at Sara and smiles.

Sara smiles back, cleaning up the last little bit of cum on her lips and rubbing what is left on her breasts into her skin. He bends down to kiss her, long and deep, tasting himself on her, pulling her towards him, crushing her beautiful bosom into his chest.

Reluctantly they pull away from each other, only to panic at the time flown by; Philippe dashes back to the driver seat, while Sara fixes herself up in the back. They get to the private jet about 15 minutes late, but not too late to cause any concern. Philippe gets out of the car and gets Sara’s luggage and hands it to the pilot and goes back to help her out of the car. When she steps out, her knees buckle slightly and he catches her, smelling her hair and perfume and he intentionally buries his head into her neck, nuzzling her just below the ear. Sara smiles and giggles and pulls back looking intensely into his beautiful blue eyes and says that she can’t wait till she’s back in Paris for business and would like to know if he would like to continue this in her hotel room next time she’s there. He replies with a smile and a nod and tells her he will wait for her at the airport the next time she flies in. Sara smiles, from ear to ear and nods and walks off to the plane, thinking that she might not need that quiet time after all, but the bottle of Red wine will still suffice to bring her down from the euphoria she was feeling after the escapade in the car.

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Santa Inc.

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Damn Santa was horny. He had been flying around all night long and needed a beer and a blowjob. So far all he had gotten was some luke warm milk and crappy cookies. Oh well, it pays the bills. His real name was Alan but he was currently working for Santa Inc. Nobody realized that there was no way ONE Santa could hit all the houses in the world. It was a corporation. All run by the original Santa. He had incorporated a few years ago and hired some assistants. Alan had gotten out of the Navy a year ago and was just making some money on the side. Hey, sounded easy. Fly around in a Santa suit, drop off some toys and shit. Grab some free grub and hit the skies. Kind of like UPS. So here he was. 2 AM in the morning freezing his ass off in Colorado wearing a dorky Santa suit, fake beard, and a pillow to complete the look. Ok, no use getting all worked up. Just a few more houses and he was done. Alan was already counting the cash. But there was NO way he was doing the Easter bunny gig. No WAY. Time to get to work. Santa reached into his magic bag and pulled out the pack of skeleton keys. “Screw the fireplace. Not going to get stuck like last time. Just let me get this back door lock and…BINGO!! Alrighty then. Let’s get to work.” he thought.

Santa walked into the house and into the living room. There was a tree and some stockings. OK, lets get the stuff unloaded and get on the road. Hell, he could probably hit Happy Hour in Sri Lanka if he hurried. So Santa started unloading all of the gifts. Amazing what you can put in the magic bag. Bikes, toys, etc. All went below the tree. Damn he was thirsty. “Oh well, wonder what is in the fridge?” He thought as he went into the kitchen. Yahoo. There was a six-pack of Sam Adams there. Well one beer isn’t gonna hurt. Hell the reindeer do all the work. He just sits there and listens to the stereo. Santa went back into the living room and sat down in on the couch. Took a long pull and almost choked to death. Standing by the stairs was the lady of the house. And what a lady!! She was wearing a long red nightgown. It was low in the front and slit high on the side. She looked very surprised. They just looked at each other. He looked her up and down. She had shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes and was very well curved. Beautifully proportioned. He could see the tops of her breasts in the v of the gown. Her tits were awesome. The nipples could be seen through the thin silk. Santa was getting erect.

“Ummm…well hello there little lady. Shouldn’t you be in bed?” He asked. He was trying to bluff his way out of this one. Having Santa sitting on the couch escort ataşehir with a beer in his hand was not the proper image and could get him fired. The lady just looked at him. “Well, why don’t you come over and sit on Santa’s lap. Tell me what you want for Xmas.” He rumbled. Why the hell did he say that? Christ!! He was gonna get canned for sure. The lady in red seemed to consider it for a minute and then slowly approached. She turned around and slowly sat on this lap. “Holy shit. She has a nice ass,” he thought to himself. The fabric was tight across her hips and ass. She settled down on him and put her arm around his shoulders. She was right on his cock. He could feel the crack of her ass right on his cock. She squirmed a little to get comfortable. Santa almost came in his pants. He was getting really hard. There was no way she couldn’t feel his erection against her ass. She turned her head and looked at him. “Well, Santa, I haven’t been a very good girl this year. I have been bad. I don’t think you will give me anything.” She whispered.

“Baby you have no idea” he thought. “Maybe you can make it up tonight? The year is not over yet.” He answered. “What can I do Santa?? I want you to give me something. I will do anything to be a good girl for you.” She murmured. Santa just looked at her and then glanced down. Her could see right into her gown. He could see her tits. They were awesome. His cock twitched. “What is your name little lady” he asked. “Leann. I am so excited to meet you Santa. I have always wanted to meet you. Not the fake Santa’s but the real one.” She said. Alan thought about telling her the truth but she squirmed again and that thought went right out of his head. “You have been a bad girl Leann. You are going to really have to work hard to make it up. I only have about a half hour before I have to get to the other houses. What can you do to make it up?” He asked. Leann pursed her lips and slipped out of his lap and kneeled down in front of Santa. “I will be so good to you sir. Let me be good sir.” She asked. All Santa could do was nod. Leann leaned forward. She rubbed her face against his crotch. The velvet clothe covering his cock. He was so hard. Damn, he was glad he decided not to wear underwear. His meat was pounding in his pants. He could feel her face rubbing on him. Oh shit. “That is a good girl. Make Santa happy Leann.” He said. She smiled to herself and reached for his belt. In a twinkle it was undone. His pants were down around his boots and her hands were on him. He was trembling as she ran her red nails along the shaft. Santa reached out and placed kadıköy escort bayan his white-gloved hands on her back of her head. He pulled her down and she engulfed his cock in her mouth. Her tongue was all over him. Leann was amazed. He tasted like a candy cane. Wow. She was blowing Santa Claus. What a great dream she thought to herself. After a couple of minutes he lay down and pulled her on top of him. Leann never let go of his cock with her mouth. The feel of the cock mesmerized her in her hot sucking mouth. She was fondling his balls at the same time she was deep throating him. Santa pushed up her gown and looked at her pussy. It was clean-shaven. The smell was wonderful. So sweet. He could see the wetness on the lips. He pulled off of the fake beard and laid his tongue to her. She moaned. He licked and nibbled on the outer lips. Nice and slow. Long, slow licks. His tongue slid into her. The floodgates came open. Her pussy juice was all over his chin. He was sucking it down and licking like mad. Her mouth was pumping up and down on him. He slowly licked up to the clit. He twirled his tongue on her. Leann moaned. He sucked on it. Hard. He ran his hands onto her ass and pulled her down. She was grinding on his face. Her hips moving back and forth. He pulled off his gloves and started to knead her ass as she came in his mouth. She was panting and sucking on him. His hands were on her ass and in her pussy. Her juices were everywhere. He reached around her ass and started slipping 2 fingers into her pussy as he ate her out. She was trying to suck his cock right out of his body. He could feel her throat clamping on him.

Leann was going insane. Santa had his tongue in her pussy and his hands were driving her nuts. He was sliding his fingers into her alternating between probing deep and twirling around and moving the juices up to her ass. He paused and then stabbed his tongue into her. He was fucking her pussy with his tongue. His head was ramming into her. She leaned her head to the side and bit his thigh to keep from waking the house. Santa’s little finger was in her ass his tongue was fucking her like no other. She came. And came and came. It felt like her entire insides had clenched and released multiple times.

He pulled her on top of him. “Ride Santa. Make Santa cum Leann.” Leann reached down and pulled his cock to her pussy. The head spread her and slipped inside. She sat down on him hard. He rammed into her. She could feel every inch of him. He pillow had slipped out and she was running her hand on Santa’s hard stomach. She slowly rode him. It was incredible. escort bostancı The feeling of her pussy on him. Juices running down his balls and looking up at her. She was playing with her tits. Pulling on her nipples and sucking her own fingers as she rode him. Faster and faster. She was going to come again. She leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders as she rode him. She was riding him as he bucked. He bucked like a stallion. She could barely hang on. He was battering her. She loved it. SHE CAME AGAIN!!

“I have been very bad Santa. I need to be real good to you. Don’t move.” Alan could only nod. He was no longer in control. Leann wanted to do something and he was just along for the ride. She leaned forward and pulled his cock out. It was wet and slippery. She placed it against her ass and slowly sank down. “OH FUCK!!” Alan thought. “She is a very naughty girl and I love her!!” His cock slid in so slowly. He could see she was being very careful. Leann had never done this but she wanted to be a good girl for Santa so she was going to drive him insane. He slid in so slow. Leann could feel him sliding in. She was being filled like never before. She did not know if she liked it or not. But she was going to try. Santa slid in even farther in. She controlled him. She was massaging his balls as he entered her. She paused. She was undecided. “Oh please Leann. You are such a good girl. Be Santa’s woman!!” Alan moaned.

She loved it. She owned Santa. She settled her hips down. He was in her. She just let herself get used to him. Slowly she went up and down. After a little bit she started to enjoy herself. It was different. Then Alan reached and started to play with her clit as she rode him. Used him. His fingers were in her and his thumb was rubbing her clit as 2 fingers rode in her. Alan was so close. His eyes rolled back as he felt her body. It was unreal. He was getting used like no other. Oh shit it was unreal.

She moved a little faster. Then a little faster. As she did Alan’s fingers moved faster. She started to moan. So did Alan. He was going insane. The cum was like fire in his balls. He had to hold on. Just a little while longer…Leann knew she had him. She could tell. His body was tensing up like a rock. His muscles were straining. He couldn’t move. She was doing it. She was fucking him. Leann was so close. It was so different. The orgasm caught her by surprise and racked thru her. She bowed back and screamed. Alan could not hold on any more. His cum erupted out. He growled in a very un-ST. NICK – like manner. Leann pulled him out and he came all over her ass cheeks. More and more he came on her. She rubbed his cock into the cum and sweat on her ass. His hot cock pulsed in her hand.

After a few minutes she rolled off of him and gave him a kiss. “Well Santa?” she smirked.

“Wanna be Mrs. Claus?” is all he could say.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Based on true events.


Being Marylanders, a family summer vacation occasionally includes a trip to Ocean City. Last year, we headed down there with our two teenage kids and it just so happened that our 20th Wedding Anniversary fell during this trip. We prefer to stay north with fewer crowds, fewer lines, more open sand and less lights. We rented a three-bedroom townhouse, which looked great online. Upon arrival, we realized that the configuration was a little “off”. There was a bedroom, with bunk beds and bathroom, on the main floor. Upstairs, the master and the other bedroom with bunk beds were connected by the bathroom. Hmm, this would not leave us much “privacy” for adult fun. Our teenage daughter was the one staying upstairs with us and we wouldn’t want to traumatize her any more than we already have throughout her life. Oh well, I thought that we would have to get a little creative to have some fun … Shower time? We have done that many times. Balcony time? We have done that a couple of times, the most exciting and daring being in Puerto Rico. Beach fun? My wife had mentioned that she had always wanted to do it, but on the occasions when we actually scouted out the beach at night, there were typically too many people wandering around or it was simply too bright out. Not to mention, the logistics of “performing” there seems challenging.

My wife, Kay, was 50 years old, 5’3″, 130ish, blondish, typically has a great tan and has big boobs. While somewhat conservative, she has definitely loosened up enough where she will ride topless in the car, when it is just us, day or night. She doesn’t wear overly revealing clothing, but some curves are difficult to disguise. Due to the size of her chest, finding a supportive bikini top is a challenge. Finding a sexy and supportive bikini top is nearly impossible. However, I was happy to know that she actually packed her bikini for this trip. It would be nice for her tummy to get a tan to provide even more contrast with her sexy tan lines.

To complete the mental picture for you, I was 50 as well, 6’2″, 175, buzzed salt and pepper hair and, otherwise, unspectacular. Kay says that I am hot, so obviously her eyes need some work. Perhaps another phrase to describe me was “dad bod”. Now I imagine you wish I had stopped the mental picture with just her description.

Our week was going well. We had good weather. We typically had a good spot on the beach. The kids enjoyed themselves. Plenty of good meals. Fun family time. Muted and quick sex. I was teased daily by checking out Kay in her swimsuits and how they hugged her lovely curves. Okay, our week was mainly going well. The balcony proved to be a no go because our place was on the corner, with a streetlight. The shower would have been an option, but we were typically showering to get ready to go out somewhere, so they were in shifts and the two of us in there at the same time would escort ataşehir have been noticed. The beach? Well, we had joked about it, but we hadn’t ventured out on our own in the evening.

The day of our anniversary, we planned to spend our day on the beach and then go out to dinner with the kids. After dinner, we would bring the kids back to the place, make sure the WiFi was working, and then head out on our own so we could celebrate 20 years. Fortunately, the weather was perfect that day, so Kay decided it was a bikini day. She looked so sexy. Luckily, I was tasked with applying sunscreen multiple times. During several of those applications, I discreetly made sure that just under the edge suit was protected as well. This sometime elicited a look, a laugh or a “knock it off” cough. As the day was wrapped up, I was thankful for all of the eye candy my wife served up for me. Since we would not be able to shower together, I opted for the final shower of the family, assuming it would be cold.

While on the beach, we discussed dinner, but Kay didn’t really care where we were eating. She wanted to dress up a little since it was our anniversary. She wore a nice, formfitting sun dress and, as I was shown before leaving, white lace panties. We went to Fish Tales, which had been one of our traditional stops ever since the kids were little. The food was good and the people were fun. Since I was driving, Kay was able to have a couple of drinks to enjoy herself and the atmosphere. Driving the 100+ blocks back to our place, we saw many options for us to go out. However, we had noticed several bars across Coastal Highway around where we were staying. We had not ventured to those establishments to check them out, even though we had been to the Fractured Prune and Uber Bagel however, that would have been fairly noticeable as it was small and not crowded. Luckily, atmosphere and a crowd were not necessary for us to have fun tonight as we were out with each other to celebrate being with each other for twenty years. We sat on one side of the place at the bar, where just about everyone else was on the other side. At 50, I am fairly certain we were the youngest customers in there at that time. We grabbed a couple of seats and ordered our drinks. The bartender, who I assumed was a few years younger than us, was nice and made a very good hand-squeezed orange crush for her.

While there was plenty of room, we were sitting very close to each other. Her leg was touching mine and I took full advantage to rub the outside of her far leg. She was very smooth and felt great. Naturally, our conversation turned to our twenty years, things we had done, things we had not yet, things we wanted to do again, and there was a degree of sexual undertones to most of the topics. My hand continued to rub her leg and push her dress up little by little. If someone was sitting on the other side of her, they would have kadıköy escort bayan a nice view of her sexy thigh. Then again, we were at the beach, if someone wanted to see her thigh, they certainly could have already. Therefore, she was not concerned by my actions.

As we are talked about whether we should have driven down to other places tonight, I mentioned that I would have certainly enjoyed seeing her ride back topless … with so many stop lights. The bartender must have caught part of that exchange because he was more attentive to her afterwards and, I am not quite sure, but I think her drinks were just a tad stronger too.

There was not much going on in the bar. A couple of people came in and sat nearer to us. It was likely due to the available seating, but I told Kay is was because of her. She just shook her head and laughed at me. We played some songs on the juke box, but I knew our evening out was winding down. As she went to the restroom, I told her that she should come back and hand me her panties. A few minutes later, she sat down next to me and subtly placed her panties into my hand. Nice! I was not about to leave now. I ordered us another round hoping that I could somehow take this further. Kay was a little confused that I wanted to stay a little longer, but the extra crush was enough to make her happy. Again, her leg was touching mine and this time I definitely attempted to get that dress a little higher on the leg … and cheek. She knew what I was up to and pulled it back down. Undeterred, I patiently continued to stroke her leg and slowly raise the dress. By this time, I don’t think she cared. She had just enough vodka in her and she was turned on.

As we exited the bar, I told Kay that I needed to her to walk in front of me and pull up her dress so I could get a picture of her walking around Ocean City panty-less. As usual, she obliged my request took a couple steps ahead of me and pulled up her dress to moon the camera. I didn’t care that it was blurry, I loved the pic. As we waited for the traffic light, she said that this might be a good night to have sex on the beach. She was right. It was late enough and where we were on the beach, there were not any high-rise buildings overlooking and lighting up the area. Additionally, it was not a full moon, at least not in the night sky. Worst case, we would walk on the beach for a bit.

We were crossing a block north of our street, so it seemed simple enough to walk straight to the sand on this street and then head south on the beach. As we approached the beach entrance path, there was a multi-unit place on our left and a guy standing there smoking a cigarette. As we passed him, I grabbed the bottom of Kay’s dress and flung it up exposing her sexy ass to him. I never looked back to see if he saw her. I suppose if he would have, he would have followed us. Upon reaching the sand, we took off our shoes escort bostancı to feel the sand on our feet.

On the beach, the setting could not have been better. With the dunes and relative lack of buildings, there was a natural shadow cast from the street side. Since it was after midnight, there was no one out there. Kay had a twinkle in her eye as she gave me a smile. We immediately started making out and groping each other. We broke the kiss and she told me to sit down. I dropped my shorts, laid out my underwear to sit on (I didn’t want sand in that spot), and sat down. Kay got down on her knees to suck me a few times to get me good and hard, it didn’t take much. After that, she pulled up her dress and climbed on top and we were indeed having sex on the beach. Victory! Well, sort of. I really wanted to get her naked. I squeezed and fondled her large boobs through her dress and bra, but due to the amount of size and weight her bra must support, it is not an insignificant garment. I think Kay wanted to feel more too. I went up her back to unclasp her bra. Once I had success, the bra was just in the way with her dress still holding it in the general area. My next move was bolder. I started lifting her dress up. She was not fighting me on this at all. In fact, she grabbed and pulled it up and over her head with her bra. Victory!

Apparently, Kay was not overly comfortable in this position on the sand. She stopped riding me, took my shirt off me, spread it out on the sand and laid down on her back on it, with her legs wide. I needed no further invitation and quickly got on top of her, trying to avoid flinging sand into important areas. I was deep in her immediately with my mouth all over her succulent breasts. Going hard and going fast, neither of us lasted long. She started shaking beneath me and that was all I needed to send me over the top. Ahhh! She was so fucking sexy at that moment.

Then reality crept in. We had to untangle ourselves without getting any newly wet areas covered with sand. It took me a minute to find my underwear, but there was too much sand already in them and that was a friction I didn’t want. I put on my shorts and handed Kay her panties out of my pocket. At least, they were protected from the sand. She just handed them back to me and put on her dress. She also handed me her bra to put in my pocket too. She was so fucking sexy at that moment.

We looked around and saw no one, so felt like we were all good. I didn’t bother putting my shirt on and grabbed our shoes. We made our way back to our place and rinsed as much sand off as we could outside with the hose while under the corner streetlight. We made it in without waking up the kids and having to explain any remaining sand. The next morning, there was a considerable amount of sand in our sheets. Laundry day.

As we headed to the beach for our typical early morning walk as a family, I made sure to straggle behind just a bit. Sure enough, I could see prints left in the sand plus holes left from knees. I quickly got my phone for another photographic souvenir. Typically, the signs at the beach say to “Leave Only Footprints”. I wonder how they feel about ass prints.

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Sand and Sex

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It’s nearing sunset as I walk down the private beach with my Goddess, playing in the surf and spray. She is wearing a long white T-shirt and bikini bottoms and as I splash her I try and steal a look at her firm dark nipples peaking out from under the wet shirt. She laughs and dances away from me. She is soaking from the warm water and as she moves this way and that I watch as the shirt clings and slides over her body. Finally I reach out and grab my Goddess, pull her tight into me and kiss her deeply. I can feel the warmth coming off her full breasts as I reach down and pull her waist into mine. I know she can feel my presence now as my cock jumps to life pressing urgently against her.

I lick the salt water from her neck and trail my tongue down and away to the top of the tee shirt. I pull the top out with my teeth and look down at her beautiful breasts smiling. Her nipples are rock hard and straining. I know they want to be licked and sucked upon and I move my hands to remove her shirt so that I can do just that. She laughs and catches my arms behind her back with one hand and the other strays down into my shorts as she begins to play with me. I moan and with nothing else to do I continue to stare at her milky white breasts. She teases me by moving her chest around as she tortures the head of my cock, moving those lovely breasts this way and that, rubbing her nipples against the rough fabric of her T-shirt and making them even harder. I moan loudly and the T-shirt slips from between my teeth. She giggles and swings her hair around to slap me in the face. She feels my cock jump and begin to drip, becoming very wet. She does it again escort ataşehir and I gasp out, my cock now soaked with pre-cum.

Then suddenly she sprits away calling, “If you catch me I might have a surprise for you.” I run harder than I have ever run in my life. I am sprinting behind her trying not to notice the way he ass moves, or think about what she must look like in front as those sexy tits bounce about. Then suddenly I notice she has stopped and in my haste to try and catch her I trip and fall foreword rolling across the soft sand. I roll for a minute and then stop lying flat on my back, dazed and winded. In that state she pounces on top of me straddling my chest. “Well I caught you instead, I guess that means I get to have a surprise for me.” With that she rips off my shorts. I can feel the snaps that she put in place on them for this very purpose give way.

“What if some one comes along?” I ask.

“Well I guess that you will have to tell them that you are mine to do with as I please. But I guess you are right, it might be improper for and proper lady to see a dirty toy like you. Humm what should I do?” She wonders. “Ahh I know” She leans in close to my head and I am granted another view down her shirt. “Don’t move or this is the last time you will see those for a long, long time.”

“Yes Goddess” I whisper. With that she begins to bury me in the sand, starting with my toes. She digs trenches under me burying my legs and torso low but leaving my waist and head high. My arms are completely pined but my now simi hard cock and face are not covered. Then I feel the cool sand being placed on my cock and I shiver kadıköy escort bayan with pleasure and wonder.

Finally I am completely covered except for my face. She the straddles my chest and I notice she has taken off her shirt. She dangles her nipples over my face and I desperately lick at them, tasting the sweet mixture of salt, sweat and her. She slides her nipples back and for the over my mouth. I also can feel my cock wanting to get hard. Straining, but the sand is too heavy. I moan in frustration.

Then she speaks. “Now my little love slave I am about to put my shirt back on, but that shouldn’t matter much because you are not going to be seeing anything but my sweet pussy anyway. These are the rules. I am going to sit on your face and you are going to eat me for all you are worth. I am going to be facing the setting sun and I am going to cum as the sun sets one way or the other. If you can get that lazy cock of yours strong enough to poke through the sand then I will come on your cock and let you cum with me, if not I will cum on your face and you will have to stroke yourself all night without cuming. Grunt once if you understand.”

I grunt and she disappears for a moment and then the next thing I see is my Goddess lowering her naked pussy toward my face, and then I can see nothing. I lover to eat her pussy and I attack it with a burst of energy. I slide my tongue up and down between her wet lips and flick it over her clit; I suck her clit into my mouth letting it slide in and out of my lips. Then I remember that I could be rewarded if I can do the thing she asks of me. I concentrate what she must look like escort bostancı up there, fucking a mound of sand, making love to the beach. I listen to her moans as they come with the sound of the surf. I think about her breasts and wonder if I am really good someday if shell let me cum on them, I would clean them up latter but oh for that chance. I can feel my cock becoming like steel and I try and move my hips up and down to thrust my cock out of the sand, all the while sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy, fucking her with my mouth.

My cock is now able to slide up and down in the sand and I realize that while she might look like she is fucking the beach, I really am. I have to concentrate on not cumming then as I almost blow my mind and cock at her creativity. I redouble my efforts on both her pussy and my cock. She is now sliding her pussy back and fort over my face like a wild woman. I know she is close so I work even harder. Finally I feel my hips thrust through the sand and come out in the open air. I continue to thrust away and I feel the rest of the sand fall away. Then her sweet pussy is lifted from my face as she leaps from there to my waist impaling herself on my cock.

Now cum now she is screaming as I franticly thrust in and out of her. I rip myself from my sandy prison, sit up wrapping my arms about her grabbing her breasts, biting her back and exploding deep within her and she dances all over my slick cock. I keep thrusting as I my cock jerks and jerks and jerks again spilling myself into her. She is still screaming wildly as he body quakes all over mine and then we are both spent, I slide back down into the sand and she falls forward on my legs, my cock still buried in her. I can feel the after shocks of her orgasm on my cock and I know she is teasing me. Keeping me hard. I know that with the power of this first orgasm of the night that she is far from done with me.

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Sam’s Little Surprise

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Disclaimer: characters are all 18+.


It came out of nowhere, that was for sure. Samantha had been nothing more than a platonic friend to Jake. They were classmates in one of the top colleges in Singapore, part of a group of closely-knit friends who studied and played together. It wasn’t as if there was any special relationship between Sam and Jake, but the events that night sure didn’t play out that way…

It all started with a proposed group outing; the four friends had planned to meet up that weekend at the National Library to blow off some steam after the stress of the recent exams. However, a last-minute promise to his girlfriend had taken Sanjeev out of the equation, while Michelle had to run some errands for her family. That left just Sam and Jake, and he’d nearly considered calling it off, but Sam had persuaded him otherwise. She’d teased him, “What, are you afraid of going out with me alone?”, and that had forced his hand in the issue.

So Jake had taken the MRT down to Orchard from his home in Novena. His family had a car; a spanking new BMW 320i, but he’d barely started taking his driving lessons and borrowing it wasn’t even a consideration. He’d dressed in a plain Ralf Lauren polo tee and a pair of ripped jeans under the assumption that they weren’t heading for any outlandishly upclassed establishment.

Hence, he was fairly relieved when he finally caught up with Sam outside Cineleisure Orchard. She was decked out in a similarly casual manner; a white tube top with a pink band across the middle and a pink lace ribbon peeping out her cleavage, jean shorts that ended halfway down her thighs and a classy pair of black low-heels. A little brown sling purse completed the outfit. Deciding on a quick bite before catching a show, they stopped by Long John’s Silver to fill their stomachs with greasy fish and chips before taking a slow walk up to the box office.

As they stood on the escalator that would carry them up to the fifth floor, Jake couldn’t help but feel that Sam had dressed up just a little bit more than she usually would. Then again, she didn’t need to dress up much on regular days to catch the eye.

Sam wasn’t a very tall girl, standing at about 1.67m tall. She also wasn’t what you’d call a buxomy figure; a chest that featured an A cup at best. Then again, it wasn’t those features that drew the boys to her. She had a slim body, lithe and tanned from afternoons spent out at the local riding club on horseback. The muscle definition was there, but not overwhelming in its presence; the balance that typified the sporty girl that guys so loved to chase. Then there was her face – beautiful almond eyes below perfectly shaped eyebrows, a pert little mouth, and a delicate nose that complimented her features. Her silky shoulder-length hair was held back (as it always was) by a sky blue hairband with a few spare wisps of hair framing her face while classy clear crystal studs adorned her ears.

As he looked at her, his attention was drawn to her bare shoulders, where he could see bikini tan lines. There was just something about them that Jake found so alluring on girls, though he was equally distracted by her shorts, for they revealed shapely tanned thighs and slim legs that many girls could only dream about having. In fact, he drifted in and out of the conversation enough times that he’d caught Sam frowning at him in disapproval. Whether she realised that she was the source of his distraction or not, he hadn’t a clue.

By the time they reached the box office, Jake felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. Being a typically Saturday night in Orchard Road, he’d forgotten that he should’ve bought the tickets before eating, for all the recent blockbusters were sold out to the last seat. He’d nearly given up when Sam had cheekily nudged him in the side and pointed out a Korean film that had available seats. And it wasn’t just any old drama for it was rated R21 and with a title that approximated “Forbidden Lust” or something along those lines, one didn’t need to think much to guess at the contents.

Jake escort ataşehir felt his face flush red as he saw the movie details, but Sam’s puppy-dog ‘pretty please?’ expression forced him to swallow his discomfort and walk up to the counter to buy a pair of tickets for the show. Being two years under the minimum age of the show, he’d given his ‘best mature guy’ impression and looked away as the cashier scrutinised him from behind her glass window. Eventually, she conceded and handed over the tickets, which Sam gleefully picked up and raced off with.

Sneaking through the ticket-checkers wasn’t a problem either – the old man stationed outside was more concerned with ogling the chest of a well-endowed lady yakking on the phone than with checking their ages. His loss.

It turned out to be not as bad as Jake had expected it to be. It was worse. Scenes of drunken debauchery were sprinkled with mass orgies and rampant sexuality filled the screen. He found himself caught between turned on by the on-screen fornication and discomfort caused by Sam’s presence in the very next seat. In fact, he’d glance over occasionally and caught Sam watching with a rather disturbingly intense look in her eyes. Her hand briefly flitted down to her crotch region, though she withdraw it after she caught his sideways glance.

When the movie ended, there was an awkward silence between the pair of them as they exited the building. While Jake was far from being a prude, watching the explicit content in close proximity with a close friend of the opposite gender made him feel a little uncomfortable. Then again, being the gentleman that he was, he walked her back to her semi-detached house along Cairnhill Road; just across the road and a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road.

They stopped before the yellow brick house and Sam fished out a set of keys from her purse and unlocked the gate and stepped in. Jake was about to say goodnight and walk away as quickly as he could to end the awkward moment, but Sam’s hand flashed out and caught his arm.

“Jake, my parents are out of the country and I’m.. well, I’m feeling a little lonely in this empty house. Could you come in and sit with me for a short while? Please?”

The butterflies in Jake’s stomach were slowly growing by the second as he was torn between breaking away for a hasty exit and a close friend in need of his companionship. The latter eventually won out, for he reluctantly mumbled in agreement and followed her up the steps into the house.

The interior furnishing was simple yet elegant in the manner of an 18th century country house. There were no extravagant Picasso prints or marble inlays; just a few pieces of western-style wooden furniture and pictures of rustic country scenery. It was more cosy than posh and made Jake feel right at home.

“Come on, take a look at my room,” grinned Sam as she led him by the elbow up a wooden staircase to one of three rooms on the second floor. It was a smallish room, with just enough space for a queen-sized bed and a small desk, but like the rest of the house, it was cosy with a full-length mirror on a wall and animal-themed decor scattered all over the place. Jake even spotted a plush horse stuffed toy that he’d given to her on her last birthday.

Sam threw herself backwards onto the bed and patted the edge next to her with a grin. He shuffled over and sat down, leaning backwards while propping himself up with his arms.

“So, how’d you like my house?” said Sam, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a very nice place,” Jake offered truthfully. “Sure beats my little condo. I’d love to have a place like this to myself one day.”

“Well, maybe you can’t have that tonight, but you can have me.”

Jake blinked, opened his mouth to utter something but found that the link between his brain and his mouth had been disconnected. It took a double-take or two before he composed himself well enough to offer a lame, “what?” in reply.

Sam didn’t answer that in words, but got up and leaned across him, hooking her arms behind him such that she kadıköy escort bayan was face to face with him. Then she moved in and kissed him on the lips.

Jake was too shocked to move. Sure, Sam was single and was one of the most desirable girls in their faculty, but he’d always thought of himself as being too plain for someone of her stature. But this was different! She’d made the first move and he’d.. he’d… aww heck, if the opportunity was there…

He broke out of his self-imposed state of immobility and returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. Her slender tongue probed his own, her lips locked with his in a moment of pure magic. He reached out and put his hands around her slight waist, drawing her into him as they savoured each other.

Then she broke off the kiss, staring deeply into his eyes for a long second or two before a big smile appeared on her face and she uttered a single word.


“WHAT?!” exclaimed Jake as he found himself sinking into deeper and deeper water.

“Aww, come on J. It’s not that difficult,” quipped Sam with a cheeky grin as she got off the bed and stood facing him. “I’ll even go first!”

Jake felt his heart skip a handful of beats as he sat there rooted to the spot as Sam loosened the pink ribbon hanging out of her tube top. Like a sensuous dancer, she wriggled as she pulled the top over her head in one smooth move, disclosing a lacy strapless white bra that covered her small breasts. He felt his dick swell in his pants as he watched her pull off the hairband, letting her smooth hair fall in black waves over her shoulders.

She followed it up by unbuttoning her shorts and sliding it off her shapely legs, with only a matching lacy thong to cover her pussy. And how she did it in such a sexy manner, Jake didn’t know, but the growing bulge in his pants was testimony to her skill. On closer inspection, he could see that the thong was already damp, with the outlines of Sam’s pussy visible through the thin material.

Her bra was the next to go, unclipped and tossed to the floor like a forgotten toy, exposing two smallish breasts that were topped by perky nipples. Sam wasn’t a Pam Anderson by any stretch of the imagination, but her boobs were nicely shaped handfuls that were just pleading to be played with.

She almost stopped his heart as she hooked her thumbs on her panties and slid them down her legs, revealing a completely bald cunt that just looked oh-so-tight! The fact that she’d paid so much attention to her pussy immediately made Jake recall the various rumours floating around school that she’d lost her virginity in her first year at JC and had been lying with a few guys since then.

Then it was his turn and Sam was standing in the buff staring at him expectedly. He cringed. It wasn’t as if he was unexposed to sex; he jacked off to porn just like most guys (and that NYP Tammy video? Just HOT!) and had engaged in heavy petting with his ex, but he’d never done the full it with a girl before. But he was stuck there with no other choice, so he removed his shirt and pants, throwing them in a pile on the floor and hesitated over his boxers.

So Sam reached out and snagged the elastic band of his boxers, pulling them down to his knees as his dick sprung free of its confinement and saluted her slim, supple body. She didn’t seem at all shocked by the sight of it – something he put down to her experience – and knelt down in front of him to take his Mr Happy into her small hands, spreading the gobs of precum all over the head of his dick as she looked up at him with a mischievous look on her face.

Before Jake knew it, Sam had bent down and wrapped her thin lips around the head of his cock. He felt a brilliant sensation of warmth shoot through his body as she slid her mouth up and down as she massaged his balls with her hands. Her tongue played along the length of his dick, creating an intense sensation that caused a novice like him to fly into a climax when she sucked particularly hard on one stroke. Not wanting to gag her in case she wasn’t escort bostancı ready for it, he pulled out of her mouth just as he lost all control, sending a spray of thick gooey cum flying at her, landing all over her mouth, nose and hair. In fact, one particular glob just hung from her chin, which Jake found to be an incredibly sexy look for her.

To Sam’s credit, she didn’t flinch at all as she took the load in the face. In fact, she seemed to love it as she used a finger to gather the semen on her before sticking it in her mouth and swallowing it with a smile. So she had done it before! In fact, he was doubly sure that she’d done it quite a few times as she took his softening dick into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum off it. It was like living in a real life porno flick or something. But it was all real and it was happening to him!

Sam flopped back down onto the bed, motioning for him to join her. As they lay beside each other in silence, she alternated between sucking and stroking his cock, causing it to stiffen once more as she worked on it. When it was nearly back to its full size, she reached to her bedside table and pulled a loose condom out of a box. With a knowing grin, she expertly slid the thin plastic over Jake’s hardening member, probably assuming that he’d not know how to put it on himself.

Despite his inexperience, he found himself greatly aroused by her touch as she ministrated to his sexual longings. The sight of her face with remnants of cum streaking it was as much a turn-on as the temptation of her neatly shaven pussy as she straddled him, gently lowering her opening over his erect penis.

Jake felt the sensation of her pussy lips cupping his swollen dick head, which turned from a slow tingling to unbelievable ecstasy as she slid herself onto him. Her pussy was indeed as tight as it had looked at first glance, her vaginal walls pressing firmly onto his dick as Sam impaled herself on his manhood.

Just as he felt the very top of his dick reached as far as it could go, she leaned over and kissed him again on the lips before easily sliding off him. He must’ve looked like he’d had a brain freeze for she smiled sweetly at him before she slowly sunk back down onto him, drawing his dick back into the warm tight folds of her inner sanctum. This time, she felt more relaxed and was able to take almost all of his manhood into her pussy, before squeezing her vaginal muscles to draw a startled gasp from Jake.

He just lay there, his gaze locked onto her ebony eyes as she rode him in a manner not too dissimiliar from riding a horse. In fact, Jake wondered if that could be the very reason why she’d taken up horse riding with such a passion! He reached up and cupped her little breasts in his hands, squeezing them and tickling her erect nipples, causing her to elicit a sharp gasp of her own.

The springs of the bed creaked softly underneath them as they made passionate love to each other, slowly forming a rhythm as their two bodies merged into one. Jake felt his balls aching, but it was an ache of desperately-awaited pleasure as he savoured the moment.

He felt his second load of cum build up in his dick and Sam must have too, for she reached down and placed his hands on her ass and whispered loudly, “fuck me now Jake, fuck me!”. He reacted instinctively as he pulled her deeper and deeper onto his dick with each thrust until he felt her pussy twitch and clamp down on him like a vise as she neared her own orgasm.

“Harder, J! HARDER!! I’m.. I’m.. unnhh.. AAAHHHH!”

Jake felt his dick twitch hard before he saw Sam close her eyes and throw her head back with a cry of utter rapture as he climaxed, sending a shot of jism into her while her whole body shook with sheer pleasure. It seemed like eternity before she slumped beside him with a look of satisfaction plastered across her face.

Sam reached down and slid the used condom off his softening dick before tossing it into a bin beside the bed. The sheets were soaked with sweat and the air had the musty smell of lovemaking, but Jake was in bliss as he cuddled with Sam on the bed.

“So, was that good for you?” she inquired cheekily as she slid a hand across his chest.

Jake could only nod in agreement, kissing her on the forehead as they held each other in the silence of the deepening night.

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Ride On Shooting Star

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To my defense, when I had entered that bar that night with my friends, I didn’t know the true purpose behind the shady looking place and to this day, wish someone could have at least told me. Warned me of my impending doom, not so much. Just told me what this place was behind the smoke and mirrors.

To me, it looked like a crappy bar that was off the beaten path that boasted of exotic drinks for dirt cheap. Of course, I’m a strictly beer kind of guy, but my friend Dave had insisted that this bar was the place to be, not only for the drinks, but the beautiful women and that’s why I went.

The place was smoky and Dave had failed to mention that a large section of it was cut off for dancing, but I had little to complain about. Every woman was extremely beautiful in her own right, from the tall African queens that displayed their curving bodies to full show, to the petite pale princess who gleefully flashed her breasts and giggled when the men roared with approval.

I took a swig from my beer with a shit-eating grin on my face.

No, I couldn’t object to the amount of beautiful women here.

Especially the half naked women that were in large amounts, dressed from intricate lace corsets, panties and garters to see through cloth and heels and only.

However, half into the night, one of the few men I had seen in the bar had sat down next to me at a stool and started to talk.

A lot.

I took a blurry look at him – I might have been on his fifth beer or so and tried to focus on his face. The man looked foreign, exotic, but old. His skin was wrinkled and thin-looking, like crushed tissue paper and his hands shook when they sat in his lap, one hand clasping and unclasping a fist every so often. He was dressed impeccably in a suit and tie, unwrinkled and looking as if he had just put the suit on rather than had it on all day and then went to this skuzzy bar.

Over the blaring music, I wasn’t exactly sure what the old man was saying, so I kept nodding.

He would say something and I would take a swig of beer and nod.

“Is that so?” I would roar over the music.

He would nod and say something else.

“You don’t say.”

This awkward one sided conversation continued for several minutes, and before I knew it, the man had leapt off his chair, was clapping his hands, laughing and shaking my hands, yammering off in a language I now knew he never could understand and smiling. Then, he was gone, leaving me to my beers and exotic dancing women.

Of course, that was where my memory blacked out.


When I came to, I was laying in a bed that was definitely not my own. The sheets were silky against my bare back, I noticed first. I gingerly sat up, rubbing my aching head and taking in the room. The walls were painted red with tasteful art decorating the place every couple spaces between high windows draped with sheer linen cloth and cream silk. Flowers of all kinds of white and creams were sitting in vases around the overly large bedroom, from the sitting room near the windows that appears to be doors to outside balconies, to beside the bed on the nightstand. The carpet was pure white as well as the curtain drapes that acted as a canopy shade in the giant bed I was currently in. Right in front of me was the door that opened almost the moment I woke up with a killer hangover and the ancient man, followed by two other men in black suits wearing those clichéd sunglasses came in.

“Ah, I see you’re awake.”

“You can speak English,” I accused.

He smiled wryly. “Yes, I can as you can hear. Now,” he sat down in a chair ataşehir escort bayan to my far off right near one of the tall windows. The bodyguards didn’t move from their spot at the door and I suddenly felt very nervous. This was quickly becoming like a bad episode of Law and Order. “I have a proposition that you may have agreed to drunkenly, but I want from you again sober and understanding me.”

I frowned. “What is it?”

He smiled more. “I am the owner of a rather large company – I won’t bore you with the name or such and I seem to have this,” he paused, attempting to find the word to put it delicately. “Problem. You see, I’m getting old,”

“No, really?” I interrupted sarcastically.

“And I’m just not able to do the things I used to do anymore. What’s more, I just bought my grandson a very large and expensive gift and what does the little bastard do? Come out of the closet.” He tsked, shaking his head. “Damn shame, since it is all paid and bought for and I can’t return the gift.”

I raised a brow, waiting for him to mention where I came in.

“So you see, I need your help and will pay you handsomely for your troubles.”

“What did you buy your grandson?”

He chuckled. “Why, the ultimate male dream.”

I frowned. Ultimate male dream? “Never having to work again?”



“No – he has plenty of that already.”

I opened my mouth on my next suggestion and closed it.

No. Surely not.

He couldn’t have done that.

The old man smiled enigmatically and nodded his head.

“Yes, yes. A harem.”

I stared. Could he even do that?

“Well, technically, I paid the girls to be his girlfriends in public. In reality, the girls more than willingly left their homes in pursuit of more pleasurable, and richer roads and that lead to my home. But, as I said before,” he sighed dramatically. “My grandson decided then that it was the perfect time to come out of the closet and decide he liked sleeping with men instead of women.”

“You appear disappointed only for the sake of what you bought him. Most grandparents would be more outraged than this.”

He smiled. “Oh, I’m not. I had an inkling he might be gay, but I fortunately had the foresight to make him sign over his sperm for heirs when the time came. Other than that, as long as he continues to run the company magnificently, I have no problems who he’s sleeping with at night. So,” he looked at me with suddenly shrewd eyes. “Do we have a deal?”

“What would I be doing?” I countered. This whole deal stank of illegal.

“Well, I will assign two girls to you as your own and the rest, you simply service to make them all happy.”

“You’re turning me into a sex slave?” I asked, aghast.

He waved a hand. “Of course not. You can reject any girl you wish, but I do wish you would be sure to make a certain amount happy every night. I can’t pay all of you men to sit around when there are girls in need of attention.”

“Is this even legal?” I argued. Honestly, it had to be too good to be true.

He raised a brow. “Of course it is. I don’t pay the girls or you for sex. I simply pay for food, housing, clothes and any other expense you and everyone else may incur. If you wish to turn this building into one giant library or symposium to debate Japanese literature, then by all means, do so. I am simply relating to you the wishes of the women who currently are in residence here and that is happiness only a man, or another woman can provide.”

I sat on the bed, staring at the sheets.

“My job?”

“You can request escort kadıköy to work from home or you quit.”


“No reason why you can’t continue to see or ignore them.”

I stared again at the sheets. It was so tempting. Paid to do nothing but pleasure?

“What would I do instead? I won’t sit around.”

“If you wish to gain another degree part time, that is fine. If you wish to work from here, that is fine as well. As long as it does not interfere.”

“And when I want to leave?”

“I will show you the door.”

I thought long and hard now. While I was almost done paying off my college debt, I could use the money and it appeared that it wasn’t slavery, just a man who was a sick pervert and didn’t want to cast out a bunch of women on the streets after finding out his grandson preferred cock. It was almost like he was Hef, but much more hardcore. And I would have two women of my own and I hadn’t been laid in months…

“Okay. I’ll try this out for awhile.”

The old man smiled enigmatically. “Very good.”


I had gone to take a shower after that fateful conversation and when I had opened the door, a blonde was sitting on my bed, legs open and masturbating furiously. I didn’t want to spoil her fun and instead opted to watch her as soon as I got over my exteme shock.

She was tan with a slight smattering of freckles all over her body and her hair, as golden as a buttercup, was long and curly around her voluptuous waist. The thing I noticed first however, besides her fingers dipping into her glistening pussy, was her generous breasts. They were almost perfect, despite their very large size, as she massaged one breast, moaning loudly as her fingers dipped in and out of herself, fast and furious for several minutes, then slow and steady as she squirmed and writhed with pleasure. The hard on I got just watching her was painful as I began to massage my cock, moving up and down, wishing I was those fingers dipping in.

She stopped suddenly.

“I thought I would give you a surprise, but if you aren’t interested,” she drawled in a slight southern accent. I stepped out from behind the door, my hand around my cock and watching her with an arrogant look, daring her to say anything about my peeping. She licked her lips hungrily.

“I would introduce myself but,” she looked down sheepishly at the fingers imbedded in herself. “I really, really need you to fuck me.”

“I try not to fuck girls whose names I don’t know,” I watched her begin to play with herself again. Was this a wet dream or reality? I couldn’t tell, or care.

She moaned softly when she inserted another finger into herself. “Mmm. And if I tell you my name, will you fuck me hard?”

I couldn’t look away from her fingers going in and out of her pussy. It appeared she had something down there pierced, a lip, a clit, and it was sparkling with her juices every time she would retreat her fingers, only to shove them back in again. She adjusted her hips, spreading out her legs wider and pressed another finger in with her original two, moaning and shivering with excitement at the extra penetration. The hand clutching her breast tightened and she tweaked a nipple, shrieking and moaning again as her head fell back, her hair moving on the silk pillow behind her head. I found myself grasping my cock and rubbing it hard.

“I might,” I choked.

“Salue,” she cried out and I was on her like a hungry beast, kissing her hard.

She moaned into my mouth, her hand switching from her pussy to my cock and rubbing it as she jabbed her tongue bostancı escort into my mouth needily, sucking on my lips and gasping. Her hips undulated against mine, silently demanding that I fill her, but I wanted to tease her into a frenzy, make her mad for me. I grasped a breast, the weight overflowing in my hand and kissed her neck, sucking on the skin and licking away the pleasure, moving my lips to her collarbone and to the valley of her breasts. She moaned her disappointment, stroking my cock harder, when I avoided her sensitive nipples and licked the underside of her breast and where her back meet the glorious globes, finally moving to grasp a nipple in my mouth and suck hard. She shrieked her joy and pressed her hips against mine, wrapping her legs around me and trying to adjust my hard cock into her, but I avoided her yet again. She was shaking by the time I moved to her other breast, and screaming when I kissed down her belly, grasping her ass in my hands when I spread her legs wide and sucked her jeweled pierced clit and tugged on the piercing with my teeth.

“Ah, fuck me! Fuck me now! I want your fat cock in me!” she screamed, dragging her hands through my hair and tugging when I found a particularly sensitive spot.

I finally obliged and instead of thrusting home in one sharp plunge, I took my time while I was still licking her pussy, opening her lips and sucking on them before finally standing up, my cock placed ready. She was more than ready, if the amount of juice I had tasted on her was proof enough. Her thighs were coated with her sweet-smelling arousal and her lips and clit were glistening with need. I inserted the head of my cock in her entrance and she moaned, throwing her head back and trying to push forward. I withdrew and she growled with frustration, sighing happily when I pushed in an inch. I withdrew completely again and she nearly cried out from the loss. This process continued until I was seated home and we both were close to climaxing, shivering and trying to hold back. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her breasts against me and nipped at my ear.

“Fuck me hard,” she purred.

I couldn’t speak, the sensation of her tight pussy wrapping around me like hot wet velvet was too much. I could only grunt as I withdrew as much as I was willing to part with and slammed home. She cried out and I repeated the action.

Over and over, my cock slid in and out of her heat as she clawed at me, the sheets, anything within reach. Again and again, I watched my cock disappear into her heat, only to appear glistening with her juices. It would disappear, embedding deep in her tightness and appear again, over and over. Her pierced clit was warm to the touch, countering to the heat of the rest of her skin that was glistening with sweat. The wet slap of skin against skin echoed in the large room and the smell of sweat and sex perfumed the air as she screamed, moaned and cried out, grasping her breasts and talking dirty.

“Mmm, your fat cock is in me – uhh! Do you like that, huh? Mm, my little pussy around your cock? Fuck my little pussy, fuck it hard!”

I cried out as I felt her tighten around me in her climax and felt her muscles drain my cock dry of everything completely. I collapsed onto her sweating cooling body, panting heavily for several minutes before I could roll off of her.

I watched her dip a finger into herself, a mixture of me and her and lick it with a long tongue before moaning softly.

“Mm. I bet your other girl would love a taste of this. Should I bring her in?”

I think I might like this job.


Thank you for all your comments in past stories – I hope you like this new series I have planned (don’t worry – I plan to continue the other one) and please be sure to vote and leave comments. Yes, precious, precious comments…

Happy wet dreams.

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Ribbons , Lace

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I love to make a trip into the City to shop, its one of my favourite pastimes. I like to try on shoes, even the ones that make me look like a hooker, and I like to put on some of the sexy underwear and imagine that you are there to help me.

This time I am in your local department store, hoping that you will pass by and see me through the gap in the badly fitted curtain. Today I am not disappointed. There you are looking straight at me.

I drop the last of my normal clothing to the floor, and bend down to bring the sexy black lace up to rest on my hips. It feels so good. The beautiful bra is next, it barely covers my large nipples, my breasts strain against the delicate fabric, and the resulting cleavage is enough to tempt you closer. You pretend to search a rack, but you are still looking in at me. I turn my back to you, but make sure that you can still see me in the mirrors of my cubicle.

I trace the pretty stitching on the bra, and breathe deeper as I move over, and then around each of my now stiff nipples in turn. ataşehir escort bayan The pleasure it gives me is almost painful. My hand wanders to my ample hips to tease the satin ribbons that loosely bind the lace to my body. My caresses drop further and I gently massage over that most sensitive part of me. I notice my breathing becomes more forceful, and I can feel the heat and wetness from between my legs. My flesh feels as if it is melting.

I catch your look once more in the mirror, and I can see from your eyes that now you are unbearably aroused. I can see that you want me. You want to be my fingers, moving between my legs, and over my soft breasts. I want you to be with me, moving along with me, teasing me, whispering in my ear those sexy words of encouragement, until I beg for you to finish it.

I lose sight of you, and for an instant worry that I might have got it wrong, perhaps I imagined the lust in your eyes. I was right though. You quickly and silently move the curtain aside and come to stand close escort kadıköy behind me. You say nothing, but kiss my neck, and massage my breasts, before moving to undo the bra, so that they are free. My swollen nipples ache for your touch. You twist them gently, and I moan.

The ribbons are undone, and swiftly the lace falls away, to reveal the rest of me. I am naked, in a store, in a cubicle with you. You curl your big fingers over me. Stroking the short hair that covers the entrance to heaven. Then you probe deeper, and find that I am wet for you, so wet that your fingers easily slide over me. You caress me and begin to bring me close.

I lean back into you and you whisper in my ear. I hardly hear the words before I start to come. I shudder, but manage to remain quiet, so as not to draw attention to our situation. You trace your wet hand up my body, leaving a shiny trail of my juice on my skin. I can smell sex, and I can feel you hard behind me.

I turn and drop to the floor, where I set to work unbuttoning your bostancı escort trousers. Difficult when you are so horny. Once they are off, I push you to the chair in the corner, and still kneeling I take my tongue and softly move up and down your engorged shaft. I feel you stiffen, and let out a sigh. You hold my head and move me to where you need to feel my touch. I circle you with my mouth and kiss you.

I have started to recover from my earlier pleasure, and waste no time in sitting astride your powerful thighs. I lower myself onto you, and ride you hard. You feel so good, so deep, and so strong. Your rough hands grip my hips and force me up and down on your shaft. I can feel you getting close now, your desperate attempt to wait fails and you explode deep within me. I feel you pulse the last drops of your love inside of me. You are spent.

I rise, and begin to replace my clothes. I put on my shoes, pick up my handbag and the underwear. I walk to the cash desk, and buy the goods. Knowing that you like them. The cashier is distracted, and seems not to notice that the lace is wet and smells of me. She bags them, and I leave the store.

You dress and leave the cubicle, looking flushed. We meet in the busy lift, and merely smile at each other. That is why I like shopping so much.

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